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Released: 2009-03-01
For ages: 4+


Discover your new home.

Homes.com gives you access to millions of homes for sale and for rent across the United States. With our real estate app, you can procrastinate for days searching interactive maps, high-res property photos and other nifty things. Peep on the neighbors with our home values. Explore houses, condos, apartments, bungalows, dungeons and townhomes.

“It’s an app.” -- one of our users

We believe in a simple approach to home search. Our goal is to provide the best features. We believe the true way to your heart is through your ribcage and/or building a groovy product.

More homes, better data.

To ensure quality listings, we partner with local data providers across the country. People often mention they find homes on our app that are not listed anywhere else. This makes them happy, which makes us very happy.

At a Glance...

• Homes for Sale: Browse millions of real estate listings for sale across the U.S. including Foreclosure

• Homes for Rent: Find rental homes, condos, townhomes and apartments.

• Home Values: Research neighborhood market conditions through our home value estimates.

• Full Screen High-Res Property Photos: Everyone loves pretty pictures.

• Map Search: Find nearby homes with the GPS driven location finder. Quickly zoom and navigate neighborhoods with interactive maps.

• Sharing: Share the houses you love with the people you love via text message, messenger, email, Facepage and MyFace.

• Mortgage and Payments: You want mortgage calculators? We got the sexiest mortgage calculators you could ever ask for. You wanna refinance? Check this action. Thinking of a second mortgage? Bam, here’s that hotness.

• Foreclosures: Search over 400,000 foreclosed homes for sale. Bank owned real estate listings, REO, HUD and more.
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Customer Reviews
Poor quality

Most of the information is terribly out of date or dead wrong. Furthermore, the detail only sometimes works. Zillow is much better!

Decent but not the best

This app works well enough, but some homes have been listed for over 100 days or are already sold. I will get 30 results that fit my criteria, with 28 of them having been listed for a year. Kind of unusable for that reason, I’m switching to Zillow now.

Too expensive

The amount they want you to pay monthly is way too high. Even for 3 months it’s “only” $99! Sorry but if you’re trying to save money and buy a house every little bit counts 🤷‍♀️😪


The homes listed for sale are already sold . Also my paid subscription doesn’t get me anything . I click on a photo and it wants me to join all over again . Also the photos are all out of focus so you can’t even see what you are looking at .

No satellite view

No satellite view makes the map function worthless

Out of date!

Some of the houses listed for sale in my area SOLD OVER A YEAR AGO!

Great site.....

If only the majority of Rentals would say whether pets, cats and/or dogs, are accepted or not, I would have given a 5 star. But, nevertheless, I really like this site.

Decent app

It’s a decent app overall but the one thing that irks me is calculating a mortgage. Truila and Zillow have a specific area for a VA loan selection so it will stop adding in mortgage insurance every single time I look at a house I have to go down and manually change it to a 0 every single time it’s a bit annoying.


Should be able to chose if you want to use a realtor or not

Not up to date

Would be an ok app if it was up to date.

A good website to find homes

This site I think is good because it helps you find houses you are interested in

Location Search

The location map search should be expanded to more than one city / town.

Interesting app

Very nice app very good pictures and features!

Saved "Favorites" button disabled???

Thank you for Fixing this!!! AWESOME

All saved homes are deleted

Very aggravating

I hate this new format!!!

So the only way on the IPad to read this, is sideways. No matter how cramped or space confined! Plane, chair or bed. Fire the idiot that okayed this! I will not be using you site to buy my new home.

It great app

It help me out a lot

Cool App

Plenty of information available. Although all homes should require photos.

All bs.

Before you login the houses are great and after you login in they disappear. It's a scam

Great app

I love the ease of searching for my next home. Just typed in the zip code and listings loaded with very clear pictures of each property.

Cannot Get Past Home Screen

I am not able to get past trying to put in the zip code or use current location. The app does not search.

Great App

Nice User Interface

Call me 😠

Every house we see "call me" that just makes me go to a different competitor to eliminate that game. Time to delete the app

Lot info

Your listings need to clearly state the size of lot!! The entire listing should pop up after you touch the property you want to see, shouldn't have to arrow up to view it!

Doesn't show homes that are pending or under contract

Redfin, Trulia, Zillow all show when a home is under agreement or pending. Waste of time

Good app

Good app and has lots of listings

2nd real estate agent

This app is like having a 2nd real Estate agent. Sometimes it doesn't work even after you change the filters.

Tried for a few days..

App was used for a few days. I tried searching for location other than my own and the app wouldn't let me type anything in. So I tried selecting an option they had available instead. Nope, pressed so hard on my screen and those options weren't working either. Okay, well let's choose the surprise me button. Nope, doesn't work. Spent 30 mins attempting to get that to work. When it finally did, I got through. Only for the searches to be extremely slow. Then - the locations began changing. It was super delayed for the times I pressed a million times for location. It kept changing location, when you move the map it showed a city that wasn't even nearby, but in another country. It kept randomly choosing locations and when I tried to change location again, didn't budge. There is some kind of issue with this app, can't figure it out. But then again it isn't my job to. This app is being uninstalled as I speak.

Home sweet Home

The only thing that I see is that the property owners need to do is to check on the houses that are posted because some of the houses are getting vandalized!!

Great App

Easy to use. Used this to buy my first house.


User friendly

Love it

Show me what I want in a house. Thank you


Pretty good

Great map search, love the home values next to homes for sale and rent

The option to turn on the home values in the area you are searching is really nice. The other sites I've viewed require you to search again. Super easy and the detail is great. I could spend hours looking at homes and their values. Thanks!

App with issues

Great app I just keep getting logged out for some strange reason and when I try to log back in it says my info isn't correct. So I use forgot password put in my email and don't receive a link to reset🙄

Poorly designed

Hours of frustration using app You do not get what you think you are getting The links for credit help are even worse I'm afraid I got into a scam No

Unable to search

I love this app and prefer it over some of the others. However, for the past few days I cannot search? I am unable to enter my location, I can type it in but it won't search. I tried deleting and re-installing the app but am having the same issue. Wondering if there is something I can do to fix this.

Almost pointless

You cannot see any pictures, and no update has been provided. One of the key elements when searching online for anything is the pictures provided. *Update- lake county IL is the area I was searching. I hope that helps.

So far so good

So far so good if I find me something nice and decent I'll come back and rave even more lol Thank you 😊 for making such a app like this


I rate this app at 5 Stars !!!! This App is Perfect too have for me . Shows all the nice Homes . Thanks From ,Michael Crawford


Doesn't really update houses to often, But does the job


Love this app! Finally I can literally look for what I want, look at multiple listings, easy! never confusing. Even made my friend download it! she loves it also. Good homes!

Overall it's a good app but.....

Am I the only one that's having issues when I click on the pictures they come out blurry?

Nice but...

The only thing that's irritating that I dislike about this app is the fact that I'll save the house and I go back just a couple hours later and the house hasnt saved, I have to resave them again. It also has been showing the houses are no longer available even though they are. Very irritating. Other than that I really like the app. Easy to use & look through homes.


Finally I can browse easily and view amazing homes!

No money

I am so happy that I don't have to pay just to look at houses on line.

Great app

App is easy to use.

Love it!

Great all zero issues

Easy to use

I loved that it was so easy to access the pictures of the property.

Great and easy

Great and easy to use!