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Foreclosure Real Estate Search by USHUD.com

by Heavy Hammer

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Download size: 30.92MB
Version: 2.02
Released: 2011-01-06
For ages: 4+


Looking to save money on your next home? Buying a house and saving money has never been easier. USHUD’s top rated real estate app is updated daily with millions of luxury, residential, foreclosure, and HUD properties.

USHUD.com is a totally FREE list of foreclosures. We list properties owned by the government and all major banks. We give Realtors & Lenders an exclusive opportunity to help homebuyers purchase homes in their local area.

USHUD.com is a private company not affiliated, endorsed, authorized, or licensed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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Customer Reviews
So Many Properties!

I use USHud right now all the time throughout the day. These properties are up-to-date. I like how the search works, and the lists of properties work. It is easy to go back and compare houses. I highly recommend this mobile app for any new homebuyers. I found a lot of properties on this site that I didn't see on other sites! Works just as good on my tablet, too. Must-have app if you want to save money in buying a home.

Filter does not work

Filtering the search to determine price, number of bedrooms etc does not work, so you have to search unnecessarily through hundreds of homes. Delete!

Terrible app

Can’t use it unless you give your number so they can harass the crap out of you. Zillow & valleymls is by far the best tools for looking for homes not this garbage.

What a disappointment

They just want your contact info. It wouldn’t go forward without it. Then there were foreclosures in this major metro area and shortly following I received a call from someone wanting to help me qualify and talk to a realtor.

Bad Application

Slow to load and filter does not apply in searches. Saw this in other reviews as well. Not user friendly, the search is slower than other apps. Don't waste your time with this second class app.

Not even a 4 year old could use this.

Slow to load. Will not filter as selected. When filter by price, for ex: 150,000 to 200,000 it will show 1,000,000 to the 10,000. The original list is populated, as if, a filter was never selected. Also, the pop up for pre-qualification pops up randomly taking up the entire screen. This is not convenient or user friendly.


I like how easy it is to use and access the homes without having to go through all the trouble and verify information. I would recommend for anyone house hunting.

This app belongs to a realtor

Well these are not prices I was expecting for a home going to foreclosure smh makes me think the app was made by a realtor

Don’t waste your time

After narrowing down the field to the city I wanted to browse, I couldn’t go any further without signing up to be prequalified. I feel like this app is simply trying to harvest personal/contact data to spam users later. I’M NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING MORE SPAM, thankyouverymuch.

Large pictures and fast load times

Great app. Does the job!

Awesome app!

This app is great! Quickly loads all the properties in the areas I was searching. I didn't have to prequalify first either. Loads faster then the Zillow app. A+ :) very happy with USHUD

Great app

As long as you bypass the form for help you can see every property. Love the large pictures. Great update!

Just hit "Submit" at the prequalifying screen and it goes away

Pretty neat tool. You don't need to fill out the prequalifying form like everyone else mentioned though. Just hit submit and you can skip it.

Have to prequalify

Must be prequalified to even use it


Not a real app if only can't use it


Can't browse houses without prequalifying. No thanks 👎🏻

Don't waste your time!



Can't use the app without "prequalifying" first. Useless.

I love this site

It's very easy to navigate and look at properties without the pesky inquiry to put my credit card. Also like the idea that if I have any questions there is an agent on the site.

Great tool!

Used with ease.. great app and timesaver

Free foreclosures and hud properties

Great resource to find bargain homes. It's free unlike most foreclosure apps

Makes you give your info just to see listings

There are other apps that don't require you to put your info in to view listings. Don't waste your time on this scam.

Waste of time

Makes you enter info every time you make a new search. Do not download. It's not worth the time.

horrible update

unsolicited phone calls once filled out the info thought this app was somewhat reputable if you don't want to be spammed don't download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great app!

Great app! Love that it's free!

Good info

Helped my client find a home. App is fast and easy to use.

New Update Rocks

Love the new app! Bigger pics and easy navigation. It seems faster than before but I have a new phone so that could be the reason. I would like to see more mapping but the info is great and it's free so I can't really complain about much.

Update works great

You don't have to pay to see foreclosures and the update is working great for me.

App Broken, support brings you to the contractors website

Emailed "heavyhammer", hopefully support is coming

Old App was painful but

At least the old app worked. Good intentions, poor execution. Horrible experience with slow (no) page loads. Lost filters, and the stupid submission form for every search is just ridiculous.

This app is garbage

I've been looking for something I can see all the properties available without having to pay something or sign up for a free trial, and let me tell ya, this ain't it! Update took away all the filters and properties are displayed multiple times as you scroll page to page. Definitely a rookie operation going on here.

Update is awful

Worked fairly well until the last update. No more filter feature. Rendered it useless to me

Worst app

This is the worst app ever. There are way more than 1 foreclosed house in my county, but that's all it shows. I deleted this after 5 minutes.

What a waste of time

Basically a lead generation mechanism for the developer. Not a nice trick

Got a sales call

From ushud. Googled it. Saw the app. Found it on the App Store. It looks like I downloaded it before but never used it. How they got my number beats me. But just the name itself ushud calling from an Annapolis, md number makes it seem deceptive.

Personal information required

Not sure why people are claiming all of the other reviews are mistaken but you DO have to submit personal information to even view properties... in fact, they call it a pre-qualification process to purchase! Complete waste of time.

Free foreclosure list

This is a wonderful site that offers free access to foreclosures all around the United States. I'm a former realtor plus I've owned several homes so this app makes finding a new home to invest in very easy!!! Why pay for a foreclosures list when you can use this app and get the same information for free!!!! There are 2 things that need improvement within this app: one is please start adding in the monthly HOA (if there is one esp for condos and town homes). The other is please update the apps running capacity so downloading your app doesn't slow down my entire phone! Otherwise thank you for creating this app.!!! Cherrycher

Not helpful for foreclosures in the slightest

90% of the "active" foreclosure information listed is outdated. The amount of time spent fact checking on other sites to see if this app's information is accurate alone makes this app useless. Just spend your time more wisely and go to websites that have accurate and current information. And if you aren't an investor and you are looking for conventional sales, this app's layout and usability makes it amongst the worst out there. On the plus side, at least they don't charge to money to see the outdated and useless foreclosure information.

Out dated listings

All the houses that popped up have been sold in my area. Giant waste of time

Flooded with spam

To be able to view any homes through this app you have to provide your phone number and email address. Big mistake, obviously they immediately sold that information, my phone has been ringing all morning with real estate agents and lenders, plus an inbox full of junk mail.


The filter is limited

Very Useful

This is a nifty app. It has a clutter free design and requires no sign up so you can browse properties right after installing it. Browsing properties is as simple as selecting your desired area and scrolling through houses. The "Map it" feature is useful for getting directions from your location to the property and the "Favourite" feature is useful if you want to save the listing and come back to it later. I've also encountered no bugs so far which is a huge plus. All in all, Foreclosure Real Estate Search (by USHUD) is a wonderful app for anyone looking to buy real estate properties! It has saved me a lot of time and hassle that buying a new house inherently brings. -Anz

Just started using

So far,so good. They ask you to submit email and phone but has a fair amount of listings. Will update if I move forward with a listing.

Requires contact information

Nope. Not about to put my information out there only to get slammed with sharks. No thanks.

Avoid...avoid...RUN AWAY

This app is a soliciting app. Per the other reviews you can by pass data entering your personal/fake information but should you have to go through all the hassle. As a previous review said just contact the bank. This app isn't worth the space on your phone.

Don't bother

The adds are so old, I looked at 5 adds all were 3+ years old...

Great App

This is the best app! It has all the updated foreclosures but it also has all the non-foreclosure homes as well! You do not have to fill out your information.... you just hit submit and view properties. I like this app better than Zillow.

So far so good

Haven't had any issues, and gives useful info so far.


Can't search without giving email and phone number.


In order to even browse properties you must fill out a form... they will even go out of their ways to send you to one of their realtors