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Blonde vs Brunette Racing - Two-player kart racing fun!

by Tuokio Inc.

(8 user ratings)


Download size: 127.39MB
Version: 1.6.2
Released: 2011-07-15
For ages: 4+


Two player kart racing fun on one screen!
Are you ready to challenge your friends?

1. Pick your side and racing style.
2. Cut corners, hit jumps and take shortcuts!
3. Practice against the common foe - Redhead!
4. Collect stars to unlock tracks - race in space!
5. 8 tracks in which to win with skill - or - LUCK!

Super simple controls - everybody can play!
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Customer Reviews
This game is awesome but...

This game is awesome but why don't you add it another game and add another foe just like redhead because this game is so awesome I gave it a 5 star review. Please do what I said in the near future fingers crossed. Thanks for listening.


I strongly dislike this game, and think it was a total waste of 2$, it is difficult to play and turn... And glitches a lot.


An excellent game, I really like it, 5 stars for me!

Fun, but glitches

It is fun. But won't let me get passed level three. It says I need to get bronze, but I already have like 30 times. Please update


Make more characters, cars, maps, and try to make the maps more bigger and challenging, other than that its a pretty good two player racing game!

Plz keep making games

You haven't made 1 in a while so Plz make thx liv all ur games!!!

I love this game

Had so much fun playing multiplayer with my friends.Cant wait for new updates!!!

More Please!

Better than I initially expected, please add a black haired girl in this!

New Players!

You need to add the redhead and add a black-haired girl in there!

Good 2P

Not that impressive in 1P mode, but is good in 2P mode. Head 2 head on one devices has a retro feel. I play against my wife to show who is boss.

Love from the first play!

Really cute and fun game! Awesome design and tracks! Cant win? Improve your skills ^_^

Gold = luck

This game rigs the races if you lead when racing for gold... For instance on the 3rd track when racing for gold I was ahead of the other car for 4 of 5 laps. On that 4th lap the opponent "happens" to get a super nitro. This happened in 6 separate races with the same situation, and twice in a row which is why I noticed. I finally won that stage by staying far enough back where the game would give me a large boost like freeze or my own super nitro... Glad it was free for a day but to rig a game where your only strategy to win is based on sitting behind the opponent and hope for the proper power ups means there is no skill or actual strategy in this game. Just pound the arrows till the game randomly gives you what you need to pass the level. There. That was my rant. I hope they fix this "feature" so future players can use skill and not relying purely on luck.

Hate it

It's really bad

Stupid and impossible

The races are impossible to win. I try to steer and end up smashing into the walls. Do not buy unless you want to be mercilessly beaten.

Beautiful artwork

Great game hope they do update the game with new tracks and players

Kind of fun, but not enough features/variation

The design is of anime; very cute. Game is ok, but gets repetitive quickly against AI. Maybe better if playing against human 2 on 2. The control is old school, just left and right button.

Promising game with bad controls

The steering controls implemented by the developer are very awkward. Its a topdown racer game, at the same time you have a left and right arrows only ti control the car. This makes a weird dynamic where you dont know which way the car will go if you push an arrow. The graphics and design are excellent; the racetracks are uninspired but serviceable; the characters are memorable. Overall a good game marred w control issues.


Please please make it possible to be redhead she is the best!!


This game is really fun, so PLZ make more courses!!!!

A bit simple but fun

Alright it's a very simple. Go left go right lol. But over all it's fun especially playing 2 player with a friend


Lots of fun.




I have never rated an app only one star … until now. This game is pretty much useless in my opinion. Are they serious with the steering controls?? If the game is geared toward very young children then I get it, but the description doesn't sound like it is, "good ice breaker, fun for parties." I found the game for free and will not be keeping it. Unless you have kids and let them play on your iDevice I do not recommend wasting your time on this one. I don't like it 🌟

Not bad

But not that good either. Get the far superior Mini Motor Racing if you want a great top down racing game.


Great time killer & fun to play.

Super special mega awesome

It's super special mega awesome


u should totally go back to the steering wheel

Won't sync

I was looking forward to it. After I bought it, it won't sync to my iphone. Disappointed.

Super Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars




As long as this game keeps getting updates with new missions, there's no reason why I would stop playing this game. Thumbs up! :)

Simply fun(ny)!

I was like "Hahaha...!" when playing it with my friend. Can't wait for future cool stuffs. This type of game is definitely a good ice breaker. Maybe you could make the old control as an option? People like racing game with control options. Avoid convention! This race game rocks!!!1

Bvb racing

This is a good game the people should keep updating the game


It was sooo fun I was laughing!!!!!!!!

Good game

Play everyday. Waiting for new tracks and more stuff come in



Perfect for me!

Since I'm a brunette,and I don't like blonds,well...this is PERFECT for me!!

Single player update saves BvB

This was the multiplayer only game that I just couldn't bring myself to uninstall. Now that there is a single player mode, it's just wonderful. Great time waster with good mechanics and nice graphics. Please keep the levels coming!


I. Like. It

I really want to like this...

...but I just can't steer with the wheel on the right side! After years of game console controllers with the D-pad on the left and the buttons on the right, I wonder why the controls are positioned differently. It's like trying to write with your non-dominant hand! Hopefully they will update with the option to put the steering on the left side of the screen. I love the art style, the fun sound effects, the boost pads and power-ups, but as of now, I just can't get comfortable with it.

I love this

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this


Two words. Horribly.. AWESOME!

It's pretty cool.

I really enjoy this game. I can't wait until single player mode comes out in the next update. Getting use to the controls takes a little bit of time but it's not impossible. This is the type of game I will not forget about. Super fun and definitely worth it. I recommend it!

Two Problems Here

1. You need two people to play this game; there is no way to play the CPU or play someone over the internet. As such, I have no way to play this game right now unless I can teach my cat how to use an iPad. 2. The controls are near impossible. A control scheme like that used in either Reckless Racing or Death Rally should have been implemented.