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Hourly News

by Urban Apps

(217 user ratings)


Download size: 9.83MB
Version: 1.7.3
Released: 2012-01-21
For ages: 9+


Hourly News is a simple app that plays the most recent news updates from multiple sources automatically when opened.

As a podcast app, Hourly News lets to you listen to any/all of the most recent NPR , BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, VOA, SRN, RTHK, DW, Marketplace, New York Times, and/or FOX news updates and more.

You can also add your own custom podcasts sources to Hourly News!

• Plays the most recent news summaries
• Automatically plays when opened
• Plays in background
• Responds to remote control buttons
• Automatically advances to the next news feed.
• Dead simple, easy to use
• Works every time
• Reorder, enable and disable news feeds
• Skip the podcast if already heard
• Sync your settings and sources over iCloud
• Add your own custom feeds

No Ads!
Hourly News inserts no ads into the app, but some of the sources place them in their news streams. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to remove those ads.

Download Speeds:
Like every app, download speeds are greatly affected by your connection (edge, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi). Edge downloads might take a little longer, 3G and 4G are faster, LTE is even faster still and WiFi is blazing fast to download the news updates in Hourly News.

Questions, Comments or Support?
We are dedicated to bringing you the best support! Visit http://community.urbanapps.com or contact us via email at support@urbanapps.com

If there is another National or Worldwide source you would like to see added to Hourly News, please contact support. At this time, only sources which are broadcast in English and have a radio or internet podcast can be added.

Hourly News® is not affiliated with, or endorsed by any of the included sources. All rights are reserved by the respective owners.

Hourly News is a podcast app, giving you access to free publicly available news podcasts. These feeds are for personal use only and are subject to the terms and conditions provide by the news network providing the feed.
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Customer Reviews
Great app!

Great way to get a quick look at the most recent news. Love it!

Annoying commercials

I’m OK with a few commercials every once in a while but the ads from “indeed “and “trip recruiter “have turned me away from this app. Those type of repetitive and high-pressure sales advertisement have a tendency to lower the professionalism of great news apps like this one.

My favorite app!

I use this app every day.

I like the App.

I like but appears unsupported now. Sad.

Catch up anytime

Awesome app to keep up with what’s going on in the US and around the world (depending on your news sources of course). Lots of sources available.


Have been using for years. Now it just skips through each broadcast station. Please fix! Thanks

CBS News not loud enough

For some reason, for the past few months, CBS News plays at a much LOWER volume than all the other newscasts. Any idea why? It used to not be that way.

Possessed! Be very careful!

Hasn’t been updated in over a year. This app will suddenly launch itself and start playing at the worst possible moments. I’ve tried deleting & reinstalling but no luck. It’s downright creepy.

Needs more sources

The app works well and is mostly intuitive (minus locating how to access sources and preferences for the first time). What it’s really lacking is more sources. Much more sources!! There are so many broadcasts out there and you can’t add your own. You’re limited to what the app has listed which is actually a really weird mix of broadcasts.


Doesn’t work

Great app for news

Strong work. Good podcast selection. The only thing I miss is a scrub forward or back button.

Changed - not for the good...

I used to be able to hit play close my phone and put it my pocket, and now if I do that all audio shuts off so I have to literally leave my phone open and on for audio to happen. This is disappointing and unsafe for the security of my phone. This needs to be changed back.

Needs work

This is a very simple yet efficient audio news app. The problem is it cuts out when Google Maps gives audio directions. You have to go back into the app and push play again in order for the news to continue.

Great App!

I check out the news mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The variety of sources for the news updates gives me a better understanding of world news than my local TV newscast.

Great app

Fast forwarding could be easier, otherwise great app

love this simple & low cost app

Been a paid customer for about 6 yrs & LOVE it. My older ios9 ipad stopped being able to "configure" some file streams (npr for ex.), but I acquired some newer devices recently & they play fine. Thx again!!! Perfect for the info junkie. 😊

Wonderful will pay regularly for feaatures

This is a wonderful app. That. Makes my mornings a lot bettor! It would be great if I could have it start automatically at a certain time and support for feeds that require authentication soo I can get everything I need all at. Once. For both features I would be happy to subscribe to pay for the app continually.

Thank you DW

Thank you to hourly news for the DW report today on the first photo of a black hole! It was an excellent, detailed report.

Crashes with custom feeds

I have been using this app for almost 2 years now. Works great with default feeds. I have added 2 custom feeds 1. Numbers by Barrons 2. Readback by Barrons Strangely, playing through all the feeds, as soon as it reaches the custom feed, it crashes. If I go manually directly to the custom feed, it works fine for that feed. I think the developer needs to fix these bugs. Wish it would work flawlessly. It is still my go to app every morning when commuting.

Love it. One of my mainstays.

Use it all the time. UI could use some tweaking and I’d like to see a wider selection of default newscasts, but can’t complain about a well done app that costs nothing.

Simple, easy to use

the scrubbing to be able to fast forward Could be easier to use

Great and easy

Love this—no bells or whistles just audio. Works like a charm and keeps me up to date with news (whether I like it or not). Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

Randomly starts

I totally enjoy this app; makes it very easy to get updated information. HOWEVER, it goes off randomly while my phone is no active and/or in my purse. Basically I’m in church, in a meeting, in places where I am NOT at all on the phone or connected to it and it starts playing. Any ideas how to stop this from happening?

Great app

A great way to get an overview. You choose the sources.

Stupid ad

Why is Foxnews still playing that stupid ad about an October 24th market change!!??


Does what I want it but a revision or something changed the time bar. I can’t move it to where I want it. It’s sketchy and will move but usually not without swiping to the another news podcast.

Hourly news

A great way to get key news bytes as I start my day. I especially like getting news stories from a variety of sources.

Nice implementation

This app is starting to fail with regularity... it used to be the best available in its category, but no longer. Time for a refresh? Please?

Big Fan

This app is so customizable and comes with a good collection of news sources to draw news report audio from. And if you have a specific source you would like to add to your collection, you can! Albeit, for a buck but hey, it stays with the app once and for all! Thank you people who made this, you help me keep up to date with global matters and local matters in a fantastic format! I only review apps that I find nearly indispensable, this is one of them.

Turns on without activation

Used this app for many years. When the feeds are updated in the background it sometimes triggers the news to start automatically. Very big bug if you’re in a professional setting and your devices start blaring hourly news updates.

After app update its crash. No update for year. DEAD PROGRAM

Can’t open it after update, it crash on opening. Get only black display. Looking on the last update, it was about year ago, so no wonder. Clearly the developer stoped supporting it.

Plays all by itself.

Over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been awoken by this app at 3 am. It just starts playing on its own.

Was good. Now it has adds.

This app used to be good because it didn't have adds between news stations. I purchased the app for the sole reason that it didn't have Adds. Way to ruin a good app.

Turn off your TV news. Get this APP

Listen to a wide variety of radio news sources for summaries of the day's news. You choose which ones to play and how much to play. Listen to one source or many. Most sources are updated hourly; a few - like New York Times in depth feature - are updated daily. Great for news junkies. Over a dozen news sources including: NPR, VOA, BBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and more. It always works well.

Crappy ads

I love getting the news this way — until it goes over to CBS News. Two-thirds of the way through, several extremely irritating ads start blaring away. They’re always the same ads! Ads don’t belong on this app! That said, I’m told that CBS has itself added the ads. But I have been given no instructions on how to contact CBS News!

Great! Could improve

I LOVE the I formation that Hourly News provides in such a convenient, succinct manner. However, I believe captions are necessary. My best friend is def and cannot use this app. Also, many people o show the app have had trouble enjoying it because "they speak too fast."

Frustrating! Just Use iPhone’s Built-in Podcasts App

I can’t believe I took so long to give up on this app and just start playing news on my podcasts app. I used this app for at least a year, and it frustrated me every morning. ▪️When connection is too slow to support the podcast (which happens FAR more often than when I use iPhone’s built-in Podcasts or any other app), it doesn’t simply stop, to start up again when the connection catches up (which makes sense and is the feature for almost any audio or video stream you’d normally access). Instead, it either rolls automatically to the next source or stops completely and goes back to the beginning of the current source. ▪️When that happens, good luck trying to find the point 2.5 minutes into the source you were listening to. The tiny(!) slide that controls your progress in the source is completely insensitive to touch control, either refusing to respond at all or jumping much much further than you’d ever indicated. The size of the slide controller alone is a very basic UI design fail for an app whose sole purpose is user convenience. ▪️The lack of control over progress through each source means that you have to sit through commercials, and, if you didn’t completely absorb what was just said, there’s no going back. Meanwhile, the Podcasts app has had a simple 15-second jump so that you can easily skip over commercials and have them repeat the last tiny bit. ▪️There’s no longer any way to get BBC’s hourly news anywhere but the BBC iPlayer Radio app, so you’ll end up bouncing between apps anyway to get decent world news coverage. ▪️They haven’t updated in about half a year. I feel like this app is gonna be abandoned & go to seed very soon.

Love it!

It allows me to skip reading news online which is a big time waster for me.

Crashes every single time

The app crashes every single time on iOS 11 with an iPhone X. It also hasn’t been optimized but the crashing has been happening for months. Update: I contacted the developer, who was very responsive. The issue is a bug relating to a popover about custom sources, he says, and I expect a fix will be out soon. I’ve changed my review to 5 stars from 2.


The ABC Hourly News feed has been replaced with another program that runs approximately 41 minutes! Why isn’t the ABC 5 minute top of the hour newscast running anymore? This needs to be corrected asap❗️ A really good radio news app, WHEN it’s working properly ☹️

Great App

I like this app as it's easy to use and plays my favorite new shows consecutively. I would definitely recommend this App to others who enjoy listening to the news.

Used to be great...

I've use this app daily for years. Seeing how I now the nuances of this app, I'm posting a review in hopes they get their act together and bring us an update. BUG: scroll button on timeline is terrible. One pixel width of grabbing room. You’ll see.... ANOTHER BUG: Starts all the podcast over from the beginning even if the podcast doesn’t have a new show

Good app, although broadcasts suddenly break off

I like this app a lot; it is frustrating however that some broadcasts suddenly stop in mid sentence and jump to the next. Occasionally, some broadcasts just don't turn on.

Very Handy

While it has occasionally experienced some glitches, the developer has done a good job to update and maintain the app. I don't need custom sources, but will probably buy the feature just to support the developer.

Handy News Digest.

A convenient way to start the day with your preference of news sources. My only criticism: Updates slow in coming. My version started slipping from one podcast to another, before each was complete(while my Iphone warned that the app version needed to be updated). Eventually, the app must have been updated, because it stopped skipping through the podcasts.

conection not smoth, content great !


Excellent news app

I depend on this app daily to keep informed about the latest breaking news. It's an excellent app to start your day off and receive a quick glimpse of the world.

Very useful

I listen each morning during my workout. Disappointed that BBC seems to have discontinued providing a segment. Would be valuable if more news services were available.

Hands Free Listening to Multiple Newscasts

Great to use when doing lengthy tasks around the house. One newscast folds into another, with cast order rearrangeable. The app does need a way of replaying the last 10 seconds and a way of moving the newscast ahead by dragging the playhead. Also the list of radio sources is skimpy. A much larger list should be available with the paid custom source option.