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PocketChris Photography Basics

by Chris Marquardt

(14 user ratings)


Download size: 17.56MB
Version: 1.5
Released: 2010-07-11
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoEducation

"It's like having a photography class right in your pocket!" - Brent Morris

- Ever wondered how depth of field at f1.4 compares to f11? - What does an exposure difference of two f-stops feel like? - What makes a subject a subject?

Just try it out with the flick of a finger in this interactive book by photography instructor Chris Marquardt, host of Tips from the Top Floor.

PocketChris is the photography instructor in your pocket, helping you learn about photography in a brand new way!
Reading about settings and the effects they result in is one thing. Actually seeing the effects with your own eyes is something entirely different.

Learn the visual way!

PocketChris Photography Basics contains these chapters::
- Exposure I
- Subject
- Depth of Field
- Exposure II
- White Balance
- Distance
- Holiday Special

More chapters will be provided as free updates.

Look at examples, change dials, touch the settings with your own fingers and literally grasp photography while reading along in perfectly bite-sized bits of information, with everything put into easy-to-digest words by Chris.

Questions? Send mail to chris@pocketchris.com
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Customer Reviews
Great free app for learning basics of photography

I have improved my photography shots since I have read everything this app had to offer. I also recommend his other 2 apps for photography, I learned more detail about photography.

Great app! Thank you Chris!!

Great app!!! And I love your Podcasts!! Thank you so much! I'm going to buy the other 2 apps!! :)


Lots of fun info! Very enjoyable and easy to understand photography basics.

Great app!!!

Thanks for sharing your talent. I am so hooked on your tfttf podcast. This month I am catching up on your first 400 podcasts. Thanks again, David

Thums up

Great app. Highley recomend it.

Five star review!

Entertaining and Useful!Both great for beginners and Pros in photography!

Useful Tool

This is a great app for my photography class. I use it to demonstrate exposure, white balance and depth of field.


Sad one jerks review can drag this thing down. It's got good info and examples to play with. Much appreciated.

Thumbs up

Informative, good guide to have.


Don't bother


This app is gorgeous, but beyond that it's very informative. It's like having a photography class right in your pocket! Good design and great information. It's simply awesome.


I always find myself opening this app when I need some inspiration or just forget some photography terms!

Great introduction to the Basics!

Explains the basics of photography in a concise and easy to understand format. Can't wait for the upcoming update.

Great app, great tips, top presentation

Very nicely presented app with great tips for basic photography.

Great for beginner and advanced photographers

I'm surprised Chris is giving this app away for free. It contains great photography tips (updated version includes special holiday photo tips), and includes accompanying photographs to illustrate the tips. Also, it's nice to have this info with you on your iPhone / iPod / iPad as a refresher while you're out taking photos. This app is listed for the iPhone / iPod, but it works and looks great on my iPad as well.

Must-have for photographers

Nice coverage of key aspects of photography, with excellent presentation and tips to boot.

Great app

Recently updated. Simply, if you're interested in photography you need this app.

This app is awesome!

PocketChris contains easy to follow and top information on basic photographic techniques from a top photographer.

Great tips

Simple but great tips from the TipsFromTheTopFloor expert.

Great guide to taking pictures

No matter what level of Photography you are on this app is a great guide to all the things you need to get a great picture no matter if you have a point and shoot like me or an DSLR pro gear this app gives great advice and interactive examples that make what hes talking about quick and easy to learn!

Was good

I've had this app for eons and still no update. Are we getting one or Gould we free up space? I thought it was great and informative but now it's just there.

Very Easy to Understand

I like this app because it gives camera instructions and advice in layman terms instead of technical jargon. The photographic examples are beautiful and seem easy to create on my own. Overall this is a great app and I highly recommend it.

Wonderfully visual

What a fun and easy way to understand photography basics. A novel approach that works. We all need a sequel. Or a expanded pro version. Thank you for creating Pocket Chris.

Please update

This I'd pay for. Keep searching for something to help with a new dslr. Great app 7stars. Please make a pro version!

4 1/2 Stars - Actually great!

This app is great! But I keep waiting for the updates and they never come :(

Great tips on photo basics

I was surprised at the amount of tips and techniques I learned from this free app. Chris did a nice job, especially compared to a book. In the app, photo comparisons are interactive and easier to understand. I'm looking forward to updates or a pro version (yes, I'd pay!)

Very informative, and fun

I just got my first DSLR camera this month, and this app has really helped my grasp some of the basic principals of the different settings. It has also encouraged me to venture into tweaking the settings rather than relying on automatic mode. I can't wait until the other pocket Chris apps come out.


I cannot wait for the extra chapters! These are great tools with awesome example pictures to go along. Thank you Chris!

One of the Best Appe on Itunes

If you are interested in learning photogaphy This is the App for you. Apps like this are great to cary with you so you can pull it out and learn any time or any place. Great job Chris!!!

Not Bad

This app is a good visual aid in understanding basic exposure concepts. Looking forward to seeing how more advanced concepts will be applied and demonstrated here.

Great Learning Tool

This is a great tool and the price is right - particularly inthemorning with noagenda.

A worthy app

Super app. But you can start right from the very basics . Fstop, aperture

Good core

The way the images are used and controlled to demonstrate the concepts is very good. I listen to Chris regularly and I'm confident that he'll continue to upgrade the app's content. That and some UI tweaks would raise my rating. (And anyway, it's FREE!)


I always wanted to explain my wife these things and it was so hard in just words. What a great idea this is, now I can show my ppl very easily.


This is on of the best designed apps I've seen. The interactive examples really help illustrate the concepts. I can't wait to see more!

Great App!

Although a lot of the tips and techniques are aimed toward DSLR users, there is a lot of helpful information here. This app has a really slick interface IMHO and to top it off, it's free!

Thank you Chris!!!

This is just wondeful for people like me who's eyes glaze over when hearing photography terms. Having the image examples is such a help.

Sorry Chris... But...

Chris, I'm a big fan of your podcast... But I'm a little disappointed, maybe I'm expecting too much for the beginner level... Good start though...

Nice visual guide

Great start, Chris! Awesome guide for beginners and intermediate photographers. Keep going!


This is a very good app. for those of us that find it easer to learn visually than just reading about it. Chris you have really created a quality product. Jim G

Not Good!

This is not that great of an app. If you are already an advanced photographer you won't need this. If you are not an advanced photographer it's hard to understand. These people rating this app five stars are all fans of twit, Leo LaPointe and Chris Marquardt so am I. I listen to every show also. I remember when Leo discovered this app was not approved last week, then gave Chris congrats this week. Now, come on guys this is not a good app. The demo photos are not evan good examples.

Nice app

Great little reference for guys like me who always forget!

Very helpful resource!

this is an amazing resource for budding photographers. thank you for releasing this! btw i downloaded this because i'm watching TWiT right now with Leo Laporte and they just mentioned that this app is finally out :D

Great teaching tool

Saw leo download it so I got it to try it it's a great app

Great Value

Great app. Explains the basics very well.

Nice UI

This is a really nice app for visually learning how cameras work.

Awesome to learn! Awesome to teach!

Chris Marquardt has been a teaching photographer for a long time (just check out his podcast, Tips From The Top Floor) and this newest edition of his reaching out to teach photography to everyone is truly fantastic! Not only does Chris explain the various concepts, but his design of this app illustrates the points and variations discussed in his explanations. The addition of the user interaction helps the learner to retain the information. If you are even the slightest bit interested in becoming a better photographer (whether you are a novice or more advanced) then this app should be on your mobile device. If you are mentoring a photographer, this app is a great resource to help them understand. Get it!

Photography help in your pocket

This app is exactly what a prosumer needs. It is nice to see an app that actually shows you the differences in the settings on you camera when in manual mode. Very helpful. I highly recommend to all photographers.

Great place to start

Chris has a great podcast and now this app. The app has some great information for you to visual see what changes on your camera will do to your pictures. I can't wait for updates and more information!