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Photography 101 (Free Tutorials)

by Pacific Spirit Media

(514 user ratings)


Download size: 0.38MB
Version: 1.0
Released: 2011-08-11
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoReference

Want to learn how to take terrific photos? This app is a great introduction to photography basics. You will learn the abc’s of depth of field, framing, lighting and composition with a few fun surprises in the mix.

If you are a budding photographer, or if you want to improve your skill with the camera, this free app is for you. There are over 12+ excellent video tutorials within the app. You’ll also get balanced reviews of the iPhone 4 Camera, Canon Rebel T3i and T3 cameras.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to view these videos.

Download the free app now and learn how to easily take great photos!
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Customer Reviews
Photography 101

This app does not work with ios11 .....needs to be updated to work with latest IOS systems

IOS 11

When will you update this app for IOS 11?


Any chance on getting this updated to run on iOS 11?

Won't open

I can't open any of the videos. They look like they are loading but nothing happens.

Needs an update

Horrible app, doesn't work well with the latest iPhone versions.

Out of date since iPhone 4s

Out of date. Videos don't play. Pass on this one. Made when iPhone 4s was new.

App does not work

This app has not work for the past year. Do not waste your money.


One of the worst tutorials the app does not work it is extremely slow doesn't work at all that I mentioned that it slow and it keeps lagging even on a high-speed connection at home Went to the guys YouTube channel and it's just terrible waste of money I would like a full refund

Needs a huuuuge update.

App is suuupppper buggie. That maybe due to the fact that it was created and lasted updated in 2011. My set-up: I phone6s, IOS 10

101 review

These files won't play on my iPad 4 mini, even though it took Apple's software team close to 4gb out of the 16gb it ships with for the OS that's on it. Since that what I want to run it on, this app is of little use to me.

Videos don't play.

Multiple installations and re-starts on an I-Pad Pro, 9.7, the videos never would play. Turned out to be a big waste of time.

Can't use any of it

i can't get it to play, it says to restart my I pad to get it to run the videos and they do not play not worth going crazy for it

Doesn't work!

Deleted this app after several failed attempts to start videos. Waste of time.


The App does not work. Continually received a notice advise to restart device if video does start...restarted device several times with no success.

Can't get in!

Would love to rate this but I can't seem to get into the app?????

Can opened the lessons

I downloaded this app but I can't open the lessons. It's really sad cause the reviews are great but I haven't been able to use it At all.

Please help

Don't know what's wrong with the app but videos don't play the icon just keeps spinning like the video is loading and never plays. Please help

Nothing works but the ads!!!

Nothing works but the ads, and only way to exit is to hit the home button and then kill the app!!! Delleted it!!!!!!!!

Doesn't work

Never get the videos to play.

Do not work on iPhone 6

It's just something that do not want to work. What to comment on that?


Apart from the somewhat nifty vids it's an obvious advert for cannon products, it's not bad


I downloaded this app to learn more about photography but all it does is crash and that is pretty much it. Nothing else, it doesn't want to load anything. 5S 8.1.3


It crashes. I don't believe it is updated to work on OS8.

Videos don't load

App frequently crashes and videos never load.

Videos don't play

Terrible app!

Not a photography class.

This will teach you the basic functions of your DSLR. Photography takes creativity, imagination, and experimentation. It puts the basics of your owners manual into video format. But, to be a true photographer, you must go way beyond an app.

Very basic

Too basic and too many ads.


Why is that ugly lady featured in the example. Her arm bends backwards, what a freak.


My rating one star because I cannot find u so influential and benefittable

Photography 101 misses

Several of the videos are missing, okay, most are missing. Others aren't worth time to watch an gave no useful instruction. Better to go old school with a photo magazine and practice.

Broken links

Videos that some are private and others really dry.


Videos didn't even load

Great Info For Beginners

I appreciate the basic information in these video lessons. Too many other videos, books, magazine articles, etc. assume that a person already knows the basics, but that's what I need to learn! Is app does it right.

Picture Me

Easy to understand . Helpful to beginner I will recommend.

Photography 101

Clear explanations, easy to follow.

Good app

Good app for those who are try to get a feel for photography.

Informative and Entertaining - nice job

I literally take dozens of photographs per week, yet I still found this Application highly informative and well presented. Thank you.


This app has good info

Fun and great basics

Funny twists an great basic tips. Informative for beginners!

Wonderful app for Beginners

As understanding of the subject grows the use of the apps gate rare

Photography 101

Most of the videos that are given are either 'private' or have a 404 code, can't be found. Waste of money.

Photo 101

Terrific app

Not helpful

Videos labeled Private or Unavailable. Look for a different app.


Great app, I found the snapseed app through it. That's another great app,

Good ap

Plain and simple, helpful videos that help you understand photography.

Great help

Whether a novice or someone who needs refreshing, like me, this app is very helpful.


Very good


Tutorials are short and to the point but unfortunately they're all videos that you can't quickly reference.


Very Excellent for New Beginners!!

Good App

I knew very little about photography and after downloading this app you should see the pics I'm shooting!