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Are you a photo-taker of say, friends, family, weird stuff? Amateur photographer? Want to have a little fun? HDR Portrait by Maxim Chernousov may be your ticket to hours of enjoyment. HDR Portrait, as the name implies, is focused on portrait photos. It can detect the face of your subject, including even pictures from the animal world. After you have separated the subject face from the background, you can edit them separately and apply some really cool effects. Effects like Zooming, Iris, Pentagons, Bokeh, are all represented. The app then allows you to further tweak them with controls for brightness, saturation, and other commonly found photo adjustments. When you blur out the background of the image, the photo is transformed into something worth printing and hanging on a wall. This is a great app that will supply you with hours of enjoyment and some results you will have to see to believe. EasyAppFinder gives HDR Portrait 5 stars!
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HDR Portrait

by Maxim Chernousov

(10 user ratings)


Download size: 41.51MB
Version: 1.0.3
Released: 2020-05-02
For ages: 4+

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait turns your Apple device into an incredible art portrait machine. This wonderful app uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to detect faces on photos and separate them from the background. Detected faces are processed with expressive HDR effects. Simultaneously, astonishing artistic effects are applied on the background behind the portraits. Lots of impressive focal background effects, such as different kind of blurs, bokeh with various shapes and others, are available.

As its name implies, "AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait" is attended to deal with portraits. If your iPhone supports modern dual cameras and TrueDepth sensors, our app uses them to detect a face and achieve better results. If you're using an old device or taking not portrait photos, then our app can work without modern features by using its own neural network facilities.

The basic kit contains a lot of prepared settings presets that allow to quickly apply different combinations of settings on taken photos. These settings combinations demonstrate application possibilities and let you obtain various combinations of application features. If you want to experiment with manually parameters settings, you should buy an extended license, then all appТs adjustable parameters will be available.
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Customer Reviews
Useful and transparent

Best portrait designer app Very good, great effects and simple to use I really enjoyed because it is an amazing easy to use and here what i looked for.

Great to be recommended

I love my pictures. They look so good thank you so much for making this so good I definitely would try it out if you haven't it's so good thanks.

really good.

It's great for artists. You can convert an image to portrait and draw looking that shade. Great apps love it So easy to use. Perfection. Love this app

Easy and convenient to use

Easy to use. Has never crashed. Lot's of options. So cool.

I need more good apps like this!

This app is fantastic and is very good in making portrait photos very interesting & easy to use. I like it very much Love the end results and all the possibilities of good work.

Thanks, the application is great.

Very nice brilliant pictures convert into portrait with HDR Portrait wow! Very simple to use and very useful! Excellent, quick and easy. I love it

I like this application

This is a Great app, lots of fun and playing with different exposures for portrait.

5 stars !!

Great app. HDR Portrait has detected the face for and converted into amazing portrait form.

Application number one.

I enjoy your app very much. I have done several photographs as portrait and printed them on good paper for framing. They are very nice and it is fun to do as well.