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Camera Genius

by CodeGoo

(11 user ratings)


Download size: 40.55MB
Version: 4.8
Released: 2009-02-08
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities


Camera Genius spent over 2 weeks as the #1 Paid iPhone App! Buy now to find out why!

----- Praise for Camera Genius ------

“Camera Genius is a do-it-all app”
— The New York Times

“A nice addition to a photographer's camera bag and a useful replacement for Apple's Camera app.”

“I am putting Camera Genius on my home screen.”
— iPhone App Podcast

“Highly Recommended”
— iPhography.com


We've completely rebuilt Camera Genius to let you capture great photos and videos with ease!

+ Take Videos (iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch ONLY)
What camera would be complete without a video mode? Capture videos and even zoom in and out on your subjects while recording, just like a real video camera! *

+ Camera Zoom (Up to 6X digital zoom)
Now zoom in on subjects to get that close-up shot. Combine it with our anti-shake for even clearer zoomed shots.

+ Timer & Sound Capture
A timer lets you set up timed group photos. You can set the interval between 2 and 300 seconds. Just tap the numbers when the timer pulls up to change the timing interval. You can even set it to repeat mode to capture photos automatically. The sound capture setting allows you to take photos by detecting noise to snap your photo.

+ Full Screen Camera Button
The big photo button makes it easy to capture those photos without having to try and tap the tiny photo button, potentially missing that candid shot. Just tap the screen to take the photo.

+ Prevent Blurry Photos with Anti-shake
Anti-shake stabilization helps eliminate those blurry photos caused by excessive iPhone camera movement.

+ Improve Photo Composition with Guides
Camera guides help you compose and align photos based on known photographic principles. Eliminate those crooked photos before they happen.

+ Burst Mode Shooting
Take 3 shots in rapid succession. Great for getting that action shot!

+ Camera Manual
Lots of hints on the best way to take photos on your iPhone. Read the quick tips to greatly improve your photos.

+ Review your photos
A new user interface makes reviewing your photos a breeze. Camera Genius releases another first: adjustable sized thumbnails! Use the slider to decide how many photos you want to see at once. Also included is a full-screen slide show and the ability to pan and zoom around your photos. All photos are saved to the camera roll for quick syncing with your computer.

+ Edit your photos.
What photo app would be complete without the ability to edit your photos? We have over 20 great One Step filters! From Grunge, 70's style, Lomo and Cross Processing to Flash, Cinema, and Pseudo HDR we have got you covered! If that's not enough we have 20 Adjustment Filters to give you fine control over hue, contrast, brightness, etc. Crop your photo to improve its composition. We also have custom borders you can apply to any filter. All filters can be stacked to give you nearly infinite options with the look of a photo. Turn a drab photo into a work of art with a couple of clicks.

+ Share your photos.
Need to get that photo or video onto Facebook, Twitter, Flickr? We’ve got you covered! Now post your photos and videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, YouTube, Clipboard and Email. You can even post to multiple services at once!

If photos are not showing in Album View.
Go to your Settings icon on the iPhone. Select General > Location Services. Make sure "Genius" is switched on.

* Video Mode and Tap to Focus & Exposure is not available on the 3G iPhone.
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Customer Reviews

Constantly crashes when I try to make collages of my photos

App crashing

I used to love this app to the point where I never used my iPhone camera app. It keeps crashing now when I try to do a montage. It’s very frustrating.

Bugs fixed...and created

Just updated this app on my iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 10.3.2 and the app icon (the standard black camera) is gone. Even after deleting/reinstalling the app, I only see a blank app icon with grid lines and an X.


Thank you for updating this app! I was sad to have to give it up because it hadn't been updated for 64-bit until now. This is one of my all-time favorite camera apps 👍

Camera Genius

Takes to long to toggle to the front camera screen.

Great camera app

I'm very happy to have this app. In situations where I have to reach far, being able to simply tab with my finger while holding the phone securely is very good. If I were to use the normal camera app, I would have to hold it by the corners in order to tap the button. I get nervous holding my phone that way. I recommend this app, even if you take pictures only occasionally.


Update the aplicación please

Love this ap, please update!

I love this ap, it's fantastic! Any update anytime?

Great, however

Love the app. My only problem though is that it does not allow usage of the +volume button as a shutter release. Add that and five stars!

Perfect photo

Nice app for photo, adding place where picture was done. Many options for adjusting.

No update

Why no any update?

Repeating timer Is the best part of this app

This app does a number of things but I use and recommend it to take serially timed images, which is a feature I haven't found in any other photo app. Usually it's limited to one or a burst. The ability to repeat every 10,15 or 30 seconds makes it easy to ensure great shots.

Very good

Very very good

Excellent Camera

This camera is a must have its easy - editing - picture taking - and creating beautiful pictures and leaves you looking good !

Outstanning App

This is an outstanding app. It allows one to include the location, date & time to prove a point & location. This information can be omitted if one so desires.

Good Camera.

This is the camera I use. I like the features especially the focus on a particular spot. I also put it on my wife's phone.

I am enjoying this app

I am getting a little older so needed a photo app to help with my jitters. This one does. I wish it would image-stabilize but that would be expensive I'm sure. It does the next best thing by showing you a stability meter. The camera automatically snaps when you settle to a stable hold.

Love it

Always works great!

Works well

Yeah what he said ⬆️

Great app

Great camera app

Needs update for latest technology

No updates since mid-2013 means this app does not exploit all of the features of the iPhone 6/6+. And in six months, we can expect newer models. The only features extra over Apple's Camera app are Guides and Anti-Shake. Everything else does not keep up, especially Apple's Rapid-Fire Photos. It can take 12 shots before this app takes two in Burst Mode.

perfect document scan

crisp images, ease of sending, filing. I'm just the average person who uses a cell phone for everything because I'm on the go and this app is a BIG time saver.

Good, but needs work

For some reason it crashes alot. I would give it 5 starts for being great when working! I love the date and location stamp so that later I can remember where I was. Needs more current updates for 2015!!


Almost as good as a top rate digital camera except it is light and always available! It is all you need for family and travel!!go for it!!


I always use this ap when I take pix.

Serves my purposes very well, especially like ike the date stamp

Good app


A great camera! It works great with the I-Phone's....

Genius camera

Great app! I would recomend this app to anyone who likes to take great pictures.

Nice App

I have used this app from quit a long time now. I am very pleased with it when you consider it is a cell phone. It's not my digital Canon, but the app does what it is design to do. Being there at a moments notice.


Great app but no way to delete a video you do no want to keep or send


A camera APP that wants access to my location even when I am not using the APP, and my microphone. NO THANK you!!!!!!!!

It gets the job done

If you want too record a video or take a picture this will do that for you.

Easy to use

Easy to use and produces great photos.

Great but fix zoom

Great camera app but for some reason I cannot get zoom in to focus clearly. Could be my iPhone or could be app? Not sure. Everything else seems to work very well

Great app

The best app for cropping.

Bad news

Keeps crashing.


Very useful app. Great programmer

i like it



Love this app it's clean smooth running no muss no fuss.Fav filter is the silver oil.Thx 4a great app.


Date & time is crucial to me... Luvet!😍

Great edit functions

I was impressed with this app because I was able to edit a profile picture relatively easy and on-the-fly!! Filters pretty impressive considering this is one of the many thousands of photo apps out there. I have it in one of my folders on my homepage because I was impressed with the function still need to try some more options and play around with it more.

Great for our business

We take a lot of photos for property preservation and the date and time stamp is great feature.


Es una buena alternativa si ya te aburriste de la cámara por defaul

Loved this app for my 4s, doesn't seem to work on the 5s

The app worked great on my 4s and the feature I loved most was date and time stamp. I upgraded my to a 5s and the first use it locked my phone up. I then discovered there was an update for the app and I was hopeful to be able to use this on my 5s. No more locking the phone up, but photos do not save. I can not figure out if something got turned off during the update or what. Very disappointed having to go back to the regular iphone camera app with no time and date stamp. Only gave 3 stars due to the issue using it on the 5s.

Easy to use all-in-one!!!

Love this app's simplicity & choice. Pics are terrific!

All in 1

I've had this app for a while but never really looked at all the features. NOW IM HOOKED ON IT! Especially the burst feature. Having geotagging is a must if you take ALOT of photos. The filters are great. Not a lot of those unnecessary filters that end up looking the same anyway. It is a must have for those that use their iPhone camera for all their photos. AWESOME CAMERA APP! I would have given it 5 stars but it lacks a decent flash in the burst mode ie taking a picture in the dark with your subject flashed. Most people would never even notice this.

Slip clutch

Does what it is supposed to.

Keeps asking me to review


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