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In today\'s world: governments, companies, and individuals use tools that can allow them to track your online habits, interests, even viewpoints with pinpoint accuracy. To many people, this is a very disturbing threat and to others, it feels downright criminal. Enter SnowHaze Private Browser. SnowHaze works on the front end and allows users to browse the web without being tracked or an internet history being created. All data and records of your visits are deleted. What I found extremely useful was my ability to customize the settings for any public or private website I wish to visit my personal liking. This feature is ideal for online banking, personal online business access, adult sites, or any site where you wish to keep your private information or online habits safe from prying eyes. Have you ever shopped for a car or insurance online and then suddenly started seeing ads directed at you popping up on every site you visit ? With SnowHaze that is no longer an issue. It even has a privacy-level calculator which tells you just how safe a website you wish to visit is. SnowHaze is a paid app. However, $2.99 is a small price to pay for online “ piece of mind “. A much-needed app for those who value their privacy. EasyAppFinder 5 Stars


by Illotros GmbH

(5 user ratings)


Download size: 144.56MB
Version: 2.2
Released: 2016-08-12
For ages: 17+


SnowHaze – a powerful private browser developed to truly protect your data on the internet. Enjoy the internet without compromising your privacy and security. SnowHaze offers much more setting possibilities than other browsers and can completely be adapted to your needs.

Become truly private and protect your physical location using SnowHaze's no-log VPN. Your entire internet traffic will be encrypted and rerouted over a server in the location of your choice. SnowHaze VPN offers fast connections using government-grade encryption, hides your activity from your ISP and other third parties, and protects your information on public Wi-Fi. Avoid tracking and Man in the Middle attacks.

Access location specific contents and unblock content while traveling. SnowHaze VPN is the only VPN service having a completely anonymous authorization process and has the simplest privacy policy: Nothing is saved, really nothing. Even we don't know who you are!

40% off yearly subscriptions

- Security default settings
- VPN service on dedicated servers in 5 countries (Switzerland, USA, Canada, Germany, France)
- Hide your IP address and location, and access location specific contents
- JavaScript control
- Allow Scripts temporary and permanently
- Over 10 Search Engines including SnowHaze Search Engine
- Automatic and forced HTTPS connections
- Popover blocker
- Control Cache, Cookies, HSTS and Web data
- Randomly changing user agents
- Disable history saving
- Automatically delete history of private websites
- Tracking blocker
- HTTP Referer blocker
- Canvas and other fingerprinting blocker
- Ad blocker
- Passcode lock
- Local data encryption
- Privacy level calculation
- Many setting possibilities
- Create and manage bookmarks
- Open tabs with different settings
- Change settings for specific pages permanently or temporarily
- Search suggestion for Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha
- Link with 1Password for quick and secure login
- Find text on page
- QR and Barcode scanner

The yearly SnowHaze Premium subscription is valid for one year; the monthly SnowHaze Premium subscription is valid for one month. During this time, you have access to the SnowHaze VPN, the SnowHaze search engine and your lists are updated daily. The payment is charged to your iTunes Account when confirming the purchase. All subscription automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription. Your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription. You can manage your subscription in your Account Settings by tapping on 'View all my Subscriptions'.

Terms of service
Privacy policy
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Customer Reviews
Best around

Found nothing equally good in the appstore. Nice!!

Best Browser

I'm still a big fan of Snowhaze. Best iOS browser out there. The vpn works perfectly in all locations

#1 iOS Privacy and Security Browser

SnowHaze has got all of your privacy and security needs covered. I really like the new implementation of the passcode section. The reduction in application size is also appreciated. Couple of things, would like to see the bookmarks become rearrangeable and the VPN to feature more servers (perhaps about a dozen) before I consider paying for it. Other than that SnowHaze is perfect. *The previous comment is misleading, the VPN feature was just implemented and optional, the developers should be commended for also improving and adding to the core features.*

Primitive bookmarks, otherwise great!

Excellent privacy controls and easy to use. Full screen mode is automatic and intuitive... the best implementation I've seen. The thing that stops me from using SnowHaze full time is the lack of folders for organizing bookmarks. Bookmarks can be saved as large icons only appearing on the screen and cannot be rearranged. No option for lists. Large bookmark icons are odd because SnowHaze rates your security posture lower if the font size setting is made larger due to risk of someone shoulder surfing. I'm still using the obsolete Mercury web browser which has excellent bookmark support and full screen mode; create folders, edit and rearrange in text formatted lists with the option on on-screen shortcut icons for frequently used items. Other features like Save web page to PDF, open image in new window would be nice. SnowHaze has great potential and the nicest of the many newer browsers I've tried (and uninstalled). Better bookmark support would make SnowHaze a home run!

Excellent support, Answer to privacy/security

Finally a browser on IOS that protects privacy in one app. Browser performance is also very good. The team behind this App is giving quick turnaround on user questions and is keen on getting user suggestions. Recent update now supports DuckDuckGo. Thanks - Ken