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Magic Tricks Pro - Magic Trick Video Lessons

by FreshPaper Media LLC

(66 user ratings)


Download size: 15.65MB
Version: 1.6
Released: 2012-06-14
For ages: 12+


Learn Magic Tricks with Easy Step by Step Videos!


Have you ever wanted to perform the same mind blowing magic tricks you’ve seen on TV? Now you can learn the same secrets & sleights that I’ve used for the past 25 years!

WARNING! These magic tricks are very powerful and get great reactions. If you take the time to learn them you won’t be disappointed. These are powerful tricks that can get you paying gigs or use them to impress your friends.

These magic tricks require no special gimmicks and can be done anywhere at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner you’ll be learning some of these tricks in minutes. Already know some magic or sleights don’t worry. We’ve included more advanced tricks that you can practice to knock’em off their feet.

So how does it work?

First you’ll watch a performance video of the trick, so you’ll know what the trick should look like for an audience. Then in an explanation video I’ll teach you the trick step by step explaining the trick in detail.

So what will you learn?
Card Tricks
Street Magic
Coin Tricks
RubberBand Magic
Sleight of Hand
Mind Reading
And a ton more.

Now you can stand out in the crowd. You can do these tricks at school, on the streets, restaurants, parties or anywhere you want. People will beg you to perform once they know you do magic.
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Customer Reviews
कृपया डाउनलोड न करें

तो यह बात बेकार है और डाउनलोड मत करो !!!!!!! यह काम करता है यह सिर्फ idk यह सिर्फ बेकार है, तो एक एहसान करो और मुझे सुनो। डाउनलोड नहीं करें

Does this still exist?

No updates for 2 years and no videos appear in the app.

This app is ok

This is a lie there is no step to step at all.


pretty good, don't see a point in needing to charge us.

Not really free

While there are some free tricks covered in this app, most have to be purchased. At $2-4 per trick it would be MUCH cheaper to buy a book or a different app.

Cool but am not good at these things😅


Great App!

Thanks for a great app!


I cannot hear the sound on any of the videos.

Amazing 👌

When I first started doing magic this was the first app I downloaded ☺️👌 it is great and he makes it really easy to understand step by step not like other apps out there. Absolutely love this app!!!!! I recommend it to everyone


This is the app I was looking for. Though the appearance looks slightly basic, it truly helps with magic tricks. I've learned 4 of them so far in only one day. This is exactly what I needed!.

The teaser

It opens the door of imagination to anyone who is willing to believe anyone can be a "Great Magician " it starts here. Tku

A rip off

Paid for trick but never got it! Do not buy as the only trick you will see is the disappearing dollar one! Sadly, it's your money down a rat hole!


If you go on news the YouTube to see the vid does not work

Amazing but 1 thing

It an amazing app and it was vary helpful to me I would rate it 5 starts but the only thing I don't like is that I think you pay a little to much for some of them. But its great layout and there all easy to understand and I would recommend it.


This app has helped me fool so many of my friend and family!😂😂


Really basic tricks. I don't think any of these tricks are worth paying for. You can see much harder tricks on YouTube for free.

Love it!!!

Great app. Get it get it get it!!!

Come on!

I figured out all the tricks, even the paid ones

I like it

Thanks for this page

Great apps

Great apps for beginners :)

Simple tricks

Great simple tricks. Many are free, others are $0.99 and well worth it. Big hits with grandkids


This is the BEST magic app!!!!


Awesome app👍🏻

Does not work

When I tap on a video it just loads forever and ever and

Pls fix!

I bought this app a few years ago and loved it but got kind of disinterested for a while so I bought it again. But now I can't watch any of the tricks because I tapped on one and it won't stop loading! Pls fix this um only giving this app a few days before I delete it.

please fix the problem

I love the app but I have some problems I cant open the videos they took forever to load


I bought about $30 worth of magic trick reveals and then one day it wouldn't show me the reveals anymore I would have to pay for them again I contacted the company but noting very mad

Great, but...

This app is great!! I learned so many new magic tricks that I showed my friends. I like that Jeremy (the magician) adds new tricks to the app. The one problem is that I had watched all the videos then kinda forgotten about the app. So I was re watching a few of the videos today and they took FOREVER to load. Is anyone else having this problem? I love this app but it is annoying when you have to wait 15 minutes for your video to load. PLEASE FIX!!

Love the app but I'm having problems

I love the app and I've bought a lot of the tricks but I can only access a few of them all the others just go to the loading screen and stay there it would be great if you could fix it so I can try to learn the tricks

It's but now it won't work

I had this app before and it was great but then I delete it because I learned all the tricks but I forgot some so I downloaded it again and now it won't let me play any of them it just loads forever plz fix

I am extremely disappointed!

Wow, not a single video will load. Not on this app or card tricks pro. Please fix this problem, and I will write a five-star review because I believe these apps have great potential.

Great but doesn't work

I used to be able to watch all the videos but now it won't even let me watch one video I learned great magic tricks but can't even learn another


I was so exited because i love magic but every time i open the app it shuts my phone down

Are you serious bruh?

The videos take forever to load. Not much else needed to be said...Waste of time

Tons Of Fun!

Using this app, my granddaughters think I'm the most amazing "POP" on the planet. It's fun!!!! Thanks for a Great App!

Never loaded

I was excited on getting the app and I hit one of the videos. It wouldn't load I sat there for 5 minutes still waiting for the thing to load so I reset it and tried again. It STILL didn't load. So I decided hit learn and guess what? THE STUPID THING WOULDN'T LOAD. So unless you like waiting for 5 hours on one thing to load don't get this app

Jeremy is cool

He's got a persona that is likable. It makes for more connections in the leisure and business world. The tricks are rudimentary and very good for participants to be amazed.


I really enjoy these tricks!

Loading and loading and loading

Can't do anything with the app!!! It keeps loading and loading and loading...but doesn't do anything!!!


I click on a video and takes a loooooooooooooooong time to load and will never let me watch so it's so stupid and they need to fix it

Videos are taking to long to load

Just recently videos have been taking a long time to load I don't know why but besides that great app

Videos wont load

The tricks I try and watch the videos will not load

Great App

This app has the best magic tricks

Don't bother...

I've downloaded two different products from this company and they both freeze and timeout whenever you try to view a video. Waste of time...

Videos not loading

The videos are stuck at the loading icons.


I don't know if this is just my phone but no tricks will load and I can't watch them? Did anyone else have this problem?


This app is amazing and has tons of great card tricks

Cool game

I really like magic, and I think this is a good app for me. Also the only thing that I don't like is that some cost money, but app brands want money.😑 so ya😜😝😁😳💩😛lol

Pretty good

It was ok in general. Sometimes when your in a match there's "No Matches" but you get 10%+ hearts, the thing is, that's kind of useless we should get something like +10 defense or offense. The matching system is really crappy, I got a level 13 guy when I was only level 3. There should be a shop where you can buy weapons, too.