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Magic - Eye

by Raymond

(11 user ratings)


Download size: 20.99MB
Version: 2.0
Released: 2011-03-26
For ages: 4+


Best magic app for your all your 2016 parties! 4 to 5 stars rating on US, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and Hong Kong App Store. Possibly the best magic app on the App Store. This app has been one of the best kept secret within the magicians' guild. You will not be disappointed with it. I would like to thank everybody who has downloaded this app for the support.

The Effect (Just One Of The Many)
A member of the audience selects a card of his choice from your iPhone and then flips the card over so that you cannot see what card has been selected. However, as a skilled psychic, you have extraordinary abilities to find out what card has been selected by the audience. With one hand over the iPhone (but not touching it) and your eyes gazing straight at the audience's, you start calling out the suit and the value of the card in a special sequence and to observe for a subtle shift in the audience's eyes to tell you which card has been selected. After a short while, to the amazement of the audience, you correctly guess the card selected by the audience!

Reviewers' Comments
"Great app and I'm a magician. If it was mediocre I'd say. It isn't. It's excellent." - salmon of the nile

"I love how easy to perform the trick is. The best part is the look on the faces of the people I did the trick on - truly priceless! This is perfect also for times when you really want to gaze deep into someone's eyes but just can't find a reason or chance to do so. :P" - Michell W.

"Where did you learn that from? Teach me!" - Audrey K.

"This is one of the best mentalism tricks I have seen for a while! Ingenious!" - Henry

"This app is simply POWERFUL! Twisted!" - Desmond H.

"I think my girl friend will be scared shitless when I try this on her : )" - Edward M.

"You're weird! How did you do that??!" - Vitini Lin

"This app is really fun! Friends are calling me the new Uri Geller now! It's very simple and you can improvise and give it your own twist!" - Darker Santos

Why Get Magic - Eye?
- This original trick is still relatively new so there is a huge element of surprise
- Learn this amazing trick in under 2 minutes with our video guide
- Be the star attraction at all the parties you are attending
- Have fun at holiday and birthday parties and on dates
- Use it as an ice breaker game at the bar or gatherings with friends and family
- Use it to entertain your kids
- Amaze and mystify your audience instantly
- Can be performed multiple times to the same audience
- No force card required
- Learn other ways of performing this trick with our bonus online guide
- Designed using highly visual and intuitive graphical interface
- Become a professional mentalist or psychic instantly with this app
- Great on iPod Touch too
- Totally optimized for iOS 8 & 9 devices. Works on iPhone 5s too.
- It's so easy to perform that you just can't believe it!
- Selected as the top 5 magic trick apps by AppFind

"Magic - Eye" is the third app in our premium suite of cool street magic apps specially designed by The iPhone Magic Guy. If you like it, you will not be disappointed by our other apps: "Magic - Card" and "Magic - Cup".

Do you want to perform magic like David Blaine, Criss Angel, Derren Brown, Keith Barry or Uri Geller with your iPhone or iPod in minutes? Visit www.iPhoneStreetMagic.com today to learn more cool street magic tricks that you can use to amaze your friends instantly.

Download our street magic apps now and discover the magician in you today!
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Customer Reviews
Flipping the card

Like the effect but I'm having a problem learning how to flip the card over. The card does not flip every time I turn my iPhone over. Maybe I'm not using the correct twist motion?


Very good app! I just wish that we could have the option to have the cards either shuffled or in order other than that its good

Fun effect for people to be amazed

Great easy anytime effect when someone ask to see Magic. I say I have been so online research on what cards people choose randomly here are the results.

This is great......I love it

This is just crazy good.You need this app


Really cool and powerful effect! The only thing I would develop is a way to shuffle the cards so they are not in order. Like a real deck would be Great app though.


Great effect. Easy and fun




This trick has all my friends in awe. They are stunned and amazed at this trick and are even bribing me to tell them the secret, but true magicians don't reveal secrets. Get this trick and watch your friends faces.

Worked. But now it doesn't

This app worked before the ios8 update. Now it freezes on the first page!!! PLZ Plz Plz fix!!!!


It was made years ago and left alone. This app won't be updated so if your using a iPhone 5/iPhone 6 you can not use it. The developers here are lazy.

Love this app!

Great app! Easy to learn and very impressive.


Quite nice. Subtle. Recommended.


Awesome.. What else can I say. Just waiting for more to come! Steve L

Fix the glitch

For the first time use it, it's actually pretty cool. Then for the next time I use it, I can't flip the card, which is bad. So pleaseeee fix it, I don't want to throw $4.00 to this app for nothing.

Been there done that

Before you pay too much for this trick take some time to think about how it is done. It is very easy and has been going on for decades. And it costs WAY to much.

Fraud ap

Don't buy it doesn't work at all it's a scam!!!!

Great app!

So far, the best card magic app that I own! Foolproof and virtually undetectable!! Kudos to the developer!!

Awesome trick!!

It's great!!


Magic eye Is a trick I begged my parents for months



Magic eye

This is a really cool app



Good one for iPhone

Clever, subtle, mind blowing. Convincing because the card is chosen in silence and away from the magician. Folks usually think the mic is revealing the card with other magic trick apps. This one is a keeper!

Good but

If you Look at the clock you will easily figure it out... P.S When your flipping the card over hold it there for a while, then flip it

Fascinating Fun

This has been a fun little app. It's allowing me to frustrate a number of people.


Another good, it is not just the iPhone app

Best app ever

Nice magic

Fails on iOS 5.0.1

Fails to work on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1



Good magic

I like it

Nice magic utility.

Very versatile and easy to use. A classic brought to the iPhone.

Love it

Great magic

Outstanding implementation

Brilliantly conceived. One suggestion: raise the price. Magicians certainly do not want to see this on every iPhone!


I encountered a slight glitch with this Apps, wrote to the developer received prompt help and the Apps works well! Indeed, this is the best magic Apps so easy to excecute and fun ! I strongly recommend buy no regrets! Tee


It is not work with me

좀 어렵구려

일단 시작했으니 끝을 보렵니다

매직카드 할줄몰라서 잘못하고있는데

나름 알고나니 재미있네요


this is fantastic kkkk

Great fun

Good magic to perform on your phone. EZ to learn.

Virtual marked deck of cards!

Nice magic app that has a slew of uses. Genius trick!! •For those who can't flip the card...unlock the portrait orientation.


Reloaded app several times, first page freezes every time. Very disappointed...

Lot's of fun

Good app to mess around with your friends. Get it!


Great app. Do More


Go to my website.mikesmagictrunk


Haha I freaked out my friends they couldn't figure it out my dad couldn't either and he's really good at figuring stuff out I had to tell him but didn't tell my friends lol highly recommended 




This is a really great app but it's not worth $3.00! But I got it for free, it's really good!! And If you want to turn the card around, hold your device facing downwards for 2 seconds!


It would be a good game but the card doesn't flip!!!!!


This app works great but it is hard to flip over the card.