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Magic - Card

by Raymond

(95 user ratings)


Download size: 17.46MB
Version: 1.01
Released: 2011-02-24
For ages: 4+


Amazing magic app for all your parties! 4 to 5 stars rating on US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and Italy App Stores. This magic app has been downloaded more than 14,000 times in June worldwide by magicians. One of the best magic apps on the App Store. If you love our "Magic - Eye" and "Magic - Cup" tricks, you will be fascinated with this fun and entertaining trick.

The Effect
A member of the audience writes his favorite card from the poker deck on the back of your device. When you flip your device over, a card appears floating face down on the home screen. You remove the card magically from the screen with a flick of your finger, and with your device held in the audience's hand, it magically reappears on the screen showing the actual value of the card written by the audience! Your audience is now in awe!

The above is just one of the many possible presentations using this trick.

Reviewers' Comments
"This is so freakish! How did you do that??!" - Michelle Wong

"It's so simple to perform and yet I completely fooled my friends every time! Hee..hee!" - Kenny Lee

"Definitely one of the best magic tricks available on the App Store! Well done!" - Simon Williams

"I like its versatility which allows me to incorporate it into my other card magic routines. The custom message feature is definitely a valuable and fun option." - Joshua Brown

"Wouldn't be without it. Powerful effect, easy to use. Great finisher for an ambitious card routine." - Vige

"Great effect! I'm a professional magician and I use it at my regular gigs." - imagicman.com

Why Get Magic - Card?
- This original trick is relatively new so there is a huge element of surprise
- Be the star attraction at all the parties you are attending
- Have fun at holiday and birthday parties and on dates
- Use it as an ice breaker game at the bar or gatherings with friends and family
- Use it to entertain your kids
- Amaze and mystify your audience instantly
- Learn this amazing trick in 2 minutes with our video guide
- Any card in the poker deck can be made to appear magically on the screen
- Audience can call out any card, write on a paper or place their hands on the back of your device
- Can be incorporated into your existing card magic routines
- No forced card
- Customizable to your own style
- Display your personalized message at the end of the trick
- Designed using highly visual and intuitive graphical interface
- Optimised for iOS 4.0 and iOS 5.0 devices.
- Selected as the top 5 magic trick apps by AppFind

Magic - Card is the first app in our premium suite of cool street magic apps specially designed by The iPhone Magic Guy.

Try out our "Magic - Eye" app today as it has been updated to work on IOS 7 and IOS 8 devices. You will be blown away totally by "Magic - Eye" app I promise you.
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Customer Reviews
Hard to use

I could not access it easily because their three finger code that does not work

Does not work anymore???

Oops. Should have read the reviews. This app doesn't work. Blank screen here. Great disappearing act of my $3.99.

Magic-card trick app

This app does not work on the iPhone 6......u r wasting your money purchasing it.......the developer has not gotten their act together yet on updates to this app.......buy at your own risk.......Aka JoelDini

Not working

Need to fix this please. Won't let me do anything about this apps! I try first and its work then crash. I try to restart and try again. Not working! I want my money back 😠

No longer Works

Please note, there have been no reviews since 2011. Reason for this is many. One it doesn't even work on iOS eight. Nothing at all. How can the App Store sell this, if it doesn't work? In addition the base screenshot it uses, looks like it's iOS six. So it obviously does not look like your phone. The basic concept is fine, but in actuality, it just doesn't work.


The app is good but when I flip my iPod over, the card doesn't come up:( why?


Excellent app!! Great reactions from audiences


The possibilities are endless

Dose not work on iPad

I got this app on my iPad because it said that it was compatible on iPad. When I got it it has this fake home screen to perform the trick. The app thinks it is on a iPhone so the icons on the fake home screen a so big, so it's not very convincing.


Do not buy this for iPod touch its a waste of money I bought It and I wouldn't even appear a card when I flip it over I'm telling you don't buy this its a waste and I have an iPod touch


Would be awesom if it was compatable with ios 5

Pointless for iphone5

It would be totally a failure if I use my iPhone5 to play this trick. Get us an iPhone5 version please. Then I will change my rating cause it's ok.


Dumbest app ever. Complete waste of the 4 dollar over price


Excellent . Worth the Money

Worth it

It's not bad at all ;)



iPhone 5

App is really nice need two things. iPhone 5 support screen wise. And another things sometime card is not going out and stuck on screen.

Slick trick! But Improve graphics

I'm impressed with the trick. Would like to see card graphics improved to photo realistic similar to ellusionist app and theory 11. It will add more premium feel to app. Good trick nonetheless! Buy it!


Great trick! Works really well!

Card trick

Great effect

If you have ios 5 dont pay for this app.

Dont work in my itouch iOS 5. :(


This is the best magic app yet!!! Totally worth the money!!!! Everyone should get! Fun 4 every 1 MUST GET!!!!!!!

Fails with iOS 5

I first got this app with OS 4 and it worked great. I loved it! But with OS 5 the app opens and all the setting can be changed but the trick won't work at all. I love this app and I'm hoping for an update or fix soon. Please?!?



Wonderful app

It's definitely a part of my walkaround set. Well worth the money.


It would have been better if it cost less.


I think it's cool and all my friends hate me that I wont tell them how it works


Kinda a bit of a hassle but it isn't 

Fails on iOS 5.0.1

Fails to work on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1

It's COOL ! I am going to play it on my 44 year old son tomorrow. He is such a card shark !

my 44 year old son tomorrow. He is such a card shark !

Very fun app!

This trick has impressed everyone I've showed it to!

One of my favorite magic apps.

Love the simple, stealthy method. The phone can stay in the spectator's hands the whole time. Very versatile. Love it.


All I can say is ..... SWEET!!!!

Awesome app!

Great effect! I'm a professional magician and I use it at my regular gigs.

Really great app

This app gets 6/5 stars I highly recommend


Great app love it and works great

Great app...

Easy to figure out and had no problems using the settings to my liking. Can't wait to show my poker pals!

Love it

Love it


I LUV this ge it's really cool and entertaining! Though when I wanted a 2 it gave me a 5 that was prob my fault because I don't think it would change! But awesome!


There should be an update on this app because the FaceTime app looks silver now NOT GREEN!

Fun with magic

This app has the fun of magic for one and all

Pretty kool

This app is pretty cool


Astonishing app





아- 모르겠다--;;




Funny ^^*

So ... Good!!!!

Fun magic

Great fun for all really enjoy magic! EZ to perform.


love it clad love magic