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The future is upon us. People are doing things on their smartphone today, never dreamed about 20 years ago including designing and sharing those ideas with others. Enter the Project Viewer App from Wayne Smith. This app allows designers of products, clothes, or pretty much anything to have their product viewed by others in the industry as 3D models in augmented reality. Simply set up an account at www.projectviewer.app and you are all set. Project viewer has a tiered pricing system to suit everyone\'s needs even allowing you to rebrand the Project Viewer App with your company name. Both parties will need to download the free app in order to view and share their designs. Once your design is uploaded to the website, you get a personal QR code that you can send to anyone you wish to view the model. If you are involved in designing products, homes, devices, or anything you need to share with another party in an augmented reality environment, Project Viewer App and Project Viewer website has you covered. If this is what you do... it is well worth your time. Check it out.
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Project Viewer App

by Wayne Smith

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Download size: 75.67MB
Version: 1.0
Released: 2019-04-23
For ages: 4+


You can view and share your 3D models by uploading them to the projectviewer.app website. A unique QR Code is generated and available to download. The QR Code can be shared with all your customers.

• Upload your 3D models to the projectviewer.app website.
• In the website Dashboard,​ you can download the models unique QR Code.
• Share the QR Code with your clients and customers.
• Once the QR Code is scanned the 3D model is downloaded to the device.
• The mode can then be placed and viewed through the device.
• The model can be moved, rotated and if selected resized.
• The last downloaded model is automatically saved on the device

More details can be found on the website: projectviewer.app.
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