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Primos Hunting Calls: Speak the Language

by DataRiver LLC

(11 user ratings)


Download size: 13.45MB
Version: 2.0.0
Released: 2009-06-09
For ages: 4+


Over 20 FULLY INTERACTIVE calls have made this the BEST-SELLING HUNTING APP of all time! Use this app to improve your skills for bringing in turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and many more - using tried-and-true favorites like The Gobbler, "The Original Can®", Hoochie® Mama, and the Heart Breaker™. Hear the sounds that expert hunters Will and Jimmy Primos and the rest of the professionals at Primos Hunting Calls use as they strike, grunt, shake, and rattle in the big ones!

** Having Problems? **
We test this app thoroughly and it has been used hundreds of thousands of times without any issues -- but we want everyone to be happy. PLEASE email us at iphone.datariver@gmail.com with any problems, questions, or concerns.
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