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Primos Hunting Calls: Speak the Language

by DataRiver LLC

(10 user ratings)


Download size: 13.45MB
Version: 2.0.0
Released: 2009-06-09
For ages: 4+


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Customer Reviews
Does not work with Bluetooth!!!!

Nuff said, I am forced to give atleast a 1 star!


I think this is the best app you can get if you are calling I usually use the squirrel and coyote call and I've had a lot of good luck with both of them

Doesn't work with Bluetooth.

Clearly a problem with the Bluetooth. It will work with one speaker I have. But doesn't work with the other ones - including one I used it with before. I hope they get the bug fixed.

Do not buy

The elk selection stinks. I like the company's calls I have a few but I wanted to get better and the examples on this app stink. Buy ihunt. Primos guys make this app better or send me my 2 bucks back

My dog is even unexpressed...

1/2 of these sound like squeak toys this app is more for a laugh than anything that you could use I just wanted to use it to maybe attract crows for fun but there's only one crow call and that doesn't sound anything realistic I doubt it will work


Won't work with bluetooth speaker 👎

This is cool but not loud

Needs to be louder

Fantastic Update!

I have had this app since it came out and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially love the new SquirrelBuster call! Keep up the good work!

Great needed update

Great update, much easier to play the calls.




This is the last time I'm buying the app before looking at the reviews...


Don't buy this app. It is a $1.99 sales pitch that you / I bought. Of the calls it offers, it doesn't even sync to your bluetooth. If I were Primos, I would be mortified by this product.

Advertisement app

I got scammed on this app. You are buying an advertisement demo of Primos calls. I expected a better quality app. Look elsewhere.

Not good

Not at all useful in the field. There are only single sounds that you can play over and over, not a series of sounds in a recording. Not at all good for waterfoul.

Deer call lover

I love how you can control most of the calls that you use by hand but most important all of the calls sound realistic but I wish you could also control the the ones you blow into and please make an update get this app

Ten point

Big ten point come out on field 100yd up opened this app hit long can four times come in on a string well worth 2$

Not a scam

Not sure what people are talking about having to go to there site to buy the calls....I bought the app and can play all of them without bring redirected to another site.. All calls sound great!

App is bullcrap!

This app is absolutely worthless! DON'T BUY!!!!!

Don't buy!

It's an app to buy each call. Piece of crap! Do not buy!

Bluetooth only works for a couple minutes

Bluetooth only works for a couple minutes.

Needs more calls

It iS ok but I wasted my iTunes money on like fifteen calls needs more duck calls and predator call also more in specialty

Not worth the money

I have a lot of Primos product and love them. This is an app to sell physical calls and is NOT worth the money. Primos you should know better!

Called in turkeys for fun, fooled our guide on snow goose hunt!

Awesome call, if there was anything wrong with this app, I would be cool it it got louder... Worth every penny!!

Not worth it

They make you buy each call. Waste of money.

2 out of 5

Deer calls are ok but there's no duck calls. Don't waste your money. There's free apps with more calls

Don't buy.

This app should be free if the only point is to sell each call individually. I wouldn't have paid money if I knew every single call costs an individual price. Worthless.

Buck roar

On the buck roar you can hear people in the background


More duck calls


This app is awesome and I love it but it's getting old they need to add some more calls or at least the electronic calls!!!!

Waste of money if you want to learn how to use a call

Makes the sounds but doesn't demonstrate how to use a call

Waste of money

Thought this would be good for learning different calls. In reality, I paid two bucks for promos to try to sell me calls. App is pretty useless.

Needs Work

Needs more calls, not the best for hunting. Maybe for watching animals


I love this app!!! Sounds are very realistic..... Can't wait to take it to the woods!!

AWSOME !!!!!!!!

THis app is amazing good quality soundz i used the predator part of this app and called in 2 foxes and 1 bobcat AWSOME worth every cent very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Works 90% of time. Called in two nice bucks from 200 yds. Killed last one from 40 yds.


Works good if it actually plays has bugs that need fixed. If the next update comes out and it makes it so the volume on the app will actually work 100% of the time then maybe it will get a 5 and maybe I'll get my squirrels


I love this. I don't care what the haters think. It could use more calls. Jack rabbit, cotton tail, at least more on the predator calls. Thanks Primos!

This is a scam

Primos..... I'm very disappointed in you guys. I'll never support primos again. This app is not what you think its gonna be. DONT DLOAD IT !!!!!

Great app but needs more calls

This app is has very realistic sound effects but could use more calls. It could especially use a moose call.

Works for me

9 AM. No squirrels in my pouch after 2 hours of hunting. Used the squirrel call and brought out one squirrel. Used predator cat nip call and called out 2 more, shot one. Does not always work. Thought the sound could have been better on my iPhone but the critters don't seem to mind. No luck with deers, yet.


Worse app on my phone. You are buying an advertisement for game calls. Sound is poor. Does not work with bluetooth. Does not loop. Support would not return my email.


Don't buy. It's a scam that sends you to their online shopping website. Waste of $1.99

Best App ever thanks Primos for my 8 point this year!

Used the Buck Roar full call to grunt in an 8 point to 5 yards from my stand. Couldn't believe that it worked but it did and the proof will be mounted on my wall! Thanks Primos!

Scam. Don't buy this app.

As a long time fan/customer of primos, I would have to say I expected this to be a great, quality product. It's not. I can't believe that they would even sell this. What a scam. I'm so disappointed that I don't think I'll ever by a primos product again. This is NOT a game calling app!!! It is an online shopping/advertising ploy where if you like the 2 sec demo clip you can "BUY NOW" the actual product and they'll ship it to you. Yes please send that doe bleat to my deer stand. And charge me $1.99 extra instead of directing me to a store or your website. Way to go primos, you really out did yourself this time. Did I say SCAM? I want my money back or an update that's actually useful.


It actually worked! Can't believe a big buck fell for the rattling and the snort wheezes

good demo of primo calls, not a caller

Should be free since its just a sales tool for their own products

Deer call

Good novelty. Would not use in the woods. Buck calls have too much background noise. Doe bleats sound ok. They are using this more as a platform to sell actual calls. This should be a free app. Would not buy again.

Pretty decent

Used it deer hunting, but didn't really bring anything in. However, I'm pretty sure the horrible weather had a lot to do with that! My only complaint is please fix sound quality. On a couple of the deer calls you can hear background noise and people talking. Other than that, it's top notch!

Cool app.Worth buying.

Sick app. It can't get better than this. I used this to call in a gobbler and down he went. I mounted him and I thank Primos for there calls.


Bought this app opening day of deer season while in my stand. Had already seen 7 does. At 8:15 I used the original can to blow two bleats. Less than 5 minutes later a young buck crossed in a holler about 40 yards directly in front of my stand. Best $2 I've ever spent.