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Zombie Tower Shooting Defense

by Top Free Games

(55 user ratings)


Download size: 25.38MB
Version: 1.6.2
Released: 2012-02-23
For ages: 4+


Award wining simple strategy game. Build Towers to defend your castle from the zombies. This great hit is now FREE on the iPhone.

By the creators of #1 iPhone FREE APP Racing Penguin, rated 5 stars!

Simple and fun. Choose your towers and place them strategically on the zombies path. Make money by destroying zombies and build more towers! Don’t let your Castle off-guard, protect it from the zombie waves!


+ 12 exciting and challenging levels!
+ Unlock new towers as you improve!
+ 4 different types of towers and 8 power-ups!
+ Fight against 7 types of zombies!

Get it while it’s FREE!

Privacy Policy: http://www.topfreegames.com/privacy#third-party-advertising-and-analytics
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Customer Reviews

Sorry guys, but this game is boring.. I'm sure they worked hard to make the game, but i just have to say the truth. It's kinda boring and the graphics are not that good..

More levels please!!!!

I love this game! It's great for killing time and no money required. Very fun and good strategy needed. Please add more levels!!!! I will pay anything! Please add levels!


Not able to get very many levels accomplished. Too difficult too early..

Kind of low budget and store prices too high

Developers take note, selling unlocks to make the game more fun is lame and if you are going to be lame, don’t charge so much. You are not EA.

Love the paper graphics

Just downloaded it love it so far, more starting towers please!


Just as I wrote this game is stupidly hard. Enemies are extremely fast or have a ungodly amount of health. And there's zero walk throughs available to help you!

Qwerty I

Love it

Money grab

If you really want to win, you have to spend a lot of real money. Much better games available.

Great game!

Thanks for updating to support iOS11! Just beat all levels at 3 stars. I wish there were more levels. Was a bit challenging but very fun to figure out how to not lose a single life.

Needs an update!

Is not working with iOS 11... please update it so I can play!! The app will not even open!

Just good entertainment

Silly, fun, challenging...good puzzles.

A decent game

My four year old enjoys it. You get upgarades for giving it stars... I've only played it for a little while but it's fun so far.

Great game

It's an easy game to beat. Getting 3 stars was a little more challenging but totally doable without spending money. Pretty sure 9 is the hardest to 3 star.

Super fun!

Super fun

Great game awesome entertainment

Great game awesome entertainment for adults and children




Please update for IOS 11

Love it!!

Needs more levels!!! It's so addicting!!!




I like it




Very fun

Wow this is a great game

I love this game so much



Asked to review

Asked to review


The freeze tower doesn't work 100%. Too difficult in the earlier levels. Don't bother.



Great way to pass time

Great game. Simple and fun.

So so

Not impressed the five stars is just so I get an update


Needs some update on tower stats. Too weak can barely make it.


It's addicting. Easy to pick up.

Great game

I love this game but I wish it had more levels and stuff or a great thing would be a second game

Best game ever

This game is the best I've had it before and it is still fun


I absolutely love zombie tower it's soooo addicting

A Fun Time Passer

This game is a fun game if you have to pass time. It is like balloons Tower Defense but more medieval. I like this game a lot.



A lot of fun

A lot of fun


It's an awesome game to play I hade loads of fun playing it the only reason I gave it 4 stars bc it needs more levels lot more levels like 100 or more levels

Amazing game

Always having fun with this game

Great game

Challenging and fun, great way to pass the time.

Sons favorite

Simple and fun

Great Game Just...

There needs to more levels. When you finish there is nothing to do except do all the levels again. And then you delete the game. Sad... 🙁

Great game

Great game good graphics and lots of good levels and fun


It's a grate game





Too many ads

Too many ads no prices



Love it

I love it so much

Good game

Very entertaining, I love it