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Where's My Head?

by Top Free Games

(639 user ratings)


Download size: 48.66MB
Version: 4.8
Released: 2012-03-22
For ages: 4+


Slice the rope to solve the puzzles in this awesome physics based game. from the creators of #1 iPhone FREE APP Racing Penguin, rated 5 stars!


+simple control
+swipe and cut the rope
+realistic physics
+120 different puzzles
+amazing graphics

Privacy Policy: https://www.topfreegames.com/games/wheresmyhead/legal/privacy
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Customer Reviews
Used To Have This Game😂😂

It was a lot of fun,like if you were on a stuck level and you could have money to pay and play on,also my parents like gave me money to pay for all the games I had,it was fun being a child

Tu culito bonito


Make more levels!

I really enjoy this game! Please make more levels, it’s so awesome!!

I love this game but you should keep all of the old games

I love this game but you should keep al the old games

My opinion

Good game so far


I have this game but........... it is I little bit to hard for me. Can you pls make it easy pls.

Get Rid of Ads for Free!!

Even though I haven’t been playing this game for a very long time, I’ve noticed many big problems with the app. The ads have never been much of a problem, until I started playing on a different device. These incredibly dumb ads called “Kiip rewards” are the the ones that are really getting on my nerves. They just pop up randomly on the screen at whenever, EVEN during a level, and try to make you buy and app of some sort. So once I had just finished 120 WHOLE levels, and a “Kiip reward” appeared. I quickly x-ed out of it because I wasn’t interested, but then it appeared again. I x-ed out of that one too. Then it appeared, again. It kept appearing over and over again. I tried to restart the app, but even after I did that, it did it again. Then I just got tired of it and deleted the app completely, which made me have to start the game all the way from the the beginning. Until that bug gets fixed, this game is not one I would play on my free time.

Money baggers

Don’t know who the new game Publisher is but they are just a bit shy of dishonest. I played this game before this newest overhaul and enjoyed it. Now it’s pricey and annoying. Paid to have adds removed and am constantly bombarded by Kip coin adds, HBO adds and upgrade ads. This is why the “free game” movement is a gamers dream and a player’s nightmare.

Dumb game

I played like 10 rounds then it froze and never worked again it is so dumb I would give it a 0 star but I can at a minimum of 1 star. 😒

It's ok

Have you ever played cut the rope?


It is cool


I purchased Unlock All Levels and it is still pushing me to purchase more features. The only reason I paid for it was to avoid these unwanted offers.


This game is so fun and easy I love it

Hidden Jewel

To start off, I just love this app. The levels are challenging, and it’s very addicting. Very fun time killer. I wish a lot more people knew about this game!

Good game

Really cool and well made

It is fun


Great travel game

This is great for road trips. Very addicting and fun!

Love it

I love this game please make a more level Please

Great game, where's my head?!

Very creative and I like that there are more than 500+ levels, almost done with all of them.

Here's another ad...

Really fun game, good physics engine, IF you can play the game past the ads they shove down your throat.

Worst game ever

Horrible ads are every where


One star because this game is just a knockoff of cut the rope

Love the game hate the ads

This game is really fun bt hate all the ads that pop up constantly even while playing a level get rid of all the interrupting ads while playing levels and the game would be perfect bt until then game deleted


I don't like this game, because it doesn't stop sending a notification and it keep freezing. Every single time it freezes I need to go off the game, close it, go back on, find the level I'm holding at, start playing, and then it freezes again.

My head

It's really a good game to make our brains working better thank you all and hope keep creating games


The game is okay but the adds ruin it completely☹️😒😡😤😤😤😤😤😤💔

Big Disappointment!

I just downloaded this game. I played about 4 rounds when it just froze. No escaping it. I backed out and back in a few times and it was just frozen. Ads were very obnoxious and the opportunity to make in-app purchases (expensive by my standards) was everywhere. I'm very glad I declined the request to be sent notifications via email. Who knows what I would have received? Too bad this is so buggy, the few rounds I played were fun, the game was promising until it quit working. I removed it and am hoping I suffer no ill effects from the brief install.


Although this game was fun the one time I got to play, it gave me bad viruses and I had to get a new phone and the pop up ads are horrible. Definitely do NOT Get this game unless you know how to make it stop giving you viruses🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Fun game

This is a fun game, but hard to enjoy. WAY to many ads!!! I had to delete the game!




Very fun for the kids

Constant Ads

This game is cute and all, but it needs to chill with those ads. They're super annoying.

Great spin off from Cut the Rope!

This game give Cut the Rope a little bit of change of scenery. Basically the same idea but with different characters, I like it!

Whaler is my head

This game is so so so so awesome

Best game ever!

This is so cool you have to try to get to your body by blowing a fan or ghost it is so cooooool!!!

My head?

I love this game!!!😎



Get this if you love adds every five seconds

This game has too many ads and is super annoying.

Where's my head

Very fun!

Fun and hard

I love it the levels are fun and it can be hard at times but sure is fun!🤗

Very fun!

Great puzzle game!


Clever little puzzle game.


This game is just like cut the rope but it's free I love it 😍😘💋

my head

Love the game is fun and easy to play

Great game

My 5 year old loves this game and so do I.


Love it

Fun game.

Fun game.

Too many ads

It's cute, but the constant prompts for in app purchases is annoying.

Paid for "no ads" but there are still ads.

what a rip off. I want my money back. also, this game is way too easy. I'm almost done with the third star of levels and not ONE level has been challenging. not sure why this game is highly rated. it's quite a waste of time and they stole my money.