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Super KO Boxing 2

by Glu Games Inc.

(5,697 user ratings)


Download size: 99.9MB
Version: 1.6.0
Released: 2009-10-01
For ages: 12+



READY FOR AN OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN? As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out!

Go toe-to-toe against a cast of bone-crushing boxers with unique moves and personalities including 15 Cent, Shogun, and Ka-Rak Übones.

Use quick reflexes to dizzy opponents, throw powerful hooks, unleash flaming super punch combos, and land one-two lightning KO’s. To go the distance, you will need to watch out for opponent’s weaknesses and avoid their signature moves.

Box your way through 18 bouts across 3 circuits to become the Champion of the world!

Would you be able to defeat your opponent if you weren’t able to dodge and couldn’t get hit? Face this and 16 other unique challenges that test your skills.

Test your courage to see how many fights you can win without ever getting knocked down against increasingly tougher opponents.

Earn over 65 unique achievements to unlock concept art that includes character sketches, early concepts, and boxers that did not make it into the game

For devices with iOS 4.1 or higher, you can now earn your achievements within Game Center and share those with your friends.

Are you coming unstuck against some of the trickiest bone-crushing contenders in the game? Just purchase a dose of Roid Rage to turn into a monster fighter, with more powerful punches and become almost impossible to take down. Use your Roid Rage whenever you've exhausted your natural abilities to take down the toughest opponents!

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.
- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: www.Glu.com/privacy
- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

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Customer Reviews

Pls update this for Ios 11 i dont have any other devices to download this game again

This app needs and update!!!!

I usted to play this game a lot but now I can’t because of the new ios. Can you please update the game if possible thanks


Can the game be updated for the latest iOS please?

The best boxing game ever

It is very nice and hard;)

Update for AppleTV

Would be great on AppleTV!


I played the first round with an opponent named baby face which was the face of a toddler complete with pacifier and small arms. I know the creators were trying to be clever but this is the most DUSGUSTING concept, creating characters like that! Create ordinary people for christs sake!


I think we would all want a sick remake or new version of the Glu classics that we all love like this game, or GUN BROS!!! Gun Bros 3 could definitely make it on the front page of the App Store, Gun Bros 2 was my favorite game for at least a year.

Way better than 3 stars

This game is great, from the graphics to the difficulty, and people who say it is unbeatable are idiots. Someone gave it a one star because he said you had to use roids to beat the second opponent! Are you kiddin me!!!!! If you can't beat a guy, look up a strategy guide. Each person has a weakness you have to exploit

Amazing, challenging game

This game is absolutely phenomenal. The graphics are great and there is no lag. The difficultly builds up all the way to the end. It is a challenge to complete the game but it is possible even without roids.

Female avatar!

Add a usable hot babe to box! Then you'll get your 5th star!


Really fun. Oops sorry i didn't want to rate it 4 stars

great game

Needs update i love this game more fights and iphone 5 optimize

Why are people complaining about roids?

I haven't bought any, I haven't used any. The game isn't that hard, you just need to watch the telegraphs for your opponents attacks. Pretty solid game, waiting for S.K.O. Boxing 3.

Loved it

I enjoyed this game. I beat it in like 3 days without steroids so stop complaining this game is worth it.


Wish this game would get an update for iPhone 5 AND for retina!!! Another abandoned app that is a great game.

Three Words OMG

Ok this is probably one of the most addicting games I have ever Played, one thing though, you should be able to buy new gloves and other items using coins u can earn by Beating the game, winning challenges, and beating opponents in versus mode!

Worth it

Guys this is a great game. Totally worth it and have played long after I beat the game. And all those haters are wrong. Buy this game


Best game ever

Stupid game

U can't beat 15 cent. Not worth buying roids

Game Data Lost (Add Save Syncing)

Please, add game Sync capability to this game and its FREE version, also add Sync between FREE & Prior Paid versions for those who had upgraded to show you their support...


This is so good and a time killer. Beastly


It is fun because its challenging its better to not buy roids and find the weakness you get a free roid in the earn roid section just tap on it.


Game is fun, but everytime you loose it asks you of you want to buy more "roids" which costs $1.99 each time and helps you win.


Do it multiplayer please!!!!

Amazing game

This is a very catchy game that you cant stop playing! I recommend this game to anyone.


Im trying to defeat king tun but his health keep coming back. Plz somebody tell me a way to defeat him plz

Stunning Graphics, Hours of Fun

Animation and graphics are amazing - this belongs on an iPhone commercial. I don't understand those complaining about the difficulty. I, for one, have frequently complained about all the iPhone games that are easy and require no skill or strategy. This game makes you work and I appreciate the challenge of 100 hours of gameplay before I finally beat the game. The charecters rival the fun of Punchout. Yes, they are strereotypes, but in the same light-handed way as the old NES. One of the best iPhone games yet and an incredible value at $5.


I f ing love this game- why 3.5 stars?


Executioner can be lightning ko'd. Just use your lvl 3 super punch a few times on him without getting hit (unless you block it). Also, stop complaining about the roids. I had a fun an easy time beating it and only used one thing of roids for the second dynamo. --UPDATE-- I've beaten all the challenges, all three exhibition matches, got all of the achievements, and found all lightning KO's. Update! :(

Fun animation

But if you want to play it as a game then you'll get in to a rage mode and throw your device at the wall and chant a series of forsaken curses.


Good game

Great Game!

This game is awesome, reminds me of punch out back in the day, I hope for a third title someday, also it would be nice if you guys rereleased the first ko boxing. I had it for my old phone many years ago. Be nice to play an updated version for my iPhone now! None the less this is a great game and worth every penny, especially for those that liked the old NES punch out!

Simplemente demáciado bueno!!!

Yo y todos mis amigos en la segundaría tenemos este juego, nos encanta! E pasado mas de 24 horas de juego con este genial juego!! Glu, por favor mas de 25 personas que conozco suplican que desarrollen Super Ko Boxing 3!!!!! Y quien sabe cuantos mas! Gracias Glu por este genial juego!!! :) :) :D


Almost all other glu games are better this 1sucks I did something to get a r rage and I did t get it and bigger Gip is impossible for me I hate this game for those 2reasons


Got stuck near end


Don't waste your money!

Cool Game Like Punch-Out

I sort of like the game but it feels impossible without roids. And about the racism. Anyone here ever heard of punch out? You know those old famous games full of stereotypes? Don't complain unless you know your boxing games.

Only for bosses

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King tub

How the hell do u beat king tub? Can't knock him down his health just goes back up a little every time u punch him. Beat all the other guys like sake bomb and the chief and stuff. Stuck on king tub plz help.

Super Punch-out for I-Pod!!

This game exceeded my expectations; it was perhaps the best punch-out game I ever played and it was free! It is beatable without Roid rage and without strategy guide (I did this), and I think that it's difficulty is what made it so great. The other punch-outs were difficult as well; this is what makes games great in my opinion. It's something that will test your skill and give you a challenge and something you can boast about when you beat it. I hope they make a super ko boxing 3 and just as challenging!


Awesome game



Fun but I hate it

It's addictive but it's impossible from time to time



Fun game

Please update this game with Retina support thanks.

Great game.

I didnt need any guides to beat If you play this game hard enough, you dont need any roids to beat this game, even the final stages guy.


This game is great. Doesn't force you to buy anything so don't mislead people. It does get challenging but isn't that what a good game should do? Just learn your opponents patterns and thats it...I'm in the last circuit and didn't use roids once

Review skob2

Awesome game if u love punch out for nes this is a must

Not good

I suppose it's ok for free. I paid for it when it first came out and after the first couple of boxers, it's way too hard...and I refuse to pay more money to improve my boxers and make the game playable. Epic fail!