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Sudoku (Free)

by Mighty Mighty Good Games

(94 user ratings)


Download size: 20.61MB
Version: 2.0
Released: 2008-07-23
For ages: 4+


Top 100 free app for over a year.
Rated "Best Sudoku Game of the Year" by Apple.
Rated #9 Game of the Year by Apple.
Rated #24 App of the Year by Apple with over 10,000 apps competing!

With unique handcrafted puzzles across four different skill levels, Sudoku (Free) is a great introduction to the fun and puzzle solving challenge of Sudoku.


All options are on by default, but you can turn them off in the Options menu
• Show Incorrect :: Shows incorrect answers in red.
• Smart Buttons :: Disables the number button when that number is completed on the game board.
• Smart Notes :: Removes the number from the notes in the box, column, and row that contains the cell with your correct answer.


• Multiple color schemes
• Unique handcrafted puzzles
• Four different skill levels
• Challenge a friend
• ALL puzzles are solvable WITHOUT guessing
• 4 color schemes
• "ALL notes": tap the "All notes" button on to show all the possible answers for each square. Tap the "All notes" button off to remove the notes.
• Hints: shows the answer for the selected square or a random square when one is not selected
• Pause the game at any time and resume where you left off
• Best times, progress statistics, and much more

Do you want more? Try one of our other versions of sudoku which have all the same great features!
* Look for our paid edition of Sudoku with 800 puzzles and more unique color schemes.
* Or try Color Sudoku for a fun twist to solving sudoku puzzles.
* For advanced puzzle solving, try Expert Sudoku to challenge your sudoku solving skills.
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Customer Reviews
Love this app!

4 levels - from easy to expert. It keeps track of your best time, for each level, & your average time. Challenging to try to beat your best time. It has notes - to put in possible numbers. I can start a game, pause it, & return to it (resume) whenever I’m standing in line somewhere.

Still love

I've had this game for years. For a while I thought the expert boards were getting too easy but then I realized I hadn't done an update in quite a while. Now they're much harder and I'm in love with it all over again!

SED on the bestest Sudoku

This is the bestest, greatest game of Sudoku out on the market today

No Ads!

Great game, with a good number of puzzles to play for free without any ads! I’m going to buy it just because they didn’t annoy me with ads.

Works well

Great soduko game. No ads while playing

Love it

Helps my mind. :)

Awesome UI & multiple difficulty levels

Best free app!!!

Easy to play

Sudoku at its best. Levels go from easy to difficult, and placing notes is quite easy. This is a great game, and I haven't found any better.

Best free Sudoku game out there

One of my go to games when I'm traveling

Fun to play

Like the game. Quite entertaining. Easy to use app.

Love learning Sudoku this way

Great Free App! Husband does Sudoku, couldn't teach me, but this app is! Lots of fun.

Simple, straight forward

I'm happy with it.

notes are nice touch

fun and challenging at times, just sad about limited puzzles. but hey, great for a free app!

It's the best App I have ever used for this game!

I just wish it was available on my other devices!

Love this sudoku app

Everything about it works. User friendly, works great, fun. Love being able to choose the level of challenge each time.

Favorite pastime

Whenever I have to kill a bit of time, this game is always here for me.


I enjoy this app. Been happy with it for ten years. I use it on all my devices. Thanks MMGG!!!

My favorite Sudoku game

I've been playing this company's Sudoku for years. I find it easy to use. I did notice that the Easy games are harder than in the old version

I really enjoy this game.

I really enjoy this game.

Good sudoku app

Expert levels are better than all the other sudoku apps I've played.

Great free game

Helps to relax me !

Really fun & love to play!

Helps memory

Great for training

Recommended for beginners and for getting your brain kick start before tackling sudoku games designed for advanced players. Definitely 5 stars

Great app!

Very easy to use and has challenging levels!

Simple and easy to use

Other sudoku apps give away hints too much. This app keeps it pure and simple.

Keeps my mind sharp

I'm am older person who Is working hard to keep my mind sharp. I play this awesome game a lot. My goal is speed, so I keep trying to beat my lowest score at each level of the game. Very mentally stimulating.


I was looking for a basic, straightforward Sudoku game several years ago and this has definitely worked for me

Easy to use

I have used many SUDOKU apps for years. This one is very easy to use in terms of entering numbers and self-deleting notes in whose boxes the correct number has been entered. Great for me since I like to time my games.

Good App

I have always found this app to be reliable and to provide games which are consistent with the level of difficulty I choose. I definitely recommend it.

Best free Soduko App I've found

Four levels of difficulty, but only a limited number of puzzles. Some nice feature options: choice of color schemes, correct/incorrect indicator, and 'notes' which puts small numbers (for possibilities) on a 3x3 grid in each box which are then erased as each possibility is eliminated. Would like an 'automated entry' feature which would automatically enter the last remaining possibility in a box. What I mean is that 'notes', the possibilities you entered in each box, are reduced as they are eliminated by other boxes being solved, but when only one possibility remains you must manually enter it as your solution for that box. I want the option for the final possibility to enter itself, so that they would 'fly', reducing the tedium of the 'hunt and peck' of doing them one by one - after all you already went through that making the 'notes'.

Constant Ads

I hate seeing animated ads on the screen while playing. Deleted this app immediately due to this.

Easy level has now become difficult

With updates, the easy level became very difficult meaning when I'd like to play a quick game, used to take 3-4 min. (Nice while waiting in line somewhere), now takes up to 7 min - I thought it was me until two friends complained about the same thing w this same game. I'll be moving on to another one by a different company. (The 'resume' button isn't obvious either.)

Love it but needs updating

I love this app! Have had it a long time and play nearly every day - worked through expert and started over at easy. Unfortunately, I started getting warning messages awhile ago that this app was slowing my phone down - I didn't care. BUT now I got a message telling me the app will eventually not be supported and that I should notify the developer that it needs to be updated. Please update it!

Update needed.

Please update this app so it will continue to work with future versions of iOS.

Best Sudoku

No ads! Choose from three levels. Background is easy on the eyes. Notes are easy to use. Wrong answer shows in red. I can pause the game and return to it easily. Love it!

One of My Favorite Gaming Apps

That this app requires no Internet connectivity is great. The notes that disappear when the correct number is entered is super. It would be nice to have an undo/put-the-notes-back button in instances when an incorrect number is entered.


Best and most convenient options

Great app!

Love it!

Sudoku v1.10

Awesome app!!! It isn't broke so don't try to fix it!!! By peytonde August 7, 2015

Sure do like the app but . . .

Sudoku (Free) is great fun except . . . after 6 months use the app is only good for a couple of games before it immediately closes when opened. Mighty Mighty Good Games suggests to delete and reinstall in iTunes . . . but after following this procedure multiple times, the problem still persists. Sure do like the app but would not recommend free version or purchase of advanced version until MMGG can assure a fix. Pesky ads got to go.

Real Sudoku

Great game! I really enjoy playing! Fantastic!!!


this is the best sudoku app. the ability to put in notes as you go makes it easier to remember your choices. i have been using this app from the very beginning and also all of the others they make. their' are the best there is!!

It's a great App

Really it's fantastic. Congratulations

Favorite sudoku app

This is my go to sudoku app, and it's free! Thank you Mighty Mighty Good Games!

Sudoku (Mighty Mighty Good Games version)

I used this version for almost 8 years and wouldn't change. Tried others on other devices and always return to my version w/out hesitation!

Love this app

I have been playing this app for years. It is one of my favorites. Great every time.

Needs more puzzles

This is a great app but they really need more puzzles as options... I recognize all of the puzzles I come across now.

Thinking fun!

This game is fun, never had it crash. It is great if you want to pass the time and exercise your brain.

Still my go-to game

I'll put it down for a few months... but then when I pick it up again it's just as fun as it used to be. A reasonable level of challenge, and very easy to use. Good app.