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by Namco Networks America Inc. Games

(1,285 user ratings)


Download size: 99.14MB
Version: 6.6.3
Released: 2008-10-18
For ages: 4+


One of the most popular video games in arcade history!
2015 World Video Game Hall of Fame Inductee

Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning pesky ghosts and chompin’ on dots? Now you can have the same arcade excitement on your mobile devices!
Guide PAC-MAN through the mazes with easy swipe controls, a MFi controller, or kick it old school with the onscreen joystick!
Eat all of the dots to advance to the next stage. Go for high scores and higher levels! Gain an extra life at 10.000 points! Gobble Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily and eat them up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader of the ghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, or you will lose a life. It’s game over when you lose all your lives.

In addition to the pixel for pixel recreation of the classic original maze, the game is packed with new different mazes. Challenge your skill to beat them all! We are constantly updating the game with new maze packs that you can buy to complete your PAC-MAN collection.

Insider pro-tips and hints are being made available for the first time in-game! Use these to help you become a PAC-MAN champion!

• New tournaments
• New Visual Hints and Pro-tips
• New mazes for all new challenges
• Play an arcade perfect port of classic PAC-MAN
• Two different control modes
• Three game difficulties (including the original 1980 arcade game)
• Retina display support
• MFi controller support

Supports iOS 7.0 or later
iPhone ScreensiPhone ScreensiPhone ScreensiPhone ScreensiPhone Screens

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Customer Reviews
Great game!

This game is a wonderful game it has everything you need all the in app purchases are coins you win in the game the game has one in app purchase you can by more coins just like every other game! Love the game!!

Da BOM!!!!

This game is super fun… I can’t get enough of it I’ve always played it even as a little kid!!!! I like this music and the original one too… thx so much for this game!!!!

Sorry I missed the Sonic Event

Look, one time, PAC-MAN was in Sonic Dash for a limited time, but I never realized that Sonic was in PAC-MAN too. I missed out on the whole thing because I only knew that pac-Man and was in Sonic Dash and never realize that Sonic was in Pac-Man. I just won the event to last just one more week so I can play sonic in Pac-Man. If you don’t, don’t Worry, you’re safe. But please don’t call me PAC-MANiac.

Great game😄

It's a good game, but I wish more things were free.

Its fun

Its fun to play when you want something old school

Why I don’t like this game

The normal Pac-Man last longer and is easier to work

Do Not Download

This app charged me with out authorization. I would stay away from it.


It’s the worst game


The game makes it to hard to collect enough coins without spending money... smh

Stopped working after a few days.

Love this game but after about a week it stopped working. I had already paid for the game. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and wouldn’t work so I left it uninstalled for a couple weeks. Now I reinstalled again and it works fine but it’s saying I have to pay for it again! Isn’t it supposed to remember my previous purchase?


I LOVE this game. It looks like the traditional PAC - Man, and I also love how there are different modes!


I loved the classic game but now the game has changed so much that it feels like a peice of my childhood has been taken away.


My game just stop working & took my coins I brought *edit the problem has been fixed thanks

Very interesting.

It’s always fun to enjoy the different pathways. This game is amazing!!

Keeps me entertained

You will like it.

Asteroid level

Every time I beat the asteroid level, the game never gives me the five tokens and crown that I’m supposed to be rewarded for beating the level. It’s one of the most difficult levels (elite difficulty) yet every time I beat it the game does not give me my tokens and crown like when you beat any other maze.


I can remember going to the laundry place with my parents an they let me play PAC-Man while they work, but I would always either stop too soon or get scared to play because of those monsters coming after me lol 😂 the mazes are Confusing but I love it. Makes you wanna scream from a close call. I miss doing it on the box (don’t know how to call it) it seems easier than having to swipe it on the iPad cuz I don’t know if I’ll do it in time but other than that it feels Extremely good to play it again 💘

The old days

Just like the good old days even though I’m was born in2006


I love this game im going to play more and play more pac-man games I’ll always love it

Love the Game

Playing this game from my childhood and still the game is super cool.

Terrible controls

This adaptation of a game that traditionally relies on a joystick for game play does not work for me. If you use the “swipe”control interface, the controller is at the bottom of the screen. This is in the same area as the Control Center for iOS: swiping up to move in the game opens the Control Center repeatedly, interrupting game play. If you use the “virtual joystick,” the controller is awkward/has poor response and results in errors when directing the game/repeated death of your Pac Man character. Wish I could like this game, but the controls make it unplayable for me.


I only gave 3 stars off the strength it’s Pacman but tbh this app is trash. I recently switched from droid to iPhone but there’s no way to connect my google plus acct with over 100 coins to the iPhone so I started over. Then right as I start to build up coins n do well in the tournaments the app begins to glitch harder than ever not allowing me to play. I even deleted n reinstalled still says it can’t connect even though it greets me by my username. If it doesn’t start working soon, I will uninstall permanently, n perhaps play a better quality version

Won’t Play

Downloaded the app, went to play it and kept getting “Unexpected Error, Please Try Again Later.” Lame, completely unusable app. Deleted.

Won’t open!!!!!!

It loads but that’s it! Won’t open the game! Please fix!

Lost Coins

I just purchased 100 coins a few days ago and two days ago they all suddenly disappeared. Looks like I’m not the only one this has happened to. The app has also been running extremely slow. Very irritating since I love this game.

App doesn’t consistently load

The app is rather frustrating. Half the time it doesn’t load, even when I’m on WiFi. It just spins, and there are hardly ever updates for this app. Don’t waste your money, buying an extras within the app.

Server Issues

This is a great game with a few annoying issues. The biggest issues is connecting or syncing to the server. A lot of times when you start the game it just sits at the log in screen with a spinning circle. Also sometimes I complete a mission and don’t get credit for it.

Game no longer playable

Downloaded the game about 3 weeks ago. Worked great! And it was fun! But the game no longer loads properly. All my coins were lost, and I can no longer load the mission list or even Classic Mode. Best to avoid this one, I'm afraid.


If I could give zero stars I would, the app won’t load at all. Once I try opening it it’ll load for a second and then force close.

What happened???????? AGAIN???

The app completely freezes! And is unable to load, if it does load all my tokens are gone??? Please fix!!! Ok about 2 months ago the above happened, then it was fixed... but it took away the ability to get coins every 2 hours. Which was fine, that just means I had to buy or earn them by completing mazes or winning tournaments. But ... July 1st/2nd 2018, all my coins are gone again!! My place in current competitions is (sometimes there, sometimes it just says error) if I completed a challenge and earned a coin, it doesn’t let me accept the prize and it takes FOREVER TO LOAD!! What happened AGAIN!!

Game constantly hangs & can’t play if it does

For the last several days I have been unable to play the game due to (I am assuming) the server not responding. I get a “spinner” image where the text “Click here to play” should be. Initially the game worked well, but as time progressed, the game not responding or not being able to play it at all is a big issue.

Not great

Pacman isnt a great game.Sometimes game isnt loading and i cant play the game so i loose my daily token.

App Issues

I love this game but it suddenly stopped working and keeps giving me an error message: “unexpected error! Please try again later.” How do I fix this?!

What happened to my coins?

I bought 1000 coins on iTunes for $20... I had not than 600 left. Went to log in yesterday and I am back to 0... what happened?!

Love the game but has glitches.

I love this game but the app on my iPhone has glitches and I haven’t been able to play for 2 days now. Please fix the app.

Game won’t load

When I try to open this app it doesn’t even load it’s say unexpected error

Can’t play on it

For some reason I can’t play on pac-man it keeps on saying there is an error

The app needs repair.

Please fix it. It's not my phone, I killed the app and rebooted the phone. It's stuck. Please release an update ASAP

Was a great game, but...

I have always loved playing this game, from the time I had it on Atari when I was younger, to having it on my Kindle, To now having it on my iPad. However, there are some major issues going on with this game. I have recently lost about 85 tokens I had left from a recent in-app purchase. I have tried restoring my purchases, but nothing happens. I have tried restarting my iPad, and that doesn’t work. I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and still nothing. All of my crowns for completing mazes are still there, but not the tokens I have purchased or earned. And when I complete a challenge or a maze, it says I have earned tokens, but the token counter still reads zero. I recently let the ghosts eat me, so I could try the resurrect feature, which would normally cost tokens, and it said an unexpected error occurred. What gives?

Waste of time

I paid for premium. Everything was fine until a couple of months ago. After I earn several coins it resets back to zero without me even spending any. It shows that I have completed mazes but it doesn’t give me coins and it doesn’t give me my crown. Just too many issues to even list within the last couple months.

Lost Coins

Today I lost my coins after grinding and working so hard to earn them. i had 19 coins and I was saving them up until I had 32 coins. It’s sad how they can just take away your coins like that after being a loyal customer. If you’re looking at this PLEASE stay away from this game.


I’m literally addicted to this game, but it glitches a lot so that suddenly all my coins will be gone, or I don’t win any coins for beating a maze, or the tournaments won’t open. Please fix ittttt ❤️

Can’t purchase

I love this game but it won’t let me purchase all levels for 4.99, keep getting error. I got the latest version from App Store please advise


Once you finally get all the info done it just says pac man needs to update its mazes

Game stopped working

Game has been down all day. I keep getting various error messages when I try to play. I’ve tried to troubleshoot on my own to no avail. I contact customer service and no reply.

Love the game ❤️

Loveeeee the game ❤️

Great game but...

I love this game it’s challenging and a bit addicting but lately it’s been giving me a error pop up and I can’t play it.. it says unexpected error please try again!! It’s been doing that for the past few days.. I deleted the game nd downloaded it again and still nothing! Very frustrating and disappointing!!!

App doesn’t work

Downloaded the app and it won’t let me go past the agreement. After troubleshooting multiple times, it doesn’t work. So disappointed.

Plz Help

I have played this game before on another phone(and it’s great!), but now I get an “unexpected error” every time I try to play. This never happened on the the old app. Please help!

Love it!

Game provides a great challenge. It’s the best PAC MAN game I’ve played by far... THANK YOU! 😁