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Monkey Flight

by Donut Games

(48 user ratings)


Download size: 9.83MB
Version: 1.61
Released: 2009-04-22
For ages: 4+


Launching JABBERING MONKEYS from a palm tree has never been this fun... and harmless!

Use your catapulting skills to become the KING OF THE JUNGLE, but watch out for dirty mud pools and ouchy rocks, or you might end up as the troop's back scratcher or tree shaker.

This is JUNGLE CATAPULTING at its best!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


- Featured by Apple, May 2009
- #1 Download in 21 countries, Jan 2010
- Top 100 Paid Games in 4 countries, Feb 2010


- THREE Game Modes:
- 1) Classic Pack
- 2) Jungle Fever (NEW)
- 3) Arcade Mode
- Extremely simple controls
- Achievements to collect
- Lifesavers to help you pass levels if you get stuck
- Donut Games' famous 3-star system: Increased REPLAY VALUE
- Collectors Icon #03
- And much more...


- Game Center support
- Widescreen support
- Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Flexible palm trees, flying monkeys, calypso music and baby elephants. What more could you possibly ask for?"

Enjoy another Donut Games release!
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Customer Reviews
Never boring

5 devices, 10 years later and I still play it every other day

You Stupid People

You people won’t let me complete lv10

Monkey flight

I’ve had this game for years now, and I still have a flipping great time playing it today. Download the game and find out for yourself.


Used to love playing this game in high school. My girlfriend at the time made fun of me for playing it so much. We dated for about 6 years, but Monkey Flight is the only thing that stayed true through thick and thin.

Will always have it

I've had this app for about 10 years and install it on every device I have and I plan to continue doing just that.

Super funny

Excelent when bored or just to have fun! This is gonna be a classic, for sure!

Best for years!

This has been my go-to favorite App Store game since my very first apple device, an iPod touch 2nd gen in 2010. 7 years later and it's still number one. Please don't ever stop making games!

A healthy distraction

This is one of my favorite games. Especially when I have only 30 seconds to burn. It's simple and a good distraction.

Best game

I've been installing this game on every phone I've had since 2007. That should say something. It's simple, addictive, and fun as hell.


Simple enough concept, but great for staying entertained when you have a few extra minutes. Puts a smile on my face...

Monkey jump monkey fart



Super addictive can't stop playing this game

It's just sooooooooooooooooo good

This is a great I like how they made the monkey animation

The best one!

I like this game, it's so easy and funny!


My 4 yr Old loves it!

So much FUN!

So many challenges! Lots of fun & great graphics!!! Go Monkeys!!!

One of my favorite games!!

Addicting :)


This game is the best downloadit and don't delete

Great game

It's fun to spend a few hours watching this monkey fly accross the different stages that were created for this game

Great game

Love it!

Great game!

Been playing for 3 years. Love it.


I'm literally obsessed it's so fun and incredible

Awsome time killer

Very fun game, no hiccups since I downloaded over 2 years ago.

Cool game

Arcade quality

Broken on ios8

Trying to use on iphone6 with iOS 8 and this game will not work. The app resizes too big and buttons are completely unresponsive.

Awesome Game

This game is so much fun and addicting I love it!!

Monkey Flight is my life

This game is the greatest game to ever come in the App Store ever. I wish I could give it 28284858393 stars but the limit is only 5. This game is so good, that sometimes I pretend to be the monkey, I jump off stuff and grab fruit and fart. Sadly the farts in real life don't work as well as in the game and I broke my leg. But I still play this game forever, and worship it with all my heart. All hail monkey! All hail monkey! ALL HAIL MONKEY!



Great :)

Most fun, most addicting game ever!



Great Game

Refreshing and addicting

Good game

Good game


It is fun

Still a great game

I first got this app back when the iPhone 3GS was the latest iPhone out. Life happened and I stopped playing. I now have an iPad and I decided to download it. I am hooked on it once again. It's a great game. Keep up the good work with your apps you guys!


You don't really do anything in the game it's really boring don't get it

Flying Monkey

Adorable, Fun, Entertaining, Fruity.... LOVE IT!!!!


This game is great!! :-)

Best game.

Best game to pass time. Love it.


Love the game it's fun and addictive!!


This is a very fun game to play especially when you're bored, and the new levels are even better!!!


Great game

Monkey business

This game is so much fun I recommened u get this game it is sooooo much fun and also download any other games by donut they r truly entertaining

Easy yet challenging !

Very addictive fun light game to play when I want to relax well made game


It's ok but I finished all the levels and when u finish all the levels there is nothing to do and sometimes it will start it over u should never do that😁😢

Monkey Biz

Awesome game!!!


Grand I like this game!

Really fun

I like this game but it can make me frustrated and it's not my favorite

Cool game

Goofy and fun.

Great game can be frustrating

In the sense of just barely missing a goal. A game that requires some skill with luck.