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Highway Rider

by Battery Acid Games

(2,366 user ratings)


Download size: 161.93MB
Version: 2.0.2
Released: 2012-05-09
For ages: 12+


Highway Rider is a free and exciting motorcycle racer that lets you dodge traffic with blazing fast speed and zoom down a busy highway, passing by cars and semis, and building up your points to become the best there is!

Escape the flashing blue lights of the police by speeding through traffic barriers and narrowly avoiding collisions. Collect tons of unlockable racers, share photos and videos of your collisions with other racers, and customize your bike in this high speed motorcycle action game.


Extreme Racing
> Dart and dodge traffic while trying to get the high score with close calls between cars and trucks!
> Use boosts to go faster and increase your scores on 4 different highways.
> Customize Your Bike
> Customize your motorcycle and give your racers their own unique style!
> Unlock all 10 characters with their own motorcycles and outfits!

Real-time Multiplayer Races
> Battle other racers in head-to-head racing games and other multiplayer games.
> Share your spectacular crashes and wipeouts with all of your friends!
> Complete online racing challenges and unlock achievements!

Fugitive Mode
> Outrun the cops and break through police barricades in this furious game of cat and mouse!

Speed junkies, slap on your motorcycle helmets and experience some high-octane racing! Zoom down the open roads and try not to crash! Highway Rider is the ultimate racing game for any motorcycle fan!

Comment below your feature requests and favorite features! We will continue to update the app with more content and features.
Follow us at @batteryacidapps or the creator at @derekarndt
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Customer Reviews

I think that this game can tone down the blood it is discusticing Otherwise 💖😁

Could be better

Graphics and more characters

Highway rider

Great game....do like the realism...this one should be a hit....good job!


I have been playing this for a day and this is a game where you can get crashed into a lot. I give it five stars because it is a great game but it doesn’t make you wanna be excited. There’s a lot of cool features and costumes and styles for the bike and stuff like that it’s just a game that you can crash into cars and trucks.

Used to be fun but ruined by ads

Update: Sept 2018 The number of ads was reduced for a while, but now there is an add for every new round. I’ve moved this back to a two star app. Apart from that, the main problem is that, like many games, it forces you to start at the beginning after each run even though you have easily mastered the early stages. Fixing that limitation and the constant ads would make it a five star app. The nitrous boost seems counterproductive. Going faster will reduce your odds of success. Not sure why they added it.

Awesome. Future Updates?

I love this game. So fun and addicting. I really like that it tells you what bones you broke and the estimated medical cost. That’s a really neat feature, but I would love if you added more like maybe hands, ribs, or feet bones. Definitely ribs. I would love, and this is a must have, a coastline map choice. Like riding alongside the beach and boardwalk on your left and then small beach houses on the right. Maybe an out west American map. Also hills or curves would be a cool obstacle. I’d like if there were AI motorcycles to vs or just if they were obstacles in game. But besides these future updates, hopefully soon, I love the game.

High way rider

High way rider is awesome.

Cool but....

Instead of just riding in one venue you should be able to if drive long and far enough go into one of the other locations in the game because it gets boring playing in the same venue Please try

Terrible, don't get it

The game's graphics are nothing like the images. Theres an ad That plays after every time you crash your motorcycle. To get rid of this, you have to pay. I decided to pay, but I did not get my caps or my ads removed. I have played this game a while ago, and I couldn't restore my purchases (I had ALL of the content in the game) This game is nothing but a greedy cashgrab and a waste of space on your phone Don't get it at all.

Best game no cap

I’ve been playing this since I was 11 and it is stil the best game of al timE no cap Ez best fam of 2020

So rad

It’s like I’m the driver and the cops are coming at me there’s so cool bikes plz plz plz download!

I love this game

I like this because it works out your arms and also I love motorcycles

Pay not to see adds please

Not bad app, run out of challenges quick.


This is an awesome

I love this game but it won’t let me do multiplayer with my friend

It is fun but the multiplayer won’t let me play it i tried it needs a update to that but it is the best game I have so read it is so fun

Mute button please.

Needs a “Mute” button.


Hate tilt games. 30 second commercial instantly. Gone.

Make blood darker, add blood on players body where they injured



Love it!


It kinda sucks😩🤦🏾‍♀️But w.e I just deleted it’s trash and doesn’t really work on!!


I like to listen to music while I play but there’s no option to turn off sounds 😡

Amazing App

I love playing this app I am obsessed with this game

Needs bigger variety of vehicles

Great game but I gotta say that it can use improvement on more vehicles.

I love it, but

I love this game so much I recently downloaded it, but I’ve been playing it forever. But I hate that it has so many ads,it never used to have ads.

I’ve noticed a glitch

I love this game it is very fun but I noticed when I play ad Brad and I crash his neck becomes very long


A 30+ sec commercial after every ride, stay away.


Pretty good game! Would like to see the graphics become a little better. But overall it's fun.

Man I used to play this I remember this!

Well back then I used to play one of those cool mortar cycles Games and then this game finally came up to me I used to have These really cool characters and yea that’s all I got


Absolutely great game, and actually a little scary being a motorcycle rider my self Better to go nuts on your roads than mine though!!


It is an awesome game but the tilting needs a little work. To make it better because sometimes when I need to turn it sometimes won’t tilt and then I crash

Awesome game

I really like the game but I wish that the first like seven levels areA little harder even the ones on the little A little harder even though I am only at seven but I really like the game it’s the best Motorcycle racing game ever had on my tablet I really like the game and give it five stars

Medical bill

Graphics are cool such as the game. What’s the purpose for the medical bill expenses? I’m assuming for fun? Right!!!


Add more gore

I love it so fun totally should install...

So I am a girl, my brother had this on his phone. I asked him what it was.And he said “you won’t like it“ He was right I don’t like it I love it. This game is awesome. I hate on most games you have to swipe to move but I love on this game you get to tilt you divice to move. This game is super addicting and entertaining I rate 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. LOVE IT


Fun game

Amazing game some bugs

Overall great 👍 game

Great game but needs fixing

This is a great game but if you wanna play multiplayer and click random player it takes super long to find someone.

About the game

It’s a great game. Be careful and control the motor. This game has several fans. You must be very fast.

Fun and funny

Easy fun both single or multiplayer.

I love it!

When I was little I always played this game and today i still do.

Great game!

I play this game often and absolutely love it! The graphics aren’t great but the gameplay is phenomenal! It’s very funny and good on road trips.

Highway Rider

From someone who has never ridden a motor cycle, it is great fun. Mainly when you die, and I die often enough, you get to get up and ride again. You should develop an off road ride too. Look forward to it.

Sad but good

This was the only good memory of me and my father spending time together after he passed this game is old


It is so funny because every time you crash it would say something


I love the game, the graphics are stunning, and I LOVE the Scorpion guy, the engine noice is stunning, especially when you get into maybe 80-200 mph zone, it’s very nice sounding, I’ve had this game forever and have always loved it. Amazing!

Great game!! But.....

When I downloaded this app it was fine. The next day I went on my phone to check out the game, when I pushed on the app it froze. I tried to delete it because I thought that the game wasn’t working, so I deleted it. Later that day I was going to download it again, but it said that I have the app already so I checked and I still had it on my phone. It took a year for it to delete I’m sorry but I give this game 1 star.

Highway Rider

I love this game it is amazing and violent 😈😈😈😈☠️☠️☠️☠️💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

The best app

Best game ever played

I will give 5 star if you bring back bone fracture

Why is there no bone fracture / crash mode in this game anymore😑