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Flow Free: Bridges

by Big Duck Games LLC

(223 user ratings)


Download size: 25.1MB
Version: 3.0
Released: 2012-11-08
For ages: 4+


From the makers of the #1 hit app Flow Free®, comes a fun and challenging new twist: Bridges!

If you like Flow Free, you'll love Flow Free: Bridges®!

Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors and cover the entire board. Use the new Bridges to cross two pipes and solve each puzzle!

Free play through hundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trial mode. Gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play is up to you. So, give Flow Free: Bridges a try, and experience "mind like water"!

*** Flow Free: Bridges features ***

* Content
- Over 2,500 levels available in Free Play mode, and new Daily Puzzles every day!
- 10 different board sizes
- Starter, Challenge, Bonus, Classic, Mania, and Jumbo level packs
- Bridges!

* Challenge
- Game Center achievements as you solve levels and complete packs
- Track your completion of each level in Free Play mode
- Strive for accuracy in Free Play using the fewest, most efficient moves
- Strive for speed in Time Trial for the most and fastest solves
- 20 scored Time Trial variants to choose from by board size and duration

* Look & Feel
- Smooth, polished touch interaction
- Colorful UI
- Fun sound effects
- Clean vector graphics and animations
- Labels available for color impaired players

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Customer Reviews

I💕this game

Free Flow

It’s a fun game. I enjoy playing.

Great Game

I love this game.I have been playing this game in my childhood it’s truly amazing!

Keep it flowing!

I started playing this game a couple of years back when my daughters were playing. I love playing this game. It also relaxes me when I’m stressed or anxious. I just replayed all levels and completed them perfectly. Though I like the daily games, they are nowhere near as challenging. I wish there was not such a long wait in between the release of new levels. It’s great that they keep coming up with a variety of challenges.

Great game

Another great game. This Bridge version is a little tougher than the original or hexes, though still fun. Save the Warped version for last of all the games.

Great game for your brain

Love this app

Great Game!

Great game! Hate the ads

It is okay.

It is okay I guess.

Great app!

This is an amazing app! It is so challenging! My friends take my phone from me to start playing this app! Thanks to them, I unlocked the challenge pack! Though, the daily puzzles are sometimes SUPER hard. I rated this app 5 stars because I really love this app!

Free Flow

All of these games are great. They stimulate the mind and provide great enjoyment. I recommend them for all ages. Pat Cox

Another great Flow

I’ve been playing the Flow varieties for a while, and this one continues the tradition of visual appeal and natural interaction but with even greater challenges. Many of the play patterns continue over, but now there are new solution patterns that must be puzzled and learned. When I got to the variety pack and saw the even crazier patterns now possible, I had to get over and rate it. Totally a great game!

Ads in paid version

Why are there now a button to play an ad at the top of the game screen when I paid for a full unlock? This is insulting, especially when paying for the game promises to remove ads.

Looks fun

Looks fun I haven’t tried it but it looks great I hope

Flow, Bridges, Hexes, Warps

Love the improved Undo! Also, thanks for the occasional new free packs. New daily puzzles every day keep these games my favorites.

Fun challenging but more stuff

Need more stuff


The app keeps giving an ad, then freezing when I exit it. I have to completely restart the app to keep playing


This app is lots of fun!

More Flow Fun

Just as fun as all the other Flow games. Engaging and challenging levels.


A fun, addicting game. The puzzles are more challenging than the orignal Flow Free. And there are hundreds of free levels to play. Perfect for anyone who enjoys solving challening logic puzzles. I highly recommend it.

Flow free

I've been using I for some time. Enjoyed it at first, and enjoying it , as each new game is added You don't have to hurry, you can take your time. I love it

It’s so good

I love this game it’s a classic and so addicting

Conceptis is the best

All games it has are the best


This app ranges from easy to mind bending. It helps keep you creative, and imaginative. Always look for different solutions to a problem

Fun and good brain exercise

I enjoyed playing each game through all the levels to perfect games. It became clear that my brain started viewing the boards differently after I had played for a few days, and had learned how to look for the “channels”. Very interesting.

Great game

Best flow game that has ever came out!

A good game

Flow bridges has some good Benifites like it can relive stress. It can be fun to play, but what I think would make it better was if there were smaller circles the WHOLE time! It also has some bad things like it is addicting which is bad for your brain to look at a screen that long. Also sometimes it is just plain out boring so you need to make it more fun. So do all those things and take my advice and you will have a great game that is so fun but not to addicting!

major need

one false touch move on the iPad, and all of your pipes get removed, you're back to zero/start. imagine the annoyance if you've done 30 moves on a 12x12.... 😳 and if you dont have time to finish a game... and you go off doing some other padWork, when you return, you are likely at the home page. your last open game/page/moves hav been cleared. 😕 they really need to fix this. like some way to save a game for pick-up later? --bigMax


I love this game. It’s clean, simple, easy to learn, and fun. All what a perfect game should have. Now I’m not complaining, but I wish that bridges or hexagon was one game. I don’t want to have a million flow games. I do recommend this game. When I finish a stressful game, or has a rough day, I go and play my it. It’s an offline game so it’s really enjoyable to play anywhere!


I love the flow games but I have to enter the App Store to open it. And I can’t delete it to fix this. I don’t know how to fix it.


These are a nice change from the regular puzzles.

Offensive ads, from fraud scams to outright extortion

It’s bad enough that you have to pay to get rid of the incessant, redundant, insulting ads you’re bombarded with in between games, but now there are highly offensive political ads? I stopped attending NFL games because of this nonsense. After what we went through in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, these constant ads for casino games are actually traumatizing. You can’t get away from it unless you pay to do so — then you learn that your payment to get rid of the ads is only temporary, that you have to keep on paying for something you never wanted in the first place. In the real world, this is called EXTORTION. This is the basis of a complaint I filed with the federal government against the app developer, and it has gotten traction (I’ve been asked to provide examples and sent over 70 screenshots to investigators). Buyer beware: many things advertised in these ads are scams. I told a friend about the drone advertised for $100 between Flow games: it turned out to be a tiny little drone that costs $18.95 at most toy stores. Most of the non-game ads turn out to be scams sold to us by companies who take your money and run.

Great Concept

I remember playing the original Flow Free over three years ago and loving it. Then, I had one wish- that there was some way for the paths to literally cross. The makers of this app clearly read my mind. XD 5 stars.


Awesome. Not a challenging as Warps but Bridges will still make you think! Looks can be deceptive. Excellent graphics but the color contrast needs work!


It glitches too much, yet fun to play

Finished and am replaying

Having finished every level of Flow Bridges I’ve decided to write a review. I’m currently replaying it all from the beginning. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I had to play every level until I got a perfect score for each. This game has a lot of content for a free game. That being said, I loved it enough to buy all additional levels. It’s well worth the tiny price. The app frequently updates, often with new levels. It also has several daily levels. It is an especially great game for relaxing or playing while engaging in other activities. The higher levels are much more difficult without being impossible so if you find the initial stuff way too easy then just skip ahead. I find that this game is also great for calming down if you’re angry or upset, too.

The best game to play when you bored.

This game is one of my favorite games! Sometimes I get stressed when I can’t solve a puzzle, but other than that this game is great!



Great app but full of bugs...

I love this game but the app is full of bugs! It stalls mid game and I have to close it and then reopen it again. Is there a fix for this? Also why so many more ads?? Very annoying!

Really fun, just one issue

Great game, but I've been having a lot of trouble lately with the game crashing. It's super fun and I really love the puzzles. It's been hard to play for the past month or so because the game keeps freezing and crashing.

Addicting game. Help!

I adore this game and it is worthy of 5 stars. It is challenging and addicting. I am approaching a 500 day streak that is under threat because the game suddenly began crashing when I try to play. What's going on!?

Good concept. Horrible app

I like the game but the app keeps crashing every time an add pop ups. It gets super annoying after a while. Will delete this game until they fix it

Fun, fun and challenging!

I have played regular Flow Free for years now and have enjoyed it. Decided I need a bit more for a challenge and downloaded the Bridges version and am very happy with it. It makes me think! Especially when there are more than 1 bridge to figure in.

Very fun game

This is a great game. It mentally works your brain and makes me happy at the same time!


I love flow free. I have all four versions, regular and bridges (of course) and hexes and warps. It's fun to try new things, and flow free is fun too. That is, once you get past the really challenging stage.



It's amazing

I hate it

Flow Free Bridges

Lotsa fun and the higher you get the more you have to think.

Quick solver

I love this game and I have been in love with puzzles ever since I was a toddler. I am a quick solver but that doesn't mean I want even more challenging levels. I'm happy with the levels the have. Bridges is so calming and relaxing to do when u r bored or u have a lot of free time on ur hands. I'm rating this game 5 stars although, I would like to not have so many 'adidas 360 ad

I Love Flow Games

Another solid game in the series of flow free. Hexes is my favorite, but this game is still far superior to all other developers/games.