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Deal or No Deal

by iwin, Inc.

(204 user ratings)


Download size: 103.15MB
Version: 3.71
Released: 2012-12-18
For ages: 12+


Try your luck in finding the $1,000,000 briefcase in the only officially licensed app based on the hit TV game show! You'll need nerves of steel and a little good fortune to beat the Banker. No trivia, no stunts. Just one question: Deal or No Deal? Do you have what it takes to make the right deal or will you be left with nothing? Test your skills now.

With nearly 4 MILLION downloads…hear what our players have to say about Deal or No Deal!

*****by Grams8
“Game is just like the TV game. Makes me just as nervous playing this game as it did when I watched it on tv. Love it!”

*****by Lee Lee C09
“FACT: This game is AWESOME!! Totally freaks me out every time I play and I love it!!!!”

*****by Deedle03
“Very addictive game and fun to play. My kids also love it.”

*****by Pink0413
“I think this game is by far the best game I have every played on a phone.”

We'd like to thank all of our players for helping Deal or No Deal hit the top charts:

#1 game in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Greece, and six other countries.

#2 in the United States, Canada, and Egypt!
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Customer Reviews
To many adds

To many adds!!!

Is it a nice game ?

No this is not a good game there are always adds you have to pay 💰 for everything Sometimes it takes your money 💵 without asking you You should not purchase this app

It's not working

It's not working on my phone

Great game!

This game is soooo much fun!! I play it all the time and it is so realistic it’s crazy! The cases are definitely different every game and it’s a great game to download if your bored and wanna test your luck! My only issue is that sometimes it freezes and won’t let me play if I’m not on WiFi but that only happed once. I would definitely recommend this game!

Good but odd. 😔😔

So the game is awesome but it has a Facebook thing to sign up for offers on the game like free coins and such. I went to that offer and I clicked it and it asked me to set it up. So I did but when it was loading it completely crashed and froze my game. Big loss. So if u love face book boys and girls I say be warned it crashes 😖😖😖😖.

Deal or no deal

Love the GSN show so I was excited when I found it its just like the show!

Game crash’s too much . I have to reload it after every 2 games

Needs work

Deal no deal

Purchased the app but the ads remained. Very annoying and untruthful representation of the purchase. Disappointed in the product and Apple’s willingness to back the vendor.

Doesn’t work

I installed this on my iPhone 7 and every time I go to launch it I just get a black screen and nothing happens! My phone is up to date so I’m not sure what the issue is. It’s a bummer though...this looks like a fun game!

Doesn’t work

Every time I try to play the game it crashes

Good game

Love it

Deal or no deal review

I can’t get on it but when I do it sends me back to my home screen

This app freezes right when you open it

I’ve only gotten to play it once. Every time I open it, it freezes after I hit play.

Love it!

Super addictive, I love it, just like the real show. I do wish though that the models dresses changed, and they look like the models on the real show. Otherwise this game is fantastic, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves deal or no deal. 👍🏻

Constant ads

Can’t even get the game to start anymore Because of the ads

Does not work

No matter what I did this app would not open. I have all the current updates for my phone so it is not me, it is the app.


I love deal or no deal but it keeps freezing up. Please fix.

Literally won’t open

I’ve uninstalled and redownloaded 3 times and it still won’t open

Fix your stuff

You guys are killing me with these adds!🙄

Can’t even play

So I love this show but when I hit connect to Facebook it just freezes ever time and I tried to delete and reinstall twice and it still froze


Awesome game and habit forming


The game won’t even let me open it without crashing. Please somebody fix the problem so I can at least try to play the game one time

Fun to not as fun.

It use to be fun but Now I gotta say it’s kind of boring now. Not to be rude I wish u can add more updates. I use to love it but there’s just like no UPDATES. Which makes me sad if you add a new update where u have more modes and stuff like mode 1: Bankers Mode where you see the person not the banker choosing cases. You can switch the cases try to make them get bad ones. Then when you choose a case you have a high chance to have chosen the bad one.

The Bomb!

So love this game!!! It makes me really focus and think! Love it!!!


Cant even play the game! When i open it all i get is ad after ad and some sort of slot machine

I love this game when it works

You guys rock! Honestly, the game was giving me problems in the beginning. But now it works great and I love it. Thanks

What the heck Deal or no Deal

is this a for real joke rn? bc im just trying to play a fun game to calm my neeves and...O M G. you pull this kind of stunt? are. you. serious. there is an add every .633838437 seconds. im not having it. if you want a consistent game i do not reccomend this one. i didnt even get to pick my boxxxxx. very disappointed. not happy. upset. crying. not ok. i am 32 year old and im just trying to get my shmoney. so pls. help. donate. fix the app. ANYYYTHINGGG. AHHH. PLS


I like the game, it’s entertaining, I even paid for it but I stopped playing like 2 days and when I went back all my money has had been lost my account was at $0 and I had just won the million. I am very upset about that, I want an explanation and to get back the money I earned!! 😡😡😡

Game will not open

Can not play game as it will not open on my phone and I tried to find a link to email the developer and there isn’t one so I have to rate it 0 stars.

Terrible # of ads.

Twenty minutes later to start the game, ad after ad after ad after ad to start a game that really is random luck. They should rename this find the X to close the ad or not.

Does not work

Every time I try to open the app, it crashes and returns back to my home screen. Thankfully, the app was free, so I didn’t lose any money.


I like the game deal or no deal itself but let us play the rest of it out if we say deal and let us choose different modes like the 3 million and million dollar mission

It’s really fun but... the adds

Omg I love love love this game it’s a lot of fun don’t get me wrong but the amount off adds is a little much although a 💗 love love love the app

Horridly Buggy!

The game would be fun if it didn’t freeze when loading. When it finally loads after usually several tries it can be enjoyable. Sometimes freezes during play.

Hate this game

Full of ads

Deal or no deal something is very wrong when I try to log in to my Facebook account the game shuts

Down I always have to down load over


Could play first day that I installed, and was really fun. But starting the second day, the game crashes upon trying to open. Can’t play anymore. Using on iPhone 7 Plus

Advertising app

To much advertisement


Game freezes from the start. Losses sound sometimes after an ad. Stops working after an ad. Many things wrong with this app!


I paid $2.99 and the app crashes before it opens!

Game quits on startup

Once you click on the app, it immediately crashes on iPhone 7 plus


This game is just like the show. Love playing!

Can’t play after update

The game was working just fine before this recent update or should I say downgrade!


Really fun game. I get really into it & it’s addictive!

Where's Howie?

This game is fun, but it'd be more fun if Howie Mandel was the host. Howie makes everything better.

Good but...

There is only 2 game modes so it can get pretty boring and the banker offers way too low of prices


So I got in the game,first it wouldn’t e get let me get in it.The game crashed. Don’t waste your time

Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t open

Won’t open

Every time I try to open this game it goes immediately back to home.

They made me do this

The game constant ask you to rate the game. Let the people write a review when they feel like it