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by MADFINGER Games, a.s.

(5,146 user ratings)


Download size: 287.4MB
Version: 1.9.0
Released: 2012-06-28
For ages: 17+


HOT NEWS: Hey Guys, if you like Dead Trigger, don't forget to check out its sequel DEAD TRIGGER 2 then! We are sure you will love it too! It's out NOW. ;-)

App Store - Best of 2012, Apple's Hall Of Fame, Unity 2012 Awards, more than 26 million downloads !!!

⋆ Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions
⋆ Explore 10 unique environments
⋆ Survival mode - Defeat never-ending waves of Zombies in 4 Survival Arenas
⋆ Level up your character and enjoy more than 40 hours of gameplay
⋆ Relax in Casino and earn more Money or Items

Get the best out of your device

⋆ Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects
⋆ Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented level of detail
⋆ High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack
⋆ Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture
⋆ Intuitive controls
⋆ Spectacular ragdoll effects

Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways:

⋆ Blast 'em out of existence with lethal weapons
⋆ Blow them up with powerful explosives
⋆ Chop off their limbs and let them die slowly
⋆ Shoot away their heads
⋆ Evolving zombie AI will keep you entertained
⋆ Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions

Load your gun and save the Earth!

⋆ Equip yourself with 21 different weapons - Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, Minigun or even more brutal weapons as Chainsaw, Brain-Mill and more
⋆ Utilise 17 powerful gadgets including a Laser Cutter, Revive Kit, Slow Time, Head-Flator X1, Plasma Turret...and all kinds of boosters, baits, explosives and more
⋆ Unlock 13 character upgrades like Radar or Autoheal...

New online service from MADFINGER Games

⋆ Receive free updates with new missions, weapons, gadgets, characters and more
⋆ Backup your progress on Cloud
⋆ Add your friends and more

We are happy to share more with you and hear your thoughts! Please follow us at:
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Customer Reviews



This game is honestly my favorite game on mobile but due to me updating to iOS 11, the game no longer runs and it really bums me out. Please update this, thanks.

Fax dis game fye

The only game I like i.e. to play

Please update the app to work on iOS 11

I really love this game more then s2

Update to iOS 11

App need to be updated & it’s not letting me download it

Please update

I really love this game but i cant play it anymore can you update it to work with IOS 11

This gaMe needs to be updated or make dead trigger2 have an offline mode

I play dead trigger 1 because it’s playable offline dead trigger 2 is not so please update so your fans can play the game you guys also need to update this game


pleeeease update it to work for newer iOS software i miss playing this :(

What A Game!!

Like I remember playing this game for the years I could, it was a blast killing zombies, finding weapons and upgrading amazing gear!!! I really wish it could get an update to work and maybe some new graphic improvements for IOS 11 it would be much appreciated.


Please update this to IOS 11 I love this game

A request

Can you update it to work for iOS 11? I want to play this game, I know there is dead trigger 2; but I want to play this one. Please

Good enough

The game is pretty good. I'm playing this so i have some story for Dead Trigger 2. Though, its not perfect. Its good enough for someone who likes to shoot zombies like me. Maybe i will update my review if possible in the future once i finished playing the campaign.


When I updated my iPhone cause it said you need to update your phone to iOS 11 and I did and when I was done I went into the App Store and I press on the app in the App Store it did not let me press the re download button and it said up top you need to update your iPhone to iOS 11 so there is something wrong without it..

Plz update for iOS 11

It good game plz update

Update Please !!!

Update it for iOS 11!!!


Update don’t work

I love dead trigger best zombie game ever made!

I love this game it has better ragdools then dead trigger and the gun I love in this game is one of the shotguns

iOS 11 update please!!

I’ve actively played this game since I had an iPod Touch 2G. I love this game so much and have sunk countless hours into playing (finally have just about every gun at max level =^_^=). This game is basically the equivalent of Doom on the PC for me. “How well can it run Dead Trigger?” Is a question that’s always relevant when getting a new iDevice. I was sadly greeted with the ‘Not Compatible With iOS 11’ message when trying to download the game on my iPhone SE running iOS 11.2.1 and was disappointed at the least. Please Madfinger please bring back compatibility to one of the best iPhone games on the market.

Needs update

This game needs updated so it will run on ios 11


I love this game it is awesome fun and i love the game


This game doesn’t seem to work.. it says it needs to update to the latest iOS 11.0 for things to work again.. is this true?


When are you gonna upgrade to support iOS 11?

No puedo instalarlo

El iOS de mi cel no puede descargarlo y se que es un juego increíble por favor hagan algo para que pueda jugarlo por favor

Update to iOS 11

Please update this so I can play... Please update k? Thanks ;) Hello

Support for All future IOS updates please!

Dead trigger has been one of the games I that hold dear to my heart. Ever since I started to become a mobile gamer, I came across to Dead Trigger as one of my go to games whenever I have free time all the time. Now I’m sad to see it “go” because of how it does not have supper for iOS 11 or any other future iOS updates. Dead Trigger 2 is cool and I still do play it, but it requires some sort of internet connection in order to play the game while the first Dead Trigger does not and that’s what makes it special. I’m not asking much, not for more content nor for improvements! (unless bug or software problem related) So please developers make this game relevant again, I want to be able to play the game that made me in love with all of your works in the first place. Thanks…

iOS version error

Great game but not availalble in lates iOS, please fix and update

Please update it!

I loved playing this game sooo much, I know there’s a sequel but I’m a huge fan of the original. Please update it to work with iOS 11. Thank you!

Please Update to IOS11

I did put a lot of works in this game. It was one of my favorite also. Please update the new version for this game.


Read title

ios 11 update

Come on ios 1q update please!!!


Why won't you update this so I can play it😫😩🙄🙄🤷‍♀️😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭

We know



You need to update your game so that I can play it. It won’t let me play the game because it says it need an update to IOS 11 when you do update it I will give a higher rating


Please update Dead Trigger? I miss playing this game! Please update it to the latest IOS?

Cant play on iPhone 7

I love this game but i have an iPhone 7 and cant play because its not compatible with the software. Serious bummer.

Good game

I love this game but can’t play it on new iOS update and I don’t like dead trigger 2

Please read

Please update this games es very funny I missed PLEASE UPDATE


Dev needs to update the game to work on iOS 11 and up ASAP can’t play till dev updates this


Please update for iOS 11

Needs update but it’s an amazing game

They current game doesn’t run for people who have iOS 11 and I wish I would have never updated if it wouldn’t let me play dead trigger, plz update for iOS 11. I really wanna play

Update it to iOS 11

You need to update the game to iOS 11 so I could play again please.

Great game

But update it please!!! I like this version way better then dead trigger 2

Great game, download for lots of fun

I first started playing this game when it came out, uninstalled it to free up space after two years, and saw it on the AppStore. I said "hey, I remember this game! It is so much fun! The only remotely bad part is how far away the zombies can hit you from. I really enjoy the TapJoy thing you can do to get gold because it gives players like me who don't have money to spend on games a way to get premium currency fast! I completed an offer in 90 seconds, reopened the app, and got 320 gold! Also, I am very happy that you can play offline. A lot of games need connection and I am on an iPod without cellular. Thank you for making a fun game to pass the time when I am bored. Keep up the good work!!!😃




Yasss get the dang gameeee

Plz update plZ

i love this game, all im asking for is the game to be updated to work for the ios 11

IOS 11

Please fix for IOS 11! I’ll rate 5 stars when I can play it again.


I love this game but it needs to be updated to IOS 11!!!!!! If I could give this game 100/10, I would in a heartbeat. Please please please update it!! It’s remarkably better than the second edition.... Bring Dead Trigger back! Update it to work with ios11!

iOS 11

Is their going to be a update. I still enjoy playing

Update please!

This app won’t work on iOS 11. Please update, thanks!