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DEAD TRIGGER: Survival Shooter

by MADFINGER Games, a.s.

(2,641 user ratings)


Download size: 427.39MB
Version: 2.0.0
Released: 2012-06-28
For ages: 17+


Get ready for Non-Stop Action in this Award Winning Shooter Game:
App Store - Best of the Year
Apple's Hall Of Fame
Unity Awards
Over 60 Million downloads

Gear up for some extreme zombie slaying!
- Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies
- Secure vital supplies
- Save other survivors
- Protect the Safe Haven
- Explore the city
- Uncover the shocking truth in this intense FPS action game!

Wipe out the horde in a variety of imaginative ways
- Blast 'em out of existence with a lethal arsenal of weapons
- Put them out of their misery with powerful explosives
- Dispatch of the zombie horde with countless creative ways
- Evolving zombie AI will keep you on your toes

Load your gun and shoot ‘em up
- Equip yourself with beautifully realistic weapons - Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, or a Minigun
- Get stuck in with brutal melee weapons like the Chainsaw, Brain Mill and more
- Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, blade chopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar and more
- Unlock 13 character upgrades like Radar and Autoheal

New online service from MADFINGER Games
- Receive free updates with new missions, weapons, gadgets, characters and more
- Back up your progress on the Cloud
- Add your friends and more

HOT NEWS: If you love Dead Trigger, don’t forget to check out the sequel, DEAD TRIGGER 2! We’re sure you’ll give it two severed thumbs up. It’s out NOW.

We are happy to share more with you and hear your thoughts! Please follow us at:
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Customer Reviews
Best zombie shooter for low storage

Amazing graphics and amazing visuals this is simply a masterpiece.

Most Likely A Very Great And Awesome Game And Better

So Yeah It Is A Great Game It Takes Less Mb Than The Second Game It Takes More Time To Download It Almost Takes 1.5 Gb To Take And You Have To Do A Lot In The Game So This Is Better. So Thanks MadFinger Games And Also Make A Dead Trigger 3 To Play And Make Thank You.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for releasing the update for this game because I’ve been wishing for a long time that I would be able to play this game again! You guys are probably done working on this game since you have Unkilled and Dead Trigger 2 but it would be really amazing if you added more weapons and maps to this game! Thank you so much again!!

Returning Player

As soon as I saw the notice your guys Dead Trigger was iOS.11 compatible, I downloaded it in a heartbeat. Such a great zombie fps. It still to this day outdates most of its competitors in terms of fleshed out graphics, and mechanics imo. There’s just one problem though. Being an old player, I noticed right away that you guys removed the power up known as “Head Flator”. Please, if you can, re-implement the Head Flator. It made the game that much more enjoyable. Especially late game where there’s few things to do aside from arena to see how long you can last. It just made killing zombies hilarious. Thanks MF for bringing us back Dead Trigger. More guns would be awesome too :)

Fun game

This is SO much fun it entertains me for HOURS




fun game for free


Add like an Arena where at least 4 player to survive and if one of them goes down do a revive thing or wait till they spawn new round dat would be cool ik this game old and ur probably not ganna read it but am an of so pls and thxs if ur reading this

Dylan Masters this is a great game



There’s a few glitches, most notably is that the crossbow doesn’t perform correctly sometimes. When shot it does not damage any of the enemies or impact them in any way. The app also crashes quite often just after completing a mission which seems to deny any progress I was supposed to have made for completing it.

This game is so awsome

This game is like OMG i like to fight zombies an waves too! I really like this game buying stuff and i love how they run too. I really like how they run. And fight. And THE PROBLEM IS THAT THERES A BIG ZOMBIE ITS SO AMAZING DEAD TRIGGER IS A GOOD GAME FOR THIS GAME I LIKE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH THANK YOU. And i havent saw who made this game BUT THIS GAME IS SO COOL. WHO EVER CREATED THIS GAME IS SO AWSOME!

Give me my reward

I completed the thing but didn’t get my 800 something gold please give it to me or tell me how to get my gold

Great graphics!

I love this game I know is old but I still love it I have over million of cash and gold at rank50 all guns unlocked max rank !

Awesome game, especially for free

I was casually looking for another first person shooter game aside from Call of Duty: Zombies. I stumbled upon this game and thought it looked pretty good for being free. It is a pretty awesome game comparable to COD. They have a lot of weapons to select from, ways to upgrade existing weapons, and there are different types of zombies with unique characteristics. It is a lot of fun. I probably would've still given it five stars even if it was five bucks :-) SIDE NOTE REGARDING UPDATE: Hey! What’s with tripling the price for the M4 and doubling the price on the grenade launcher?! I’ve been saving up for those items for years! It’s not like it’s real money, but I have to still work for it. Maybe it’s a ploy to buy more gold for the game using real cash? I don’t know... I’m not happy about that though 🤨 Also the crossbow occasionally becomes completely useless and the bolts will pass through the zombies without having any effect.

Best Zombie game ever

Best zombie game ever, 2 doesn’t compare to this master piece. Call it a diamond in the rough

Plays well but constant crashes

Looks beautiful, immersive gameplay but it crashes repeatedly, which ruins the fun. Need to be fixed.


Great 1st person shooter.

Can we choose the full graphics?

In Android all mobile devices can play in ultra graphics and here in iOS can’t, that’s really unfair cause iOS devices r moree powerful, please fix that

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for updating this game!!!


This game is finally back up I had to play dead trigger 2 which it was good to BEST ZOMBIE GAME EVEER 💀☠️🧟‍♂️


Whoops I forgot to mention MORE STORY MODE


It’s fun

Dead trigger 1 crash

I being playing this game for long time and yesterday I play the game on my iPhone se ios 11.4.1 version and when i eat the level the game crash so fast i was like whatttt really so is a bug in the game


Crashes sometimes but very fun addictive game

Very good but

It’s my favorite zombie game on mobile but the guns are really expensive and it’s really hard to earn money, I thought we be getting money for each zombie we kill but it’s not and it’s really hard to get new guns due to how expensive they are. I hope you reply


I love this game but it has one problem that is that how hard it is to get gold and the guns that need gold are to expensive lower the prices on the gold guns but after that this game is AWESOME keep up the good work. Barrbutt

Thank you MadFinger games

Thank you for updating this game it’s been a while

Dead trigger is back

I didn’t know this brought back and update to iOS 11. Still the best game I ever played. Thank you MADFINGER games

Thanks for making OG Dead Trigger available for iOS 11

There’s not much to say but thanks! Was searching through the store a month ago to download but couldn’t. Big thanks to the developers for making it available again

The best

Super good

Love it, but...

This game is fabulous. Best on the App Store. The only thing I could ask is for the in app purchases to actually work. I just bought the $10.00 gold bundle, but didn’t get the gold. Other than that, it’s fabulous.

This is the Greatest First Person Shooter!

I've been around the gaming world since 1968... The sound is broken fix it please. Thanks



Bug fix please

The gun p90 you cant zoom aim with it (iron sight)

aim button issue.

After upgrading the P90 to level 4, the aim button(only p90) does not work. Please can you fix it?

احلى لعبة

احلا لعبة كافي انها قديمة بس راح تظل احلى لعبة

Still better than Dead Trigger 2

Came back to play again after 4 years of not playing it, bad side, u can't restore your purchases unless u create Dead Dead Trigger account so I just signed in and everything was restored.

Buen juego

Prueba el Juego

Please update compatiblety for ios11

Please I love this game I lost it because it doesn't work with ios11 Update after response:This game is more amazing then it was when I was a lil kid glad that it's on iOS 11 good job maddinger games and the everyone at dead trigger! 👌

finally an update

how to remove the head flator effect in this new update

It was time

Thank you very much MGF


Finally ive been waiting for them to put part one on the ios👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Big Head mode stuck

Can't turn off big head mode after update

2018 update crashes on boot

Game crashes before the splash screens even display.

Great. 🔥

Graphics are amazing. 👌🏼


Muy buen juego, buenos graficos y excelente jugabilidad

Cool game

I really like this game!! I usually delete zombie games right away bc the motion of walking around makes me feel motion sick; however being able to switch to Left Hand mode helps!!!! Keep up great work!!!

Best game EVER !!!!

It’s a fun and addicting game to play ! Realistic graphics ! I love this game😍😍😍

Update to iOS 11

Please update this so I can play... Please update k? Thanks ;) FINALLY!! Thank you for dinner praying the game. Been wanting this since it’s my fav game of all time (on mobile).