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Crush the Castle

by Armor Games Inc

(21 user ratings)


Download size: 42.65MB
Version: 1.7.2
Released: 2009-09-18
For ages: 12+


When it comes to ruling a kingdom, you can sway people with kind words and generous deeds, or you can flatten them with a massive trebuchet. Just tap to launch your projectile of choice and aim for glory... or in this case, shattering intricately balanced castles and flattening their armies and royalty. With over 100 levels (plus a level editor), skins to unlock, ranks to attain, and ammo ranging from the humble bolder to the devastating black hole, Crush the Castle is tons of medieval castle crushing fun.

Let the Crushing Begin!
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Customer Reviews
It’s been a long time

I’m glad to see this still being a top chart game i played this about 6 years ago on my iPod 2 and i can tell that the developers changed a lot sense the last time I played it is really nice to see one of my childhood favorite games hasn’t died yet

Nostalgia sort of

Played this game a lot as a younger me and got reminded of it when I was told angry birds is a rip off of crush the castle the memories of playing this game came right back to me


This game is dopeeeee. You should add more levels though. I’m a returning customer since the beginning, but I downloaded the game again yesterday and I just now beat. It’s definitely challenging though.


This game is unplayable. It really sticks. I can’t believe I downloaded it.


I played this when I was young and now that it is improved its even better👍🏻


I paid a dollar for a horrible rip off of angry birds?!?? Want my money back!

Love it

I remember playing this when I was younger, our teachers used to yell at us all the time, can’t believe this found its way onto IOS. Would love for it to have more levels and a new continent!!

Still fun, but the challenges still need work.

For "Playing Fair", one must use only weapons unlocked in the area you're crushing. Trouble is, these challenges came out long after I finished the game, so I don't recall which weapons came from where. Please, highlight the projectiles which are valid for the "Playing Fair" in each stage. If not that, at least give us a list. Thanks.


Ok for some reason I just thought about the first game I played which was this game so I went to see if they still have it which it is here and after 5 years, they just now came out with a new update!?! This is some demented crap I have no clue why I just thought about it and you guys update it

How do you change weapons in builder?

I don't see any way to change the weapon set in the builder mode. I've defeated all levels with a gold medal and unlocked all but one ranks And the builder mode's buttons are too small, so is the "reset" button at lower left, it's extremely hard to press it. Also, the second background choice in builder is not properly done. Might wanna fix it When testing the built stage, "Ranks" button does not work. If you manage to eliminate every object in builder mode, the whole screen gets greyed out

Fun action, hilarious sounds

The campy sounds and graphics have a real sense of humor, the firing mechanic is fun, there are lots of levels to unlock, and eventually you earn cool stuff like explosive bombs and homing crow swarms. My only critiques: a mix of really easy and really hard levels. Not a big deal though. Since this has to be compared to Angry Birds (which I also love): the two-tap trebuchet firing mechanic is more fun to me than the AB slingshot, giving this game a very distinct feel. Also, this game came first! As far as I can tell it's the first of the "Angry Birds" genre. Great to see new updates and new content added to such a classic.

Updated Review: Characters Were Too Small

The latest update fixed a problem where game objects and characters were too small. Back to being one of the greatest games in the App Store!

PLEASE developers!!!

I'd pay $10 (or more), for a new continent. Or an entirely new game, like a CtC 2 for IOS. Come on and think about it. Also, please feel free to add a little comedy too, some more Easter eggs perhaps. Maybe mimes or livestock could be an artilliray? I dont know. I'm just so hungry for more of this game. The recent upgrade was ok, but it really only reignited my hunger for MUCH MORE!!!! Please!!!!

New achievements don't save without Game Center

I previously reviewed the game indicating that achievements don't save after you close the app. Turns out this was because I wasn't logged into Game Center. So if you're noticing that your achievements get cleared out every time you launch the game, try logging in to Game Center first. You should get a popup when you launch the game showing that Game Center has been activated, and another popup when you earn an achievement.

Love it

I have cleared and replayed this game I don't know how many times now. It's a simple but very fun and gratifying game. No online nonsense with more purchases or Facebook connections. Just a simple clean and fun game.

New update fail I phone 7

The new update seemed great. Easier to see and new features. However the information does not stay saved in the ranking system. So all your progress goes away each time you open it. Frustrating. The game itself is fun!


Just remembered this childhood game so I thought I'd see if it was on the App Store. Does not disappoint my memories. Also, I'm surprised I remembered this game just 2 days after it got updated for the first time in 6 year Update for developers: there is a bug that makes the progress I've done for the rank system reset every time I close off the app

Too hard to progress

You shouldn't be limited to a certain number of shots makes me not want to play not the game I remember 😔

Crushes expectations!

And also lots of castles.

Punishes older players

The new rank system requires the player to throw a single small rock at a solid metal structure. As the player progresses, less effective weapons (single small rock, etc) are replaced by others. This makes the achievement impossible.

It's been years

Do you think you guys could update it. It would bring back my childhood. I know it would be hard but it's worth a shot

Primary school memories brought back to life!

This was the best game when I was in primary school. I remember breaking into the computer lab just to play this game after hacking the computer system so that it would take away the blocking mechanism to the website and just playing this game for hours, while skipping class. It had the best graphics back then for the time we came out and the graphics today or even better if not the same it's still an amazing game I will play this game over and over because the quality fun you have from playing Angry Birds you get to experience in this mid evil version of Angry Birds not to mention Angry Birds was based off of this game just saying people


So very boring. Graphics are primitive. Angry birds is free.

Need more levels

Fun but short. Please add new levels.

I paid for a demo

The game was fun, but before I knew it the game was completed. Very disappointed. I thought there would be more to this game. I feel like I paid for a demo. Not a full game😠. Please could you add more to this game? It needs more challenges. I completed the game in less than a day. Most of the games I own take more time than this to finish. Please fix! Thank you.

This game is still in progress

Cool game, but it gives you no option to zoom out to see where you're shooting. It would help if you could see the path of your projectile, like real life, instead of mindlessly watching it fly through the sky. Other than that it's a pretty cool game, but the developers still have a little bit of work cut out for them if they want 5 stars.


Why don't they update this game? It was just abandon all of a sudden sadly. This will probably be the last review ever on this OG iPhone game.

👌🏼Love It, BUT...

But, I already finished 3 continents all with gold medal except 1 bloody level 😕😑😠 Also need mooore continents!!

Worst $0.99 I ever spent

Graphics were terrible and the physics were off by a lot and I was expecting way better. I would rather Angry Birds.


Flying boulders can't break thin wooden walls apparently. Why were the physics of this game downgraded?

Pixelated mess

Low resolution. Camera is off in a bad way. Sloppy waste of $1.

The first review in 3 years!

I have always thought this game was way more fun than angry birds. I like the physics of this game better.

Absolute trash

This game is the absolute worst game that has ever come to the app store. Half of these bases arent even able to get bronze stars and are LITERALLY impossible... I truely don't undersand peoples thought process behind making a base that is that frustrating. Only thing I did on this game was get frustrated. Worthless game.

iPhone 6+ user

This game is a lot of fun and works well with my phone. No problems at all to report. I had this on my pc in 2010 and this version actually seems to work better. Definitely worth a buck! I'm pretty sure this game started the whole Angry Birds saga.

Scrolling the map is necessary

It would be nice if we could scroll the playfield to see where the targets are instead of firing blindly. Do you honestly expect Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers or Navy SEALs to fire without doing recon on the enemy? If you say yes, I hope you enjoy a .50 shell in the forehead.

Great Game

I like smashing things and slaughtering video game people bwahahaha this is awesome xD

CtC review

I've always loved the game and still do, just please optimize for Iphone 5!

Good game

Good game. I think that this is a great update

Nice little game

Everything about it is very nice, especially that there's quite a few levels that required some strategies. Just hope there would be more levels coming! Thanks!


A fun challenging game that I recommend for everybody

It was fun!

It needs better ammo and more levels i finished the game in a week! I loved it but what now?

Great game

Great game but the format of the restart option should be redesigned. And (spoiler) when you get a gold medal in every level, the ammunition you unlock isn't too great. It should be really OP (since you already have gold in every castle) like on the online version of CTC. It's more fun that way. But great game anyway

Great game

It needs optimized for the 5s tho.. Then I would give it 5 stars :)

Update much?

Needs an update

New version a flop

This game was a favorite of mine, but the last "upgrade" ruined much of the fun. In the older versions, you could keep enjoying the game even after making it through both islands, because you then could use any ammo on any castle. That meant you could just experiment and have fun with endless possibilities. Why they destroyed that feature in the new version is beyond me. Wish I could "downgrade" to the old version so that the app would still be worth having.

Needs Newest iOS Software

This is a very good game. I first got it when I had my iPod 4th gen. It was fun but it started to bore me so I deleted it. Now I have an iPhone 5c and I re-downloaded it but it is only for iOS 5 or 6 and doesn't fit my screen. That's my only complaint. Other than that it's an awesome game!

Update please

It's still in the old inch screen view. This is a great game and I love it because it's just like angry birds


It's a fun game mostly but make the reset button a little bigger.. It's in the corner of the screen by itself and is ridiculously small and hard to hit.. A very annoying design flaw

Finally can buy it!

This was my favorite pc game before i met minecraft .now that i have money to buy ctc iphone version its kind of better than pocket edition mc, 5 stars for my old fave :)

iPhone 5S

This is great game and I've always had this on every device but can you please create a version that supports the iPhone 5 size screen.