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Cat Physics

by Donut Games

(364 user ratings)


Download size: 14.12MB
Version: 1.26.1
Released: 2010-05-26
For ages: 4+


What are cats up to at dawn, when nobody's around?

Sneaking around the back alleys? Probably!
Going through garbage cans? Not likely!
Playing ball games? Most certainly!

Join the cats in their favorite midnight ball game: CAT PHYSICS!

The objective is simple -- Pass the ball from one cat to another!

Sound too simple?
Oh, wait... did we mention flip boards, glass windows, trap doors and other obstacles?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


- "Highly Recommended" -- TouchArcade
- "App Store Game Of The Week" -- GamePro
- "Staff Pick" -- AppComments
- "Rated 4.5 / 5" -- GamePro


- "Five-Minute Fixes" -- iTunes US
- "Hot New Games / Physics Puzzlers" -- AppStore


- "Perfect touch controls, wonderful graphics and addictive gameplay."
- "Another unique, fun game"
- "Totally recommend it"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


- 100 clever puzzles to solve (*UPDATE 2016* Now 200 levels)
- Cozy midnight backdrops
- Jazzy background music
- Complete puzzles using different solutions: Increased replay value!
- Donut Games' famous 3-star ranking system
- Game Center support
- Achievements to unlock
- Collectors Icon #22
- Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
- And much more...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enjoy another Donut Games release!
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Customer Reviews

Fun for a 39 year old mom or a 6 year old boy. Addicting and challenging!

Teaches You To Think

Endearing game that's not only endless fun, but teaches you to think outside the box. The pace is also leisurely and relaxing - no frantic jumping, flying, scrambling, blasting away here. ***My favorite game, bar none.*** Many Kudos to the Devs for adding more levels - frankly, I would've paid for those extra levels as a sign of support. Thank you for a truly outstanding "I keep coming back to it" game. I hope you keep those levels coming, Devs!

I love this!!

I have literally played this for years over different phones, it’s good for the noggin!

Awesome game!

Got this game several years ago and loved it. Just found it in an old folder and fell in love all over again. Very well designed and very entertaining!

Very Challenging!

I lost track of Cat Physics as it was one of the first games I bought years ago! Then I remembered how much fun it was and reloaded it a few days ago. Haven’t been able to stop playing! Each challenge is unique and piques my interest until I solve it!


So when I was 3, I got an iPod. I used it all the time. But when it stopped working, I lost everything. Luckily the other day I plugged it in and saw it was charging. Turns out, cat physics was the only app still available at the App Store. So I bought it on my phone for only 1.99 (this was good because most apps cost 2.99 or more) and haven’t stopped playing. Perfect game. I’m already on level 23. I love how the cats just pick up the ball with their tails, too 😂

Lots of fun

I like this better than Angry Birds. The levels are challenging but not impossible to finish.

A great time killer

A lot of fun, harder than you think! I'm hooked.

Love it!

It’s one of the best puzzle, physics games out there!!!


Totally addicting and very challenging! Each level more difficult in strategy with more obstacles. Can’t stop playing this game! Great concept - cats using physics!

Love it.

I love this game so much. Especially the cat meows. I have completed all the game steps and I wish there was more. :)))

Fun to pass time

Have not been playing for long, but finding it a very interesting way to use your brain while relaxing. Curious little puzzles.

Truly a lesson in physics, math, geometry whatever

I love this game although I would not have predicted this! It is very challenging but satisfying when you succeed!

Simple fun but can be intense at times.

Perfect game for me --- I don't like violence or cartoon junk or creepy games. This is just challenging enough to be relaxing and yet it's addictive in that you want to keep solving every step up the ladder because each one of them Is just a little different and challenging!

Great game

I play this when I have time to kill, it smooth and makes me think

Fun physics

This is such an enjoyable game that makes it fun to learn some physics concepts.

Awesome, and addicting!

Awesome and addicting! Challenging, it makes you think of different trajectories, and possibilities.love this game. Wish there were more updates/new levels!!

Teaching without teaching

I have played this on airplanes and had other people's kids ask how to get it and at the end of the flight have the parents says ping that their kids are learning and not knowing because the app is so much fun

Love it

The best game out there, I love it

Very good game

I really like this game.


Weirdly addictive. But I think it's too hard to get three stars in each level. I have redone some of them till I'm blue and cannot get any better than two stars, even on the early ones. Still, it's fun, and worth the download.

Love it!

Interesting challenges. Even better than Urban Ninja which I adored.


Made to make your kids use their minds to angle the ball though mazes , hang in there , they will figure it out . Then mom an dad can try too ! Well worth the cost , play baby , play !

L-O-V-E! It is the cat's meow!

Best game ever! For young AND old!


Addicting, can be challenging but no too hard to be frustrating. I love cats so the "meows" are a charming feature. This game is one of the best out there.



THANKS, Donut Games!

So much fun...Meow!




This game is a real HOOT! Just started to play it; such a lot of fun. Missing my favorite tv programs cuz I can't just walk away!


Love the game but level 79 is impossible. The ball behaves differently in the game versus the YouTube cheats. Yeah, I looked! It only bounces up, not up and right. I'm stuck. Game needs a "skip level" option. Fun otherwise.

Cat Physics

I love this game. I've been playing it for many years. I haven't had it on my new iPad for 3 years. I down loaded it again today and though it is a challenge, I definitely have learned things over the years. I makes me hopeful it will help keep away dementia.

Great game

I love this simple game. Great theming and music. Fun puzzles.


... it's the type of game that is hard to break away from...


Challenging and addicting. Hard to put down.


This game is in my favorite games list. Absolutely love it!

Cat physic

Love it


The best Game for the iPhone and is free.


Challenging, but enjoyable. Very well done!


If your a puzzle solving not like I am. You'll love this game. My brother & I challenge each other as to see who can beat who.

My Favorite Game

Too much fun!


Simply put, it's fun! Best yet, you pay once and play.

Cat physics

Love it! Very entertaining. 😊

Challenging fun

Use your brain for fun!

Fun, addictive, and cute!

Beautiful artwork, admirable physics, challenging but logical mechanics.


Way too much non-game-play overhead (transitions, points displays etc between every level). No option to flip sides to make it easier for right handed player.

Cat Physics

Love, love, love it !!

Great fun!

Really like it

Just fun

I love physics based games. Some are so complicated they lose the fun component. This is just tough enough. Worth the price. Get it!

I give it 10 stars!

Yea, it is that good