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Bike Race Pro: Motor Racing

by Top Free Games

(370 user ratings)


Download size: 120.32MB
Version: 7.18.1
Released: 2012-07-17
For ages: 4+


Bike Race Pro version has:
● BETTER graphics
● all levels unlocked

Ride your bike through amazing tracks with jumps and loops in this simple and fast-paced physics-based game.

Multiplayer! You can challenge your Facebook friends!

Tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake.

- Single and multiplayer modes
- Simple controls
- All levels and Worlds already unlocked
- 9 addictive worlds
- 72 challenging tracks
- Touch to accelerate, tilt to lean the bike

Note: On the user created levels section, if you want to play more than 3 featured levels per day, you will need to buy a level pack. You can play unlimited free levels created by you or your friends if you have the code. You can also play unlimited free levels shared publicly on the internet by other users. Levels can not be created on a mobile device. To create a level go to: www.bikerace.com

Bike Race Plus subscription
- Bike Race Plus subscription has a Free Trial option that lasts 7 days. After that, this option costs $7.99 per week, auto renewable.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original "one week"/"one month"/"one year" package unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package (weekly, monthly or yearly package)
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period
- You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 for more information
- You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period
- Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Bike Race Plus subscription
- Subscription prices and durations: weekly $7.99 | monthy $19.99 | yearly $99.99

Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below
Privacy Policy: https://www.topfreegames.com/games/bikeracepro/legal/privacy
Terms of Use: https://www.topfreegames.com/games/bikeracepro/legal/tos

* Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Pricing Matrix" determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in $ USD
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Customer Reviews
Used to be fun.

I used to enjoy this game when it first came out. Now that it’s became pay to win essentially, it’s ruined my whole experience and I’m no longer going to enjoy this game. Like come on, 7.99 a week for this stuff. Totally unnecessary.


We need a iphone X update for sure. Also The whole bike thing of how much it costs?? Guys come on even YOU know that’s like W-T-F:-/ Just lower the prices as well sure it’s how you guys make money too but if they were lower??? dang you’d be getting so much more. Also the VIP thing Get rid of it😂ain’t no one want that Sh*t come on guys. Anyway that’s it

Love it! But... (PLEASE READ)

I love this game!!!!! But.... I’m on a smaller level when I start out like lvl 5 or 6 and THEN the game puts me up to go against people from levels 10, 11, 12, 15. Their bikes are SO much faster and I hate that because I have to go against them when I have a worse bike!! Why?!!!!!!!! Help.

Thanks for stealing my money

Use to have everything unlocked, most all levels beaten. Re-downloaded today. Took everything from me, made me restart. Even recovered my account and clicked to give me back all my purchases. It didn’t give me back anything. Use to love this game. Now it says I have to be a “VIP” to have all my bikes back that I’ve already bought an unlocked. I’m not paying for something I’ve already paid for. This games BS now and whoever made this is to greedy.

Bike race

Putt a space level with anti gravity

Old game

I liked the old ver with the getting of bike parts to get special bikes maybe you can make a game witch it’s the old ver

Can only get 1 bike


So Much Fun 11 out of 10

I love playing this game and unlocking everything and get 3 stars on everything! Super Addicting would recommend to anyone and everyone

Cool game but saving your Progress apparently coerces you to use Facebook.

Progress apparently coerces you to use Facebook. Can’t find my progress stored on my prior device..and may have to start over ugh


Actually pretty good.


This was one of the original games that I had on my old iPod Touch, and I grew up playing this game, it has been really fun for me.

Pay To Win

Enough said.


I think it is sooo worth the price

I'm done..

I used to love this game back in 2014-16. But it ha had some horrible updates recently that made it unplayable (tbh I haven’t even played it in like a half a year). I almost immediately lost interest in the game when a couple updates back the game deleted all of my times on a lot of the special pack and advanced levels and a lot of my other replays were glitched where when you try to play it it doesn't go anywhere or it says my time is under a second which is impossible for all levels (except one). ALSO it deleted literally ALL my progress in tournament and duel. So now I'm back at level 0 when I worked really hard and got really far in both of them. Recently they added basically a pay-to-win system with the subscription stuff which I think is just sad and desperate. This game used to be the only thing I played but now I barely ever touch it.


For some reason, my duels keep saying come back later and such. I have tried swiping up the tab, reconnecting to WiFi, and restarting my phone, but it’s still not working.

It is the best

This game helps me Colm down


•Read all of this please• People who get 3★s on every level with the classic bike should get a special bike; Rainbow, Ultra, Super, Moon, Easy/Kid, Thunder Bike (but not this one only, because it has no abilities). -------------------------- The Rainbow Bike should've been available to get instead of having to pay 100 rubies to even attempt to get it, I could've gotten it but I didn't have 100 rubies so I couldn't even attempt to earn it.... BS! (You should also make it so we can earn the Thunder Bike as well please) -------------------------- •Can you please add the "watch video for 5 rubies" back? And add it to Bike Race Free, because I have 65 garage spots in Free and I'm level 29, in Pro I have 85 and I'm a level 25.• Also why did you increase the rubies value by 33.33333333333333%; it used to be +3 rubies per level up, now it's +100 rubies. To unlock +4 slots in the garage used to cost 3 rubies, now it costs 100 rubies. To unlock +30 slots in the garage used to cost 21 rubies, now it costs 700 rubies. To open 1 Special Chest used to cost 9 rubies, now it costs 300 rubies. To open 10 Special Chests used to cost 90 rubies, now it costs 3000 rubies. To refill your fuel used to cost 1 ruby, now it costs 50 rubies (even though I never use that). --------------------------Single Player Times (PLEASE FIX THESE!!!): When you are in single player you can pause the game and check to see your best time with your current bike abilities and your overall best time as well as your multiplayer friends' times. You can also do this by completing the level, however, the times aren't always the true best times. And some levels for some reason have messed up some of my best times to an impossible time; example: "Best Time: 0.23 seconds" and the replays for them don't work either, sadly I don't remember what my true best times were on those levels with those bikes. *Update 7.8.0* All of my single player time are messed and some even erased!!!! *Update 7.10.2* My times are still not right! *Update 7.15.7* •Still not fixed! And now some of my times are replaced by a different bike. For example, I had a best time with The Wraith, however, when the new update happened, the time and replay are the same except it's with the Classic Bike.• •The "ghosts" (replays) don't show up like they used to, instead of being able to see the ghost for both your overall best time and current bike best time at the same time, you only see your overall best time's ghost. This also applies to multiplayer; when recording a ghost time for your opponent, you used to be able to see the ghost of your best attempt so far, but it is no longer there.•

Warning u must call to cancel

Tried to cancel subscription after free trial. Went to iTunes Store to end subscription but then got another charge. Turns out in order to get auto renew unchecked you must call. Took 1 hour of my life to end auto renew. I find this misleading.

Best mobile game

This is amazing everything about it the controls no bugs and do not forget it’s so FUN!


Do not buy it’s a scam they charge $.99 which isn’t awful as the game mechanics could make for a really fun mobile game, but then just spam you with other things to buy, it is pay to win, the only reason it has so many 5 stars is because it says you will get free updates if you rate five stars, free updates should come with a game you have to pay for. I want a refund which is sad considering it’s only $.99

Good game

I love this game

Great but...

I love everything in the new update except one thing. The task chests. I do not like how you have to wait for a long time to get the thing in the chest. You should be able to go to the chest and just click open and then claim your reward instead of waiting a long time.

Best game ever

I've had the game sense it first came out and you guys have sense made the game better and more challenging witch is what more games need and it's one of the best games to play my friends keep up the good work.


Bike race pro is awesome because I have the ninja bike

Letter box on iPhone X???

You call a letter box screen support for iPhone X? Seriously... that puts the gas and break pedals a quarter of the way in on each side. You do realize it’s not normal finger placement as the edges of the screen are typically where we play on other truly iPhone X supportive apps. Take that one back to the drawing board, and I’ll change my one star review.

Nice game

I love that this game is online and offline. I got this while on a road trip.


Please get rid of bike race VIP

Good start. 5 minutes of fun so far.

Kind of outrageous that it is $99/year to unlock everything though. Really hope the play for the upfront purchase price is worth it

problem with game

bike race is a great game! i play it non stop and think it is very good. one major problem i have with it is that some things require facebook. it is insanely unfair to people without face book like me. please fix this ASAP

Bike race

Really good

Bike Race Pro

This game is so awesome I kwon i am just on the first level but it is turning out amazing.

Eh ok

Okay game but it never had new levels beat them all already ..: now im bored of it

Best app ever

Best app ever


Bike race is the best game in the world and it sometimes freezes but so much fun


Isa kewl game ya !!!

Played on Android a few years ago, but now...

This game was fun and all when I first got a phone, which was an Android, but now, a few years later, this game is now pay-to-win and has lost all it's fun.


Not as good as the regular one, but it’s great!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍


Can you make new levels to make the game more enjoyable i mean the game is cool but i want more like competition!!

Almost a perfect game MAKE NEW LEVELS

I’ve been playing this game for a while, there are just a couple things that bug me.....tournament mode I’ve been building bikes and leveling them up using bikes I win to level up higher bikes, but I’ve been playing for a year and they have the same levels for 1star races as they did a year ago, i don’t understand why 1star races can’t use harder levels seeing how it’s a level playing field anyways.....plus duel mode seems like it matches me up with faster bikes on purpose

Was good a while ago

This game was great a while ago, but it’s gone downhill since I first started playing it. You used to be able to get bikes by unlocking achievements instead of coins you get for completing levels. This game has become a huge money grab, it is 100$ a year for some bikes that are only worth maybe 5 dollars. You should try and bring back some of the old features that I know people liked. And duels, duels is the most unbalanced game mode if ever played, if your a good player like I would say I am, then your a lower level with a lot of trophies. I’m a level 16 and I’ve gone against a level 44... Why. You should turn down your prices and try to make duels a little less frustrating. Make duels go die.


I had this game before and linked it to my Facebook, but when I get it again and link my account, all of my progress is gone except for achievements and online wins. I lost all of my good bikes.

Gotten bad

It used to be good. Now, I came back to the game and it is bad. The game now forces you to pay for a membership to get 75% of the bikes. Worst of all, it’s $20 a month, and get this- $100 A YEAR! For some bikes in some money-hogging game! That’s it. Also, if you don’t realize, you would probably only use the ultra bike if you had the membership. So, you would be paying $100 dollars for a year of a dumb bike. A bike that makes you go faster than other people, and no collision death. No thanks.


Amazing game I want that ultra bike doe

Waste of money

You have to buy the good cars on a subscription

Amazing developers; kinda adequate execution

Lost my tournament progress a while ago, and contacted support. They went out of their way in every possible solution to find my old account and later gave me most of my progress back. Excellent support. As for the game, it’s great, fun and addictive. Although, it currently has an issue where if you play a single player level, and then try to play tournaments, your tournaments level doesn’t count and it reloads your single player one. Not too bad if you close the app first. It also has the tendency to throttle itself making the app lag beyond usable state at some times, but it usually fixes itself. Other than that, it’s a great game and I would recommend it.

Banana man


Crashes a lot

I love this game and I have good bikes but the game crashes every 5-10 mins and usually when I’m doing a multiplayer game and then it takes away my try. Also make it so whenever you want to watch a video for a free bike trial it says no video available try again later and later it still says that. I am on an iPhone 6s and the newest model of the iPad. Pls fix this.


It deserves 5 stars but the fact that I paid for the app and I still get ads that show up on screen while trying to view the course is annoying AF!


It is stupid that there has to be a VIP to use all of the bike why can’t you buy 1 bike alone

Really Fun

This game is addictive and awesome, from epic stunts to crazy hard levels. There is one thing I would like. When I first played this game, it was only a year after its release date. Then I deleted it. When I came back, almost nothing had changed. Please put a major update.