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Are you going on a diet any time soon? Let\'s face it; no one likes anything to do with dieting. If dieting could only be fun, that would be a game changer. Enter the MiniBite app. Why not make a game out of it? Finally, a fresh concept in dieting to inspire and motivate. What better than to defend MiniHaven from evil dragons and as your MiniMonster gets healthy, you get fit. Simply log in your exercise and food and water intake and fun starts. This is a clever app that flips the script. Take care of your MiniMonster, and it takes care of you! MiniBite is a fun app and best of all... \"What do you have to lose?\" EasyAppFinder gives it five stars!
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by MiniBite, Inc.

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 69.37MB
Version: 6.1
Released: 2018-06-21
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and FitnessFamilyGames

MiniBite is a calorie tracking app that uses the addictive and enjoyable elements of gaming to make calorie tracking fun and rewarding. It is up to you to raise a strong and healthy MiniMonster. Your MiniMonster's health is effected by the food, exercise, and water you log. With MiniBite, you'll look forward to food logging everyday and make it a regular part of your health and fitness routine. Have fun reaching your weight goals and celebrate a healthier you in no time!


- Care for your MiniMonster by making healthy decisions
- Quickly log food, exercise, & water
- Barcode Scanner
- Monitor your daily nutrition in food diary
- Daily Nutritional Feedback
- Extensive food database
- Create Custom Foods & Exercises
- Integrates with Apple Health App (Sync your workouts and steps in 1 second)
- Build healthy habits by completing tasks & earn gems
- Fast Facebook or Google Login

We are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions! Who knows, you might see your idea in the next version!
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Customer Reviews
Poor monster

I really enjoy this app and it’s definitely one of a kind. It has helped me immensely with counting calories and such The only downside is the little monster. If I can’t make my count he gets hungrier and hungrier and I feel really bad :((

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t work . When you go to log food it glitched I’ve never been able to track food or water .

I was excited, but..

I was so excited to try this app, but every time I try to log food the app force closes itself. The same thing happens when I try to log an exercise so it’s basically useless.

Amazing app!

This app is truly awesome. Please add sodium! And fix the water scale to be 64oz not 32. I see there is a problem where my steps from Apple health are now transferring to burnt calories. If you stay with this app you will go a long way because it is genius.


I would totally love this app if I could just add quick calories. I tend to use this a lot and would be stoked if this was added. Please do!!


Hi I don’t know why but the app keeps crashing when it first ask you to login via google/ Facebook. When I first saw this app I was really excited, but now I can’t even login, I haven’t even used any of the features

Fun calorie tracking app!!

I really enjoy this app! I am updating my review because it was not working and there was no indication as to why. In the future maintenance being posted somewhere would be great. I have used other calorie tracking apps but this one is fun. It makes me want to drink more water to get more xp for my monster. I have lost about 4-5lbs in the maybe 2 weeks I have been using the app.

Makes Tracking Easy and Fun

This app is great! I’ve tried to use multiple Macro Tracker and Calorie Counter apps and never stuck with it because I found them annoying to use. This app is so easy to use and makes it fun because of the Pokémon like aspect. Plus it holds me accountable because of the Mini Monster. 10/10 would recommend.

I used to love it but it won’t let me log in

It erased all of my data it seems like, bringing me to the beginning screen where it tells you to log in. I’ve tried logging in through both google and Facebook but it just loads and puts me back at the start/log in screen. Please help :( it would be five stars, if it gets fixed- it’s the best app I’ve ever used for tracking, so I would hate to lose it

Great app until it’s not

I used this app everyday religiously for the past week and never had an issue then all of a sudden it stoped working. I downloaded the update but still is not functioning which is very frustrating.

Great App with lots of Potential

I really love this app because it is the easiest calorie and macronutrient counting app that I have found. I’m close to being underweight and I wanted to make sure I didn’t dip into being unhealthy and this app has helped me maintain my weight perfectly. I know how my body works better thanks to this app and It has encouraged me to really focus on finding the foods that are healthier for me, and exercise regularly. The only thing that I would like is possibly an option for a daily log that would help with someone trying to gain some healthy muscle. I don’t know if that’s possible or not but I know it would definitely help with my goals. Overall, the app is adorable and easy to use and the amount of food that is in the catalog is extensive. Not everything is in there but it’s easy to add your own foods and exercises which is great. I hope this app just continues to expand and I will definitely be using it for a long time.

The best meal tracking app!

I’ve tried many other meal tracking apps and could never get past the first few days as I felt it was such a chore to log everything I ate. This app is going to change that. It’s interactive and almost functions like a game so it makes the process fun. Also the music and sound effects are amazing 😍 and as a musician, I really appreciate it! I’d recommend this app to anyone who thinks meal tracking is chore.

Useful but needs some improvement

I’ve been using this app for a few days and it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on strict macros unless you wanna spend some money. You have to pay if you want to have custom macros right away. If your macros are off when you log it you get stats deducted which is frustrating. I usually stay to macros that are pretty close to the app’s set macros naturally so it’s not a big deal for me! One thing I don’t like is that I can’t connect it to my Fitbit. They do have a couple presets for most exercises which is nice so I’ll usually just finish my session on my Fitbit and pick something similar in MiniBite and adjust the exercise according to my calories. The vigorous lifting matches up with my Fitbit nicely so it’s handy enough, still frustrating though. Especially when I forget to record an exercise session on my Fitbit (walking, bike riding, etc.) it’s hard to properly gauge my calories that I burned. This app doesn’t take into account your activity level at all, so the calories it gives you can be relatively low especially if you’re trying to lose weight. You have to record any daily activity to bump it up to a sustainable level for yourself. It doesn’t even connect to any health apps. It’s all manual. I see some merit in it, as health apps aren’t always 100% on point but they offer some loose regulations for calorie counting which is handy to a lot of people. Hoping to see something with that in a future update. Other than that kind of glaring issue for me I enjoy the app. It’s fun, and I like all the animations for the monster. I’d also highly recommend logging your water as it gives you incentives. Usually I don’t bother with that in calorie counting apps but this one gives you good reason to which is kind of the whole point of the app. I’d say it does its job pretty well.

Fun and encouraging

I really enjoy using this app. It has lots of room to develop but the foundation is there. I can’t wait to watch it grow. The app is extremely helpful and easy to use. A huge help to control, lose or gain weight!

A warning to serious macro counters

I really love the idea of this app. It’s a great way to get motivated. However, it’s completely not ideal if you are a serious macro counter. You have the option to count your macros, but you can’t customize the grams or your daily calorie intake. You can only select your macro percentages in increments of 5. I even paid to get coins in order to to utilize the macro function, and it just completely falls flat in comparison to the customization and ease of My Fitness Pal. I work out almost every day and have a very active job. I need to eat considerably more than the amount of calories I was given. I also drink more than 99oz of water. I would still like to be able to track all of my water intake without using another app. I would like to go back to this app if it steps up its game. But as of right now, it’s not advanced enough for what I need. I seriously regret purchasing those coins.

Very cute, needs expansions

As someone who is very into health and fitness but dislikes the meticulous nature of tracking calories, this is a cute way to do it. However it would be nice if it synced to Apple Watch for the exercise data, since calories burned isn't 100% accurate, it would be easy to at least have that synced across the board rather than one app estimating one thing and another app estimating another. Also not sure how I feel about the style of the shop for additional purchases, TBD~

Just what I needed!

This app is just what I needed to encourage me to log my food and water intake. I think I would be even more motivated to use it consistently if it had some more customization options! I would LOVE to see outfits or room decor that I could earn through my mini coins!

Can’t sign in

Looks fun, but the app crashes every time I try to sign in with Google. It says it posts to Facebook if you try to sign in with it, and I don’t want that. There’s no need for a sign in anyway- just let me use the app!

Love this app

It has a bunch of options to choose and makes me actually want to put them considering im really lazy, overall, the features are amazing and the coins keep you motivated and it runs really well. It also takes in exercise,water, food log which helps me when I calculate how much i burned with my apple watch unlike others where its a bit more difficult . Its very useful and fun app to keep motivated!

Apple health

Just downloaded this app, excited to use it. But I would really like to be able to sync my Apple Watch/ Apple Health from my phone so that I get calorie credit for my steps!


Absolutely love this app but lately the barcode scanner to add food isn’t working. Have tried multiple different barcodes (even ones for extremely common foods) and always get an error stating it wasn’t found.

Really love this app and the possibilities it has

I think like most people we dread any type of diet or calorie counting. This app is really cool in that it makes doing the task of counting calories fun. The little monster is very cute and I find it rewarding to see him eat whenever I eat. It’s also very funny to see him get sick when I over eat 🤣. The only one suggestion I really hope comes to this app is the ability to lose 2 pounds a week. 1 pound a week is kind of slow. 2 pounds a week is still a healthy and obtainable amount of weight to track and strive for. If you could give us that extra option to choose from when choosing how much weight we want to lose, then this app would be perfect!! Keep up the good work ☺️. (Update) TY so much for listening and adding the ability to lose 2 pounds a week. Love it!!!!

Fun way to keep track

So I am really enjoying this app I think it’s a fun way to keep track of calories and it has made me to want to stay on the right path more. The only thing that I would say that really bothers me is the fact that any food that I try and scan to add to my log doesn’t exist. I have to manually type in every single thing that I’m eating which is a little annoying. And the stuff that I’m eating is well known brands very typical things and it just never works and that’s the biggest downfall I would say. If there’s a way to do an update just to have it work the app would be five stars to me.

The App I’m most likely to stick too, but some MAJOR flaws.

I love this app when it comes to calorie counting, liquid logging, etc. I think it’s one of the only apps of its kind I could see myself sticking too, I want to give it a much higher rating because I think it has so much potential. But please, give us the option to sync with iPhone’s health app / Apple Watch. Please give us the option to add our own foods and exercises, etc. I just had to log a workout that was not reflective of my calories burned but was the only option available. Please give us the option to add our own things: food and stats. I believe this app will have such a bright future if it catches up.

Takes the chore out of calorie counting!

I used to hate tracking my calories but it's become part of my day thanks to this app!


I actually really enjoy this. For the first time I’m actually looking forward to counting my calories because it’s in such a fun way!! I’m really hoping more gets added: more dragons, maybe a couple more mini games (maybe some to work out the brain,) and I think maybe a water tracker would be great as well!! I’m looking forward to “training my dragon!” ************ They’ve updated it to have more bosses, a training bot, and to calculate your water!! Still loving it, though I’ve personally been slacking.

Cute and fun!

I only downloaded it yesterday but I’m already enjoying. Myself!!! Was just wondering if there were any plans to add this to Android??


I tried to use this app because I like the idea of making calorie counting fun. However, when measuring food, none of the options are available in grams. For anyone seriously counting calories “1 scrambled egg” or “1 packet of sugar” is just not accurate enough.

Pretty cool, but

I just downloaded this today and I really enjoy it, but it would be cool to link it to other apps like Fitbit or something. And maybe a little more of information on how to do things. I still haven’t opened my egg and I’m not sure if I should eat more to do it or if my goal is to get to 800 xp to level up. It’s a bit confusing. I really enjoy the “watch an add” to earn more coins though. Great app! Keep it up! The monster are so adorable too!

It’s cool and has potential

Love the app, the quest are super repetitive, and recently I’ve been forced to relogin and unable to connect to my google account

Pretty cool

Just started using this app a few days ago. I think it’s pretty cool. So far the only thing I don’t like is that water intake is lumped in with your food and isn’t tracked separately. I’d like to see a progress bar like calories, protein, etc. have.

Weird macros

The amount it decides it wants you to eat are way off, i don’t know how it comes up with those. For my weight and wanting to lose weight I should have 50 grams of protein per day and this app is telling me 80. And it’s also telling me to eat a whopping 140 grams of carbs. If this app makes it a possibility to edit that then I’ll use it but there’s no way I could follow what it recommends.


This app is really encouraging me to eat better and drink more water ❤️ I’d really like to be able to track my calcium intake I can’t use the macro and micro nutrients I bought in the store though 😭

Can’t log in

I just got the app and I’m trying to log in with gmail but after I do, the app crashes and it starts over and doesn’t say I logged in. Help please??

Fun twist on tracking

I enjoy the concept and to date my only gripe was being unable to add my own food/add to the database. And you just patched that so I’m hopeful for the future!!

Cute but needs to be customizable

I love the idea of this app but if I can’t adjust it to my diet, I won’t be able to use it. If you are keto/low carb- don’t even bother downloading. If you’re alright eating almost 200g of carbs a day, enjoy this app.

It looks cute, but not customizable

I gave this app a shot because I saw an add for it and thought it looked cute, but a good bit of the foods I eat aren’t in the database and there doesn’t appear to be a feature that lets you manually enter the stats of your food. There also isn’t a way to enter a calorie limit for r daily calorie goal and the weight loss goal only goes up to 1 pound per week.

Can’t even tell

The app won’t even open. The farthest I’ve gotten is for the notifications and then the app closes after attempting to load.

Good idea. Needs more functionality.

I like the simplicity of this app. You don’t get overwhelmed by tons of feature. However, one key feature that keeps me from really being able to use it, is it’s lack of allowing users to build their own recipe. For meal preppers and those who cook at home often, it can be very difficult to input calories by adding individual ingredients. I have to go back to MyFitnessPal, create a recipe in there, then find something that closely resembles the caloric and macronutrient intake in the MiniBite library - or just not use the app and go back to MyFitnessPal. I would like to see this become something I can use on its own, but it’s not there yet.

Can’t even use it

Can’t say that a app is good if you can’t even use the app. It keeps closing every time I try to open it up.

Won’t even launch

I was super excited for this but it won’t even open on my phone. I really hope they update soon to fix this...

MiniBite app

I was excited to try this app because I figured why not have fun when I calculate my Nutrition. However, every time I try to open the app it just shuts down. I haveDeleted it and re-downloaded it to my phone a couple of times and it still doesn’t work. Very disappointed

Amazing app!

I love this app so much. I’ve lost a ton of weight while using it. There was once problem with logging in, but it was fixed and the developers were very kind. I definitely recommend this app for dieting purposes. It’s really cute as well!

Very fun app with with some issues

It’s a really fun app, but it’s pretty difficult to add your food. It at least needs a way to save food that you eat all the time. The recently added food is pretty useless. You pretty much have to search food every time. Frequently added food would be a better option and/or foods that you favorite. Also, the app rewards you for meeting your calorie goal, but it’s almost impossible to meet the goal because setting exact calories is very difficult. It only rewards you when you meet it exactly. All in all, it’s a fun app with some very annoying issues. Make it much easier to add your food an I’ll give it a 5 star review.

Great app, fix XP cheese

Great app, can visibly see what macros I’m eating daily and I think it’s very much helping However you can take advantage OR be taken advantage of by the experience system. My water bottle is 24 oz (3 servings of the generic water choice) if I log 24 oz, or 3 servings all at once I get 65xp... but if I log 3 separate 8oz single servings, I still get 65xp every time. The amount of experience earned should be scaled to the quantity of the product you consume, not to the amount of logs you make.

It’s cute but...

It’s cute but don’t expect to see an actual monster for a while at first you just get a stupid egg that doesn’t do anything. I got bored with this app after 3 days of just looking at an egg.

Good idea

First of, I love the idea of this app and I’ve enjoyed using it. The only thing that I’ve noticed is that my monster will get fat even when eating less than 1200 calories. I would understand if he got fat after maybe a normal amount of daily calories. Maybe there is a way to make the monster feel satisfied that he reached his goal or something. I just feel that this could produce a negative image for those struggling with weight and eating so few calories is not sustainable for long term. Either way I like the idea of the app and I will continue to use it.

Great App

Love this app. It makes calorie counting more entertaining. The only downside I see is the inability to add foods or just calories. On some foods, barcodes will not scan and I am unable to find the food in the database.

Better than myfitnesspal

I downloaded this app a while back and it was pretty basic but now I just downloaded the new version and I am loving the new features that makes logging even easier and being able to customize my own macros. I really really like taking care of my monster and feel a little guilt tripped for keeping it healthy which helps me stay on track of my goal. Thanks for listening to feedback, keep up the good work!