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iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times

by RedSnake Enterprises, LLC

(164 user ratings)


Download size: 9.92MB
Version: 3.0.13
Released: 2010-04-16
For ages: 4+


iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times is the #1 solunar tables app and determines the best hunting times and best fishing times for any date, any location – worldwide!

- Provides all peak feeding / activity times
- Times apply to ALL wildlife and fish
- Easy-to-read tables – no complicated graphics
- Top Ranked Solunar App in Sports Category
- No subscription fees!

* Location: Auto GPS or Manual Entry or by Map
* Save favorite locations for future reference
* Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
* Day Rating
* Custom Location Mapping (In-App Purchase)
* NEW - Range Finder (In App Purchase with Map)
* NEW - Premium Weather with Tides/Radar (In App Purchase)
* Moon Phase / Moon Rise / Moon Set Times
* Sunrise / Sunset Times
* Day / Week / Month Views
* Current Weather plus Hourly & 5-Day Forecast
* Calendar for checking solunar data in advance
* Send results via text
* Trophy Room - share via Facebook or email

Based on the original solunar theory, iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times determines the peak feeding and activity times for all types of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and lunar phase. With iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times, you’ll have all the solunar table information you need to know exactly when the best fishing times and best hunting times will occur for your exact location.

When arranging your next trip, just check ahead to find out the best hunting or fishing times for the date you’re considering. It doesn’t matter what you’re after or where, this incredible app will help you maximize your chances success!

-- Created by Outdoorsmen, for Outdoorsmen --

Be sure to check out Deer Tactics & Calls - RedSnake Enterprises' latest Top 25 Sports App.

PRIVACY POLICY/DISCLAIMER: RedSnake Enterprises LLC does not knowingly or intentionally collect, aggregate, sell, distribute, or otherwise make public any personal information to any third party. Please check your iTunes end user agreement for other policies.

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Customer Reviews

This App I really believe works good on how fish feed


The app works great.

Purchases don’t work

The in-app purchased are a complete waste. 2/3 don’t even bother to work

ISolunar Hunting And Fishing Times

I Like This App This is A Good App To Used For Hunting And Fishing

Love it!!!

All the knowledge my granddaddy had in an app!

It’s fun

OK. It’s fun to play with but I wouldn’t base my hunting successes or failures on an app. It’s not going to advise you that there’s still a solid two inches of acorns on the ground and the deer aren’t moving. But it’ll give the day 4 horns because the moon is in alignment. You just can’t mess with Mother Nature

Solid, simple, helpful app

Does just what it says it does. Opens when you open it, tells you the tables for the area you enter. Bingo-bango, you’re done. Love the simplicity, but one feature that would be NICE, if it could be done without wrecking the rest of the above, would be a link to tide charts.


Maps(with range finder), weather, sun/moon rise/set times. Very handy and responsive app.

Rip off

Paid over $5 for the app then was asked to pay an additional $1 to use features within the app, not a clever marketing scheme to upsell... The owner of this app is a greedy A hole

Great so far

Haven't used it much yet but Very nice!

They nagged me for a review

Good app

Just buy it already

Just a few dollars with in store purchases. I can't prove it doesn't work. Weather feature is what I really like. I also like the map it part too. You can make notes on the map. It would be cool to be able to share your map with other users.

Fishing Guide

Very accurate on halibut salmon and crab

Ok but but missing key feature

Needs to automatically stamp gps coordinate in trophy room. Crashes. 7/12/17: this app has been fairly accurate, so far this year is been really predictive of how good fishing will be. I'll keep tracking it, but it's been good enough not to discount

Use it constantly in hunting season

Been using for years!!! Use constantly for easy references. Built up a few seasons of scrapes. Also use for pinpointing climbers and lock ons. Also found a stand or two in the dark. #Where the heck is that tree? 😉

Great App

As been accurate so far on fishing. Great way to find the same location for your fishing spots.

What a great app

I've never placed a whole lot of faith in the solunar tables. Conditions on the water are dynamic, and all kinds of things can and will interfere with wildlife patterns. That said, I've seen the solunar tables in action too many times to discount them entirely. I've come to the conclusion that all things being equal - that is to say if other factors aren't prohibitively interfering with feeding patterns - the solunar tables will give you a good indication of wildlife feeding activity. This app does an excellent job. It is user-friendly, easy to understand, and true to the solunar table.

Can't Live Without It!!!!

If you enjoy the outdoors this is a must have app! I enjoy finding the rating for the day in the same place as the lunar cycle and sunrise/sunsets.

Get it!

Allows you up to date and real time information on weather and feed times for the location your hunting "All the way"

Total scam

This is a joke. You can choose a location in New York and California and it gives you the same information. Just google the fishing almanac. It's free and way more accurate.

Does it work? Who Knows?

LOVE this app. I check it all the time. Sometimes I get skunked when it says the fish are super active. Sometimes I get skunked when it says I should get skunked. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But as all fishermen are looking for an edge, try the app and enjoy it. It might not be putting more fish in the bag, but what the heck.


Have fun out there. Works for me.

Great app!

Love it!

Fishing and hunting

Very good app. I use all the time to check times and they are very close too or spot on. I would recommend to use

My Favorite Fishing/ Weather App

I not only use this as a fishing app! It's my go to for the weather too. Before I go out for a run I check the weather ❤🎣🏃🏻‍♀️


Quick and easy app to get hunting info.




No time to look at lunar tables? Just get this app and click!!!! AWESOME!!

Well done, informative and easy to use.

I like it very much. The only addition I would make is that I wish it could sync between my devices so my information would transfer. Also, to be able to send information regarding mapped stands, deer signs, and cameras to others would be great.


Very accurate. Makes fishing more fun.

Great App

Convenient app, use it a lot for hunting. Sun rise and set info, moon phases, best time of day to hunt/fish. And I like that your able to view without cellular service.

Great app

Can't beat hunting by the moon phases. All animals are affected by the pull of the lunar phase. Watch how people get a little crazy on a full moon. Need to add different pictures for daily ratings.

Very Helpful

This app works well. However, a good hunter is out in the woods and not on the couch. Get out and do some scouting. Watch the behaviors and likely insertions and exits of deer if this is what you use the app for. Thanks for this. Also, developers, please build in time change. Only thing I could not fix besides deleting and reinstalling the app.

Good stuff

Good stuff. I use it often!

Good App

This app I have not understood the full use yet.....but the peak times seem to be spot on - I now refer to it regularly prior to my days hunt or the day on the lake.


I love this app! Pretty accurate I always try to plan my hunts and the times that I fish around the major and minor times. I compare times to my cameras also I definitely notice more movement during these times


Great app. Use it often. On the money. I've had it for 3 years, and it is spot on. Never hunt without it. Highly suggest it.

Awesome App

I have use this app and it is almost exactly on point if not just about thirty minutes difference on the movement times for deer. I would recommend to anyone who is a full time hunter and wants that extra heads up for that big buck timeline..

Great app

Love to use it

Two thumbs up

For the most part it is accurate. I see more deer activity during peak times. I have even compared the times to my game camera pictures. I use this app every time I go hunting or fishing. I especially like that it shows sun up and sun down times. This app has worked in areas where Internet service is limited

I use it all the time

If you aren't using this, you're missing out. Period.

Must have app

Always consult this app before heading out. It is spot on. Must have if you hunt by the moon phase

Get it Now!

Simple to use Great features. Wish cellphones and this app were available 35 years ago. Don't wait, you'll be glad you gave it. 5 Stars

4 stars

Nice app!

Great Hunting APP

Use it ever time I go hunting. It is the very best app I have use. I have other app that shows feedings time but this app is the most accurate app

Overall - not too bad

It's Ok. Not great. Not terrible. Big shortcoming is no pinch to zoom. Means I have to dig out glasses if I forget sundown time which is a real pain. Typical millennial oversight thinking everyone has 20/20

Great app

Great app does well to predict best hunting times


One of the most accurate hunting apps I have ever used. Never go out without using it.

Good product! I have used it with confidence for over 3 years now!

Good app, a little slow loading but seems to be pretty accurate.