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Gulf Saltwater Fishing Companion

by Verona Solutions, LLC

(6 user ratings)


Download size: 25MB
Version: 2.08
Released: 2011-03-14
For ages: 4+


Provides a search-able list of Saltwater Fish for the States of the Gulf of Mexico. You can view illustrations of the fish, regulations, and fish identification data for FL, TX, LA, MS, AL.

Great for the novice or experienced fishermen.


- Fish identification information.
- Size Limits
- Bag Limits
- State Records
- Habitat information
- Catch log to keep track of your catches

This application DOES NOT require internet access so you can use it on your boat even when service is not available. All the information is contained within the application.

Beautiful illustrations by renown illustrator Duane Raver, Jr. make it easy to identify that fish you just caught.

Fast and easy access to regulation information.
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Customer Reviews
Arkansas learning the fishing rules

Don’t buy this app - what a joke. Worst 4.99 I’ve spent. The info is just links to the states info which doesn’t even work( none of them).


The app is unusable on an iPhone. The other app Florida fishing works fine You cannot select the first two states due to a header being in the way. Please fix

Great app

Love this app. I'm new to saltwater fishing and this app has taught me a lot. I use it every time I fish here on the coasts of FL. I utilize the catch log for all my fishing pictures but it does freeze sometimes when using the this part of the app so please update and fix. Also, I agree that you should add a tide chart. Overall though a great fishing app.

Almost perfect

Love this app. Very handy on the water. My one wish, tho, is that it include regs on shellfish, like shrimp.

Fish the Gulf

Absolutely fantastic app on the water!

Fishing help

Love it!


Best fishing app I have had only thing that could make it better would be to have tide charts or table.

New adventure app

Great app especially for fishing for new spaces of fish.


This application uses drawings and has an extremely plain platform. Only the most obvious of fish are documented leaving most people still wondering what type of fish they've seen or caught. For the most expensive application I've bought this has surely been the most useless tool ever

Great app

Good for quick ID purposes

Great App. Great for The Gulf of Mexico.

Sweet App.

Great app

Best fishing app out there .

Must have for the Gulf

This app is great and a must have for fishing in the gulf.

Comes in very handy.

This app is very helpful out on the water.


Great app for on water to identify fish that may be in guestion . Also when u need to see size limits from state to state

Great app

Preferred bait for species would have been a five star

Excellent app

This is a good app for someone that doesn't carry a book with all the regs or forgets to bring along. Easy to use good pictures and is frequently updated as the regs change. I would give it 5 stars but as it updates it says some fish are not in the program not sure which ones . So far it's worked flawless for me over all it's worth the money

Decent app

Fish size limits for gulf coast states. Pictures are nice. A bit expensive for what it is though.