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FL Saltwater Fishing Companion

by Verona Solutions, LLC

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 40.17MB
Version: 2.15
Released: 2009-09-30
For ages: 4+


Provides a search-able list of Saltwater Fish for the State of Florida. You can view illustrations of the fish, regulations, and fish identification data.

Great for the novice or experienced fishermen.


- Fish identification information.
- Size Limits
- Bag Limits
- State Record
- Habitat information
- Catch log to keep track of your catches

This application DOES NOT require internet access so you can use it on your boat even when service is not available. All the information is contained within the application.

Beautiful illustrations by renown illustrator Duane Raver, Jr. make it easy to identify that fish you just caught.

Fast and easy access to regulation information.
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Customer Reviews
It works again

I wrote a review about problems with he app and one of the developers sent me a message about a server issue. Sure enough it works great again.

FWC Regs on my Phone - Awesome App

Great pictures and simple to use. The latest FWC regs so I know for sure what fish I can keep without risking any fines. Another great app from Mr. Verona.

Helpful guide to regulations

This app has help me many times. From my first time fishing to many times in about 5 years now.

Great App

Very helpful when in dout..

Super app

Great app to keep up with new regs and identifying the fish

Great app!

$5 bucks is cheaper than a fine for not knowing the law!

Top notch

I've had this app since its inception. I can't imagine a more complete resource for a FL fisherman. As an avid FL fisherman, this is all you would need! I cannot imagine how anyone could rate this poorly

Great handy app

Nice tool to have around your fishing

Great App

Very useful in keeping up with ever changing regs and helps with identifying fish.

Fish fool

Nice app. Very useful


This app has been extremely handy. I couldn't be happier with it. It was well worth the price. It regularly prompts for updated regulations and has been extremely accurate. It's a must have if you fish Florida saltwater. If you also fish Georgia's saltwater, I also recommend the sister app for Georgia.


Best app ever.

Works awesome

Great library. Has fish regs built in.

Can't imagine fishing without it

Essential app., don't fish without it.

Great app!

I use it every time I'm out fishing. Great detail.

Great resource!!!!! Worth the $


Nice app

The app is good for the young fisherman but for the ones who work every day in the fishing wold knows there needs to be more info on more fish . It's a good app over all!

Remembers for you!

It remembers when you cannot!


Everything a fisherman needs to know except for eating quality!

Great job

Fantastic App. A must have in the boat


This app is a rip off

Worth the money

Good app needs a little improvement but not bad at all

Not complete

It really is lacking in many interesting fish and rather common fish. I was disappointed that it is so incomplete and charged $5. It should be free until there is more through research of the subject. What fish it does ID, is done well.

Great App

Great app to reference. Hope that add other regulations like stone crab, shrimp, lobster, etc.

Love it.

Works great , can even check it in the boat! Glad about the updates too!

Crashes when "info" selected

I am running 5.0.1 and 2.03. Not worth the investment until this is fixed. I would give it four stars otherwise.

Great but missing a few fish. (Lionfish)

When I saw that they added fish with the update I became very excited, but as I scrolled threw the Ls I realized my excitement was for nothing. I would love to see the Lionfish added to this app. To me that would make it complete.


It really needs a tide and lunar chart.


V. 2.03 crashes with IOS 5.1. Previous V. 2.02 worked fine. The crash occurs when selecting "Information" on each fish. Wouldn't buy until this is resolved. Happened on every one of my devices, IPhone 4s, IPad 2 and Itouch.


Great app lots of info just has to add whitey

Awesome App

New to saltwater fishing, so this is just what I needed.

Good app for fishing

I find this app very useful for taking on the boat. Species identification and limits and sizes well documented. In addition to some of the other requested fields, I think fish nicknames should me added.


This is a very, very disappointing app.

Extremely Disappointing

This app will really disappoint you! It sounds good at first but AFTER buying the app you learn that it's useless unless you pay more to open each "additional" feature. Save yourself the aggravation, don't buy it! So they set the hook and play you for dollars at a time. One star is too high for this app.

Well Done!

Being relatively new to saltwater fishing, my ID skills are growing but still not up sto speed with the variety of fish. Thsi app has been a great help to us on the water, especially as to the regulations and bags for each fish, along with whether or not it is a good food quality fish. The info is accurate and easy to use. Buy this app and use it!

Very handy in the water

For the price it beats having to buy a law-stick or reg. sticker everytime something changes to be up to date. I never leave my phone home, but can't say the same about the law stick

Almost excelent

Yesterday i went fishing off the pier and cought 8 whitey but didnt know the size limit or bag limit but other than that its the best app ever ADD WHITEY and i will easily give it 5 stars

Decent fishing app.

All the bugs seem to have been fixed. The app is still a little pricey at five dollars.

Great app

Very useful and mostly user friendly fish identifying app. Please add federal regs and complete the similar species entries.


I have found no problems what so ever. Top notch program.


Great ap to assist with the ever changing regs. I appreciate the "update regulation feature". Very nice identification pictures. I would like to see baitfish grouped and labled as such in future updates.

Needs more

Needs more shark species this app does not include nurse shark and silky shark but overall great app

Unrefined, clunky and glitchy

Overall, very disappointing. The pictures are too small, the descriptions are mostly sentence fragments, and the feel of the app is very amateurish. All of the glitches make this app irritating to use instead of being intuitive and enjoyable. If you are looking for a fish identification app, look somewhere else.

Love it, but...

... it keeps getting stuck on the same description for a fish, even after I change to a new fish. The picture changes, but the description remains for the previous fish. In addition, once this glitch occurs, I cannot access the restrictions (size limit) tab either. Just a bug that needs to be fixed. Plus, I'd love it more if it had more fish descriptions for variations of fish. I have caught three that I couldn't identify with this app.

Great App!!

This is a great app!! Just waiting for the freshwater version

A must have

This is a must have for any fisherman. I have used it a bunch to look up sizes.

Awesome tool

I can't tell you how many times I can't remember the specific regs for something. No more doubts now. Looking forward to an update which will provide federal regs also. Another very useful app from Verona. Two thumbs up.

Vital to anyone who fishes in Fla

Makes identifying catches easy and having the current game information right there is very valuable. Easy scrolling graphic look up plus search by name. I always carry the phone on the boat, so this app will be valuable in many ways.

Love the new APP

GREAT APP!!! I hope that you are able to provide updates as size and bag limits change. The pictures look good, and glad to have the records handy.