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Fishing Spots - Official App

by WeatherSphere

(20 user ratings)


Download size: 176.53MB
Version: 6.0.3
Released: 2011-02-09
For ages: 4+

Genres:SportsSocial Networking

With hundreds of thousands of users on Fishing Spots, this app is the fastest and easiest
way to find a fishing spot near you!

Main Features
• Explore fishing maps that show locations, photos and catch details.
• Find the best times to fish with our fishing forecast.
• Create your personal logbook and capture the details of every trip.
• Share your catches with other anglers or keep it private.
• The Fishing Spots App is free to download with no hidden charges!

GPS Fishing Maps
• Discover new fishing spots and where fish are being caught.
• Save fishing hotspots and waypoints as locations and log GPS coordinates, photos and descriptions.
• Advanced map filtering by catches, fishing spots, reports, photos, buoys and stream gauges.
• Search millions of bodies of water such as; lakes, rivers, oceans, streams and ponds.

Fishing Forecast
• 7-day marine & land weather with hourly forecasts.
• Water temperature, precipitation, humidity and barometric pressure
• Real-Time NOAA Marine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring with wind, wave, tide and water level flow rates.

Solunar Forecast
• Find the best times to fish based on the "Solunar Theory"
• Easily navigate the fishing forecast to find the major and minor activity periods.
• Know when the fish are going to be more active and feeding based on the relationship of the sun/moon.
• Sun & moon forecast which include sunrise, sunset, moon positions and phases.

Personal Logbook
• Create your own digital fishing logbook and capture all the details of every catch.
• 45+ logbook attributes that can be tagged to a single catch.
• Automatically tag a catch with weather conditions, water temperature, sun & moon phases & more.
• You have complete control over your privacy settings. Choose to share your fishing experiences or keep it private.

Connect with other Anglers
• Connect with anglers both locally or around the globe.
• Find other anglers through discovery, geo location or what fish species are being caught.
• Share fishing photos, reports, and engage in conversation with like minded anglers.

News Feed
• We offer multiple news feeds including; Global, Local and Following.
• The "Global" news feed includes posts from all anglers on the platform
• The "Local" news feed can be customized to a radius of 10-500 miles around you.
• The "Following" news feed can be tailored by following specific fish species, anglers and bodies of water.

Virtual Tackle Box
• Personalized tackle box to track your commonly used baits and lures
• Add your custom tackle with description and photo
• Quickly tag a logged catch with the bait you used

Fishing Groups
• Create or join fishing groups with other anglers who share the same fishing interests. Perfect for fishing clubs, organizations or your closest fishing buddies!

Join us in creating the largest fishing community in the industry! Fishing Spots is
powered by the FishAngler platform.

Stay Connected:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fishanglerapp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fishanglerapp
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fishanglerapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fishanglerapp
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/fishangler

Company website: https://www.fishangler.com
General support questions: support@fishangler.com
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Customer Reviews
Great app

Pretty easy to use, forecasts have been a huge plus for planning. Would love to see a DM or chat function, the comment threads are a little choppy.

Too much trouble

I’ve got to hand over all my personal information before I can even SEE the app. Forget it! Your 1 star reviews are well deserved.

Looks really good

Although I have not used the app very much, seems easy to understand and is a great app!

Awesome app

It is an awesome app that can be very helpful sometimes, but it’s mostly just fun to see what other people are catching!

Couldn’t even create an account

There registration window has a bug - did not accept any of my password combinations. Kept telling me “password can only be...”. 1 star because cannot give 0.

Awesome App!!

Great app for fisherman and helps other fisherman get some ideas about fishing technique and tips. And definitely finding good fishing spots.


Great App to check out what and where people are catching fish. Highly recommend.


It’s a great way to communicate with anglers across the country

Another fishing app with fake fishing spots

People, these spots are populated from other anglers. How many anglers do you know that truthfully share their fishing holes? I don’t know any and can’t trust an app like this to tell me. I’ll pass.

Another data miner

Yet another app that requires you to create an account to use it. Ridiculous.

It is awesome

It is an awesome app I really suggest it

And it’s back to being great again!

I am changing my previous 1 star review back to 5 stars after the latest update. I’m glad I didn’t delete the app and never look back after the app got new ownership, because it is back to the functional app that I originally loved since they brought back the map feature to show where fish are being caught. That’s the only reason I used this app so much in the past anyways!! Thanks for the update!!!

This is Not a fishing app

It nice that folks are catching fish 3-5k miles away from me, though some are goldfish sized. I'm more interested in the waters around my area that are naturally populated with fish. I don't care for the DC reflecting pond, can't fish there even if it was stocked with fish. So I have to navigate through pages and menus to get to my local spots which is a Huge PITA. This app is more focused at folks showing off what they catch than assisting in finding or marking the best places and times to cast.

Great app until no MAP

Loved it until the new update which is nice and smooth but the map function was a must! Update 09/19/17 Any update on next update with map function?

What a bummer

Here I thought I was downloading the fishing version of Waze.... give me a map with catch icons by my species selection...nope... no catch map whatsoever. Nada. Sure is nice to see people fishing... but until I can dial-in my selected catch waters... viewing catch photos from Canada does me zero good. No catch map based upon my water criteria... catch and release app.

Great App!

Great app for sharing your catch with people who care about fishing. You can also learn more about patters of when and how people catch fish. I hope more people start using this app!

Very helpful

This is a great app!! It really gives us anglers the necessary information needed to enjoy what we love to do.... "GO FISHING!!"


Too complicated to use or find fishing spots


Now they require that I created an account and harvest my birthdate and email address. Goodbye Fishing Spots, it was fun while it lasted.

Love the app

One thing missing is a quick click to location for driving. It give you a google map but you can't click on the location for driving directions. Still have it 5 stars because it's still an awesome app.

Bad bad bad

Uhhhhh did I miss something? First they charge me for the full app without asking, then they update the thing and it's a completely different app. Now it's some crappy social media. I'm seeing fish people are catching in Oregon and I live in Texas and could care less than you could imagine what fisherman are doing up there. I can't even see the map anymore, which was the only useful part of this dumb overpriced thing. And I'm plagued with picture of fish species that don't even exist within 500 miles of me. Possibly the worst 6$ I accidentally spent ever. More like stolen from me. Terrible.

Great App, Use It Everywhere I Go

Usually pretty accurate and updated. Lots of users and lots of input keeps this app relevant

Recent update totally destroyed purpose of having this app

Recent update totally destroyed purpose of having this app even purchased the ad free for $1.99 for it but nothing matters now.

No use

If you are looking for an app that helps you find fishing spots local to you....this is not the app.

So much potential

Great app just needs a few updates for consumers to be completely satisfied.

Simple is sometimes better

This update blows. Primarily got this app just to have something easy to open to get best fishing times. This is way too unnecessarily complicated with all the personal information that's requested to just register and open the app. I'm surprised it doesn't ask for my favorite food and color. Nothing is intuitive about this update at all. I don't want to see a feed of people 1,000 miles from where I am once I finally open the app. Just a map and what's getting caught near me with best fishing times. For these reasons, I'm deleting this one. Sometimes simple is better.


Good app

What happened?

This used to be my go to app for quick, reliable fishing information. Now it's Instagram for fish. The interface is terrible, and finding useful information is an absolute nightmare. I deleted the app.


Why would you remove the map? Why would you update the app without the map portion ready for release ? This app is being deleted

I agree with the others

This app is now useless with no map. Also the forum was removed and the data was not properly transferred over. The old version was much better just didnt look as nice. The new version is still glitchy and has a bunch of useless features that don't even work. They dont even have brown trout as a listed species and i put in a request to add it a week ago. I will be looking for a new app to keep track of spots and help others in my area.

Terrible after update

Used to love this app until they look the map away. Now it's useless. I'm keeping it until the next update to see if they bring the map back... if not - I'm deleting!

Love the upgrade

It is nice to see this app updated it has been way to long. Love that you can follow particular bodies of water or species of fish. Thank you


Pointless now, great idea on turning it into a fishing instagram and removing the map.

Extremely disappointed

I'm extremely disappointed with the new update which does not include the GPS map feature where we can search catches nearby. You guys improved the design but totally RUINED the most important part of the app.


This app used to be one of the best, used to be able scout out locations and have the freedom to look around now you have to add lakes to scout, it's pretty much a waste of time now

Very nice app electric catch log & cool Solunar forecasting!

Best fishing app in App Store!

Was Good Now Terrible

Was a great app. Useless now. Deleted.


Your update means this Pp will be deleted and my inital investment in the trash. Thanks for reinventing the wheel. You all did have a good app. No more.

Great update! So many new features

The forecast feature is awesome! I love everything about the new update. It took a really outdated app and added a user friendly look and feel. It's my new favorite app!!!

Please please bring the old version back

How can we locate fishing spots on our map? Why did you get rid of that amazing feature? Please please please get a look at every other review after the update. This update mess this Application up. Please send us back to the old version, we were happy with it

No map

The only reason I got the update was I that got it would have a better map not get rid of it now it's they most useless app ever


This app used to be my favorite app to use to find fishing spots. After this most recent update, I think I will be deleting the app. This used to have a map with GPS and pictures to prove that people caught fish at that GPS location. Now I literally have to click on each picture just to see where it was taken. That is the hardest way to find a Fishing Spot ever. What if you just want to check in your area to see where there are some good spots? You took that option away from us. And for that I am taking my loyalty somewhere else.

Love the upgrade

I am so happy they updated. The old one was old and outdated. I hear they are coming up with great functionality! I can't wait. The best part is the Fishing Forecast under the more menu.

Ruined it

The only reason for using the app (the map) is gone.

Where's the map!?

Got rid of the best thing about the app! Nooooooooo!


You literally got rid of everything that was useful....the app is now garbage

Social app?

If I wanted to be social while I fished they'd be with me already. I now have to search for what I originally got this app for.

No Map???

I downloaded this to find fishing spots. But I can't find a map! It's set up like Pinterest and after you click the photo it says where it was taken. I want my area... I'm deleting app.

Hate the new update

Seems like they are trying to turn it into a knockoff Facebook, and hides/gets rid of the core functionalities that is to make this app useful.