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ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope

by ChronGlobal Corp.

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 12.88MB
Version: 1.13
Released: 2011-08-22
For ages: 4+


Top Free Tide App on iTunes!
KNOW GPS TIDE PREDICTION AND TIDES AS EASILY AS THE TIME. Works as a tide chart, tide graph and tide table, but in a wristwatch format. The Tidal Chronoscope provides an intuitive depiction of present and future tides for USA and many worldwide tide stations. Instantly, and at your very location. Along with lunar and solar positions, in the look and feel of the most popular tide watch ever.***Please check the Station List page on our website (http://www.chronglobal.com/station-list/) to ensure your country and/or your location is covered.

TOP Free Tide App on iTunes
TOP 1% of All Paid Apps on iTunes
#1 NEW & NOTEWORTHY Navigation Sept 2011
WHAT’S HOT Navigation Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2011
TOP 5 RANKED Navigation Dec 2011
#2 TOP RANKED UK Navigation Nov 2011

Optimized for iOS7.
Also available with enhanced features such as Custom stations, Interactive Tide graph, Maps, and more:
Tide: Tidal Chronoscope
And also optimized version for iPad: Tide: Tidal Chronoscope HD
Instant depiction and details of present and future tide predictions, lunar and solar positions. Our website provides a list of USA and International tide stations covered.
△ Automatically retrieves local tide predictions from tide stations in USA and worldwide. Optional manual station selection.
▼ Dedicated watch face for the visual depiction of the tide level at the current time, and up to to 7 days into the future.
△ Tidal watch face shows the present tide level and hours to high and low tide, as well as the current moon phase (for predicting neap and spring tides).
▼ Dedicated watch face for the visual depiction of the current moon phase and the relative position of the moon in the sky.
△ Dedicated watch face for the visual depiction of the relative position of the Sun in the sky.
▼ Set the watch to up to to 7 days into the future to see all relevant predictions for that time.
△ Information screen for detailed information about tidal and celestial events for up to 7 days in advance.
▼ GPS based location tracking for accurate local tidal predictions. Adjustable tracking parameters.
△ Favorite tide stations list.
▼ Imperial and metric units.
△ Luxurious depiction and accruements of a fine Swiss watch including time and date.
▼ Makes a great opening screen for your device providing you with instant time, tide, moon and solar movements.
△ Please remember that this application
is Not for Navigational Use.
***Please check the Station List page on our website
(http://www.chronglobal.com/station-list/) to ensure your country and/or your location is covered.

Please Note: Due to licensing requirements, we can no longer provide tidal information to the following countries: Australia, Bahrein, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (People's Republic of China), Columbia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Thailand, Uruguay.
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Customer Reviews
Adds are bad

They added adds to to the bottom. I payed for this app and should not have to look at adds. Distracting to me so I don't use the app anymore.

Great App

Can't get a better tide app. (except their enhanced edition - tide: tidal chronoscope)

Not Brilliant

Not worth spending the money, you could get better formatted information for free elsewhere. Not intuitive and no instructions on what the 'Watches' mean. Look at other offerings first. I have a watch, I don't need many more faces that tell me very little.

Good, but could be better

I've used this App for about a year and it works ok. My main problem with it is there is no instructions. If I want to change tide station locations, the list does not include the Bahamas, even though the watch shows tides in the Bahamas .

Works as advertised!

If you advance the date to see future sun, moon, or tide phases don't forget to reset the watch to current time when you're done or it will seem like the displayed information is incorrect when you check it for current conditions later on.


This is a great app! Highly recommend it !

Don't waste your money

Would not recommend to someone wanting a quick fishing/hunting tidal/moon calculator. I was not very impressed with this VERY simple clock face that really shouldn't have cost $2.99.

The Best One

Great app. Intuitive, friendly, easy to use. Love it!

Still haven't figured out how to read it

Everyone says it is intuitive, but I cannot figure the thing out. I always end up going go the info page to get a list of the tides. There are better cheaper apps that will do that. The only reason that I have not deleted it is that I hope eventually somehow I will get my money's worth.

iPhone App. Not impressed. Much better apps available.

After all the glowing reviews I bought this even tho' I have other tide predictors. My first big surprise was that this is an iphone app and not written for the iPad. I hate iPhone apps on the iPad. Resolution is grainy and they won't rotate to landscape. The watch face IS NOT intuitive or particularly informative. I have a tide/lunar watch and was hoping to use this to check my watch. My watch (Rip Curl) is far more informative and easier to understand. If there is a feature to predict several days in advance there certainly is no explanation of it anywhere. Looking at the similarity of the reviews before I bought the app I wondered if they had all been written by the app developers. I am more convinced than ever that this is partly true after looking at the real thing. NOT IMPRESSED (in fact, I feel taken advantage of). Spend you money on a better app.


Great graphics, intuitive. Automatically gives info on the nearest tide station. Especially secondary locations other tide apps don't do. Highly recommended!

Solid App!

This is a great app. Don't know what the problem is with the other reviewer, but no issues with checking other locations. It's completely automatic. Highly recommended!

Sorry but it does not work for me

I cannot find the way to select my tide station: gives me 8 pages all showing the same tide station 200 miles away and not the one that is only 2 miles from where I am. I may be old guard but the good ol' sinus diagram is much more intuitive for me

Great help for my fishing

I love to fish, but could not planned ahead of time. Now with this APP I am able to view ahead of time my best time to navigate the low depth of the canals surround my dock. This makes my fishing trouble free. Without this help I ran into many messy situations. Now I don't leave home to fish without consulting my IPad. Thanks to the developer!!!!!


Finally a tide app that is simple and clear to use. I'm a new boater and this app really puts me at ease about the tides.

Surfer gold!

It was almost impossible to time my surf to the waves, which are best at a fixed time after high tide! Now I can! Yes!

Know the tides

Whether for surfing, fishing, boating this is a handy and simple method for knowing what to expect during your day out on the water.

Great app! Gorgeous Graphics

Downloaded this easy to use app just in time for hurricane season. Used tidal information to ensure the safety of our boat and property. Bring it on, with this app we're ready!


Excellent APP just what we were looking for, absolutely does us justice at the tip of our fingertips!

Great app

Great app. Lots of information that comes in handy every day.

Fantastic tool for anyone on or near the water!

What a great app! Not only does it let you know what the state of the ocean tides are - wherever you are - it also gives you information about the positions of the sun and the moon! A must have for anyone on the water or preparing for a storm!


Living in south Florida this app is a most useful item:8 boating, diving, beach going - the uses are extremely relevant to our active lifestyle!

Amazing App

This is a great App. Anyone interested in boating, fishing, scuba diving or even just wanting to swim at low tide or catch the waves and need to know the tides, this App is for you. Easy to use and easy to read. Great information. In addition to the tides it is also great to know the phases of the sun and moon... Nice to know if planning on a sunset celebration. And, it looks very sophisticated. I highly recommend this App.

The Real Deal!!

This is one of the best apps for sure. I'm a big boater and fisherman and the tides are always so important to me when I'm on the water. It so easy to use and I love the fact that it gives not only your local state of tides in real time but I can set it for another port as well. It's also really cool that you can create your own watch to display everything. Love it!!!


Finally a very user friendly app. My passion for bone fishing has become ignited again as it has become simplified . With ease I now know when and where to fish with the greatest probability of having a haul

Love this App.

This App makes it so easy to prepare for a perfect diving spearfishing day. I love it!

Finally something worth paying for

While sailing this summer with friends I came across this app and showed it to my husband. He was so excited to finally find an app that has it all in one place. Very well thought out and easy to use. We've decided to gift it to dozens of our boater friends. Can't wait to hear their reactions. You won't go wrong with this purchase.

Great app!

Well done, chronglobal! I have tried other tidal apps but this is clearly superior to anything else on the market. The amount of accessible stations from around the world is incredible and I definitely appreciate being able to check the tidal conditions several days in advance so I could plan a boating trip accordingly. The app also includes the location of the sun and the moon in the sky in a sleek wristwatch format. Chronglobal has more content and better functionality than any other tidal app out there but on top of that, it looks great and it runs very smoothly. Definitely recommended for nautical experts and amateurs alike.

Amazing product

This is an amazing app for all tide watchers and boaters. In fact, it has so many great features that it would be useful for every person to have especially if you enjoy the ocean. You can track every tide around the world!


I am a swimming pool contractor in south Florida. When we excavate at the beach area we always have to deal with the water coming up. Since I got this app. I already saved big money by preparing my crew to do the steel work and order the concrete trucks just before the low tide. By the time the high tide came we were done, the concrete was set and I did not have to waste money for pumps and my crew sitting and waiting for the low tide. This application is simple to use and is accurate because it shows so many locations. In the past we always had to wait for hours because the tide locations that were available were so far from our actual location. Great tool for contractors. 5 stars hands down.


Just what I needed. Has tons of locations and is easy to use


I found this app smart and simple to function,even in Israel..great app!!

Best Tide App

Great Graphics! Easy to use.

Simple and Sophisticated -Great App

Really great app for anyone with a nautical interest - fishing, diving, boating - all of which interest me. Also good for "lunar-ticks" i.e. anyone interested in the phases of the moon and moon rise/set and sun rise/set. I like the simplicity of this app, even though it is quite sophisticated. The GPS of this app accesses government data bases to quickly tell you the current state of ocean tides at your desired port, or, for that matter, virtually any port anywhere in the world. I haven't seen anything else quite like this. It's also a great clock, in an easy to use and easy to see wristwatch format, which I prefer. Finally, this app is easy to set and maneuver to a variety of desired visual forms. I think it's pretty reasonable for what you get. Enjoy it!!!

Awesome app!

This was the best app I've found for following the tides. It's user friendly and exactly what I've been looking for. I've been traveling through Europe over the past couple of weeks and came across this app and I'm glad I did because its been of huge assistance for boating, fishing and scuba diving. Its simply the best app in it's category. I highly recommend it!

User friendly!!!

Very practical and so easy to use... Highly recommended For boat lovers!!! Enjoy

Perrrrfct tide app

This app is simple to use and so far perfect for my needs. Tide watch face is very easy to understand.

Easy to use!

Chronglobal is probably the most user friendly tide indicator app on the market. Great for boaters and fishermen. Definitely the best option for quick reference on tide info out today!

Great tide app

I live in western NC with a second home in Cape Hatteras. With hurricane Irene scheduled to hit around my Cape home about 10pm or so, I was anxious to know when high tide would be coming. None of the other tide apps out there could do what this does. I was able to set the tide watch dial to precisely the time I wanted at 10 pm this coming Sat. night (3 days). The watch indicated exactly what the tides would be at. Anxiety gone. Also, watch seems to have all the secondary areas which I travel to. But its real nice to be able to plan my fishing trips and know exactly what the tides are at a particular hour at anytime in the future. Watch dial is very intuitive once you understand it. I have several other tide apps. Save yourself time and money. This is the best one out there. Nice job.


Amazing app and truly versatile and user friendly. Its ability to recognize multiple NOAA stations makes it unique. If you have a boat - get it!


I love this application. Intuitive and user friendly. I recommend for anyone that has a boat.

Great App

I am not a good writer, but I have live by the water all my life, boats, fishing , water sports is my favorite pastime. What I love about this App is how simple it is. Also love it's great look. Congratulations on a job well done!!!