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Animated Fishing Knots

by John Sherry

(8 user ratings)


Download size: 19.66MB
Version: 1.7
Released: 2009-09-18
For ages: 12+


#1 Fishing Knot App on iTunes since 2009. Continually updated to keep it the best.
#1 Sports App in 25 countries.
A "TOP 10 BOATING APP FOR THE IPHONE" by PropTalk Magazine, May 2010 issue.

60 Best Fishing Knots = Most fishing knots and best value in the store. Plus 2 emergency hook removal techniques!

Animations are a great way to learn to tie knots. The Animated Fishing Knots App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of 60 fishing knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot and a description of the knot’s use.

The following 60 best fishing knots are included (the most fishing knots of any App in the store):

Knots for tying on tackle:
•Baja Knot
•Berkley Braid Knot
•Centauri Knot
•Davy Knot
•Drop Shot Rig
•Egg Loop
•Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Fish N Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Harvey Dry Fly
•Improved Clinch Knot
•Jansik Special
•Knotless Knot
•NanoFil Knot
•Offshore Swivel Knot
•Orvis Knot
•Palomar Knot
•Pitzen Knot
•San Diego Jam Knot
•Snell Knot new Easy Version!
•Snell Knot Uni version
•Snell Knot Traditional version
•Trilene Knot
•Turl Knot
•Uni Knot
•World’s Fair Knot

Knots for tying two lines together:
•Alberto Knot
•Albright Special
•Australian Plait
•Blood Knot
•Double Uni Knot
•FG Knot
•J Knot
•Loop To Loop Knot
•Nail Knot
•Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon to mono)
•Slim Beauty (Awesome leader knot)
•Surgeon’s Knot
•Willis Knot
•Yucatan Knot

Knots for tying loops in line:
•Bimini Twist
•Dropper Loop
•Homer Rhode Loop Knot
•King Sling
•Non Slip Loop Knot
•Perfection Loop
•Rapala Knot
•Spider Hitch
•Surgeon’s End Loop

•Arbor Knot (Tie line to reel)
•Bobber Stopper Knot
•Haywire Twist
•Hook Removal (two techniques, animated)
•'Knot Tyer' Tool Nail Knot
•Two Strike Indicator Knots
•Two Tenkara Knots!

- 60 carefully selected best fishing knots
- Knots are listed and searchable alphabetically by name or by category and use.
- Zoom, Pause, and Play the video with controls
- Info page shows completed knot and gives information about the knot and its use.

Email us your comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you. info@jesherry.com
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Customer Reviews
Great App

Awesome app to have for fishing the outdoors !

Cool & basic interface!

My recommendation is having a simple favorites section. So the user can make a quick reference of their personal favorite knots & most commonly used. Depending on the situation, this would make it quick in the field, so there's more time actually fishing & less time fishing around for a couple or a few good knots to select.

Love the App

Been using it for about a year. Whenever i forget a knot, I pull this baby out. I also use it to show illustration to friends and family


Of you fish you will love this tutorial...

fishing knots

Really handy to have with you. Just in case a senior moment occurs.


Awesome have to be dumb not to get.

Animated fishing knots

Was real amazed at the illustrations provided within the app totally worked as advertised was able to apply what I learned from the app in real time fishing the other day this app is well worth the money I spent and is my goto app as per everything knots animations look stunning its real good apps like this that make a difference at the App Store !!

Use this every day

I don't know why anyone would give this less than 4 stars, while It does not have a step by step photo, it has an incredibly easy animated video that you can pause at any time, I HIGHLY recommend this app which is one of my personal favorites!

Hook in a thumb

I saved my friends thumb

Excellent app

I have two knot apps. Both are excellent in their info and animations. The other one has a few more knots, but this one has an adequate number and mix of good knots, and the other costs $5, so this still gets 5 stars.

Decent fishing app.

I have a few fishing knot applications, this one is decent enough. Wish there was an option for a step by step set of pictures as well as the animations so that you can tie as you go while looking at the pictures.

Great knot app

The best knot app I have found. The animated demonstration videos for each knot is great. This app will help any fisherman.

Fishing fun

A great little app to have all my favorite knots right at my fingertips where and when I need them while I'm fishing.

Great little app.

I've used this on my boat and on the beach surf fishing. Animations are so good my kids can use it.

Hands down the best fishing knots app.

I have four knot apps that I have purchased and this is the one I go to first because the video is superior since it shows only the ropes themselves moving slowly without hands being in the way. I use this for fishing and for teaching others, especially kids, to tie knots. I recently used it with a troop of Boy Scouts my fishing club was helping to earn a fishing merit badge to illustrate the can-be-complicated Nail Knot. The written uses for each knot is also very helpful. I only wish they would add more knots. Camping and boating knots would be cool (but then they'd have to change the name!). The app Knot Guide has the most knots and great step by step photos, but not video animation. Now if the two would marry they would have a six star app.

Best Palomar knot depiction.

Again like the Pro Knot app, this is one of the few places to see the Palomar Knot tied correctly. The Palomar can be close to a 100 percent knot only if it is tied correctly. Grog's depiction is not correct. A great animated site for the great knots.


From novice to pro angler  thank you great apps.

Great App

Like it love it!


Great game...it is very useful while fishing and you don't need Internet!


Excellent app, great animation, make it easy to learn new knots.

Best knot app

This is the best knot app out there. Great buy for the money. Video makes learning new knots very easy. Includes knots for every type of fishing.

Great app the best!!!


Handy app for anglers and fly fishers

Very good videos for many knots. Had it with me on vacation and used it to verify some of the knots I wanted to use. The web site is also useful. I look forward to more knits in future updates.


Great app! Very good to have when your on the go. I just got back into fly fishing and this will be great to have while on the stream!


I like the video part that shows how to tie the knots. Well done