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Moving? Just the word makes people want to crawl under the bed and hide. We all hate it... but it is inevitable that that day is in your future. Enter Easymovers app from Azerics to the rescue. The Easymovers app is sort of a one-stop shop ready to make your move go as smooth and painless as possible. With it, the app will connect you with experienced local professionally insured contractors in your area that have been pre-screened complete with background checks ready to go to work at a moments notice. One feature of their service that stands out is you can negotiate the price before the job starts... so no fourth quarter surprises. They also will connect you with contractors that will haul junk away, or pick up heavy furniture or items that won\'t fit in your car from stores that don\'t deliver or charge a fortune. All in all this app provides a valuable service and makes the chore of moving just a little less stressful. One thing to note is currently the app services only Chicago, Indianapolis, New York City, Miami, and Austin with plans to expand throughout the country. Easymovers is a great app with a bright future. EasyAppFinder Reviewed.
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Easymove: Moving & Delivery

by Emin Aliyev

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Download size: 73.57MB
Version: 1.5
Released: 2018-08-04
For ages: 4+


Easymove connects you with professional, reliable, local movers anytime you need it. It's the smartest alternative to traditional movers, 
renting a truck and doing it yourself- our app connects you with local independent strong easymovers to help with moving, hauling and junk removal. Easymove is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your apartment move, on Craigslist,or new stuff delivered from stores like Art Van ,HomeGoods, Best Buy, Target and IKEA. Use Easymove to find local, reliable moving and delivery service in the following cities: Chicago, Indianapolis, New York city, Miami, Austin.

We constantly expanding our service area.

Why Easymove:
• Easy and Smart - Save yourself the time and headache. Request an Easymove in seconds. Forget renting a trunk or van.
• Stress free - Enjoy moving. We are more than U-haul,Task Rabbit & Thumbtack, every job is accepted and completed for a 5 star experience.
• Affordable - Negotiate a guaranteed price upfront before you book—no surprises!

• Convenient - On-demand, on your schedule. Choose as soon as 15 minutes from when you book. Book for today, or next month - it’s up to you! 
• Safe - Easymovers are independent contractors who are background checked, certified, reviewed, and backed by a commercial insurance policy. Your stuff has multi-million dollar insurance

Use Easymove to find help with the following moving services & more:
• Small Apartment Moves. For the DIY mover that needs help moving large items like beds, dressers, tables, couches, and more. 
• Retail Store Delivery. More convenient, faster, and often cheaper than traditional home delivery options
• Craigslist, OfferUp Pick-up and Delivery. Don’t let public transit or a small car keep you from that sweet Craigslist deal. 
• Small Business Moves. Office move? Find help to get settled in quick.
• Junk Removal. Book an Easymove to remove and haul away your junk. Includes trash removal and responsible disposal.
• Donation Drop-off. Pile of stuff collecting dust? Easymovers can also do donation runs. 
• Move your stuff into your Public storage, U-Haul, Extra Space Storage unit with Easymove. It’s easier than renting a truck and doing all the heavy lifting yourself!
• We will delivery your stuff from Home Depot, Menards, Lowe`s.As a Contractor you do not need to waste time, continue your job we will deliver construction materials for you.

How it Works
1. Enter Your Details - Tell us when, where, and what you need help with.

2. Negotiate Your Budget - Get an instant, guaranteed price.
3. Schedule Your Easymove - Enjoy, one more thing checked of your list!
4. Track and communicate with your Easymovers in real-time.
Forget rent a U-Haul again! We have 1000 Helpers who are ready to help you with your apartment move, IKEA delivery, furniture delivery, furniture donation, dump run, junk removal, storage unit move, mattress removal, office move, and everything in between.
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Customer Reviews
Exactly what America needed!

This thing is so awesome!! We used it twice and both times amazing results. Low price and efficient outcome. Thank you, guys! You’re the future!

Best MOVING APP and Great for Extra $$$$

The best moving application. Its very easy to use to move your staff and it help with rates to save money to move your staff. The Uhaul and Budget overpriced me, this moving company much much Better and it save you a lot, especially if you student living in city. The app very easily connects drivers with customers. Also, its good for drivers to make extra cash in free time.

Easy to use and reliable movers

I requested to moving service from Storage to my apartment,movers loaded my stuff from storage and started to unload in my apartment.Alex and Mike were so nice and polite.My building manager gave them hardtime because of service elevator.Movers never complained,they just continued moving. They did 1bd moving and assembled my king size bed.I was so happy to have Easymove.Thank you so much. Will use it in the future and recommend to my friends.