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Amazon Kindle

by AMZN Mobile LLC

(17,086 user ratings)


Download size: 163.07MB
Version: 6.8
Released: 2009-03-04
For ages: 4+


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go.

eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.
What you’ll get:
• With your newsfeed you can discover what the readers you trust are reviewing and rating highly to find your next great read, and discuss the books, passages and ideas that inspire you while only being one tap away from diving back into your book.
• Sample any eBook for free
• Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images
• A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more
• Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color
• Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines
• Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more
• Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page
• Ability to make and share in-page highlights
• Bold font and text size options
• Access to local library eBooks
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Customer Reviews
Gteat Authors and Titles

Keeping up with new authors and revisiting those whom I have read from the past provides me with hours of contentment. It is wonderful to have this wealth of pleasure literally at my fingertips. This technology has made a huge difference in my world. Friends from all over can read the same works and discuss ideas in our texts or emails. Re-connecting with special friends from college and even early childhood is a bonus—especially when we find common ground on our choices of books. Thanks!

Nicola S1

Great service. Pricing has become a bit strange... for example i priced Hare with Amber Eyes before buying it on Amazon. Quote was $9.99. Then i purchased it and the price was $19.99! Turned out that there are two versions of the book. The text is exactly the same in each. The $19.99 version has an updated cover design. While the updated design looks quite nice on my iphone screen, it hardly justifies the 100 percent price difference. I do love the ease of reading on any of my devices, that Kindle provides,wherever i am. And i am particularly grateful for the feature that takes me to my place in the book on the last device that i used

Love it

I love my kindle app. It does everything I need. It would be nice to have a sliding magnifier now that I am getting older and a way to turn pages using the left hand.

Kindle review

Love, love, love this app!!!

Love the mobility

I love that I can read my books on any device anywhere.

I ❤️the kindle app!

I started reading books on kindle when it first came out. Within a short time it was 50/50 between my ‘iPad books’ and physical books. I am now 90/10. I love reading digital books for the incredible convenience of getting books immediately and reading almost anywhere. Kindle makes it easy to use, annotate, look up words and save in a library that is always with me.

Love My Kindle Everywhere

Great app! Never had any problems

Navigation issues

Have a problem navigating seamlessly

Reading Kindle

It’s so easy for me to read on kindle because of bad eye sight. I love being able to enlarge the print to make reading easier!

Love it

Really enjoy reading with kindle.

Una buen biblioteca

Me encanta leer en kindle por q uno puede viajar y documentarse con cada libro que decidas leer . Puedes buscar ciudades y así vivir cada libro y sentirlo más cerca de ti y puede encontrar cualquier tipo de información

Amazon Kindle on IOS & osMac


My book is always with me!

Having books always with me on my I-Phone is a huge joy to me. That unexpected wait or downtime anywhere now easily is converted from irritating to enjoyable and relaxing. Having guidebooks or maps or natural history identification apps always at my fingertips while traveling or hiking, even when there is no WiFi or cell service, and without carrying the weight and bulk of traditional sources, makes for much more enjoyable traveling for me. An early irritation to me using both the I-Phone app and the Kindle itself was corrected a while back: I always found it hugely annoying to come to a photo or map or diagram while reading and not be able to zoom it in to see it better. Problem fixed! Now if I could more easily creat a good filing system to have my books organized better in the phone app, I’d give it 5-stars easily!

Can’t live without this app

I love carrying my library with me. Kindle makes downloading books so easy

Rating Kindle

I love the kindle app. So many books to buy and great free books. So easy to use and quick downloads. I give it a ten out of ten.

I love it

I love this app

Kindle nears perfection

With each new iteration, each new update and enhancement, Kindle edges ever closer to perfection. Ready is a huge part of my life, and I have never read as much in book form than I do on my Kindles (I have three). The ease of obtaining my favorite book makes me feel like I'm living in the future. Think of a book and moments later I'm reading it. I go on vacation without loading down my suitcase with books, like I used to do. I have 1,000 books in my pocket. I've used some of the other readers, and to be fair, some are darn good. But Amazon's Kindle is the best. It is the first app I download when I upgrade my iPhone. Amazon keeps me on the edge of my seat with their frequent ingenious enhancements to the Kindle experience.

Great experience.

Convenient and easy to use. I prefer to read books on Kindle now rather than traditional books.

Great App, but PDFs...?

Only criticism would be regarding PDFS. I wish the app had search and highlight capabilities, or that PDFs would be converted into a searchable, markable format.

Greatest thing for readers like me!!

great app Such freedom to be able to read my books omN many devices

Quick and Convenient

When I want to receive a book right away having the Kindle App is a quick and convenient way for me to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, I love have an actual book in my hand and turning the pages highlighting as I go but sometimes waiting for a book to be mailed out to me isn’t feasible at the moment. I hope to one day purchase an actual Kindle reader and have that experience of reading my books on a bigger screen. In the meantime I recommend trying the Kindle App. Happy reading!

Needs more lighting display options

I really like using the Kindle Reader, mainly because it has so many books that I can’t find on Play Books, iBooks, or Nook. But my biggest complaint is the lighting display options. I find the green background to be too annoying. Even with Sepia it’s still a bit bright, if it wasn’t for all the books on the kindle I would stick with google play books. Because of their nightlight display that automatically filters the blue light, replacing it with warm amber light. They could also have like a grey or charcoal background too. I really want them to add more options.

One of my fav apps

The easiest way to bring 10 books with you on vacation!


The kindle allows this avid reader to take all of her books, bible, devotionals every she goes. I read on my iPhone, iPad, and or surface pro while at home and while traveling.

Not syncing

I find that there are times that the app on my iPad will freeze and also more often than not, the app on my iPhone and iPad do not sync with my kindle e-reader. At times it can be quite annoying.

Kindle App

Read almost all my books on the Kindle App


I love reading on my Kindle. The only thing I would say is that sometimes its difficult to close the book I am reading to get to my library. Not sure if this is an app issue or not.

Great for digital library books

Enjoy reading on my iPad. Easy way to check out books from the local library.

The Best!

Love reading on kindle. Such easy access to good reads!

Portable Library

Take any book with you. Read it. Convenient. Space-saving.

Kindle app is amazing!!

When you’re in the middle of a great book... you can’t put it down! So convenient to be able to read on your phone when you don’t have your kindle with you!! Or another tablet.. if you forgot to charge your kindle. What more is there to say, the kindle app is amazing!!

Can’t read a paper book anymore!!

I have had my kindle for 6 years and can’t read from a paper book anymore. It is always with me. I love it


I really enjoy my kindle app

Love it!

So great to be able to read a book anywhere and anytime! Especially love that I can read a sample first..

Love this App!

Use this App all the time. So handy and always with me.

Kindle App


Excellent reading app!

The Kindle app is easy to use. I have it on my phone, iPad and computer. I especially like that it will sync between devises so I can pick up easily my reading on whatever device is available. I have my whole library of Kindle books wherever I am. Excellent!

Love my ebook apps!

Love this app! I can take my books with me anywhere and continue to read them on any of my devices if I forget my iPad or my phone is charging. Best invention ever was the ebooks and the apps for them! Thanks Amazon for always having awesome prices!

Just fine


Kindle app

I love the app. I am an avid (over 1,000 books so far). Keep up the good work


Your latest update makes me redownload all my books that I've PAID FOR and erases me entire library. It doesn't allow me to even open the app without an internet connection which is the only time I use your app. I hate this app, completely useless and broken.

The perfect way to always have a book available.

I love reading my Kindle books. I’m never without something to read and I don’t have to carry a book with me. I have it on my Fire, iPad and phone. No matter where I’m at, I can just pick up where I left off and continue reading.

Reading on a Kindle

Amazing to have an entire library at my fingertips!!


I love having endless books at my fingertips!

Too great

I love Kindle. It is so easy and the attachment to Amazon makes it flawless.


Kindle has been a wonderful app for my phone.

Great to work with

And convenient as well. Beats carrying a full on book with me on my many frequent trips.

Reading 2.0

I read a lot of books but I read a lot more with the kindle app. It syncs seamlessly between devices and Audibles allowing me to maximize my listening and reading experience in any situation. Taking the time to navigate the settings is helpful. Syncing to goodreads is also a great bonus. Five stars.

All my books wherever I am

No books are ever misplaced, no matter where I am I can access all my books either on my phone, iPad or computer. It’s rare for me to purchase print books anymore. I love Kindle.

Can read anywhere

I love having Kindle on my phone. I can read anywhere. If I have to wait for an appointment, wait for someone, read on a train, a plane. I always gave a book with me or can get one from wherever I am. That’s what I love - always having a book.