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Book Writer

by Life Lab

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 74.62MB
Version: 4.831
Released: 2011-12-03
For ages: 4+


Take Note, Organize Thoughts, Make a Book. Share with the World.
Make your own book with Book Writer. Anyone can easily make a book.

Make an interactive book and enjoy making and reading the books you made!

You can use it in school, work, and at home to make all types of books such as photo book, recipe book, diary, PR booklet, PDF documents, and etc.

Making a multimedia book

You can add pictures, text, voice recordings, songs, and videos on the page.
You can use the camera to take pictures or videos and add them right on to the book.
You can draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
Provides interactive functions such as item connection and auto play to make your book more fun.

Easy and intuitive interface

Children of all ages can easily use the interface.
Use the Item Bar to add items to the page by drag&drop.
All text are shown on the page in real time with the In-Page text editor that is provided.
Use the Undo function to return to the previous work.

Share your books

You can share your book with others using Book World. Join the Book World and upload your book to Book World, and follow your favorite author.
Books in Book World can be read on diverse smartphone, PC and Mac.
You can share your book with Book Writer on Dropbox, iTunes or via E-mail.

Read through iBooks

The books made with Book Writer can be read through iBooks.
You can read your book in Book Writer directly, or Book World web reader.

Paperbook publish service

You can publish your book to paperbook using Paperbook publish service. Published books can also be seen in Book World via smartphone, PC, Mac.

In Class

Book Writer is being used in many countries by thousands of people for educational use.
Book Writer helps students to make a book by organizing their thoughts. With an intuitive interface, anyone can easily express and organize their thoughts.

50% discount for educational institutions.

Use App Store Volume Purchase Program to purchase Book Writer.
For more details - http://www.apple.com/itunes/education/

Main Functions

Templates are provided to make books of different styles and formats.
Choosing a layout style automatically relocates your items.
Use drag & drop to easily add items.
You can use the photos from Photo Library to add to the book, or can add pictures taken directly from camera.
Pictures can be moved, the size can be adjusted, and you can rotate or crop the pictures by touching.
Text box item can be added to the page to input text.
Supports fonts and styles of various types.
You can draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
You can add videos from your album or you can directly record videos with your camera to add them.
Use recorder to record your voice and add to the book, or add music from Music Library to your book.
Bring any music from Music Library to add as your background music.
Use the auto play function to automatically play the media at the time you want.
Item connection function is provided to connect your pictures or text to sound items.
The Undo function allows you to return to your previous work.
Use the Page Editor to add or delete pages or change the order of the page by using drag & drop.
You can combine two books together.
The completed book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’.
Books that have been created can be shared via Book World, iTunes, E-mail, Dropbox, etc.
Share your book with others using Book World. And can be read on many smartphone, PC, Mac.
You can publish your book to paperbook using Paperbook publish service.
Save your book as a PDF document or you can use AirPrint or use Export to print the books
The standard E-book format, epub, is supported to read the made books with iBooks and you can register your books on iBookstore.
Book Writer supports the fixed-layout format of iBooks. The fixed-layout format is not ideal for books with long text like novels.

Online support is included. Please visit our homepage - http://goodeffect.com
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Customer Reviews
I don't have anything to compare it to

It's pretty simple yet I like it.

Love this app!

This app has everything I need to create my books with ease. Very well designed and easy to use. I highly recommend this app to create your ebooks with sound, video and more!

Writer! Could be a bit easier for non nerds!

Same message as above in the subject line.

Love this app

Easy to use. At first the drag and drop feature took some getting used to, but I love the flexibility in layout it allows. Easily transmits book ePub format to iBooks.

Crashing at the end

I have a iPhone 6+.. Spent time creating and editing the book. When I try to email the book - it crashes. If I try to send PDF it crashes. If I try to publish the book it crashes. If I upload to Drop Box and then try to open file from Drop Box it fails. If I try to open in another application, it crashes. The only reason I didn't give it just one star is because if they fix these issues, it would be an awesome app. The user interface is is easy to use. So frustrated.

Terribly disappointed

Can't format my paragraph, no indentation, have to use a text box to add the writing, and the text box doesn't fill the whole page. This is NOT what I wanted at all. I wanted something to help me publish a fictional ebook, not something to make an escrapebook. Wish I had not bought this it's very frustrating to use and the help page won't even open. Such crap.😤

It could be better

I want to emphasize that this app is a great one but still could be better than this.

Not Great

It does what it says it will do, however, I bought it with the understanding I could create ePub files and easily get them listed for sale ibooks. It creates an ePub file, but the file was so riddled with errors that eventually I started over and recreated the book in a different program. This app does not interface with iBookstore. It would be nice to have markers that show when the text boxes are consistently aligned from page to page. The icons aren't intuitive, and it is easy to accidentally drag text boxes and photos unintentionally. Overall, I wasted time trying to use this app for my book, and had to start over in Blurb.

Good but cannot write correctly on other pages

When I'm writing, it just went to front page. Please fix that bug


Easy to make a book I 've been looking everywhere for the app. Book Writer is a good app I was looking for . Easy-to-use. I like it! I will continue to look forward to a great update!

Layout flaw

I LOVE the way this app works... I've tried them all and this is by far the best EPUB book app. But it has a fatal flaw that makes it unuseable to me. When you view your book in iBooks in single page layout, it doesn't show a single page... It also shows about an eighth of the previous or the following page. This is totally distracting for the type of book I'm making. Also, in double page viewing, the book is too wide... one must scroll to show the next page in full view. There's a big button on the app for contacting the app author. Too bad it doesn't work. Gmail says the email address doesn't exist. I hope I'm wrong and there's a fix to this, and I hope the app author will correct the address so he/she can actually be reached.

Book writer!!

Not good!!! it skips!!!BIG TIME!!!!!

No video capability :(

Mainly bought this app for a Thanksgiving Recipe book that I could import video of my family making the recipes together and put the video with the recipes, unfortunately there is only audio and photo import capability no video imports. :(

Pretty good

Pretty good overall it's cool u can save ur books on iBooks

Not a good app.

This is really a Micky Mouse app.

Has issues

Seriously need to work out the bugs like sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Can't freely move boxes, can't delete images, can't can't can't... Very disappointed.

It's a pretty good start... BUT

It works! However there is no undo. I did something that would have been perfectly normal in any other app and wound up accidentally deleting a whole page of my text. There is no undo and that was that. Not at all happy about it. Best advice is write your text elsewhere and paste it in. Serious pain in the butt. However you will be fully protected, no thanks to this app. Yes, it works, but be careful. Aside from that it's a little awkward till you get the feel of it but it does allow you to author books that you can open in various readers and presumably stick on the Internet, though I haven't tried that yet. It also lacks a lot of stuff. Text seems like an awkward kludge rather than utilizing the normal Apple text tools. There is no way to get bold or underline. Instead of using the color picker you are provided with a chart of pre-selected colors. In audio you can turn your audio on or off, but the slider to get to a part of the track you want is not there. On the other hand, as I said at the beginning. It Works. It seems to be the only app that enables you to author books on the iPad, so if you want the capability here it is. Now let's hope that this is just the beginning. Pete

Unique and powerful

Excellent app for the creation of eBooks. I found it to be particularly useful to create annotated photo albums. The app is rock solid and stable on both iPhone and iPad and I had no difficulty customizing fonts, placement, layout, sharing, etc. The developer is also highly responsive and offers great support. Great idea and implementation. Highly recommended!

Easy to use; makes amazing pages!

I LOVE this app!!! I can use this with my kids, and we all have a blast becoming creative. The voice recording is awesome; I highly recommend!


Interface is set up perfectly; so easy to use. I love the new ability to use Internet Music and the overall app is 10 stars!

Needs More Features

This app is ok, but for the price you're paying it needs more features. It is great to use with your kids and write a book with them, but for more serious projects, this app is not worth it.

Too Limited

Very disappointed! Way too limited options. I can do more with Pages. Wasted my hard earned cash!

great app

very useful app, works great on my ipad. Own ebook make is so amazing.


This app allow me to put my photos and videos in my book. It makes my book very vivid. But the price is a little expensive.

My daughter loves it!

This is a great app...My daughter loves to create her own books and share them...Although I do think the price tag is a little high...But it wasn't too much for my daughters entertainment...The interface is nice and easy to use...Good job!

Love this app

I write alot of poetry, so this will give me somewhere to manipulate it easily and add pictures to it to add more depth to the words. It's great.


This app has a lot of great features. It's very convenient to use. After I finish the book, I can share it with my friend via email. It's really cool.

Very Awesome App!

I don't know why people have been rating this app so low. I tried it for myself and it worked amazingly. It didn't crash and I was able to make a simple yet cool looking book. The app even imports it into your book collection on iBooks. This is definitely worth the money. It works on iPhone 4s. Maybe the bad reviews come from lower models. I will definitely use this app a lot. Highly recommended.

Difficult to use

I found this app to be difficult to write with. I think it would be easier to use a program on a computer.


Amazing Unbelievable!


I want a refund for my 3 buck or was it 4 .... I doubt u can do that but just saying


Not even worth one star. I was excited about this, but it crashes immediately! And I have hundreds of pages documents I was hoping to tie into an iBook with an easy import. Oh well, deleting this waste of time and money.

Ripped Off

Sixty thousand words into my latest novel, I decided that I would like to make an e-book out of it. This app is not for writers or anyone else who intends to put out anything resembling a serious book. It may suffice for a very short children's book with a single font and pictures that cannot be scaled but I feel like a fool for having wasted money on an app that isn't worth the time it took to download.

Works great...follow the directions

More options for background colors and fonts would make this app better...but with some creativity and jpegs you can create your own backgrounds. Converted to view was simple...


Purchased this app and immediately tried to use it. Wouldn't let me even edit the text or remove certain text I didn't want. I love writing and having my work as an ebook that I could read later on in iBook sounded awesome...just wished this app worked.


I was excited about this app. I have others but heard this i is one you can actually share, as the others will not send your own pdf. This one crashes as soon as i get going, its a drag to waste money on this. Maybenut isnt fir my osi but tha should be explained first.

Pass on by

Slow, low res, spotty performance way better options out there

No Video

The description says that it will allow you input video but there is no option to do this nor is there any mention of how to do it in the manual. I have emailed the creator with no response. Very disappointed. Don't waste the money. UPDATE: I received an email from the creator. Video is possible but the video must be in the Photo Library. An update to embed video from other sources or simply links would be nice but app does what it says it will do.


This app is such a waste of money. It doesn't do anything you want it to. Pure crap. Don't buy.


It crashed when I updated it fix the problems!!!!!!!!!

Needs improvement

This app will not let you edit text at all please fix this and I will change my review

Lousy manual and no help w/sharing

Poor manual so I'm left stranded as to how to email or publish. It's easy to make a simple book, but that's it. Hope future upgrades fix glitches. Don't buy yet


For $3.99 this is a very disappointing app. You can't import text from Pages or MS Word; can't increase/decrease font size within iBooks (like you can with other books); no page numbers within the book; it basically turns your text into a photo on the page. The features are minimal and very clumsy even if it was a free app! If you're looking for a way to make an iBook with pre-written text, don't buy this app.


Crashes after every photo upload and all past work is lost. Very frustrating and waste of money.

Crash app

Wish it worked, but crashes at different times during use.

Great app

Nice app @ a good price. Thanks guys :)

Does what it says

This is a great app - much more intuitive than iBooks Author - but very simplified and has few extras. I wanted to create a children's book from scanned images of the original hardcover version of the book . This app makes it happen, and exporting to iBooks is easy. Now I have a digital version of an out-of-print children's book with just a scanner and this app. The pages "turn" like they are supposed to with other iBooks. Great app, great price, you should get this app!

DO NOT BUY! Give me my $4 back! 😡

Big glitch. Won't let me edit text. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Needs refinement but good start

The app is getting there. It needs some more robust import features and a little cleaner GUI but is on the right track. It's really suited more for an iPad app than iPhone... But I think some people will enjoy using it. I do think the price point is a bit high for its functionality and with further development could be more useful semi-pro tool for more serious uses.