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Full discloser; I am writing this review wearing reading glasses. Sound familiar to anyone?? In truth, I had never heard of the “Bates Method” of exercises to naturally correct one\'s vision. After doing a little research on the subject and reading and watching videos, I came away surprised that these technics are not used and shared by more people. Enter the “SniperSight” app which is like having Dr. Bates in your phone and ready to help no matter where you are. If you have any common eyesight abnormalities like Farsighted, Nearsighted, Cataract, Cross-Eyes, Glaucoma, or simple eye strain this app could change your life. What\'s more, many of the technics and exercises make perfect sense. Some technics however at first seem a bit strange, but so does having to wear glasses for the rest of your life… so “just go with it“! The “SniperSight” app is easy to use and very straightforward. After you have selected your specific eye condition and read some basics, you are off to the technics which are laid out in order. Just follow the instructions, and you are on your way. Much like losing weight, this is not a magic pill if you don’t follow the instructions. You also need to practice, but the rewards are worth the effort. And by having everything handy in an app, you can practice anywhere. I am just getting started, but I look forward ( pardon the pun ) to seeing the results. Given the alternative that as we all age our vision diminishes, this app could genuinely be a godsend. Worth every penny! EasyAppFinder gives it two thumbs up!
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SniperSight: Eye Exercises

by Lost Technology LLP

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Download size: 12.88MB
Version: 2
Released: 2018-09-24
For ages: 4+



You don’t have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts anymore.

SniperSight™ will help you get rid of your glasses using these simple exercises that are very well-known and developed by the renowned Dr. Horatio Bates.

The exercises need to be done everyday for a few months to see the changes and reduce your eye disorders drastically.

These are the highly sought after original eye exercise techniques known also as The Bates Method.

They offer natural perfect eye sight at any age- no contacts, no glasses, no surgery, completely organized for iOS.


Have you been using reading glasses for a long time? Are you frustrated wearing them? This is the right place to get started to correct your eyesight forever.


Dr. Bates has developed these exercises so that you can start enhancing your vision immediately and read/view anything with pure confidence.

+++ FEATURES +++

Covers all the basics for the Bated method with detailed exercise descriptions.

Read how to do the exercises with the visuals and diagram representations.
A step-by-step guide to follow all the techniques and practice them.

Simple to search for any specific exercise and start following it everyday.
Ideal method for people who wear contact lens and spectacles.

Healing process starts immediately.
Results can be seen depending on your schedule and consistency.

Effective for people of all age groups.

Best suited for kids. Helps them improve their eyesight at an early age.

Handy for older people to improve their vision and start reading better.

Read about your problem and the treatment required and get started in just a few minutes.
Solid and robust user interface.
For iPhone and iPad.

--------HOW DO YOU USE THIS APP??---------

Open the App and check from a list of eye conditions.

Select the condition that you are suffering from and view the information.
This will show you what’s causing the condition and how you can cure them quickly.

There are multiple exercises listed for your eye condition which you can go through easily.
Find the best exercises that suit your requirement.

Simply tap on the exercise, read the instructions and do them everyday.
This will cure your eyesight and help you read letters and numbers faster.

That’s it! And may you never wear glasses or contacts again.

Good Luck.
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Customer Reviews
Total garbage

Anyone who spends more than a minute on this app is wasting their time. The recommended exercises are garbage - they make no sense and have no scientific validity.

No Basis In Science

Reply to Developer 4/18/19 Snipersight- Thanks for your response. 1. AVOID USING THIS APP FOR CHILDREN. There are several childhood visual problems that need the attention of an Ophthalmologist to avoid permanent harm. Also, the recommendation by Bates to restrict reading to school work only in all nearsighted children is just wrong on so many levels. 2. Snipersight, I’m glad we agree that glaucoma should be handled by an Ophthalmologist whether you are following the Bates Method or not. 3. As you note Lasik is a method of turning the cornea (clear “skin” over the pupil) into a kind of contact lens by reshaping it. As you also know this is not at all what the Bates Method is about. Bates believed that the focus of the eye was due to the eyeball changing shape rather than the lens of the eye adjusting the image. Hence all of his useless Shifting, Blinking, Central Fixation, etc. exercises. There is no evidence that Bates theory is true. Multiple studies have been done to try and verify the efficacy of his method without success. The only evidence of success of the Bates Method is his hand picked case studies. These are not the present day clinical trials which try to objectively determine the best treatment. Dr. Bates and his advocates hand picked cases to “prove” his method, conveniently leaving out the failures. 4. I know that Dr. Bates believed in staring at the sun or “Sunning”, but I was unable to find the exact method in your app. Anyway, DON’T STARE AT THE SUN! —————————- First review: Dr.Bates had a theory, back in the the late 1800’s, about how the eye worked by changing its shape. He was wrong and modern science has long since disproved his ideas. (Look up Bates Method in Wikipedia.) As an historical exploration of his methods this app is quit interesting, but don’t expect it to work to improve your eyes. It is even couched in pseudo scientific terms with very specific exercises. Fascinating! I see this app as mostly harmless except in the case of glaucoma, which it claims to cure! Glaucoma requires medication or surgery. If you have glaucoma DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDICATION in favor of this app. You will damage you eyesight and possibly go blind. -M.H., MD


Don’t pay! This app is literally a compilation of outdated articles.


This app should be removed immediately. The information quoted in this app is almost a century old and a lot of it has been proven wrong. If you believe you have an ocular health or vision issue, you should seek out the care of a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Just a bunch of articles that I could get online

I thought it would have exercises guided by the app. It doesn’t. It’s just a bunch of suggestions and then they actually refer your to the website for a chart to print out. A website for this information would be more appropriate than an app.

A cure, sure!

This App states that its exercises can cure cataracts among a multitude of other disease processes of the eye. Where is the FDA disclaimer? Looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it probably is a ....

False advertising

To anyone reading this, this app is false advertising. Vision impairment is caused by the shape of your eye. You aren’t going to change the shape of your eye by doing a few exercises everyday. Sure, there are “stretches” you can do to relieve eye strain, but these are not what this app gives you. Don’t waste your time.

Wow! I can see!

Finally, a solution I can make happen on my own! No surgery!

So easy to use!

Great app, easy to use!

Ernie Lehman

This is really cool as you can carry it with you and do it anytime you want and it's simple! I love it love it, let

Great app for eye exercises.

This will improve my life greatly!


Nice App will use daily

Where has this been

I love this I will do it every day!

This is so much better than the book

Very ez thanks guys I love it

Where is the test card pdf?

Just bought an app today and try to print a pdf copy of the Snellen test card from their website as was suggested. But thing is that the website doesn’t exist!:)) so I stuck to do vision exercises using only my iPad screen. Where is pdf?