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Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews

by Urbanspoon

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 46.76MB
Version: 3.6
Released: 2008-07-11
For ages: 4+

Genres:Food and DrinkTravel

Urbanspoon (by Zomato) for iPhone is the #1 FREE app dedicated to helping you find the best food and dining experiences at over a million restaurants.

Featured in the New York Times, PC Magazine, Mashable, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Urbanspoon is used by millions of App Store users every week to find nearby restaurants with honest restaurant ratings and reviews by consumers and food critics. Whether you’re craving the top-rated cheap eats in your neighborhood or you’re trying to discover a great meal while you travel, Urbanspoon is the best app to help “eat like a local” and find food fast!

• Top rated app with over 20 million total mobile installs

• Discover Restaurants - compare food choices by rating, distance, and cuisine

• Sort and map by popularity or distance within our restaurant directory

• Quickly find restaurant info such as phone numbers, addresses and driving directions, hours of operation, or find and book a table

• Browse menus and photos of menu items and restaurant locations

• Make reservations at any OpenTable (US & Canada), or Dimmi (Australia), or Bookatable (UK) restaurant

• Browse Online Restaurant Guides by critics, foodies, and people like you

• Easily change your location to research where to eat while you travel

Available in the US, Canada, and most major cities in Britain and Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ at https://www.urbanspoon.com/faq
Learn more about Zomato at https://www.zomato.com
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Customer Reviews
Old reviews, closed restaurants

I have tried several times to mark restaurants as closed and yet the app still shows them open. Second issue is that I'm only seeing reviews I've made from 2014-15 and nothing newer. The app is pretty much worthless unless you live in a city that is a major tourist destination and even then, the reviews are old or have no detail with them. Bye bye Urbanspoon, I mean Zomato.

Beware of lax security of your identity.

I was just informed by LifeLock that I had some data that was sold on the dark web. The source was Zomato..... I couldn't figure what Zomato was, until I realized Zomato absorbed Urbanspoon of which we were avid users. Thanks for nothing, Zomato. My data was stolen from your website.

Doesn't do anything

This app doesn't do anything. Once downloaded and opened, it just shows a splash screen directing you to the Zomato app. Save the time and download that one instead.

This isn't even an app

Why would you let me waste time and data to download an app that only tells me to download another app?

So stupid

Sooo, I downloaded this app then a pop-up comes on my screen when it is complete and says "we've moved to Zomato. Do you want to download that app?" Hey, idiots, why didn't you tell me that BEFORE I downloaded your stupid app? Smdh.


If you're going to tell me to download another app then why even have Urban Spoon as an option. Get it it together. One star and that's because I cannot give you NO stars.

RIP Urbanspoon

The fun little app where you used to could shake your phone and get restaurant ideas. Now dead. It says download the Zomato app and use that instead. The Zomato app requires an account. I just want dinner ideas. Oh well.

Don't even download

Don't even bother downloading. It just tells you to download a different app. This shouldn't even be available for download.


Every since they went to Zomato it is unusable. Can't sort or look at a map.

nicholson's scottish Tavern pub Cincinnati

I come to Cincinnati once a year. This year my husband came with me to Cincinatti. He is Scottish. 1st there were no kilts as advertised. There were females in short mini skirts, but nothing authentic. Then, when the server took our drinks, mine didn't arrive. The server didn't check on us, so I had to go to the bar and get my own drink. When the appetizer was delivered, there were no silverware settings or napkins at the table. Again, I walked to the bar to find service. I was ignored, so I had to grab silverware off of tables. When the food came, the shepherds pie, the lobster mac and cheese and post roast was terrible. The Brussel sprouts, that I always ge,t were under cooked and so so. We spent $85 on a terrible dinner. I will not be back.

No longer works after the last update

It now shows an ad for a competitor's app, so it looks like someone hacked their Apple App Store account.

NOT AN APP!! Waste of time! 😒

Downloaded this app and when opened it is just a splash screen telling me to download Zomato and delete this app. Zomato wants all my info so I will just do without. WASTE OF TIME!!!

This app was AMAZING

Bring it back. Zomato is garbage.

It's I pointer to a different app

Thanks to zomato for ruining perfectly good app

UrbanSpoon = Porsche ... Zomato = Yugo

Ugh! I'm all about change... as long as it is for the better. I LOVED UrbanSpoon, especially while traveling on business! Zomato App is like a Commodore64 to UrbanSpoon App is to a MacBook Pro! (That reference will be lost on Millennials). In short- I'm searching for a better alternative now that I've been pushed towards Yelp... and I haven't really been a fan of theirs. 😕

Delete this.

Why did I waste precious data downloading an app that isn't even functioning anymore. I am a struggling mother trying to make ends meet and you have STOLEN from me.


Why even have this app on the store if it's just a prompt screen to download another app?

Not a real application

The main screen tells you to download another application, and it offers no functionality past that. I wonder why the download for the app is 50mb.

What TF?

Why even offer this app if you must instantly delete and download "Zomato"? I would give you negative stars if possible. Thanks for the waste of time and I hope you experience nothing but agony for the rest of your life.

Waste of data - no longer active

This needs to be removed from the App Store. It's no longer an active. You download it and it tells you to download their new app. Not cool for if you're paying for data :(

They ruined a great ap

Urbanspoon use to be an awesome app. Remember when it would spin wheels and it would randomly select restaurants for you??? Bring that back. The new app stinks. You stink. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sad.


This app is dead. If you download it, it just refers you to download the Zomato app.

Worst experience ever

i am honestly very disappointed i registered couple of hours a go, i was a talabat customer and decided to try zomato. i ordered from zarub , it said if its ur fist order u get 20% off if u pay online, i have made an order of around 123 AED , i applied the EAT code and got 20% off it became 99.08 AED but the full 123 was deducted !!! the order was confirmed at 2:11 am , i got a msg i am receiving the order at 3 27 am which is already too much, i waited and got nothing, after couple of calls and follow ups i got the order at 4:05 am and it was cold and guess what it was at 123 AED the discount was fake!!!

I miss you.

Why does this app exist if all it does is redirect you to Zomato? I used to really like this app, back before they decided to take things in another direction. I just can't get into Zomato. I miss you Urbanspoon. I guess Yelp will fill the void.

Non existent

They moved everything to the Zomato app. Then why even have this in the App Store???

Do not download this app

It doesn't work - says you should download the Zomato app


When did they change the way this app functioned!!! I like the spin &, price rates of cheap to expensive....booo change it back!!! Anyone who likes this App Now obviously did not have it in its original design!!! This is the worst! If I wanted Zagat I would have down load it!!! Absolutely the worst design change. FIRE the person to suggest it &, design it!!

Zomato destroyed it!!!

Was a great app but zomato destroyed it. Loved the spinner to find restaurant. I will rot in hell before I get zomato!!!

No longer opens

It just is a screen that links you to download the Zomato app. Totally useless.


Forces you to download a different app. Why not just remove this one from the App Store and save the user the hassle?

Not an app

Don't download! This is not an app. After downloading it simply tells you to download zoomato, another app. Wasted 30+ mb of data. :-/


Excellent! The best new SL restaurant in years. Fresh, unique flavors. Lovely service. Cool atmosphere.



Not sure what to eat?

Urbanspoon has the answer!

No longer useable

App is no longer usable. Please remove.

Urbanspoon was WAY better

Zomato is glitchy when it comes to detecting locations and its interface is not nearly as user friendly as Urbanspoon. I also feel like I am not able to view as many details about a the restaurants as I could when it was Urbanspoon. Overall, I feel like I gained nothing from them switching to Zomato


Urbanspoon is now Zomato. Why still allow the download when it doesn't do anything? I loved US, but hate Zomato.

An app without point

This app should be removed from the AppStore

Very helpful

This app was good when it existed. All it does is tell you to get the new app. This should be removed from the App Store. The new app is not nearly as cool.

Why have it on the store

I just downloaded a screenshot asking me to download another app

Misleading App

Not an actual app. It's just a redirect to try and get you to load the awful Zomato app.

Moved to Zomato - delete!

This app has moved to Zomato

Redirects to a different app

This app doesn't work anymore. It should be removed from the app store. Thanks for wasting my data...


Urbanspoon was so much better than Zomato. Why tease and annoy by pushing an Urbanspoon app update?

You guys stink

You zomato guys are real scumbags. I loved this app. I've been using it since the dawn of the App Store. You people twisted it into just another generic restaurant app. Now there's nothing unique about it, the iconic spinner is gone, and the app that started it all has been bricked in a sadistic forced rebranding. This is where I get off. Ride your little corporate money train off a bridge for all I care.

Zomato STINKS! Urban Spoon was better!

I loved Urban Spoon and was a loyal fan for years. It was so intuitive and easy to use. Zomato, which bought out Urban Spoon and replaced it, stinks. It's clumsy, difficult to use, and doesn't present information in an intuitive way. Instead of allowing you to filter by cuisine, it makes you select the type of meal (dinner, lunch, drinks, etc.), and then you have to wade through an extensive list of restaurants. So frustrating to use. I'm deleting this and downloading Yelp.

Zomato was better

I really miss zomato, it was almost flawless. This app is so clunky to use. It is just trying to cram too many features in. If you get past that, it still serves its purpose and has great tech support.

Remove this from the store

The app is dead. It has been replaced. Remove it from the app store.

You lost me

I loved contributing to urban spoon but you lost my identity in the migration, and my interest. Have not found a replacement, but am hopeful.

No good anymore

I quit using Urbanspoon after Zomato took over. That app is awful. The rating system is unexplained and so many people have dropped the app that the reviews have suffered. Sad. I used to rely heavily on Urbanspoon.