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by Tokiolabs, LLC

(28 user ratings)


Download size: 33.02MB
Version: 1.2.1
Released: 2009-08-23
For ages: 4+

Genres:Food and DrinkLifestyle

Sushipedia opens a whole new dimension to the fascinating world of sushi dining. Whether you are the type who enjoys the occasional sushi experience or an avid sushi aficionado, Sushipedia can greatly enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of sushi culture. Drawing up a wealth of resources directly from Japan and the USA, Sushipedia now boasts the most comprehensive and accurate worldwide reference for sushi facts and information.

With this latest 1.2.1 (long overdue) update of Sushipedia, a greater and more complete list of popular sushi delicacies and even some of the world's more obscure offerings have been assembled complete with amazing photo references and thoroughly detailed factual and historical descriptions.

Other Notable Features in Sushipedia:

** Comprehensive Tasting Notes, Historical Facts, and Sushi Information.
** Multiple Images for most of the Sushi database entries, with the ability to easily ‘Swipe’ between photos.
** Fullscreen Image “Zoom” for all Photos in the Sushi Database.
** Inclusion of Seasonal Sushi selections for all Sushi Entries.
** “What’s in Season Now?” Button to Quickly Find Recommendations.
** Favorites “Tagging” Function to Build & Save your Sushi preferences.
** Full Range of Searching based upon Names, Ingredients or Attributes.
** Interesting Factual and Historical Notes.
** Ability to “Toggle” between Japanese and American (Roman) Names.
** In Application Comments/Suggestions Sending for anything that we have missed!

We have completely rewritten the search and browse features of Sushipedia to include blazingly fast full text search capabilities and intuitive cross-references for related entries. Moreover, thanks to loyal fan base and our Sushipedia friends on Flickr, Sushipedia boasts some of the highest quality imagery available in an iPhone application.

Try Sushipedia 1.2.1 and let us know what you think! After all, it’s absolutely FREE!!!!
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Customer Reviews
Please add 64-bit support for iOS11

I plan to give a better rating so I can use the app with the latest public iOS

Needs a fix, very badly.

I love the concept of this app but my favorites get deleted every time I exit the app, which makes the whole existence of a favorites section absolete. I wouldn't recommend downloading unless there is a fix.

App does not work properly

Ever since app updated I am unable to zoom into a photo. I get an error message saying "Wifi Connection Problem. Cannot Currently Access Remote Image Server. Try Again Later." It has been like this for months. What used to be an amazing App is no pointless. I tried emailing the developer and the email bounced back unsent so obviously they no longer have that email address and no customer support.

Cannot use save function.

Updated version only saves while app is open. Once closed. All saves are deleted. Bad update.

Images no longer work on iOS7

Can't view full screen images on iOS7, says image server unavailable, tries to pass it off as a wifi problem. Please update!

Great app for sushi lovers!

Although this app seems to only scratch the surface of the sushi world, it features most of the popular Western-style sushi and sashimi trends. I would happy to pay for an app upgrade that expands Sushipedia's knowledge and variety; hopefully something is in the works. Explanations and history of each variety are very well written and always informative.

????? AD's

Ok I BOUGHT this app when the developer spoke on a forum how dedicated he was to this app. He then kept saying how he was going to wait to make one large fantastic update versus smaller ones. Well...now I see he sold the app and now has AD's and wants us to upgrade to the pro version, wherever that is, which I already thought I had purchased. What a rip, I invested in a app I never completely recieved and now has AD's. I was also trying to support a small developer. Lesson: never buy an app based on future features, no matter how much the developer promises, buy for what's on the table. I won't support this new developer with these practices. DELETED!!


Pictures no longer work. When you select a pic to zoom in you get a wifi connection error. Where as my connection works just fine. Everything else is awesome.

Was a great app before annoying ads

This is a really great useful app! I recently updated Sushipedia and now every single time I open the app it gives me advertisments for various games to download on the app store. I have lost respect for ANY app that does this. I highly recomend that people who see these types of apps do not pay additional money to get an add free version. This app has ads built in yet there is no ad fre version so you're stock with ads now. Thank you oh so much Sushipedia!!!

Love it BUT..

Can you please fix the favorites section? If you close the app down from running in the background the favorites are removed! Please save the favorites even after you close the app in the background. The icon is really cool. Will give 5 stars once favs are fixed.

Worth the download.

Great app, annoying ads, unforgivable icon.

App is long overdue!!

I expect the app to be updated already, its been forever! I've already left messages on their twitter, sent emails, but i still have no reply from them. The icon should be polished, i dont want to see a scared sushi waiting to be eaten. C'mom Tokiolabs! Your website looks very nice but your app is way overdue, im eager for some update! Remember what we talked about on twitter? Your app can run sushi icons like they're on a conveyor belt, each time we view a sushi, we pick it up by a chopstick! You said that was a great idea, you also said you could use the scroller down at the bottom of the page! I will gladly buy this app if you make this happened! That was 3 yrs. ago since our convo on twitter!

Sushi innovation?

What happen to style and taste? Why not create an icon featuring a Geisha girl? That would be better than a "Cowboy Be Bop" scared Sushi! Bad icon, or is this the new universal symbol for day old sushi? How about creating an app with real innovation? Why not link to Yelp for great Sushi near my current location? Can't wait to see what 2.0 will bring.


I appreciate any update to this rather boring albeit helpful app. However, the icon is so weird. I do not like seeing a scared sushi about to be eaten.

New update has problems

The new update has some great added content. Like on other reviewer, I was expecting a updated interface nice it had a new icon, but I'm ok with it as is. I did have issues with it running on my iPad. It keeps the door image over the main page so it blocks half of the page. Since I use my pad almost as much as my iPhone, it would be great to get that fixed. A new app built in HD for the iPad would be the best choice. I would certainly purchase it. Anyway, the pp is great and far better than it's only competition available.

Excellent Work, Keep it Coming Guys!

Unlike the other over-critical unsubstantiated reviewer, I absolutely LOVE the new icon and actually read the release notes before installing. Previously, the app was crashing on my iPhone5 and now I can use it again! Reading the notes, I'm assuming the Icon is a cute "kawaii" glimpse of where the app is going? Definitely need more updates, but a good long overdue restart guys!

Terrible update!

I was quite excited to see that Sushipedia was finally updating their app. With the new icon, I assumed there would also be a complete redesign of the content within (updated pics, descriptions, new types of sushi, etc.). But no. The icon is childish and goes against the very essence of what sushi stands for, plus the content within hasn't changed a bit. Congratulations, app makers...this one just got itself deleted.

Great, useful app

So useful to have this for reference when I eat at the sushi restaurant.

Explore the sushi world

This app is not super fancy but the facts about the sushi history are part of the fun with Japanese culture. Enjoy.



This is what i call ''USEFUL''

it works like a charm i love it

Can't wait...

To hit the sushi places with this on my phone. Very easy to use interface and fast. Will be great for dates who don't want raw fish too!

We need more titles like this on the appStore.

Great app, exciting, addictive!


Very cool app for finding out kinds of sushi. I liked the interface of it.

very good

i can use this app to make some sushi very delicious haha good


like it



Nice app

Wonderful I like it


Great app

Great sushi reference!

I've tried another reference and this is much better. Love the look and details it provides!

Has pictures and descriptions

If you have no idea of what something is you can now have an idea of what to expect

much useful

yep, its so usefull

I like it very much!

It's good but need more update

much useful

i like this!

Very useful

Very useful app! Don't miss it!

good sushi app

good sushi app which contains all the sushi we can see from the sushi restarant. However, the app looks too simple




Sushi is awesome

Does what it says

Don't have much of a reason to use it, but it works.

encycliopedia for shushi

yum! can't wait to land in Tokyo

Great reference tool

This is a good app that does what it is designed to do - provide you with information about the components of sushi. Easy to follow and easy to understand!!

great app

it's really a good app for me, easy to understand and easy to use, very useful for me,5stars


Great app for those who enjoy sushi, well done design, colorful pictures and all the info you will need. The only drawback are the add which are not so intrusive tho. Nothing better than this for free.

For a friend

I am a vegetarian.

very good


good app

Great sushi app


Excellent app for sushi lovers like myself. It has so many different types of sushi, many I've never heard of. Great for finding new types to try!

good app

This app conclude nearly every sushi i know. In addition, it tell me lots of other information about it. But, i don't like the background, which seems dirty.


good for learning!