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by Groupon, Inc.

(3,263 user ratings)


Download size: 147.23MB
Version: 18.15
Released: 2010-02-27
For ages: 12+

Genres:ShoppingFood and Drink

Download Groupon and save up to 70% on the things you need every day. Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see, and do near you and around the world.

Whether you’re craving to try a new restaurant downtown, in need of a relaxing massage, looking for a new gym, shopping for the latest fashion trends, or daydreaming about a hotel for a tropical getaway, Groupon has you covered with all the unique local experiences and discounts you could ever wish for.

Get ready to start shopping for popular fashion, electronics, beauty products, toys, and other awesome products with our local deals!

Get Access to Incredible Deals Near You
• Save up to 70% on 1,000s of local deals
• Browse outstanding discounts and coupons for your favorite hair or beauty salon, pizza place, yoga studio, and more
• Discover the hottest spots in your city including top-rated restaurants, spas, and gyms

Save Big on Products
• Shop Groupon Goods for discounts on delicious food, designer brands, electronics, everyday essentials and fun finds delivered right to your door

Get Cash Back at Restaurants
• Dine and get up to 30% cash back at participating Groupon+ restaurants.

Travel for Cheap
• Find the fanciest hotels and travel to exotic destinations with Groupon Getaways
• Always find something fun to do on your next trip by turning on your location settings

With the Groupon app you can:
• Get promo codes and special savings alerts for deals near you, instantly on your mobile device
• Buy and redeem deals directly from your mobile device, no need to print vouchers or clip coupons
• Read customer reviews and write your own
• Share deals with friends and family
• Use Apple Pay to buy deals with a single touch

Put down the coupon book and download Groupon to begin exploring the best that your city has to offer, with savings of up to 70%.

Groupon can provide you with real-time recommendations for great deals near you. As with any functionality of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Need help? Contact us at https://www.groupon.com/customer_support
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Customer Reviews


Great place

Great place for discount Coupon’s.

Great company

I am hooked, terrific discounts on things I use and places I go. I even bought stock in the company

Awesome app

Love this app


Groupon has the BEST DEALS and always saves me $$$ on things I was buying anyway!

Great deals

Groupon offers great deals for me and my family to do things together. I just wish you can use the coupons all year long.

I like using Groupon because it’s fun!

I always find great deals on Groupon 👍


I am a super fan of Groupon, but I need to get your developer’s attention for a programming fix. STOP LISTING THINGS THAT DONT SHIP TO WHERE WE LIVE. You have our zip codes. It is basic filtering when the vendor clicks “does not ship to Alaska/Hawai’i/ etc.” JUST STOP, PLEASE. It is very frustrating. I’d rather you just require they serve all US states, short of that, stop showing us what we can’t have that everyone else can have.


Love it

Great Deals

Thank you Groupon and a Happy Birthday.


i love it. never had a bad experience with groupon or heard anything negative. i get what i pay for. :)


So far everything is as shown on the image. I like it!


Very nice thing are here

Love this app

So easy to use

Always helpful when there is a problem with a Groupon!

Groupon has always been very responsive and helpful when I’ve had a problem with a Groupon being canceled or if a business went out if business. Thanks!

Life saver for me !

Thaks Grouoon for all the savings I endure !

Christmas shopping

I love the fact that I can get most of the things on my family’s Christmas lists for a discounted price! Thanks Groupon!

Customer service

Great customer service! Thank you for all for help.

Great deals!!

I cannot stop. Such good deals you can’t pass up

Groupon rocks

Love groupon!!! Saved thousands over the years. Tried hotels, restaurants, activities I would never have tried at full price. Never disappointed

Worth it

Even though some of the merchants are harder to work with than others, that probably isn’t groupon’s fault. Overall, I **love** Groupon because of the amazing discounts and values I have gotten. It has saved me so, so, so much money and also given me the opportunity for things I wouldn’t be able to afford normally.

Great deals!

Always finding great deals


I buy groupons all the time. I buy them for local restaurants, and use them during the week when I don’t want to cook and it’s usually cheaper than buying mcDonalds?


I love shopping on Groupon they always have great deals.

Great Deals

Appreciate the opportunity to save on fun activities!

Awesome app

Had a problem a while back where they double charged me. They were awesome at resolving the problem and even gave me a gift card! Great company! Great customer service!

Purchase and service

I have been buying things that I would normally buy at local shops. The convenience of home delivery and value have always been great

Awesome deals!

Awesome deals and fast shipping!

Fun app

Able to take trips, official college course and take my children on daily adventures. I love Groupon!!!


Awesome app for finding unique deals. I have bought some great things and look forward to buying many more👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I totally agtee

Love it!

Great opportunity to find new places to try & get discounts in favorites!


Ordering was easy


I’ve only ordered things So far ok

Satisfied Customer

Good deals all the time.


Loving it, amazing deals!

Awesome Deals!

I love the variety of deals offered! Let’s me try new things.

Great app

I’ve purchased a few items. Great deals.

Hiphop Nutcracker

Excellent savings, easy transaction!

Easy app to use

Great savings and great customer service.


Great service great deals great value

Never lets me down

I have gotten terrific deals from Groupon!! I absolutely love the additional discounts and coupons I receive almost daily

Never disappointed

Always what I want or love ease of return Never any hassle

Love Groupon!

I use Groupon so many times and it helped me with saving money each time

Love, love

Best wine selection. Never tried one we did. It like. Fun and different experiencing them all


Can’t wait to see how these fit!


Pay attention and you can get good deals on Groupon. Many times something you wanted to do has a deal on Groupon

Groupon is my fav!

Fav fav fav!

Starbucks gift card

Paid for it; never got it


This app has made life so much easier.