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by Groupon, Inc.

(350 user ratings)


Download size: 128.34MB
Version: 17.15
Released: 2010-02-27
For ages: 12+

Genres:ShoppingFood and Drink

Download Groupon and save up to 70% on the things you need every day. Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see, and do near you and around the world.

Whether you’re craving to try a new restaurant downtown, in need of a relaxing massage, looking for a new gym, shopping for the latest fashion trends, or daydreaming about a hotel for a tropical getaway, Groupon has you covered with all the unique local experiences and discounts you could ever wish for.

Get ready to start shopping for popular fashion, electronics, beauty products, toys, and other awesome products with our local deals!

Get Access to Incredible Deals Near You
• Save up to 70% on 1,000s of local deals
• Browse outstanding discounts and coupons for your favorite hair or beauty salon, pizza place, yoga studio, and more
• Discover the hottest spots in your city including top-rated restaurants, spas, and gyms

Save Big on Products
• Shop Groupon Goods for discounts on delicious food, designer brands, electronics, everyday essentials and fun finds delivered right to your door

Travel for Cheap
• Find the fanciest hotels and travel to exotic destinations with Groupon Getaways
• Always find something fun to do on your next trip by turning on your location settings

With the Groupon app you can:
• Get promo codes and special savings alerts for deals near you, instantly on your mobile device
• Buy and redeem deals directly from your mobile device, no need to print vouchers or clip coupons
• Read customer reviews and write your own
• Share deals with friends and family
• Use Apple Pay to buy deals with a single touch

Put down the coupon book and download Groupon to begin exploring the best that your city has to offer, with savings of up to 70%.

Groupon can provide you with real-time recommendations for great deals near you. As with any functionality of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Need help? Contact us at https://www.groupon.com/customer_support
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Customer Reviews

Love it

Great deals!

Coupons for fun goods and things to do! There are things that I want to try now just from looking at Groupon!

Great Buy

Great selection, great prices. Very easy to negotiate website, select and purchase.

Good !

It would be great if I can save a search or put in goods and it will notify me when has some similar items

Not a fan.

My first experience with Groupon was when I bought a couples massage for my fiancé and I, and the place that we bought it for was a scam. Groupon gave me "groupon bucks" for the amount that I paid which was very kind, but it had to be spent in the following 24 hours. I am disappointed that Groupon would participate with such businesses.


Great Place to find good deals! Great place to find anything you need! Love this app

Horrible Customer Service

My first interaction with Groupon customer service was when I purchased a massage. I tried for weeks to get in touch with the lady to redeem my voucher. I finally contacted Groupon for a refund because I was unable to get any response from the masseuse. Groupon told me they couldn’t issue a refund and told me to get in contact with the masseuse. A month went by and I still was unable to get a response and Groupon still wouldn’t issue a refund. So that purchase went to waste. My second interaction with Groupon customer service was when I purchased a Groupon and tried to redeem it. The voucher kept coming back as invalid. I contacted the company and they kept sending me back to Groupon. Groupon said they would issue me Groupon bucks that had to be redeemed within 24 hours otherwise I would be stuck with the invalid voucher. I didn’t want Groupon bucks that I only had 24 hours to redeem. I just wanted a valid voucher or my money back. Neither issue was my fault and neither issue was properly handled by Groupon’s customer service. I’m very disappointed.

Love it!

Groupon always has great deals!


This is so easy to use I love it! And they have so many different things on here you can buy .

Customer support

No way to speak to a live person to resolve issues. I am stuck with a $65 dollar problem. Nobody seems to care. I can’t wait to order more.

Review format can be misleading

-Please have the ability to favorite deals (to view later) -Have the ability to show all the reviews for a deal. It seems the 2-3 showing are only the positive ones. I looked at the full reviews on the website for certain Groupon deals and saw some really negative ones on a particular deal and yet only the positive reviews showed, if you didn’t click “all reviews”, even though a negative one was more recent than a positive one that was included and the negative one omitted.

Sadly it is changed

I used to be a super fan and thought customer service was the best, not anymore, CS was the reason I stayed loyal, bring it back!

Do NOT use the app! Groupon uses this app to SCAM people!

Groupon has great deals. However, do NOT download the app. Especially if you have saved credit cards. The one touch buy option is enabled for all deals. And they conveniently add a FINAL SALE in the fine print for expensive ones. That way if by any chance you accidentally press buy they will NOT refund you. Even if you contact them immediately. Their customer reps know about this scam and will try to dismiss you quickly. Even worse, you will start getting emails about deals you never bought and this conveniently are always "Final Sale". They are running a SCAM people dont allow them!

Not like before

I use to love Groupon but now the customer service is not the same. They gave me such a hard time because of a defected product I received and was not able to exchange or receive a refund. Wasted money.


Convince and good prices


Good resource for bargains...

Best on-line shopping for me

Groupon is the best

Bad customer service or none

I’ve been buying for years from Groupon but I won’t anymore. I know that losing one or two customers don’t matter to them, but there customer service has gone from good to really bad and it’s disgusting and bad business and it’s made me just cut them forever.

Easy to use when traveling

I travel a lot and use Groupon to purchase fitness classes.

Best app ever

I am now in the habit of looking at this app before I do anything!! They offer discounts and deals on so many different products and things to do... this is truly the best app ever!!!

Curse You & Your Good Deals Groupon!!!

Man, got this app and have just been givin' Groupon my money (in a good way). There's too much good stuff to get. This app is horrible if you're tryin' to NOT spend money. The deals are reasonable on items I really want or sometimes need...Dang you Groupon & your cursedly convenient app!!!! 😉

Great deals

On La folks really have amazing deals


Super deals and economically healthier specially dine with group 😃😃😃

Great deals!

I am now in the habit of checking Groupon before planning activities with my family. I have found great deals!

Excellent App & works with Ibotta!!

Awesome products exactly as described. I've had a few things get cancelled after a month had gone by!? Local deals on Oil Changes and more are worth reading fine print though ✌️😃.

Best app

Thanks a lot for providing us with lot of best discount options for many places and stores.Easy to access and order deals.

Long time user

I've been using Groupon for years & love it. Just make sure you can really use the deal you purchase within the time frame stipulated.

I'm really enjoying Groupon

It is getting expensive to use this app but I'm saving lots of money on things I wanted to do anyway. It is an excellent service to the community :)

No funciona!?!?

No funciona en iPhone para Colombia?

I love Groupon !!!! By MS 11-16-17

***** 💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE GROUPON SO MUCH THAT, I'M ALWAYS TELLING EVERYONE HOW "AWESOME" IT IS, THAT IT REALLY DOES HELP YOU SAVE $$$$ AND THAT THERE'S SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS TO PICK FROM. Thank you 😊 for creating a great platform & keep up the great work !!!! 👍👍👌👌

Great Site

Hate paying full price for anything! Great deals on many offerings. Easy to use. Only negative--Wish there were more new items, see same merchants over & over.

Best way to save money

I have bought a lot of things in groupon, since tickets for events to different kind of goods for me or my home saving a lot of money in all the purchases. 100% recommended

Honestly love it!

At first I was kinda skeptical about it and wasn't sure if I would get ripped off or not. But so far I love every single thing I've gotten! Everything is true to size and picture. I haven't tried out buying like massages and stuff, so I'm not sure how well that is. But so far, im in love! This is my new addiction!

The best there is!

You can find just about everything, everywhere. No other compares. 🙏🏻

Wish they had more !

Awesome deals ! A little of everything ! Wish they had more :(

Login and Credit card

Miserable experience. When I try to login via Facebook it keeps saying error try again. When I did manage to get in using my google account it wouldn’t accept my credit card information.

Always spot on!

The merchandise I order is usually of great quality. If it's not or they're is a problem with sizing, color etc they make it easy to return.


DEALS ON DEALS. SAVES ME FROM GOING BROKE. & I get to do everything I want.

Easy to use, deals aren’t that great

I can always find the deals on amazon and cheaper. I recently bought block set and realized it was $4 cheaper on amazon. No longer using this app unless for a restaurant deal

Enjoy buying on Groupon!

Deals are mostly good! Not everything is the best price but a lot are, so def competitive. Doorbusters are awesome!!

I love it

Is so easy and so fun

Great Deals

Groupon is a great app for discounts on a lot of everyday things


I like it but one thing I don’t get is u have a cart but no add to cart don’t make much sense


Always find the best deals on every day things I already buy and very unique items I might not find otherwise if not shopping on Groupon

Good deals, but support is not supportive.

I've had a lot of trouble with Groupon merchant support and support in general. They get confused on the deals and give misinformation. We have tried a number of new restaurants and services with the app, but they need to improve customer service for sure. One example is the waterpark in NH that's advertised as a hotel with optional waterpark passes but the passes are nowhere to be found. Before I purchased, Groupon support assured me the passes were included. When I purchased and realized they weren't, Groupon support told me they hadn't misspoke although I had email evidence. Luckily the hotel was accommodating!

Great way to Try New Services and Goods

I have used Groupon for years here in southwest Florida. I have not been disappointed once, whether for a restaurant, beauty shop services, things to do or goods. Excellent way to try something new without paying full price.

Thank you!

Super easy to use, navigate and purchase great deals!

Love it

Finding local deals without digging for them is incredible. I treat myself so seldom but can save a lot of money in the process while finding new local companies to be pampered by.


I have been looking and looking for this electronic wave trash can and was telling my daughter in law about it and she told me about Groupon. Signing up was super, super easy and I found a double set of what I was looking for, for a really good price and they accepted Pay Pal which is my preferred way of shopping and paying for things, so I bought them and they are on their way to my house!!! Love it!!!

Perfect for gifts!

I love everything about Groupon. They have the most amazing deals and are awesome gifts especially during the holidays. I will always use Groupon before any other site!!