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by Groupon, Inc.

(6,172 user ratings)


Download size: 152.58MB
Version: 18.9
Released: 2010-02-27
For ages: 12+

Genres:ShoppingFood and Drink

Download Groupon and save up to 70% on the things you need every day. Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see, and do near you and around the world.

Whether you’re craving to try a new restaurant downtown, in need of a relaxing massage, looking for a new gym, shopping for the latest fashion trends, or daydreaming about a hotel for a tropical getaway, Groupon has you covered with all the unique local experiences and discounts you could ever wish for.

Get ready to start shopping for popular fashion, electronics, beauty products, toys, and other awesome products with our local deals!

Get Access to Incredible Deals Near You
• Save up to 70% on 1,000s of local deals
• Browse outstanding discounts and coupons for your favorite hair or beauty salon, pizza place, yoga studio, and more
• Discover the hottest spots in your city including top-rated restaurants, spas, and gyms

Save Big on Products
• Shop Groupon Goods for discounts on delicious food, designer brands, electronics, everyday essentials and fun finds delivered right to your door

Get Cash Back at Restaurants
• Dine and get up to 30% cash back at participating Groupon+ restaurants.

Travel for Cheap
• Find the fanciest hotels and travel to exotic destinations with Groupon Getaways
• Always find something fun to do on your next trip by turning on your location settings

With the Groupon app you can:
• Get promo codes and special savings alerts for deals near you, instantly on your mobile device
• Buy and redeem deals directly from your mobile device, no need to print vouchers or clip coupons
• Read customer reviews and write your own
• Share deals with friends and family
• Use Apple Pay to buy deals with a single touch

Put down the coupon book and download Groupon to begin exploring the best that your city has to offer, with savings of up to 70%.

Groupon can provide you with real-time recommendations for great deals near you. As with any functionality of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Need help? Contact us at https://www.groupon.com/customer_support
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Customer Reviews

Unable to put all items on one order.

Love it

So easy to use and the deals are fantastic!



Great Deal

Great Savings

I love shopping on Groupon!

Always great buys. Their sale prices often beat A*****.

First timer

Thank you. This was so easy. I see other people doing this and I finally got on this band wagon. I plan to be a regular user

Thanks Groupon!

I always find great items at fantastic prices. There is a huge selection and often additional savings and specials. I love the convenience and the ease of the Groupon app. Thanks!

Groupon in General

So convenient, with a huge selection of stuff I didn’t know I needed! A dangerous app...

Great deals, but...

I love Groupon, until you try to get ahold of customer service. Impossible, I have tried to talk to someone about problems I have with purchases, to no avail.

Lots of deals

This is a wonderful site to get what you want for a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.


Saves Money.!

Amazing as always

I love Groupon! They have always taken care of me on the rare times there as an issue. The deals are great and as advertised!

This Groupon for Sam’s Club is absolutely wonderful

I like shopping through Groupon it’s a wonderful app. You have made my day.

Money Saver

I’ve enjoyed saving money with Groupon. With a family of 10 it’s a no brainer to shop for goods and services at a discounted rate. From kids backpacks, my daughters hair for prom, to celebrating my wife’s birthday we’ve been able to afford it without breaking the bank. We’re you’re everyday family with minimum paying jobs so we’re always on the lookout for deals. Groupon is all about deals and saving you what you don’t really like to spend, money!


Great deals, I love Groupon.

Great app!

I can always find the most awesome deals at the best prices! Such a great resource for traveling or just dining out!

Loving all the discounted deals

I absolutely like all the discounts deals Groupon offers, its a good way to save $ and at the same time lets you try new places..

Great Deals

Love it!! 😁😁😁😁

Satisfied again

Easy ways to save money right at your fingertips

I love Groupon!

Groupon allows me to experience new restaurants, spas, events, etc. while saving money!

Reason I love Groupon....

Groupon has assisted me in finding the greatest salons, dr offices, and restaurants....all with minimal risk. The great deals that are offered via Groupon get you into the place for a very discounted price, and you are then able to assess the offices, doctors, etc. Then... you have a Fanta doctor, esthetician, massage therapist for life! I’d be more hesitant to try out services for the full price....so I LOVE GROUPON! THANK YOU!

Fast and easy

Easy to use. Good prices. Don’t mind the emails either. Good deals!

Great deals

I’ve only ever experienced great deals and service.

Thx Groupon

I just love everything ! From the app, to the ease of use . Groupon is where I go first before I go anywhere , from date night to travel .

Great Items at Great Prices!

Can Beat It!

Great AP

Easy discounts, easy to use

Good deals. Need to monitor

The deals are good. You just need to monitor the offers and know what you're looking for. Plenty of good offers and easy to work with and make purchases.

Love it!


Mr Ins Man

Quick...Great deal

Bargain Hunter

Awesome buys

Malibu Norcross

I love groupon they have the lowest deals for the best places to go to


I love groupon

Fantastic savings

Love the app for a variety of things

Love it

No need to shop at the store. I work at a department store and don't like to shop so much. Keep up the good work. Easy returns also. No problems hereBest thing ever don’t have to go to the store or make stops on the way home just be right at your door in a few days wonderful wonderful wonderful

Clothing, appliances and restaurant deals too

I’m a Groupon explorer. I always find the best deals. Recently purchased an air fryer. A great appliance to help with healthy cooking. Terrific deal. My husband and I are food explorers. There’s no better way to find a new favorite than with a Groupon discount.

Love it

Great items and prices

Using Groupon

Easy to navigate & I got a great deal


Groupon is the best thing since the last best thing, which is rare. l love it for the quality and price.♥️

Good Dea

I really enjoy the Family destinations and Concerts always having deals on here

Love Saving

If you can buy something at a price you can’t get elsewhere, why wouldn’t you use Groupon.

Simple and Fast

I love being able to quickly browse through the Groupon App and score great deals with just a few clicks! It’s so easy, fast and convenient!

It’s great

Cheaper than the actual things

Groupon Deals

Love Groupon. Great deals

I love this app!!!

Just be sure to read all of the information before you purchase



Register Nurse

I am not happen that the coupon I received today for 10.00 off my next order failed to work. I just received the coupon today and Groupon says it’s expired not sure what’s going On there but I am not happy!

Mama Roane

Love it

Groupon services

Excellent stimulus for businesses.. Very convenient transaction...Will definitely make use of future offers...

I love shopping on Groupon

I've seen some great deals on the site

Love Groupon

It’s fast and easy to order 💜💙