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Bing Search

by Microsoft Corporation

(731 user ratings)


Download size: 111.26MB
Version: 6.26
Released: 2009-12-16
For ages: 17+


Bing makes searching the web fast, beautiful and rewarding. Earn points for searching, and redeem them towards free gift cards, purchases on Microsoft Store, and much more.

• Your feed. Swipe up on the home page to catch up with what's happening in the world, from news articles to trending Reddit videos, to interesting and useful content from the web.
• Discover what's nearby. Tap “Near me” for restaurants, attractions, gas stations, and more. Or go into “Deals” to browse offers, discounts, and coupons at retailers near you.
• A more visual search. Ideas for your next outfit are easy to find using Bing's image search. And when you found that perfect dress, it's easy to find online retailers that carry it. You can also just snap a picture of anything and find visually similar images online.
• Get entertained. Explore movies to watch, read reviews and tap to stream. Watch videos from search results from various sources (not just Youtube!).
• Intelligent camera search. Learn more about the world around you. Whether it's animals, landmarks, or even fashion, searching is as simple as snapping a picture.
• Save money. Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products and compare prices at select major retailers (eg, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target); tap to buy it online. One quick scan can save you both time and money.
• Earn Rewards. If you like free gift cards, you'll love searching on Bing and earning Microsoft Rewards.

 *Some features are not available in all countries.
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Customer Reviews
Easy browser to use

Will use again


Bing is in many ways a better search engine than Google. I especially like the quality of their images, and the synopses given when I do a search. Highly recommend!

Great picture

A high five star rating via the website..

No option to order

No place to add your order.

Bing it!

I like this better than Google

Lovely but with glitches

A great app with some distinct and very convenient features, modern and appealing design, and a great team of developers who actually listen to feedback. With that, Bing app is somewhat slow on loading, has a problem with tabs being whitened out in the tabs menu and doesn't allow to sync bookmarks across devices. I love Bing and I want them to improve.

Loved it until...

I’ve been using Bing for a while and love the homepage pictures and layout and the search engine as a whole. Love the reward opportunities, too. However opened tabs are whited out so you can’t see what you left open. This didn’t occur a few weeks ago. Can you fix this?


We need Microsoft to develop map application

Pure Knowledge

I’ve always used Bing for its searches, it’s no frill direct approach to information has been spot on for me. With out a lot of advertising pop ups and deferred searches. Their art work makes very good screen savers for my phone.

You MUST install NOW!

Since there's no concept of a search button on the iPhone (which is super annoying) install this app and put it in your dock. You'll have a near replacement for a real button. Bing is not just another Google. You will have access to all its AI, voice, crazy insane cool image search, local recommendations, etc.


I have been with bing ever since 2014 and love it.

Great app with a very inconvenient flaw

The app is great for a browser. Kinda hard to mess up a major browser app. But when I try to view my open tabs, most if not all but the one that opens when you open the app are whited out and there is no tag on them to show what they are. The web address almost never shows on the tabs I leave open. A website name would be ideal. So I’m trying to find a web page I keep open in one of my tabs for work and I have to guess and select random tabs until I find it. I like the app. If the problem persists I’ll go back to safari and chrome. It’s an inconvenience since I use multiple tabs for work.

Better than google

Yes it's better than google And faster and has better search results for local businesses.Don't google it,Bing it !!!

Easy to earn

Great way to get points and prizes for what I do anyway, requires such little effort!

Too many ads

Pop up adds are killing this app.

Big Bing

B.B. is back. Keep up the good work


Much better than google

There when from the begining and I hope will be there for me always.


Love y’all

The bests


Software application should be debugged for SQL errors

Better than google

I wish I would have found out about Bing sooner. What a waste is google. Ugh

Bing me up Scotty

Works just like I thought and expected it too.

I was not sure how this site

Was not sure how this site would function around google I thought it would be slower and not as effective for social media , it’s is very well build and am using this Bing search engine will be consistent from the first day I started

Bing app

I have used this app for the LONGEST time and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I love the all different and nature pics that goes up each day and I save them so I can keep using them on my phone as a screen saver. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys seeing different pictures of other places around the world and space.



I Love Bing !

The art on Bing’s Home page is always breathtaking or sweet, cute and funny. The images of items you can’t find anywhere else are very useful an extremely educational! As with all the major browsers it leans left (and I’m more right than is comfortable to use some browsers)but it compensates for its ill thought views by giving a vast collection of images you can’t find on any other site.


That’s all I use.

Bing is better than Safari.

Microsoft is doing an Ok job with Bing. It is better than Safari but not as good as Google. Keep working at it Microsoft. You can do it.

Unbiased Searching

Google is worthless with its politically biased censorship. Use Bing instead.

Too socialistic agenda

I agree the denouncing of center conservatives is a dangerous place to be. It’s not my default. Edge gives you no choice but Of perspective either.

Easy access and up to date information

The first thing I like is the lack of news clutter on opening search page (There are apps for news). The clean and esthetic background on opening app is pristine and beautiful. Sort presentation is good. The more neutral and non-political the site, the better.

Please thank


Forever I am

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Decent app but news hostile towards Conservatives

The headlines on their articles are extremely hostile and aggressive towards Conservatives. I’m perplexed because journalists should be objective and impartial. This is why I sometimes use the app for searching but not as a default choice due to the far left rhetoric displayed. Once this changes, then I will make it a default app / search engine. Until then it will get token use.


This is the nicest app That I’ve ever had my phone

Bing review

In my opinion, this is by far a superb search engine compare to all popular mainstream ones.

I switched from yahoo

Yahoo changed their search engine and I could not get it to work like it used to. I could not be happier with the operation of Bing.

Bing 👍

I just recently started using Bing as a search engine.....impressed and plan to continue using.

Swell search engine.

This works great. Enjoy the screens too! Great place to hang your hat!

Very useful if you have Windows queries

I learned that Bing can be very useful if you are looking Windows related questions/issues. For a general search, Bing can be used as well but it seems that Google is still ahead for general queries. Depending what I search for, I use now Bing, Google, or DuckDuckGo.

Good App, untill it started randomly crashing.

I have been using this app since 2012. It has been working smoothly up until a month or two ago. After an update, the app will crash if i spend too much time browsing the web. This is a problem, especially when i am trying to read a long article. Please fix this bug or I will be forced to switch to Google Chrome! For refrence, My Device is a 64-GB IPhone 6, purchased in October 2014. The IOS Verison is 11.2.1.

App crashing

Since the update on 6/27 the app crashes each time I try to search. Needs a fix!


Love the variety of news on he home page.....and it’s super easy to search topics!


Great app, really efficient


What a great search app! Many wonderful features and way better than google!

Add a search in page, please!

Maybe I’m wrong, but as far as I can tell there is no way to search within a page. This is a MAJOR annoyance.

Beautiful and fast!

I found the app a great alternative to the Google monopoly. Easy and sleek UI, reliable results and intelligent camera... as for the feeds I really love that I don’t have to open additional apps!!!



Better than google

Bing is great!


They protect your privacy that’s what we’re all after right?