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Microsoft Bing Search and Feed

by Microsoft Corporation

(73 user ratings)


Download size: 98.47MB
Version: 6.22
Released: 2009-12-16
For ages: 17+


Bing search app makes searching the web easy, beautiful, and fun. Try it out and you'll never want to go back to your other browser again!

• Your feed. Swipe up on the home page to catch up with what's happening in the world, from news articles to trending Reddit videos, to interesting and useful content from the web.
• Discover what's nearby. Tap “Near me” for restaurants, attractions, gas stations, and more. Or go into “Deals” to browse offers, discounts, and coupons at retailers near you.
• A more visual search. Ideas for your next outfit are easy to find using Bing's image search. And when you found that perfect dress, it's easy to find online retailers that carry it. You can also just snap a picture of anything and find visually similar images online.
• Get entertained. Explore movies to watch, read reviews and tap to stream. Watch videos from search results from various sources (not just Youtube!).
• Save money. Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products and compare prices at select major retailers (eg, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target); tap to buy it online. One quick scan can save you both time and money.
• Earn Rewards. If you like free gift cards, you'll love searching on Bing and earning Microsoft Rewards.

 *Some features are not available in all countries.
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Customer Reviews
Tabloid newsfeed terrible

Please allow me to disable the salacious newsfeed, I don’t care to read it.

Translation no longer works

As the title said, the translation portion of bing no longer works. It will either never finish the translation, or it will say it’s finished when it has not indeed translated anything

Impressed with Bing changes

I used bing in the past and wasn’t impressed so I started using Safari and Google. With the recent negative news about Google and positive things about Microsoft , I decided to give bing another try. I love it and have been using it since Dec. Can’t wait to see how else they will improve

Better Than Google!

I used to prefer Google but Bing is now my Search Engine choice for locating just about anything. I have privacy concerns with Google.

Really loving Bing search!

I have been a constant Google search addict for years and only just recently downloaded the Bing search app for my iPhone and got to say I really am starting to use it more & more over Google search. Great search page results and options on page for sharing and other search result interactions. I have no complaints and do recommend, in addition, to Google search.


Overall a good app and search engine. The rewards section is incredibly spotty and doesn’t load a lot of the reward offers such as quizzes.

Bing is amazing

Bing is the best search engine- way better than google, yahoo, or anything else!

Good but

Lose the stupid ads!! Someone mentioned “Reader view”. What reader view?

Love Bing

I've used bing and found stuff when Google failed miserably. I love it. It's my top search engine.

Feels redundant now

Now that Edge has been released to iOS, I don’t see any reason for installing this. Tab organization is clunky, and it was even more atrocious on iPads.

Can’t do quizzes for rewards

The rewards are glitchy I can’t even take a quiz from this or click on the 10 point rewards

Newest bing rewards doesn’t work

The app doesn’t update, you can’t take the quizzes or get any points.

Quiz taking is broken

In the app, quiz taking is broken. I finished the quiz in Safari, and the app has the audacity to claim that my streak is broken. When you come up with new things, I would make sure that there are no bugs.


I use it to find porn; and it’s the best browser by far for this purpose.

Fed up the news feed

Had this app for about two years. I have disliked every Logan Paul and kardasian story on here at least 5 times a day.

Was good. Updates have broken it.

I use the Bing app to earn Microsoft Rewards points. Or, I used to. This newest version has made it such that I can’t earn all the points I used to through the app. Support says they are working on it, but it is still very frustrating.

Hot App! Literally...

Overheating and fast battery drain on my iPhone 7.

Almost not worth it

If it wasn't for the Starbucks gift cards I would delete this app. It keeps getting worse and half the time doesn't work. Won't load anything.

Cool App!

Two stars because the app always log me out. I guess if you’re not using the app on a daily basis it will log you out..


The very best

Best Search Engine App

Bing quickly surpassed Google as my search engine years ago and continues to be my search engine of choice! So when I discovered it as an app for my iPhone I immediately downloaded it! I use it everyday. The graphics and results I came to appreciate on my desktop are now available on my iPhone with me wherever I go. I highly recommend it!!

Thanks for... you know...

Gotta give this a five star for SafeSearch off mode.

Love it

I love the set up and pictures. All the headlines are not tragedies and politics all the time.


Every works fine. No problems here. I would recommend.


I'm very pleased with Bing for its rich quality, quickness and organized methods. Keep up the great work and continue to set the standard for others to follow.

Screwed it up

Was great, now annoying

Great app but alot of crashing.

I absolutely enjoy using this search engine along with the microsoft awards program, however the app has been crashing nonstop quite frequently. Other than that, I highly recommend using the Bing search engine app.

No way to change what’s on the homepage

I love Bing and have been using it for as long as I can remember on my iPhone. I don’t know when you changed the homepage to include everything under the sun but I wish there was a way you could change it back to only view your photos. Maybe you could give us the option of having the latest news etc. On our page or not or just allowing us to swipe right to view it.


Can’t bookmark websites. Pretty sad.


Ugly UI color. Allows websites (ads) to open up app store (redirects). Image search is great. Downloading Images is a pain.

Love bing

I've been using Bing since high school, and would recommend it to everyone. The suggestions are great, the searching capability is better than Google, and I love the daily homescreen picture. Plus, Bing Rewards are always a pleasant treat! I get a free cup of Starbucks or a $5 gift card to Amazon almost every month, just for searching normally. Really, everything about Bing is amazing.

Bing is Best

However, we need a Bing Maps app on IOS! Satellite imagery for my area on Apple and google maps is 3 and 9 years out of date. If Microsoft made a maps app good enough, they could compete against google’s.

Better at loading images than google

Every time I’m searching for an image in google for whatever reason it never ever loads the images properly I’m on iPhone 6 and did the same thing on iPhone 5s... no matter when it never loads the images, they’re always blurry... well after deciding to give bing a try I put it to the image resolution test to compare it to googles. And I like that it shows the images perfect with no blurry lines and it loads them instantly too...

Unwanted Opinion Pieces

I’ve used Bing for a couple of years now after leaving Google. I liked it, and hoped Microsoft was providing search results less intended to persuade my thinking on some topics. I appreciate good photography, and have enjoyed the daily pics they provide. Recently though, the startup screen is half covered with links to opinion pieces that primarily have a distinctive leftward slant. Or, they’re just articles like what you’d see in the scandal sheets at the grocery checkout stands. Why does a search engine have to post this kind of garbage. It’s a search engine, for crying out loud! If I want to read that stuff, I have the ability to search for it by entering a query. Microsoft has obviously drank the cool aid and is trying to influence my thinking to join their cause, whatever it is. Thanks, Bing, for the further dumbing down of American values.

Love bing

Love bing

Some UI suggestions

I think this app is great for news. I wish the app had a horizontal view added. Also, it'd be much easier to swipe left and right through stories. Or to be able to swipe back to the previous screen, instead of tapping the small back button.

Better than google because reader view

The reader view is essential to reading the news articles that are congested with ads when viewing regular is unreadable. Bing’s reader view is like Safari’s reader view minus the images. Which is a good thing because it gets rid of all the ads even the annoying scrolling ads. Search is great and who doesn’t love rewards? The bing app is my go to when I’m just looking for headlines to see what’s happening in the world or when needing to do a quick search. I gladly ditched google because it’s news articles are overrun with ads.

New Bing update

Basic simple navigation and easy to use for the not so computer savvy user. Update recommended. Thanks JDW

Can't turn off news feed

I liked the photos, but now they're obscured with a news feed. If I wanted a news feed, I would get a news app.

Needs option to Open in Edge

Come on Microsoft, give us the option to open results in Edge instead of just Safari. Seems like a no-brainer here. Ecosystem!



Please add a refresh button!!

In most ways, this app is great. Literally the ONLY thing Safari or Chrome has over you is the dedicated refresh button. Please add it!

Amazing bing

I use bing in my desktop and iPhone. Doing a search is easy. I like the wallpaper that's changed e everyday. I read about it. Thanks.


Very accurate results!

Not good for iPhone

It doesn't allow you to go back once you click on an article!

Liked it, but not anymore

I originally liked this app because it allowed me to have more privacy than google. However, I dislike the news feature because it continually brings up disgusting and perverse articles by default. Why?

Better than google

Bing doesn't sensor news or feeds as much as google. I also like it because it's not trendy like Facebook or google. Nice and accurate as well.

There's no other better

This site is awesome. Their reward system is awesome (although I wish they did paypal), I still love the stories, the quizzes and al the new stuff I learn.. love u Bing.. Thank you so so so much.

Fast and useful


We are we forced to see the news feed?

Used to love the app. Now ruined by being force-fed a news feed I don’t want, and can’t turn off.