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Bing Search

by Microsoft Corporation

(56 user ratings)


Download size: 116.6MB
Version: 6.30
Released: 2009-12-16
For ages: 17+


Get the things you love
· Every day there's a stunning new image, so say bye to boring search homepages.
· With Microsoft Rewards, earn points for searching and redeem them for free gift cards from Xbox, Target, Walmart, and many more.
· Interesting, useful answers and info, not just blue links, in a fast app that's easy to use.
Get the things you want
· Snap a pic to search, shop, find similar images, and learn about the things you see. It works with math equations, fashion, landmarks, and much more.
· Stay up on trending news, videos, and posts, and control which sources appear without leaving the homepage.
· Keep it fun with music videos, lyrics, viral videos, animated GIFs, and more from across the web.
· Save time when you're making plans. Check a restaurant menu, reserve a table, and book a rideshare with one search.
· Save money by comparing reviews and prices from major retailers with the built-in barcode scanner.
· Discover what's nearby, including deals, places to eat and drink, and things to do, right from the homepage.
· Get reviews and info from the sites you trust, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, and Reddit.
· Control your search and browsing history with private mode.
· Save homepage images to use as a wallpaper.
· Use tabs to see recent search results.

 *Some features are not available in all countries.
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Customer Reviews
The most recent rev stopped my Bing from rotating the display

Please fix this

Long time user of Bing!

I have used Bing since the beginning and I just love the pictures and information I get from the home page, and it nails my searches every time!

Good things.

I must say I have been doing fine with this rating system.

Why I am Binging

I love Bing bc Rob Dyrdek will ask Bing anything


I was blown away with the launch speed and performance and has all things to beat Google launch performance. Search can’t be compared to Google!

vertically fixed app is useless to me

why is this app fixed vertically on my screen—-it will be removed


So god

Better than the G word

Faster look up speeds, more relevant finds and not to mention no 1st amendment suppression. Thanks Bing!!

No more google

It wasn’t difficult to actually change the settings to end my relationship with google. Minor adjustment period... but I immediately started to enjoy Bing. Now, I love it. Wouldn’t turn back.


F**king love it WAYYYY better than safari even gives me current events so I’m learning more everyday about today

I like to use the app easy to find stuff I’m interested in...

5 star app

Easy to used

Good front pages and easy to use. Thank you!

Much More Fair

Unlike others, Bing does not seem to slant search results to benefit left-wing positions.

Bing vs google

Google not even close to getting fast info. Like Bing news much better.


This app was always great. Since the most recent updates, it opens up previously visited pages in a completely different tab. Fix this please

Fast, and unbiased.

I was tired of using google, they filter search results to fit their political liking. Bing doesn’t do that, rich, fluid content you want. Not some washed up liberal filtered search, google Is disgusting. I will forever use Microsoft and apple products, and NEVER use google. Bing is amazing 10/10.

Wow bing search engine is great.

What can I say. I love bing pictures and there content. The site speaks for itself.


Bing always Delivers,👍🏽


Appealing and efficient!

Election midterms 2018

Easy to follow! Doesn’t match media, but media lies.

Why isn’t the browser similar to the one for the PC?

The developers should’ve made the browser the same as the PC.


Very reliable app

Google tracks searches

So Bing is perfect for porn searching.

My review


Sign up

Where is the signup icon ???

Best search app for iPhone

I now use it for all my searches. Excellent design.


Ever since Bing revamped their homepage it’s a lot more user friendly. I enjoy it personally and hopefully I’ll win one of those surface books soon!

Better than Google

I refuse to use Google because they are not fair and balanced because of their political beliefs. As long as BING stays neutral I will continue to use them. I also like the fact that BING could stand for Because it’s not Google.

The one of the best app

I Love Bing giving you a chance to we great prizes there daily points...

Bing isn't better than Google, BING IS GOOGLE

Bing has succumbed to Google AMP prioritized searches so don't believe the unbiased searches THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. Only AMP sites will come up on any search. Google AMP has destroyed the mobile web not enhanced it. Bing isn't better than google IT IS GOOGLE


I like Microsoft. My son is a Bing user too. So the information he receives from a search and I will be the same. Thank you so much

It works

He works well

Not Goo-Lag

Not biased and fake facts. Real search engine regardless of what political side you are in. REAL


I’ve Looking At The News Feed For A Few Months Now And Its All Worthless News Articles. The Internet Use To Be Great, Its Trash Now. Constant Instagram Videos Of Animals And Not One Story On Any Of The 7 Wars We (The US) Are Involved In. Its Kinda Sad. Its Not A Surprise, But Disheartening None The Less..


Bing gets it done... love it...


I prefer Bing for a lot of reasons. The daily photo/video change. The difference in search results compared to alphabet city. But what happened to the widgets? I miss my ‘On this Day’. Anyone?

Original and colorful page

Very original news sources compared to most agencies!


Since Google completely botched their app & stripped away around 90 percent of useful features I felt like I needed a better search engine alternative. Bing seems to meet that with high marks. Unlike the recently botched Google update that got rid of being able to view an image before going to the website I can still do so with Bing which is one of the main reasons I switched over to Bing mobile from Google search mobile. Image search works flawlessly with Bing unlike on Google which is completely botched thanks to dumbshit retarted millennial hipster developers.


This app helps me make thumbnail and merch for my channel but there is not many 3890x350 pics

Bing top rated

Bing is excellent when needing to search, finding what I’m looking for with just a few words to work with. Very happy I switched over.

Good engine, but crashes sometimes.

I like using bing to search for things. I do find that searching gifs sometimes crashes the app though, only thing annoying about it.

Easiest and Most Efficient Browser with Many Perks

Has several high technology apps in one. Scan an object with your phone with your camera and it will find it online and related information. In fact, the whole app

NMB Angler

Less biased than google and just as good information.

Resolution for Bigger Phones?

The resolution doesn’t seem to be there for the larger phones. I have an iPhone XR and the bluriness actually makes me feel queasy (I know that sounds weird) I exclusively use Bing, so I’m hoping there’s a fix in the works?


Good results. Why the avalanche of Muslim related stories lately? Not that much of actual news in bay regard.

Bing is awesome

It is so good you could search stuff to the next level


Great app and learn something new everyday with the quizzes.

Love Bing!

Bing is the best search engine and I absolutely love the screen pictures ❤️


This browser is nice and clean without distractions and countless ads. Try it, you’ll like it.