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Intelligentsia Coffee

by Intelligentsia Coffee

(5 user ratings)


Download size: 21.56MB
Version: 2.72
Released: 2010-11-24
For ages: 4+


Completely redesigned, the new app uses an intuitive layout that lets users quickly browse through Intelligentsia’s full lineup of coffees.

The brew guides have been revised and, in response to customer demand, we’ve added steps for the Aeropress, and a brew calculator so guests can get the information they need to make every brew perfect. The guide works in tandem with a timer that prompts with instructions at just the right moment.

Users can purchase Intelligentsia coffees directly within the app, as well as any other product sold on our website. Additionally, users will have access to special promotions only available via the app, as well as updates on upcoming releases. You have a single account, so in-app, desktop and mobile purchases all live within your account profile. Don't want a profile? You can easily check out as a guest.

Features include:
- Coffee information and offerings updated live from intelligentsiacoffee.com
- Brewing instructions for multiple brewing devices
- Customizable brewing calculator
- Multiple units of measure to always have the correct brew
- Updated timer with alerts and instructions
- Find Intelligentsia locations, hours, contact info and directions
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Customer Reviews
Please add Apple Pay and go native.

I'd love buy with this app but entering credit card information is so last year. And getting a 404 page in what should be a native app is just lazy.

No Boston location info

Please, update

Shopping REALLY Difficult

Love their coffee but these guys clearly cheated out on the app developers. I order their coffee every month and was pumped to have an easy way to do it on my phone. This doesn't do that. You can't add multiple items - which means there's no shopping cart. In an app designed to sell products. Tough ding for the Intelligensia brand - they outta fix this ASAP.

Helpful guide but flawed for Aeropress

All in all, the brew timer is a handy tool. With one exception: The Aeropress. The breakdown for me occurred as I started pouring my water and suddenly realized that 256g of H2O would be impossible to fit inside the press. Of course, I know well enough that you're supposed to add water after brewing the initial concentrate. But anyone not in the know might be flabbergasted as they realize that they are pouring too much water into not enough space.

Just wanted to buy coffee

Can't do it from app. You'd think they would have tested before going live.

Shopping experience lacking

Great coffee, informative app however the shopping section is not intuitive. Better to order directly from the website. It's a shame as it would be nice to have an easy way to order from mobile device. Hate to be short of intelligentsia coffee.

Lots of great stuff but not optimized for eCommerce

Which is weird. Can't log into my account with Intelligentsia and the purchase stuff one item at a time thing is really an oversight. Add account connections and a shopping cart and this app would inspire me to do more buying with Intelligentsia which would be the entire point of an app, no?


Only possible to order one item at a time and requires you to pay shipping on each purchase. How about a shopping cart??? Your developers should all be fired, what a rookie mistake!

No audible alarm on AeroPress timer

Cannot find any settings to change this

Please add grams to oz switcher

The volume section would be perfect if it displayed the coffee in grams when I put in the oz of coffee yield I want. I think this is the one missing link in the app.


I think all of the timers are several minutes past what they should. 6 minutes is really high for a French press, as most people would brew for 3-4 at most. Rest of the app is great though.

Really love the updated brew timer

I've had this app for a long time and it's always been helpful, but the updated bee timer is simply fantastic. It automatically calculates ratios, and tells you when to bloom, pour, etc. most intuitive app I've found in that regard. Improved my consistency greatly.

No shopping cart?

What kind of app allows you to only order one thing at a time and pay shipping for every order? Ever heard of a shopping cart? Boooo

Weights and Measures

Guide section needs weights and times as well as water temps and grind settings.


Cannot buy more than one thing at a time through the app. No way to "add to cart" and then keep shopping.


The timer & brew guides for each home brew device are absolutely stellar!


Awesome app

Where is the Apple Pay option?

The app is pretty good, but I wish Apple Pay would be an option.

A keeper

Great way to track your brew, look up coffees and stay perky.

Broken app. Sad.

I wish they would fix this thing. It's garbled ironically un-intelligible.

Better and worse

I forgot why I deleted this app. Then I relaunched it and remembered, bring back the siphon timer!

Unintuitive purchasing experience

I would just like to point out that the purchasing experience from your apps are very unintuitive. There doesn't seem to be a way to purchase multiple items in one cart. I would have to make multiple orders it seems and possibly get charged multiple shipping fees. I would also like to review my order before submitting my order just like the web site experience.

Avoid this app. Order from the website.

Ordering from their website is great. This app is a disaster. You can't select any shipping method other than standard. Then, no shipping notification, no tracking number, nothing.

My go-to app every morning

I use this app to make coffee, whether I'm making pour over, chemex, or French press. It's awesome. What they need is watch functionality. Seriously.

Cool App, no siphon/vacuum pot

Cool app with good instructions, just missing how to brew with a vacuum pot.

Personal barista assistant

This app is my go-to for quick brew ratio conversions. Thanks, Intelligensia!

Aeropress instructions are wrong

Aeropress instructions are wrong. You will have a very bitter cup of coffee if you leave expresss grounds to steep for 3 or 4 minutes. Please check against manufacturer’s instructions.

Good but missing Apple Pay and Passbook

See title

Glitchy, Text cut off at bottom.

Kicks me out when I'm about to use the brew timer. Also, text falls off at the bottom of the screen. Hoping for a fix.


This is intuitive and reflective of their brand.

Do not use to order coffee - it never arrives

Feb 2015 Update: Although I never received a response to my emails to customer support, they now send a tracking number and my purchases have been coming reliably. I've upped my rating to 3 stars. Old review below: Twice I used the app to order coffee. Both times the order never arrived. I had to call customer service, which can't be reached; you have to leave a message. I emailed them and after several days I got a reply stating there was an error on my order and they were sorry. They did promptly send out the order. The second order I was sure would go smoothly. Foolish me. Again no shipment was received and I'm having to chase after my order via voice mails and emails. Purchases from the app just say they were "shipped on (date)" but they really were not shipped. No tracking number is provided. Why bother. It should be easier to make a reliable purchase and it should be shipped fast with tracking. Do not waste your time ordering from this application.

Coffee and guides

Bought some delicious coffee on here and I use the guides constantly.

Syphon timer

Before the last update, there was a timer for brewing coffee with a syphon coffee maker. Now it's gone. Come on, guys...

Why can't I see my tax and shipping BEFORE purchase?

After downloading the app and browsing the many delicious looking coffee options-- far more than I can find in my Detroit-area groceries-- I was all excited to make a purchase. However, every time I clicked on "buy," I saw the message "tax and shipping not included." I know somewhere I had read something about honest pricing, with all costs included, so I was perplexed. Furthermore, there seemed to be no way to determine what my tax and shipping would be. Through trial and error I learned that the only way to learn those costs is to make a purchase. Yep, I actually had to buy a bag of coffee to get that info. (Incidentally, it's $5 to ship to Detroit, no tax.) Fortunately, I was able to "unbuy" the coffee right away. But now, all the prices on the app do reflect shipping costs (i.e. everything just got $5 more expensive.) Not too happy about how that worked, although I'm pleased to finally see the inclusive prices. On another note, I have to agree with a previous reviewer that the instructions for using the Aeropress are somewhat odd. And really complicated, too. I love my Aeropress and the simplicity of using it. Not sure why I would ever try Intelligentsia's super-complex system when the manufacturer's directions give such consistently good results.

Still beautiful, but dumbed down recipes!

I love the app design and everything about it EXCEPT you removed the awesome step-by-step instructions and illustrations in your brew methods section! Bring them back please?

Very impressed!

I think this is the most polished coffee timer application out there (even though there's not much competition). I personally enjoy the ability to modify the values for Oz, Grams, and Volume. Certainly helps with tuning in your cup. I'd HIGHLY suggest the ability to edit ratios!


This is definitely a great app for anyone using multiple brew methods and looking for ratios, weights, and times.

Much Improved

The coffee is great, of course. The app is much improved. Love reading about the coffees and am using the timer every day (and ground to water calculator as needed).

Brewing recipes disappeared

You arseholes removed the sweet and well explained recipes for brewing your coffee. Now it's a picture of it and no clear measurements for making YOUR coffee! Arseholes! Come on, I love you guys.

Ok...but Aeropress is weird

Seems like a nice app. I'm just perplexed by their aero press brewing method. 4 minutes seems like an eternity for aero press. The whole point of there being pressure is to compensate for quick brewing with pressure. Leaving grounds for four minutes and then applying pressure seems counterintuitive and defeats the whole purpose of aeropress, I think. If you don't believe me do everything as thy say except that you brew for just one minute. Add water to taste then (I like a 3:1 ratio). Amazingly you'll see that's more than enough for having a nice cup of coffee.

Beautiful but some issues

Primary issue is related to timer tool. Some glaring math issue; if you edit default, all the math kinda breaks. can't restore to default even after restarting app. I was very excited.. Wamp wamp Purchase flow- why can't I choose whole bean?

Removing functions ruins app for me

I have been using the timer for a while now and with the latest update they removed the setting for my brew of choice (Siphon). What a fantastic update, add nothing of value and remove functions that people may use. Booooo

Great update

UI and design updates look very clean and intuitive. The UX is done way better too. The purchasable content usually makes for a worse experience, but it isn't even annoying or hindering due to the design improvements and flow/feel of the app. Well done

never forget to buy coffee again!

I love the waves in the icon, the streamlined identity (and bold red/orange) plays well in our post-skeumorphic world. I really really like the fact that I can buy coffee and all the other things I need to make it with this app without fumbling for a card or squinting to see the info on my device. This should be the new standard for mobile commerce!

You removed some of your timers :(

Bad bad bad. I thought you were supposed to make improvements on an update, not take away features. I loved your app. Now I'm missing my siphon brew timer. Just doesn't make sense. Thanks.


New version scales well & adds great function.

Fire your app developer

The update resolved previous glaring usability issues but introduced new ones. This is another beautiful app that is dysfunctional. 1- Why would you design the app to look right on the recently launched 6 when the bulk of the phones out there are previous versions with shorter displays? 2- Why force users to read small text in a big UI to figure out how to start the timer? Double tap is for desktop computers; touch apps just work with a single touch. 3- What happened to audible sound that alerts users to bloom and finish times?


What happened to the vacuum pot timer? I woke up this morning and it was gone. Why?!?


The new design looks really nice. I especially like how I can learn about the origins of a certain type of coffee, and then seamlessly buy it from directly within the app. The checkout process is super smooth, and they let you edit your order after you make it. That’s kinda cool.