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Find Me Coffee App

by Raymond Williamson

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 18.89MB
Version: 1.3.0
Released: 2012-07-29
For ages: 4+

Genres:Food and DrinkTravel

Find Me Coffee shows you all the coffee shops near your location, or any other location in the world* you want to search. Read and submit ratings and reviews, get a map and directions to your shop of choice, and a phone number so you can call ahead and place your order. Filter your search to find coffee shops with amenities like food, parking, WiFi, a drive thru, and so forth.

Find Me Coffee is a great way to meet up with a friend. Find the coffee shop where you want to meet, and then share it with an email, SMS, Tweet, or a Facebook status update. Your friends will get a link to that coffee shop, with a map so there will be no mistake.

Quickly find any coffee shop, from small independent cafes to big brands including Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin' Donuts, Second Cup, Country Style, McDonald's, Timothy’s World Coffee, Krispy Kreme and more!

Future releases will even allow you to submit photos with your review, right off your smart phone.

* Full support available for North America and large international cities, more locations are coming soon!

Note: This app makes use of Background Geolocation. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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Customer Reviews
The worst

Inaccurate. I've searched familiar neighborhoods that have coffee businesses everywhere and none of them ever show up except McDonalds.

Completely out of date list

This app should be removed. The list of coffee shops is completely out of date in Virginia. There are dozens and dozens of listings that no longer exist and dozens of coffee shops that are good that are not on the list. it's totally misleading and should be removed from the App Store.


It's a waste. The app just lists McDonalds Starbucks and dunking donuts. Hard to find anything nice.


Good app but it seems half the locations recommended are out of business. Some for 2 or 3 years. The app could be improved by adding an option to mark it as a defunct business.

Great App!

This is my go-to app in the quest for coffee. Worth downloading.

Worth downloading

I don't keep a lot of apps on my phone that are niche because I can just GTS! But this little coffee app is awesome.

Dud of an app

Just falls way short unless you want a McCrappe or Drunkin Gonuts

Needs More Data

It's a good app, but there are several great places where I live that aren't in the app. It would be great to be able to add places so that the only place in town listed isn't the worst place for coffee...

Great Idea, Missing Websites and Crowd Sourcing Ability

This app is a great idea, but there is something to be desired in execution. First, you should have a manner in which users can be data collectors. If you are missing a coffee shop, there should be an easy way for users to inform you of the shop. Second, you should add "website" to the details section of the coffee shops. Also a photo would be cool (users should be able to add photos of their java spots). I've found at least one spot that had been closed in your app. There wasn't a way for me to add that days to your app. You should be leveraging your users as data collectors and stewards (to a degree). I'm sure there is a cooler tie-in to social media as well to gain users and thereby more data! More data= better app. Better app= more users. You get the feedback loop there?

Doesn't use location data.

What's the point?

Great app

Simple to use and very accurate. If you need to find the nearest coffee shop, this is the app for you. Very satisfied customer.

Lovely Design - Great Concept

This app was designed as the yelp of coffee. If you need coffee, you use this app. Their program is still in the early stages however and there are very few cafe's with full details - that being said, if I'm looking for coffee in a new area this is the first app I look at.