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eXpresso!, for Starbucks(R) Coffee

by Snow Storm Software

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 3.63MB
Version: 1.1.0
Released: 2009-02-23
For ages: 4+

Genres:Food and DrinkLifestyle

*** App Store What's Hot, build you own Secret Menu favorites ***
eXpresso has the quick order, drink management, and "Get me a Coffee from Starbucks(R)" eMail capabilities of Expresso Pro! in a quick select format. Give it a try. The pro edition, with it's graphic drink creator, allows you to view featured selections, find a Starbucks(R), view nutrition information from Starbucks(R) website, access your Starbucks(R) account, and more.

Welcome to eXpresso, your (express) ordering system! Named intentionally, this app provides an expedited method of ordering your espresso. Yes, we know the name is not the correct spelling of the beverage, but we hope you appreciate the pun.

*** Note: While eXpresso follows the official Starbucks(R) documentation, some Baristas are not quite as diligent, if so please confirm your order using the Barista speak. ***

Actual User Quotes:
Beautiful! mbrowntn
This App ROCKS! nikibear
Gr8 for a Starbucks lover. Equestrian5498
Love It. dschinkel
Nifty. 1LOV3YOU<3
Yummy. Cassil <3
Works great. NB Bear.

Ordering at Starbucks(R) has never been easier, nor faster. Just open "eXpresso" on your iOS device and create your drink while you are traveling to Starbucks(R) or while in line. Present "eXpresso" and your selections will be instantly recognized by the Barista, they will transfer your beverage configuration to a cup and you are done. Fast and Easy.

Create your own personalized Starbucks(R) cup right on your iPhone or iPad. "eXpresso" simulates a real Starbucks(R) cup, simply touch on the familiar boxes for your personalized choices. Ordering has never been easier, nor faster.

Dream up a new drink. Create something adventurous, daring even. Take your time, there’s no pressure to decide while standing in line. No need to remember everything. Imagine something fabulous. There’s something for everyone, espresso, tea, lemonade, you name it, there are thousands of combinations.

Of course, your drink is personal and it should be treated as such. Give it a name, whatever you like, something exotic perhaps to indicate that it couldn’t be anyone else’s. How about My Morning Mocha? There's even an Add details field, so get inventive. Do you want your mocha to be at 140 degrees, or with cinnamon sprinkles? This is your chance!

"eXpresso" was designed with ease in mind. She’ll tell everyone how wonderful you are. Bleary at 6 a.m.? Simply hand your iPhone displaying "eXpresso" over to the Barista for transcription, but be sure to retrieve it, they think it’s nifty too. Going through the Drive Thru? "eXpresso" includes a Starbucks(R) translator right on the display so you can instruct the Barista accurately.

eXpresso. Easy for you and fun for every Starbucks(R) lover.

Not all options are available at all Starbucks(R) locations.

eXpresso is not authorized by nor affiliated with Starbucks Corporation or Starbucks U.S. Brands LLC.
All registered trademarks are the property of Starbucks U.S. Brands LLC.

For the creative, graphical drink creator, featured suggestions, Find a Starbucks(R), Starbucks(R) online capabilities, and Starbucks(R) Twitter and Facebook access, consider the pro edition of "eXpresso".

Featured Updates:
- My details in Barista Speak.
- Custom option for no Water (H2O)
- Option for upside down.
- Removed obsolete Eggnog drinks.
- Added new Smoothies.
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Customer Reviews
Does not have all options

Needs to be updated/add material. This app could be a lot better.

This is helpful!

This really helps when you are ordering your frappuccino from Starbucks and how to correctly order it

Drink Size

Please add "Trenta" size! I always get a Trenta Black Iced Tea.


This app is so helpful. I go to Starbucks a lot and its perfect fr remembering what I love to order. It makes things so much easier


Works perfectly! Totally suggest it!


I work at Starbucks and this is all wrong. Dont even bother

Always wrong

Tried it with my three favorite drinks, wrong all three times...

Its all wrong

I work for Starbucks and if u are using this to make your drink chances are you won't get what u want, the selection is outdated and the markings are wrong. Starbucks has an actual app that u can make your own drink with, use that one instead, it stays in sync with the season and uses all the correct terminology.

Doesn't do much..

Info is wrong, I wouldn't mind if this app did ANYTHING else but the ONE thing it does do is out of date and wrong.. Totally stupid..

Um, 2 stars for effort, but...

Most of your information for this app is very outdated. For example, we haven't had melon syrup for almost four years, and no longer make signature hot chocolate. The fact that it is that outdated really irks me.


Totally confusing, with no clear point????????????????????????????????I'm still confused about what I'm suppoused to do!!!!!!

Useless app

I work for starbucks. This app does not show the proper way to call out or mark drinks. It also shows a lot of drink and syrups that no longer exist or are out of season. If the pro version really does all it says in the preview then that might be useful (if the app didn't suffer from inaccuracies) but def not for $3. Most baristas are fine with correcting the way people order things and don't care that they do it everyday for the same customers. Dont even get me started on how pathetic it is if you can't remember what you order every day. Do not bother downloading this.

Not bad; a couple suggestions

Not bad for a preview. But a suggestion for this and the pro version: for blended drinks (Frappucinos), include an option for how many times you want the drink blended. Sometimes the ice in the frappucinos is too thick after blending, and a second or double blend is needed (either by request or necessity). Add an option to double/triple/etc. blend frozen drinks. Also, some Starbucks are inside/adjacent to Barnes and Noble bookstores. List which ones are and applicable hours as they tend to differ from the hours at Starbucks proper.

Rather pointless..,

This app is pointless. All it does is keep a drink order written down. I can't imagine why you'd need to keep your own drink written down with notes. I could see if it would give nutrition info or something, but it's really just a notepad like thing. Not worth having. *deleted*


Horrible application, didn't even have a vanilla latte in the list. Seriously?


I work for starbucks, and the one example it shows is wrong. The name "mayan mocha" isn't even used anymore. I didn't look at the app to see if there are others but that's pretty lame if you can't even get the example right.

What about multiple drinks?

This app would be extremely handy if it held more than one drink! What about those morning office runs to starbucks where a couple people each want something different? Update please and I will reload the app!

Works great

Okay, it's free. I'm not going to snivel that the full version is $5 like some people. Instead I'm going to be intelligent enough to appreciate the fact that a free version is even available. This app is great if you go to Starbucks often and want to try different drink combinations or are unsure how to order what you want. If you want the full version, its almost the price of a coffee.

Don't download

Even though this was a free app don't waste your time.


Stupidest app ever. You just make choices and it puts abbreviations. Who cares?!


It's missing things and you can't have more than one custom item. For example the app is missing 2/3 decaf and upside down for the caramel machiato I'm sure it's missing more as well lol


Pretty good. It helped me learn how to order coffee

Failed app

I must be customer #1. This app never completed loading on my touch. I'm left with a white icon that is labelled "Loading". I can't delete it and the App Store thinks the app is installed. I'll have to wait for an update or try to delete from iTunes and start again.

not worth it.

seriously? 5 bucks for the full version? is that a joke?


Simple app, so don't expect much. It's good if your like me and don't have any clue how to order your starbucks coffee ! And best, it's free :D

AppStore greed

This is a prime example of AppStore greed. Selling something (the full version of this app) so painfully simple is absurd. Crap like this is the cancer killing the AppStore.