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Coffee Ideas by Franke - iPhone Edition

by Franke Coffee Systems

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 8.21MB
Version: 1.2
Released: 2011-07-28
For ages: 4+


Coffee Ideas by Franke

Coffee creations for hot days and more…

Not only coffee lovers will grow weak at the sight of these new, trendy beverage creations combining coffee, cold milk foam and, if desired, flavorings or over ice – temptations that make everyone’s mouth water.

Franke Coffee Systems brings a variety of coffee drinks recipes and ideas to your iPhone. Enjoy unique recipes for coffee and try out new flavors. Experience classic, as well as completely new savoury creations with milk, chocolate and even syrup.
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Customer Reviews
FCS Drink Menus

Great App for extending greater possibilities with Coffee Culture and Cafe Ownership throughout the collective understanding of the Cafe' marketplace.


Learning videos too and how to store the herbs and cafes properly . Love this app

This is great

Franke has really helped me expand my coffee horizons with new ideas and arts.

Where's the recipes?

Nice looking app, however there are no recipes. That is the only reason I downloaded! Waiting for an update...

Great but...

I love the design it's beautiful but please make an update with more descriptive ingredients and instructions. I would have definitely given u a 5 star it already had it.Can't wait for an update so I can give you a 5 star :))!!