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PicJointer Photo Collage Maker


(84,873 user ratings)


Download size: 90.74MB
Version: 6.3.90
Released: 2012-03-20
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

Amazing photo editor and collage maker to share your best moments and memories! Just back from holiday? Put your photos together easily and keep the holiday spirit on your social media account! Pick from the best basic and natural FILTERS to make your photos even more special. PicJointer combines powerful photo editing tools with awesome effects to wake up your creativity. Liven up your memories with hundreds of different FRAMES, STICKERS and FONTS! Mix and match them in any way you like using the COOLEST LAYOUTS. You won’t believe the art pieces you will create with just a few taps!

PicJointer is the best photo collage app on the store with more than 5 MILLION installs all over the world.


• ZOOM, PAN, ROTATE and MIRROR your photos to create the best combinations!
• Use the easy PHOTO EDITING TOOLS to perfect your pictures.
• Create your collage choosing among hundreds of STYLISH LAYOUTS
• EDIT your layout by adjusting the FRAME, COLORS and PATTERNS
• Pick from hundreds of categorized STICKERS to decorate your collage
• Add colorful TEXTS with funky FONTS to make them even more expressive!
• SHARE WITH ONE TAP on Facebook or Instagram to make sure all of your friends see your masterpieces!


Subscribe to take advantage of the features described above.
• Subscription length: weekly
• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.
• Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Terms of service: https://bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=509987785
Privacy policy: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=509987785

Have a feature request you would like to see in a future version of the app? Do not hesitate to contact us at picjointer@bendingspoons.com

Disclaimer: You will be required to sign up for an auto-renewable In-App Purchase before you are able to access the app.
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Customer Reviews

It says it is free but it is not. You have 6 days free but then you have to pay. And they won’t let use the free days until you subscribe! This should be illegal to claim to be free when you are not!!!


Download a different free collage app. Can’t do anything without paying. Bye!


New update makes the app no longer free and now a WEEKLY subscription! Hard pass, app getting deleted.

Makes you pay

It makes your pay a monthly payment in order to use the app. Very disappointed. Would not recommend unless your willing to pay the money.

App isn’t really free

You can’t use it at all without subscribing. Waste of time.

Lies, deception

This is one of those apps that’s MADE to look like its free but when you actually try to use it says you need a subscription. If you’re going to make somebody pay to use an app, just charge them money to get it in the first place! Would NOT recommend.

1 problem I’ve encountered.

Every time I try to save my work to my camera roll, it never works. A small prompt says “Error.”

Simple and Fast

I love it!

Bait and Switch

The app says its free but after trying the very first photo project, it makes you buy the app. Total scam.


Have been using for years to combine and edit photos. Works great!

Not Free!

If you have to pay to make collages on the app, just change the App Store listing to $2.99! I downloaded this app to be able to make collages, but immediately after selecting the pictures and clicking next, it asks if you want a free trial, and you cannot continue without it. What a joke!


I have just downloaded this app so I could easily make aesthetic collages but was very disappointed when I found out you have to PAY REAL MONEY to use the app. So my question is, why is this app rated 4 and up? No no no, it should be rated 17 and up!! You want four year olds downloading this and then asking their parents for 3 dollars a week to pay for this?! Does your company have any idea what going on in 2020?! All of these sicknesses and the COVID 19?! You want those poor (feel bad) people to pay 3 dollars a week when instead the could be wasting their money on food and safety supplies?! If you have to pay 3 dollars a week, that would be 1,095 dollars a year?! You could be spending those 1,095 dollars on food, rent, home supplies, safety supplies and health services !! So why would you want to pay money for an app you could delete later? I should have just stuck with finding images on the internet!

Very easy to use!

Good stuff

It’s a paid subscription! Is that necessary!

I’m trying to put two pictures together and you want me sign up for a subscription, that’s completely pointless. You don’t even offer anything of value. Learn your place, trash!

Paid and Not getting Features

I paid and am not getting the features. Also, get rid of the stupid watermark! Much better apps for a lot less cost. Ridiculous monthly fee!


I used to love using this app because it was free and let me collage pictures easily. Now you can’t even use it without paying.



Very useful for pic collages to create happier stories

I use this app a lot to collage family pics, various child expression pics into one, to verify if certain things look good together..very handy!!


Worst app I had my life

2.99 a week is a rip off

The iPhone should and probably will begin incorporating the features of this app into its photos app. 2.99 a week. Crazy.


Like all good free apps, this came to an end. Charging a WEEKLY subscription of $5.00 for an app your probably going to use only for 1 minute for that one cute family pic on Instagram and never use again in your life. Save yourself the time and delete.

Rip off $2.99/month

First week free then charge you. No free version. Pass


The app is free but if you try to use it you have to get premium

$2.99 per week?!?! $155.48 per year app

Downloaded and went to make first 2 pic collage and it took me to a subscription page which said sign up now to continue for $2.99 per week Yea that’s right......2.99........per......week.... Are you kidding me?!?! $2.99 per week??? $155.48 per year for an app?!?!?! It’s a joke right? DELETE

Why do I need to pay?

I can’t even make one picture? Come on why should I even pay for this? Don’t get this app


You can actually create anything without paying for a subscription


App is a scam. They only tell you it is a WEEKLY $2.99 subscription after you have selected photos.

Worst Application I have ever tried

This app is just A waste of money

Can’t use the app unless you pay for it

Don’t download this unless you are willing to pay for a subscription, it was a waste of my time

Why is this app so pricey??

I used this app a couple of years ago and it was efficient for what I needed. I got a new phone and apparently didn’t redownload it for a while. I needed to make a collage so I searched and downloaded. 2.99 a WEEK????? That is 12.00 a month folks. The developers of this app are insane. I’ll just pull out my Mac and make a collage or download one of the other 20 apps that do the same thing. I could understand if they were the ONLY app but they are not. Protest folks. Cancel your subscriptions and write a bad review to make it known that this pricing is ridiculous!!!!

Garbage app don’t waste your time

Download for free then immediately pay weekly or you don’t get to even use the app


Collage maker for the same price as a photoshop subscription should not be allowed on the App Store

This is a scam

I downloaded and deleted this app in December and it has been continually charging me 2.99 every week up until now. I just noticed they signed me up for an ongoing subscription even though I cancelled and deleted the app in December. I have never had an issue like this with any of the other apps I’ve downloaded since I’ve used Apple and do not recommend this app because they will charge you weekly despite you deleting the app and cancelling subscription.


Just letting you know that the developers are actually dumb. You might as well make the app cost. You can’t do anything without paying for a subscription, and you can’t refuse the subscription either, so the developers are brainless JUST MAKE THE APP COST!

Costs money to use

Downloaded this to put stickers on my photos and this sham want my money. Yeah right homie. PicFrame is free to do all of that. What a scam.

Expensive subscription

I’ve used this app for years. I paid for the premium version. I don’t use it daily, maybe once a month. Now it wants $2.99 per WEEK. That’s $156 a year. That is ridiculously exorbitant. Nothing this app does is worth that kind of cost IMO. I’ll be searching for an alternative. $2.99 / year, sure. Per WEEK? Never.

Read before installing!!!!

This app is dangerous. You download it “for free” for a week. After week 1 they charge you $2.99 A WEEK! That’s $12 a month for an app!!!! No one time charge, they want to get you. It’s crazy. I had to complain to Apple to have some of the charges removed. The app itself is ok. I would keep it if there were charge. This app is no way worth $12 a month. I mean how often do you collage pictures?! Just watch your credit card statement, because you will have all these charges that you had no idea you were being charged.

You have to pay every month

I LOVED this sapp but it makes you pay when you first get it and then 2.99 every month for it. It is an amazing app but the only thing is that you have to pay every month. Me personally would rather not pay every month but other than that it is a great app, cute stickers for FREE and other things too.

Not Free

Advertised as being a free app but you can’t actually do anything until you subscribe for $8 a month.


I have had this app on my iPhone for several years and rarely used it but they offered such a large choice for free that I kept it on my phone. Today, after a long absence, I decided to use it only to discover that I had about 8 or so free choices, the rest were available for a $2.99/week subscription. WHY NOT JUST CHARGE A SMALL FEE PER TEMPLATE OR USE, as well as a subscription fee? By giving various options, you can make more money and keep folks happy. I personally stay clear of subscription services as they are difficult to cancel but would pay per use.

Zero stars

Wont let you do a thing unless you agree to a subscription can i just use it and not have to agree to pay $3 why cant I use it free with out a commitment even if its a free trial why make me sign up for something you can later charge people for if they forget why not make it free with ads. Thats how they get ya give you a little longer then short free trial to get you to forget and take your money. Zero stars zero stars.........ZERO.....STARS. I swear this app was made buy a bunch of talentless Devs who should not be proud of this scam of an app. The only achievement here is that your company is a bunch of swindlers who cant make a basic app to navigate subs and accounts. If it was a good app by good devs you wouldn't need to email them to cancel your sub. How are these guys still in buisness.

Not free

Tried to make me sign up for a subscription before compiling my pics. Don’t buy... waste of time

$3 a week...not worth it

This app was ok but it didn’t have the feature I wanted which was the option to blur out. I somehow agreed unexpectedly to a free trial and then I forgot about the trial period. When I went into my iTunes subscription payments I realized that they started charging me...IT’S A WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION!!! They were charging me $3 a WEEK and this app isn’t even THAT good! BE CAREFUL!!

$2.99 per week for this?!?

What a ripoff


I LOVE THIS APP!!!!! Everything I’d hoped for in one app, easy to use, tons of options....perfect!

Can’t print

It is easy to design a collage but I can’t print from my iPad. I can print from my phone but it came out as a 5x7 instead of a full page. Very frustrating.

Must pay first

Great app, but you have to pay to complete.

Fast reply

I was having a problem with an error message coming up when trying to download to my iPhone. They got back with me in a few hours and explained what to check for. Problem solved. Highly recommend this app, very easy and fast way to make a collage.

The app is free, unless you want to use it

After first loading the “free” app, I wanted to combine 2 pics. I chose the ones I wanted, and it told me in order to join my pictures, the only thing this “free” app is designed to do, it told me I could get a 1 week free trail, after which I would have to pay $2.99 a WEEK. Don’t download this app, it’s not worth the time.