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Released: 2012-01-19

Download Size: 53.72 mb

iTunes U provides everything an instructor needs to bring the classroom together on iPad—build lessons with apps and your own materials, collect and grade assignments from students, start class discussions or talk with students one-on-one to answer questions and provide feedback.

iTunes U also allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to learn from a large collection of free education content via public courses from leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions.

For Instructors:
• Plan lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected—right from your iPad
• Add your own teaching materials—including worksheets, web links, photos, and videos from a variety of document providers
• Engage every learner using apps, books, videos, podcasts and more from iTunes, App Store, and iBooks
• Add instructions or comments to PDFs and photos with built-in annotation tools
• See when students have viewed or completed assignments and remind students of due assignments
• Grade student work and track student progress in the grade book
• Use the single-student view for individual attention at parent-teacher conferences
• Answer questions or provide video feedback in 1:1 chats or start class debates using group discussions
• Keep students prepared and in the loop with notifications
• Institutions using Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs can import rosters to streamline course creation
• Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions can publish courses to the iTunes U catalog to make them available to anyone for free on iOS devices

For Students:
• View assignments and updates in one place, and check off assignments you’ve completed
• Submit your work in private courses from any Apple creativity app, many third-party apps, or as annotated PDFs and photos
• Open audio or video files directly in other apps
• Ask instructors questions or have them review your work with 1:1 messages
• Start or join group discussions with your class
• View your grades and instructor feedback on all past assignments

Browse a rich catalog of free education content:
• Choose from a variety of free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on a wide range of subjects from leading educational and cultural institutions around the world
• Share your favorite courses with friends using Twitter, Facebook, Mail, and Messages
• iTunes U includes materials from Stanford, MIT, Yale, La Trobe University, University of Tokyo, Smithsonian Libraries, National Theatre, and many more

• Participating in courses requires iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
• Built-in PDF or photo annotation requires iPad (4th generation or later), iPad mini (version 2 or later)
• Publishing public courses to iTunes U requires teachers to be affiliated with a qualified institution
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Released: 2012-04-25

Download Size: 52.1 mb

The DIY Nano app allows families to experience and learn about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology at home or on the go!
The app provides free, easy to use, hands-on activities at your fingertips. Each activity includes materials lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations. The activity materials are widely available and inexpensive, and you probably have many of them in your own home!
Our app includes links to family friendly videos and helps you browse the whatisnano.org website for more information, activities, and videos.

An iPad version is available, too!

The DIY Nano app was a collaboration of:
Lawrence Hall of Science
Emily Maletz Graphic Design
NISE Net, a national collaboration of science museums.
Funded by the National Science Foundation.
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Released: 2009-12-08

Download Size: 0.57 mb

Science Facts is filled with facts about science!

Included in this app are:

+ Main Deck of Facts
+ Faves Deck for Your Favorite Facts
+ Ignore Feature
+ Shuffle Ability
+ Search Feature
+ Index
+ Beautiful, Easy-to-Use Interface

Individual facts can be added to or removed from a built-in "Faves Deck" at any time. Use the "Faves Deck" to set aside your favorite facts.

Facts can also be added to or removed from an ignore list.

Both the "Main Deck" and the "Faves Deck" can be shuffled at any point.

There's also a search feature and a complete index of facts.

With Science Facts, you'll always have your favorite science facts in the palm of your hand.

We're always looking to make improvements to our products. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an e-mail at support [at] simpaddico.com.
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Released: 2012-05-10

Download Size: 38.84 mb

Here's a fun way to practice your middle school science skills and get ready for the 8th grade standardized science test.

Fly the monkey through space and avoid the asteroids. Answer questions correctly to keep going.

The free version includes quizzes on these topics:

* Matter
* Geology
* Astronomy
* Weather

A pack of additional quizzes can be purchased on these topics:

* Chemistry
* Physics
* Biology
* Experimental Method
* Periodic Table
* Energy

This is a great way to review for standardized tests for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in middle school and junior high. For 5th graders, it's your chance to get a head start.

* Practice using three levels of words for each quiz
* Replay levels to improve your scores and speed
* Compete with friends with leader boards and achievements
* Aligned to Common Core State Standards
* Review using built-in help
* Email your progress to your teacher

Attention Teachers: Contact us to find out about free reporting tools on our web site for showing the progress of your entire class.

Questions, Problems, or Suggestions: Please send an email to support@MonkeyInTheMiddleApps.com

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Released: 2010-11-17

Download Size: 50.19 mb

*******This is the last update to this app.
Please download our container app i.e "GoLearningBus University" for more updates*******

Learn “Computer Science, MIS and Networking” from AI driven coach and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

App offers bite sized videos, quizzes and AI driven coach to help you become smarter and become great.

Just 60 minutes a week can help you become great in “Computer Science, MIS and Networking”

Following chapters are available for rapid fast learning.

Public Relations
Introduction to PMP
Learn Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
Principles of Management
Business Math
Management Information System
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Communication Skills

Please email us at Team@iEdu.io for any questions or feedback.

Note:- We are using only in-app purchase in our app.we are not using subscriptions anymore.
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Released: 2011-03-22

Download Size: 0.67 mb

- By simplely touching and shaking, infinite fractal wallpapers and animation are generated in real time !
- Touch to animate structure and swing your iPhone/iPad to animate color. The longer your swing, the longer the animation. The pattern could be very simple or extremely dedicated. Explore the one fitting your taste.

- Optimized for iPhone4 and iPad screen resolutions. Further more, It would be a surprisingly rapid and beautiful mode in the new iPad3!
- The math intensive calculation involved is handled by parallel algorithm in Shading Language, resulting in the fastest Julia and Mandlebrot sets presenting in the way you have ever seen!
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Released: 2010-02-02

Download Size: 47.61 mb

DailyCalcs turns your phone into a science calculator to simplify everyday tasks in the lab. Eight calculators, including a new Specific Productivity Calculator for use with fed-batch cell culture processes and a Transfection calculator you can use to simplify transfection experimental setup.

The Specific Productivity Calculator for fed-batch cell culture processes takes into account Duration of Culture (Days), VCD and Titer levels to calculate early and late qP results. Next step recommendations are suggested based on the calculations, with an in-app ability to email your results for consultation assistance.

The Transfection calculator addresses the transfection reagent, number of samples, the vessel size, and number of replicates and it calculates the exact amounts of all necessary reagents and media for your experiment.

This application features the 8 following calculators absolutely free:

1. Molarity Calculator

The Molarity Calculator tool will allow you to find the mass required to prepare a solution of known volume & concentration, find the volume of solution required to dissolve a known mass to a specific molarity or find a concentration of a solution resulting from a known mass & volume.

2. Dilution Calculator

The Dilution Calculator tool will allow you to determine the required volume of a stock solution of known concentration to make a final solution of desired volume & concentration. This tool greatly simplifies the everyday tasks of making solutions in the lab.

3. Molecular Weight Calculator

The Molecular Weight Calculator will compute the average molecular weight (MW) of molecules by entering in the chemical formula (i.e. C3H2O4). Supports complex molecules such as "C3H2(NO)4" & "C3H2Cl4.(H2O)3" & is linked into the Molarity Calculator to work in tandem for molarity calculations.

4. Cell Culture Reference Charts

Reference charts for cell culture dishes, plates & flasks showing vital data such as growth surface area, cell seeding density, number of cells at confluency, volume of growth media necessary & required versene or trypsin volume for cell detachment.

5. Unit Converter

A comprehensive unit converter tool capable of converting over 44 units in 7 different types of measurements including the following:

Distance converter (m, ft, in, cm, mm, yards & km)
Speed converter (m/sec, ft/sec, in/sec, cm/sec, km/sec, miles/sec, miles/hr, km/hr, knots)
Area converter (m2, ft2, in2, yd2, acres, km2, miles2)
Volume converter (liters, m3, cm3, ft3, in3, yards3)
Weight converter (kg, g, oz, lbs, tons)
Temperature converter (Celcius, Farenheit, Kelvin)
Molar converter (mole, mM, μmol, nmol, pmol, fmol).

6. Conversions for Media

Unit of measure conversion tool for powder and AGT media that converts Gibco powder and AGT media products between KG and L.

7. Specific Productivity Calculator

The Specific Productivity Calculator for fed-batch cell culture processes takes into account Duration of Culture (Days), VCD and Titer levels to calculate early and late qP results. Next step recommendations are suggested based on the calculations, with an in-app ability to email your results for consultation assistance.

8. Transfection Calculator

Transfection calculator – simplify transfection experimental setup with this new calculator. Just specify the transfection reagent, number of samples, the vessel size, and number of replicates and it calculates the exact amounts of all necessary reagents and media for your experiment.
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Released: 2009-04-16

Download Size: 7.44 mb

If you are still in school, and wondering how to test yourself on your science knowledge in a fun way, you have come to the right place!

Hmm... Out of School long ago? Never mind, quiz yourself to know how much you remember !!

Have kids? Take this quiz and let your kids follow. And tell us who won !!!

A science quiz on your iPhone and iPad. What best way to use your iPhone and iPad to have fun and knowledge at the same time!

The areas of science we touch on include
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Zoology
• Earth
• Inventions
• Space.

Mock test has questions from all topics. Questions are presented randomly from all the topics.

A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the time you took, the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong. And yes, you can E-EMAIL the results.

The app records your progress as you start quizzing yourself.
It shows you a beautiful pie chart so that you can track your weak areas and give more focus on them.

You don't need to press too many buttons or encounter any alert messages.
The app is very interactive and needs minimum user input.

• Choose number of questions you would like in each test.
• E-mail yourself the test results and track your progress.
• A new module, "Progress Meter" keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic.
• Choose your own timer settings.
• Cool sound effects. (You can turn them off if desired.)
• Special algorithm that randomises questions every time you take a test.
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Released: 2008-09-11

Download Size: 0.57 mb

Time Magazine selected "Graphing Calculator" as one of the top 10 back-to-school iPhone applications.
Link to article: http://tinyurl.com/yz855ad


Graphing Calculator turns your phone or iPod into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Features include the following:

- Includes a powerful, yet easy to use scientific calculator.
- Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph.
- Custom keyboard to speed up entering in equations.
- Pinch to zoom and drag/slide for scrolling the graph in real time.
- The graph view supports portrait and landscape modes.
- Take screen shots, and e-mail graphs to yourself.
- Evaluate your graphs at any x value using the calculator screen.
- Find the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots, intersections, minimums and maximums using the trace mode.
- Provides conditional statements allow the user to restrict the domain and graph piece-wise functions.
- Supports graphing polar and parametric equations.
- Supports graphing inequalities, and implicit equations in the form f(x,y)=g(x,y).
- Retina display and multitasking support
- Display the graph on a TV, projector, or external monitor using Apple's VGA adapter (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, 4th gen iPod, and iPad only)
- Currently supports the following functions: abs, acos, acosh, acot, acoth, acsc, acsch, asec, asech, asin, asinh, atan, atan2, atanh, ceil, cos, cosh, cot, coth, csc, csch, deg2rad, exp, fact, floor, gamma, gcd, lcm, lgamma, ln, log2, log10, logbase, max, min, mod, nCr, nPr, nroot, rad2deg, rand, sec, sech, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh.

Please visit the website for more details and screen shots. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions, problems, or feature requests.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-03-25

Download Size: 17.75 mb

More than 10 hours of an addictive puzzle gaming!

Rated #1 in 49 countries in the Board/Games category!
More than 1,500,000 Downloads, Top 10 Game in 35 Stores worldwide, More than 1000 - 5* reviews.

Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with!
135 progressive and challenging levels
more then 10 hours of gaming...that is 0,1c per hour of entertaining...

The science here is for you to crack a way to make the formula (fluid) pass through all the lab tubes, until it gets to its final destination, the formulas recipient. For that, you must align all the lab tubes in the correct position (so the fluid can flow to the right side of the screen). You can also mix two or more formulas (fluid), and transform its color or effect (delay etc.).

This truly addicting puzzle/board game will train your scientist mind, and leave you wanting more!

Can you figure this puzzle out?

- 135 progressive and challenging levels;
- 15 "formula books " (levels);
- Tutorials in the key levels;
- Intuitive game play: drag tubes, mixing colors, delay flow, change colors;
- Game Center with achievements;
- Original graphics and sounds;
- Facebook integration.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2009-09-22

Download Size: 8.78 mb

A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support our science education website, http://www.visionlearning.com. All definitions link to related terms and to free, detailed science learning modules. Though geared for high school and undergraduate students using our website, the glossary and modules are appropriate for anyone generally interested in science.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-07-12

Download Size: 12.6 mb

Unleash your inner scientist with KidScience, the app that puts a science lab at your fingertips with simple recipes for mind-blowing experiments using everyday ingredients.
You can search for experiments based on:
· What you have on hand (Got milk? Food coloring? You can do an experiment.)
· Age of scientist  (2 to 92)
· Time available (5 minutes? Half an hour? Two days? You’ve got time!)
· Type of science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry…try them all!)
Our watch-and-do photos and videos make it easy to follow step-by-step instructions for real science experiments. Simple explanations of the science behind the fun are included with each experiment. You can even make a shopping list if you don’t have everything you need for a project.

Experiments: We will continue to add new experiments regularly and alert you when they are available. If you prefer, you may turn off the alerts by going to Settings and Notifications on your device.

Videos: We are continually adding video demonstrations for all of our experiments. We include 3 free videos with the app. You may purchase additional videos as they become available. After you purchase 5 videos, your app will automatically be unlocked, where all current and future releases of videos are free. Or, if you like the videos, you can download our Premium version of KidScience, which includes all current and future releases of videos free with the app purchase.
Liz Heinecke, a.k.a. the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, is on a mission to get every kid excited about science by making it easy and inexpensive. A mom of three with a Master’s degree in Bacteriology, Liz stays busy demonstrating science on TV, working with the Science Museum of Minnesota as an Earth Ambassador for NASA, updating her KitchenPantryScientist.com website, and teaching microbiology to nursing students. 

Cindy Schaller, founder of CS Web Concepts & Design, is all about putting technology to practical use to make your life easier.

This joint effort between the Kitchen Pantry Scientist and CS Web Concepts & Design makes science fun. Please be sure to rate the app and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us make KidScience even better.

View more information at our web site: http://www.kidscienceapp.com
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Released: 2011-12-03

Download Size: 19.47 mb

Physics! is a physics calculator which allows you to find:

- Force, Mass and Acceleration

- Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object

- Period and Frequency of a Pendulum

- Distance, Time and Gravity

- Pressure, Area and Force

- Potential Energy

- Kinetic Energy

- Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency for Waves

The app uses SI units.

There is a pro version of the app which allows you to calculate everything in this version, as well as:

- Universal Gravitation
- Work, Force and Distance
- Power, Work and Time
- Rotational Inertia
- And more.
- Plus, you can create your own formulas with an intuitive interface.

The Pro version allows you to easily select different units for your calculations.

Also, check out Geometry! for all your geometry formula calculations.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-11-30

Download Size: 36.93 mb

* * * * * GoLearningBus: A complete education journey from school, college to professional life * * * * *

More than 4 million paying customers from 175 countries.

Get on the GoLearningBus today and take a complete education journey from school, college to professional learning.

Access all 300 apps for lifetime for only $9.99 via GolearningBus Library.

Learn via more than 300 apps for learning and training.
GoLearningBus brings you a simple, crisp and to-the-point app for "Learn Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus".

You have limited access to the content provided.

For full access to the content, please login and purchase this application.

The app provides:

1. Snack sized chapters for easy learning.
2. Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts.
3. Simple and easy quizzes for self-assessment.

This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering by following snack sized chapters:

"Physics" covers following:

Introduction to Physics,
Wave and Light,
Heat and Temperature,
Basics of Quantum Mechanics,
Electricity and Magnetism,
Laws of Electricity and Magnetism,
Static and Current Electricity,
Introduction to Electronics,
Sound and its properties,
Angular Motion,

"Electronics" covers following:

Electricity and Magnetism,
Kirchhoff's Laws,
Series and Parallel Circuits,
Circuit Symbols,
Measuring Instruments,
Number System and Digital Electronics,
Digital Logic Gates.

"Electrical Engineering" covers following:

Basics of Electricity,
Electric Current,
Series and Parallel Circuits,
Kirchhoff's Laws,
A.C. Fundamentals,
Graph Theory,
Mesh and Node Analysis,
Network Theorems,
Electrical Machine Generator,
Electrical Machine Motor,
Electrical Machine Transformer,

"GoLearningBus" covers following:

A) School Bus

Grade 3-5
Grade 6-8
High School: Grade 9-12
College Entrance Tests

B) College Bus

Engineering College
Medical College
Business College
Law College

C) Professional Bus

Professional Programming,
Professional Design,
Professional Languages,
Professional Software and Tools.

D) Language Bus

This app will access your personal information like first name, last name, and Email id.

Why GoLearningBus apps:

1) Beautifully simple, Amazingly easy, Massive selection of apps.
2) Enjoyable, Entertaining and Exciting apps.
3) An incredible value for money. Lifetime of free updates!

Please write to us at Team@WAGmob.com for any query and your valuable feedback.
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