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The latest weather, grade converters, new climbing spots, and tips and tricks from pros, we got them all. If you are a rock climber, these are some must have rock climbing apps to help keep your assent safe and sound. Lots of good app info here.

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Released: 2011-04-20

Download Size: 16.98 mb

Up-to-date weather forecasts for over 300 rock climbing areas throughout the United States. Whether bouldering in Joshua Tree or big-walling in Zion, ClimbingWeather.com let's you know when to pull down and when to bail. Keeping you high and dry since 2005!
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Released: 2011-10-27

Download Size: 105.34 mb

Beyond the Guidebook: The Definitive Rock Climbing Resource.

• Find outdoor climbing areas near you, and navigate to them, using the map. This super-handy new feature is one of our personal faves.
• The much requested route finder: Easily sort routes by discipline, difficulty, star ranking and more. If a 4-star M9 is your thing, we'll help you find it.
• Search our entire database of 155,000+ climbing routes, even offline.
• Download route beta, photos, and topos state by state for offline use — because the best crags often have the worst reception.
• View a climbing area’s route stats (how many 5.11s are there?) and critical info (when is the raptor closure again?) in a single glance.
• Chat, ask questions, or put out a call for partners in our forum.
• Rate routes and photos, keep track of attempts & sends, or make a to-do list
• It's free to download and free of advertising too. Everything you need, nothing you don't.
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Released: 2012-07-04

Download Size: 133.21 mb

ClimbCoach – The essential training tool for every climber

Want to tick that next grade or send that climbing or bouldering project - but not sure what’s the best way to train for it?

ClimbCoach is the pioneering training app for climbers and boulderers that makes planning, recording and even executing training as easy as possible. . . so that you can just concentrate on reaching your climbing goals more efficiently and effectively.

ClimbCoach not only gives you all the essential training info you need to reach your goals quicker but also takes you through climbing specific workouts step by step, exercise by exercise.

It even automatically times your rest for you.
ClimbCoach is created and tested by top International climbers including Steve McClure who have climbed up to 9a+ / 5.15a and bouldered up to V13.


-Over 20 individual climbing & bouldering specific workouts
-One Touch Planning Training Diary
-How-to-video workout films
-Intelligent progress bar to remind you how far you got last workout and what you need to aim for next workout to improve
-Achievement Badges to keep you motivated to reach that next level
-Essential expert training knowledge & information that is based on fundamental sports science but which is 100% climbing & bouldering specific
-Cumulative and average grade graphs to track your progress
- Route & Boulder problem database to record your ascents
- TickList functionality to test yourself between training sessions
-Auto-timed Fingerboard and Campus Board workouts
-Workouts chosen by equipment, fitness type, goal or discipline
-Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level workouts to suit every level of climber

Download ClimbCoach now to start training like a professional . . . and then let's see what happens. . .

ClimbCoach – The Essential Training Tool for every climber.
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Released: 2012-04-23

Download Size: 74.62 mb

rakkup allows you to access an entire bookshelf of climbing and backcountry skiing guidebooks on your iPhone, even beyond the reach of cell phone coverage. Once downloaded, guidebooks work offline with no Internet connection! It is also the first and only mobile climbing app that navigates you through the trail system to your climb, turn by turn. Produced in partnership with Outdoor Research, rakkup reinvents the guidebook for the smartphone era.

We've partnered with Beacon Guidebooks, Wolverine Publishing ,and other publishers to bring you rich guidebooks complete with color photos and topo drawings. Free sample climbs and ski descents are included.

Browse climbs and descents on a map or in the list format of your choice, filter and search in seconds, then navigate using your phone's GPS with a single tap. In climbing guidebooks, the app continuously calculates the easiest route through the trail system from your current location. Simply follow the arrow and moving map.

Note: When actively navigating to a climb, rakkup uses GPS in background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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