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Piano apps, and more piano apps ! No matter if you are just starting out, or have played for many years, this category has something for everyone. We could all use a little inspiration once in a while. And regardless of if you are currently taking private piano lessons, there are some invaluable bits of info in these apps your teacher might have missed. You will find some great musical tools in these hand selected piano apps.

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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-04-01

Download Size: 115.65 mb

As featured in the Apple 'Your Verse' and 'iPad is Musical' TV Ads, recommended by The New York Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Rolling Stone Magazine, and played live by legendary band Squeeze on the Jimmy Fallon show (NBC).

--To take your compositions to the next level, be sure to check out our amazing new Digital Audio Workstation app for iPad: Looptical Music Studio--

Pianist, the ORIGINAL iPhone piano, turns Professional for the iPad with photo-realistic graphics and an unbelievable sound. Pianist Pro was the number one music app for the iPad at release.

- Full recording and overdub facility.
- Live MIDI control of external synths via CoreMidi, USB, Network MIDI, OSC or DSMI.
- Standard MIDI File import and export.
- Audio (WAV) file export.
- 16 professionally recorded instruments (pianos, organs, guitars, synths).
- Built-in effects, arpeggiator and drum machine.
- Soft and Sustain pedals, and velocity based on key strike position.
- A full 88 key Single or dual keyboard layout with configurable key size.
- Onscreen pitch bend, modulation and swell pedal controls.
- Vibrato and Low-Pass Filter.

Pianist Pro is a virtual piano designed specifically for the iPad, with the same great interface and style that has made Pianist the best known piano on the iPhone, and a whole host of new features too.

It features full MIDI import and export capability, allowing you to record song ideas while on the road and export them via MIDI to your Digital Audio Workstation back at the studio. You can also use Pianist Pro as a great master MIDI keyboard, either with USB, CoreMIDI, or via Wi-Fi. Drive your soft or hard synths wirelessly from the sofa, or from another room. Pianist Pro can even be used as a MIDI sound source, driven by an external hardware keyboard.

A built-in arpeggiator allows the user to create perfectly timed runs just by holding down a few keys, and complex patterns of notes and chords can be programmed into the arpeggiator and played back live. Pianist Pro makes it easy to play shuffle-beat blues piano, complete with walking bassline and overlayed jazz chords - all by simply holding down a single chord. Changing the chord changes the melody but maintains the tight rhythm provided by the arpeggiator. A drum machine offers an elegantly simple interface for adding rhythm, with a choice of drum kits to suit a range of musical styles. While a delay effect can be used to bring energy and interest to a synth bassline, or guitar or piano riff.

The 'Scale Piano' interface allows the user to select a musical scale from a large choice of presets (eg. Natural Minor or Pentatonic Blues) or define their own scales from scratch. Notes and runs on that scale can then be played back in any key, simply by sliding a finger up and down a virtual touch-pad on-screen.

Musicians at all levels have raved about Pianist Pro. Visit our website (moocowmusic.com) for demonstration videos, a full description of functionality including the user manual, and more screenshots.

If you require assistance, please click on the support link. We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours.
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2009-09-24

Download Size: 11.64 mb

Octavian Pro is the Swiss Army knife of music theory apps! Featuring 550+ scales and 100+ chords, with deep options for viewing, listening, and cross-referencing, Octavian is the ultimate reference, learning, and teaching tool. Essential for all musicians, students, composers, and songwriters!

As seen in Keyboard Magazine (Jan 2010): "It's a cheat sheet no keyboardist should leave home without."

• SCALES - 550+ scales from around the world and through history. View any scale with any root note, in any mode, and examine the chords and harmony within the scale.

• CHORDS - 100+ chords including sevenths, elevenths, ninths, thirteenths. Invert chords and browse scales that include the chord.

• PROGRESSIONS - Compose 12-step chord progressions, with inversions, transposition, and added sevenths for each step.

• DICTIONARY - Enter notes on the keyboard to find the scales and chords that contain the notes!

• DISPLAY - Configure the note labels to show notes, intervals, degrees, steps, or solfège (iPad only).

• PLAYBACK - Choose tempo, octave, and repeat options for the high-quality piano sounds to suit ear training, practice, or just hearing new harmonies.

A PDF user manual and video are available at http://www.bitnotic.com
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2008-07-11

Download Size: 9.26 mb

Special price reduction to mark the release of our amazing new app: Looptical Music Studio.

As featured live on stage during the Steve Jobs Keynote Speech at the Apple WWDC 2008, and listed in the iTunes 'Top 10 Music Applications' for 2008.

Band is a collection of virtual instruments that lets you play and record your own tunes from a simple interface.

As well as a piano, bass guitar, and drums, Band also features the innovative "Twelve Bar Blues" instrument, that enables anyone to play blues backing and guitar solos.

This app was released in 2008 as one of the very first musical instruments, and indeed one of the very first apps, for the iPhone.
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2011-03-18

Download Size: 4.1 mb

**PianoAngel paid & free versions have been featured under “What's Hot” in the music category across countries !!! **


"Ever wished you could play the piano, but you quit lessons when you were young? PianoAngel could be the perfect app for you to try out." - MY APPINIONS (http://myappinions.com/)

"PianoAngel drops from the Heavens" - Pro Music Apps (http://www.promusicapps.com/)

"Simply one of the best Piano apps available!" - iDesignSound (http://www.idesignsound.com)

"My two year old son is already playing on this app and has a great time doing so every time (awwwww)." - Touch Producer (http://touchproducer.com/)

"Great tool for performing and even for songwriting!" - Venom (AppStore user review)

"I enjoy playing with PianoAngel. I am even already using it for composing songs!" - Orli (from PTT Taiwan)

"Great for students & children! It enables the users the experience of playing professional piano. Playing through simplified control, without requiring them to have good skills for playing the real piano.” - http://apple.ipie.me (translated from Chinese)


PianoAngel is a revolutionary piano app which is designed to enable everyone in the world to play piano beautifully and with ease. It is designed not only for people who are already skilled in piano but even more-so for people who don't know how to play piano or any other instrument.

With PianoAngel, you can play improvise freely or play from simplified chord/melody lead sheets. Even if you don't know how to play piano, you can just follow the lead sheets and play beautifully like you are an experienced pianist.

Major Features:
* Easily play beautiful piano chords & melody
* Pixel-perfect graphics
* Realistic and smooth piano sound
* Customizable chord preset settings
* Adjust and transpose keys
(as conveniently as you would with keyboards & guitars)
* Adjustable intensity to add variations to playing
* Use the notation style you are familiar with
* Auto chord playing mode (with tempo control)
* The ability to save song settings to presets
* Intuitive help section & settings window
* iPad supported - Enjoy PianoAngel on a larger screen!

New features provided in version 1.1:
* Record your song as an M4A audio file
* Fetch recordings via iTunes file sharing or send via email
* Upload the recordings to SoundCloud
* CoreMIDI support for sending/receiving MIDI (require iOS 4.2)

Version 1.2 update is on the way and will include:
* The ability to record your voice or instruments via microphone input
* MIDI bug fix for occasional note loss from the MIDI sequencer
* Improved auto chord note sequence
* Compatibility for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and earlier models
(with reduced audio quality)

Other new features in progress:
* Easy chord sequence looping

We have 2 demo video introducing new PianoAngel on how to use the application. Check it out at our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/PianoAngelApp

The development of this app is in collaboration with Boggy Jang (www.boggy.idv.tw).
Special acknowledgement to Prof. Shih-Chung Jessy Kang (www.caece.net/sckang) for his input and advice on the UX design of this app.
Thanks App-lySpeaking.com for the writing service for app description!


Please feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions you may have regarding PianoAngel. You thoughts are invaluable to us. Every comment or suggestion will be taken seriously and taken into consideration as we prepare future updates and improvements.


Twitter: http://twitter.com/bwinnovationtw
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PianoAngelApp
Email: bw.innovation.tw@gmail.com
Our official blog: http://bwinnovationtw.blogspot.com

Please do not hesitate to give us your 5-star ratings - this motivates us to make the app the best it can be!
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2011-01-04

Download Size: 9.06 mb

PianoHead is now available for both the iPhone and the iPad! This popular program has helped thousands of students learn to read music. PianoHead is a simple, elegant solution for mastering the fundamentals of music theory -- and having fun while you do it.

Whether you're a new student or more advanced, PianoHead will help you improve your skills. PianoHead is not an instructional program, it's a set of modular drill-and-practice games designed to build automaticity for note recognition, scales, intervals, and key signatures.

This fun, game-like format is both addicting and effective. You'll see your scores increase as you play. Learn at your own pace, and when you're ready, take the PianoHead Challenge and compete for a spot on the worldwide scoreboard. There are 9 levels in this highly interactive game.

*Appolicious App of the week

NOTES - Learn note recognition for bass and treble clefs, including flats and sharps.
SCALES - Learn the Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor scales.
INTERVALS - Learn to recognize and hear different intervals.
KEY SIGNATURES - Learn to recognize Major and Minor key signatures.
PIANOHEAD CHALLENGE - Show off all of your skills in the PianoHead Challenge.

- Clean and intuitive interface
- Easy to learn
- Highly addictive and replayable
- Modular areas to focus your practice
- Worldwide Scoreboard
- Local Scoreboard
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-06-29

Download Size: 32.82 mb

The big classic is back! The popular piano — with adjustable reverb, automatic time stretch, master tuning, and fully configurable keyboard.

Featured at Apple's Special Event January 2010.

(IMPORTANT: This is the same version as Grand Pro 1.1.6)

Be the maestro with Virtuoso Piano Classic, the classical iPod touch and iPhone instrument. Play breathtaking nocturnes in soft mode. Or ground shaking legatos with up to five fingers. Change the tuning with one flick of your fingers. Adjust the reverb mix to change the acoustical environment. Slide your fingers to roll the keys. And when you have the perfect tune, record it. Everything that made the grand piano the majesty of instruments now fits in your pocket.


- 7 octaves of sampled concert grand piano
- Master tuning
- Soft (una corda) and sustain (damper) mode with separately sampled sounds
- Adjustable keyboard size (up to 4 octaves)
- Built-in advanced metronome
- Automatic tempo conversion
- Built-in reverb with adjustable mix level
- Optional iPod mode - if turned on you can not play in silent mode (iPhone only)
- Key labels with universal nomenclature and color indication
- Record, save and playback with customizable project names
- Overdubing for complex recordings
- Play chords with up to 5 fingers
- Slide your fingers to roll the keys


A seasoned pianist need so much more than a few ebony and ivory keys. Orchestras around the world use different tunings and have different acoustics. A concert grand piano can't be truly part of them without adapting. For the first time in the App Store, Virtuoso Piano Classic gives you the possibility to adjust the piano to match all your needs.

- Virtuoso Piano Classic is the first and only piano application in the App Store with "Master Tuning". Tune Virtuoso Piano Classic from 415.0 Hz all the way up to 466.2 Hz. Have it in harmony with every instrument and orchestra.

- Also, Virtuoso Piano Classic is the first and only piano application with "Adjustable Reverb". To have Virtuoso Piano Classic in the perfect acoustics, you can change the mix of the reverb.

- "Universal Nomenclature" gives you the chance to have the key labels the way you want. B or H? Doesn't matter. With Virtuoso Piano Classic you have them both.

Virtuoso Pianists around the world: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=ADE021B190FF35C4

NOTE: Virtuoso Piano Classic has been designed to be used with headphones or external speakers. Use one of them instead the built-in speakers!

If you have any questions contact us by support@peterbmusic.com.
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2010-06-28

Download Size: 12.88 mb

App Store Rewind 2010 - Apple Featured as"Band In Your Hand"

Echo Piano is a recordable virtual piano app. The control of the keyboard is the most special feature of this piano app. To reach all the keys during your performance you have to just slide the screen.

You can reach directly to any octave by taping any position of the keyboard-thumbnail which is above the keyboard to change the pitch.

You can concentrate and enjoy music with flexible and easy keyboard while your performance.

1.Flexible Keyboard (can slide with your finger)
2.Change octave quickly
3.Stereo samples
4.Record / Playback
5.File Manage (Save / Open / Delete)
6.Two playback-speed avaliable( original speed or twice speed)
7.Velocity keyboard.
8.Email your recored song (.ep or .mid file)
9.Save your songs as MIDI format.
10.Support MIDI file playback.
11.MIDI In and MIDI Out
12.Pedal control.
13.Record songs with MIDI Notes and Pedal events from MIDI device.

Support email: superjesi@gmail.com
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-08-17

Download Size: 106.2 mb

Demo : http://youtu.be/WypnlKMiwEs


iOS7 support

Since version 1.3, it supports Loop functionality

Let me introduce the most advanced composing app. in the world.

Are you still midi recording and sequencing in the small smart phone screen?

The smartest composing app in the smart phone world. Use it now.

The user just arrange the chord progression and set the style for each instruments.
The ezComposer sequences midi notes instead of you, which is not easy in the small display of smartphone.
If the chords changed, ezComposer immediately does midi sequencing automatically.
The melody can be easily recorded by keyboard and it supports UNDO to cancel current recording.

You can easily make moving music through the special composing system in the ezComposer.
ezComposer supports 144 chords set and about 400s styles set for major instruments.
What you need to make a song is just drag-and-drop the chord and style.
No more midi sequencing in the smartphone.

ezComposer is the only professional composing app. in various situation like in the subway, in the bed, when you walk ...

First, arrange the chords and styles for each instrument,
Second, record major melody using the velocity-aware keyboard.
That's all. It's amazing app.

Also it supports chord progression recommendation system based on 500s chords set for each key.
Ofcourse, you can export your project as a midi file to use in your favorite sequencer like cubase, sonar, logic.

Especially, ezComposer will be useful for
1. Beginners for midi composing
- who have no idea about midi sequencing
- who want to sequence various chords without chord knowledge.
- who want to make various chord progression
- You can open your project through exporting midifile and you can see the midi notes!

2. People who are interest in composing, and professional composers
- who don't want to be bothered by ordinary midi sequencing.
- who want to see various chord progression
- You can sketch anyplace with the combination of various chord sets and style set

*** Features ***
+ Drag-and-drop based chord and style editing
- 144 chords : major, minor, 7th, 6th, m7, m7, m7-5, aug, dim, dim7, Maj7, sus4 chords
- 132 drum styles : 4 beat, 8 beat, 16 beat and various feel-ins
- 132 piano styles : Well-sequenced midi playing sets like professional pianist's play
- 72 guitar styles : various sets from stroke to arpeggio (A1-1 ~ B9-3)
- 60 base guitar styles : various bass guitar styles (C1-1 ~ D6-3)
- Double tapping support to insert chord and style.

+ Chord recommendation system
- Next chord recommendation system based on current chord progression.
- instant chord progression guide
- 500s various chord progression for each Key(12 Major Keys, 12 Minor Keys)

+ Keyboard and Drumpad
- Velocity-aware Drumpad : for drumkit, you can use drumpad to record drum notes!
- Velocity-aware Keyboard : 2-layered Keyboard.

+ Instruments
- 49 various high quality instruments with 16bit 44.1khz
- Standard, Jazz, Rock, House,.... 7 various drum kits.

+ Editing
- User-friendly made user interface and interactive instant help system
- midi file exporting
- Copy & paste
- Volume and pan control for each track
- midi tempo control
- Block the auto sequencing ( double tapping the the style editor )
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2009-01-17

Download Size: 10.4 mb

A music player for musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, and students. It lets you really hear all the nuances.

Slow Down Music Player makes it easy to learn new songs by slowing down or speeding up play back without changing the pitch! The song will sound the same as the original just faster or slower.

You can use the phrase editor to isolate the tricky parts of a song like the solo or a cool lick, and loop that section over and over again.

Use it to slow down a song to work out a tricky solo, hear the lyrics, or work on a transcription. Use it to choreograph a dance routine. Makes a great vocal trainer.

Use the speed up feature it to review lecture notes, pod casts or audio books stored in your iPod Music Library

Works with guitar, bass, trumpet, piano, voice, or any other instrument or audio file.

Whether you are a professional or a student this is a must have tool!

Other features:
- Seamless integration with your devices built in iPod Music player. Access all of your music anywhere any time!

- Easy to define and save phrases
- Loop phrases or entire song
- Change tuning or musical key

- Share slow downed version of a song or phrase with your friends and students

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Send email to support@SantaCruzIntegration.com
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iPad iPhone iPod 


Released: 2008-12-02

Download Size: 60.4 mb

Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference.

~One of Time Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2010~

“It’s the perfect technology for a practicing musician: high-quality digital audio, mixable, transposable into any key and completely mobile. Now every aspiring musician has a backup band in their pocket.” – Tim Westergren, Pandora Founder

• It's a Book:
Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing.

• It's a Band:
Practice with a realistic sounding piano (or guitar), bass and drum accompaniments for any downloaded or user-created chord chart.


Have a virtual band accompany you as you practice
• Choose from 47 different accompaniment styles (Swing, Ballad, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin,...)
• Personalize each style with a variety of sounds including piano, fender rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, vibraphone, organ, and more
• Record yourself playing or singing along with the accompaniment

Play, edit, and import any songs you want
• 1000s of songs can be imported from the forums in a few simple steps
• Edit existing songs or create your own with the Editor
• The Player will play any song that you edit or create
• Create multiple editable playlists

Improve your skills with the included chord diagrams
• Display guitar, ukulele tabs and piano fingerings for any of your chord charts
• Look up piano, guitar and ukulele fingerings for any chord
• Display scale recommendations for each chord of a song to help with improvisations

Practice in the way, and at the level, that you choose
• Includes 50 exercises for practicing common chord progressions
• Transpose any chart to any key or to number notation
• Loop a selection of measures of a chart for focused practicing
• Advanced practice settings (automatic tempo increase, automatic key transposition)
• Global Eb, Bb, F and G transposition for horn players

Share, print, and export – so your music follows you wherever you need it!
• Share individual charts or whole playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and the forums
• Export charts as PDF and MusicXML
• Export audio as WAV, AAC and MIDI 
• Support for AudioBus and guitar connection kits
• Support for AirTurn™ and other bluetooth page turners

Always backup your songs!
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